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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
Number of posts: 7,164

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At least one Neo-Confederate here in the Tampa Bay

area has found a solution to the Confederate Battle Flag controversy - (s)he has just put up a spanking brand-new 'Stars and Bars' - the original Confederate States Flag instead. I guess (s)he thinks that's making progress.

Maduro accuses Spanish Congress of being behind "manuevers against his country"

Source: Univision

Maduro accuses Spanish Parliament of being behind "manuevers" against Venezuela (Spanish - no translation).

Read more: http://www.abc.es/espana/20150415/abci-maduro-rajoy-racista-201504150301.html

More "They're all out to get me" paranoia from Dim Successor. Pretty soon the list of countries responsible for the economic downturn in Venezuela will read like the roster of members of the United Nations.

UNIVISION is reporting that elements of Venezuelan National Guard have just taken Caracas Mayor


Univision reporting with film clips of Caracas Mayor Ledesma being taken out of his office by soldiers of the Venezuelan National Guard. Reporting that this is being done without Judicial Order. No charges have been made public. More as this develops.

Read more: Link to source

Thanks for another heart

Thank you for the heart I received from you yesterday. It was a complete surprise. Once again I don't know that it was deserved but it was truly appreciated. Thank you!

Once again, a sincere THANK YOU to all of you who

were so kind to give me a heart. I'm not at all sure it's deserved but it is nonetheless most sincerely appreciated. THANKS!

To the person who gave me a heart -

I'm not sure it was deserved but thank you most sincerely for your kind thought!

How dumb is Rick Perry?

In the spirit of the Season and operating on the premise that being a candidate for President of the U.S. is not an I.Q. test, I'd like to ask our gentle readers to opine on Mr. Goodhair's intellectual qualifications with a short poll. Feel free to add other possibilities.

Question: How dumb IS Rick Perry?

Venezuelan bond buyers pack into Manhattan law office

The scores of money managers and analysts who crowded into Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLPís panel discussion on Venezuela last week are a testament to the deepening concern over whether President Nicolas Maduro can make good on the nationís debt obligations.

During the two-hour event on the 39th floor of the law firmís downtown Manhattan office, some 150 attendees pressed the lawyers on an array of potential scenarios if Venezuela defaulted, according to interviews with six attendees who asked not to be identified because the meeting was private. Among the topics debated were whether the state oil companyís U.S. gasoline stations could be seized as collateral and whether it was legally possible for Venezuela to restructure the producer as an empty shell to avoid bondholder claims, they said. For a country that hasnít missed a foreign bond payment in decades, the questions reflect growing speculation the socialist revolution that transformed Venezuela over the past 15 years under Hugo Chavez and now Maduro has finally pushed the nation to the brink of economic collapse. Read more...


Should your Doctor be able to force you to "x" number of appointments?

I was recently unpleasantly surprised when my Doctor's office told me that I would be required to have at least one appointment every three months, rain or shine. If I didn't fulfill that quota I could be dropped as a patient.

I was also surprised at the number of comments I received on a posting about this which appeared to approve of this practice. Only a small number were shocked, as I had been. So this poll:

Do you agree that your Doctor can require you to a minimum number of office visits per year? (If you don't comply you will be dropped as his/her patient)

Obligatory doctor appointments?

We've used a sole Practitioner as our Primary Care Physician for some years now. He eventually retired and a younger doc took his place. Nothing much seemed to change, that is until I received a call from one of the office nurses reminding us that we hadn't been in in several months. I (naively, as it turns out) replied that, since my wife and I hadn't been sick we hadn't seen the need to see the doctor. That's when we were informed that a new company (part of the Humana group) had taken over the doctor's practice and that they had very specific rules for all patients. Chief among these is a requirement that every patient must be seen every three months, rain or shine! The nurses and office personnel are ordered to keep strict records and carry out reporting to the company on this. If you don't comply with this, the office will refuse to authorize refills on your prescriptions. Continue missing or rescheduling your 'mandatory' three month visit and the practice can drop you as a patient. When I grumbled something about 'maybe leaving', the answer was very clear: "For every one that drops out, we get four wanting to be seen".

Medicine in the new millennium - just keeps getting better and better.
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