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Incorrect Instructions, WITNESS INTIMIDATION, And More Found In Ferguson Grand Jury Documentation

The case of the Ferguson grand jury continues unravelling around prosecutor Bob McCulloch. According to one of the deputy prosecutors working under McCulloch, Kathi Alizadeh, they had several issues in getting witnesses against Wilson to appear in court.

Some of them have frankly said there is no way I’m coming in, no way I’m going to testify. But if you knock on the door and nobody answers, we have no right, you know, to kick in the door.

This is an odd statement, for the prosecution actually does have the right to do so under the power of subpoena. Many states prohibit violent entry for it, but aggressive serving methods are often employed in issuing subpoenas, up to and including the use of deputized officers of the court who have wide latitude in delivering them. Something is horribly amiss. And once you dive into the witness statements, a disturbing pattern emerges.As eyes pour over the grand jury documentation released late monday night, it is easy to find a disturbing trend among the eye witness reports. Not the content of the testimony, but the threats made against the witnesses. Fears of the Ku Klux Klan, Google searches of their name coming up with “Snitches get Stitches,” claims of witnessing the Ferguson police department doing “some really awful things,” the stories wove together not just the story of Michael Brown, with all but 2 stating that Brown has raised his hands in surrender before Wilson shot him dead, but on an environment of threats made against them if they dared come forward and speak the truth. And these elements are all exploding now across Ferguson in the wake of prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s complete violation of procedure in handling a grand jury, resulting in the failure to issue an indictment against Officer Darren Wilson.

The witness statements generally agree on Brown having his hands up, but disagree on several areas. But one of the two which countered that claim turned out to be given by a white supremacist who posted a blog entry stating,

“Well I’m gonna take my random drive to Florissant. Need to understand the Black race better so I stop calling Blacks Niggers and Start calling them People.”


Threatening of witnesses to counter Wilson’s claim, and the invitation of a clearly biased witness to support it? That does not fit in with the grand jury model we rely upon in this country. And with the prosecution claiming to lack the power of subpoena which it is entitled to as part of the grand jury, there is something grossly amiss here. The more the case documents are reviewed, the stranger the case appears. Even Justice Scalia came out against cases handled in this manner, showing that even a broken clock is right twice a day. The entire grand jury was a fraud, invalid. If the prosecution could not compel witnesses to come forward, then it lacked the authority of the grand jury. If it did, then it failed to use its power to bring witnesses to the stand. The case then falls to either incompetence, or willful negligence on the part of prosecutor Bob McCulloch. There is no more gray area to be found. The statements made clearly show a systematic attempt to intimidate, a prosecution either unable or unwilling to do its job, and a complete disregard for the rule of law and the judicial system. It made a mockery of the legal process, and McCulloch should be ashamed of himself. It is clear that he utilized the unconstitutional Gardner standard in order to contaminate the grand jury process by introducing the officer defendant as a witness *against* the officer. This is a violation of both the US and Missouri State Constitutions, of the right of due process, of both US Code and Missouri state code, and this is only going to get worse for McCulloch from now on.




LOLOL! Guess WHO The Tea Party Wants TO PRIMARY John McCain? GO ON, GUESS!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.....make it so!.............

Tea Partiers — by which I mean the Most Patriotic American People Whoever Lived And That Includes the Founding Fathers Who Didn’t Make Guns The First Amendment Because They Were RINO’s — are not happy with Arizona Senator and President in Exile John McCain at all. They don’t like John McCain, probably because he isn’t on TV enough yelling about illegal President Thugbama, and definitely because he hangs out too much with that maybe-homosexual boy from South Carolina. You know the one I’m talking about. Yeah, that guy. Hot on the heels of unelecting Congressman Eric Cantor from the House for not loving Jesus enough, Tea Partiers are feeling their oats and have decided that they are going to purge the party of race-traitor Abraham Lincoln of all non-believers.

“…in their most audacious plans, Tea Party groups are preparing to recruit challengers to run against high-profile Republicans they accuse of betraying them — as they did when they toppled Eric Cantor, the former House majority leader.”

Got a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and likes Mexicans too much.

"..At the top of their list of potential targets are politicians like Senator John McCain of Arizona, a proponent of an immigration overhaul. Their fantasy candidate: Sarah Palin, Mr. McCain’s former running mate, who now spends much of the year at her home in Scottsdale, Ariz. Two prominent conservative activists, who spoke anonymously to reveal private discussions, said leading Tea Party figures planned to reach out to Ms. Palin to see if she was interested in running against Mr. McCain..."

First off, Jesus doesn’t love me this much, although he does love me enough to float rumors that not-so-good-at-throwing-football-guy Tim Tebow is maybe courtin’ and sparkin’ one of them there Duggar gals. Jingerjamjam or Jawboner, one of them. Second, it is awfully early to recruit Palin for 2016 now since she’ll probably quit the campaign before Valentines Day next February. On the other hand, Palin has expressed an interest in holding public office again because her critics make her “want to work so hard for justice in this country.”

… and then quit because the money sucks and you have to show up for work and “do stuff,” and then you’re too tired when you get home at night to catch up on your “stories” you TiVo’d during the day and, ohfegawdssakes, now Todd wants to play “dog sled” in bed at night and bleh, who needs it. Better to stay home, teaching youngest daughter Glacier how to make a proper moosetini. (pro-tip: use mini-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups instead of olives). Of course, the irony here is that McCain would be primaried by the woman he plucked from obscurity and made a national figure and now, oh no!, the killer is inside his own house.



Former SC GOP Executive Director Todd Kincannon Unleashes His INNER RACIST

'...And That’s Why White People Generally Live in White Neighborhoods...’

I give you Hate-Weasel Toad Kincannon.........what a piece of work.

While many have been hit by a truckload of shock after the grand jury returned no charges against Officer Darren Wilson for the murder of unarmed teen Michael Brown, some, including noted racist (among other things) Todd Kincannon, are quite happy with the decision. After the announcement was made, Kincannon unleashed a series of increasingly racist tweets. This is par for the course for the former South Carolina GOP Executive Director, whose rants on Twitter leave many speechless. In the past he has suggested executing Ebola patients, expressed his wishes that the “dumb b*tch” who made Ray Rice hit her learned a good lesson” from his brutal assault, and lovingly suggested that we send liberal “blacks back to Africa.”

Kincannon began by celebrating the Grand Jury’s inept decision:

He then followed up by suggesting that Ferguson “rioters” be shot in order to make America a “better place.”

Of course, what bigoted rant would be complete without Kincannon poking a little bit of fun at a murder victim’s mother?

Kincannon’s twisted screed continued for hours, with Kincannon even criticizing the President for calling for peace.

Kincannon offered some of his sage wisdom to “black people in Ferguson,” as well:

And then he continued to spew his hatred:

When CNN reporter Sara Sidner was hit with a rock during the violent outpouring of the community’s rage at the night’s failure of the justice system, Kincannon was sure to celebrate.

And Kincannon’s reverie continued:

Exactly what does racist Todd Kincannon find funny, exactly? That an unarmed teen was murdered by a police officer from a distance, and the officer walked? That the community lost hope in the idea of peaceful protest? That violence has erupted because people have been forced to develop the opinion that peacefully fighting for justice has accomplished nothing? No one condones violence, but the rage that is spreading through the area is, to some degree, understandable. Kincannon, rather than voicing a reasonable opinion, has chosen to just be himself — a vile, hateful racist who does nothing but fan the flames for his own amusement and take pleasure in others’ misery.


Ten ILLEGAL Police Actions to Watch For In Ferguson

Ten Illegal Police Actions to Watch for in Ferguson


When the Michael Brown verdict is announced, people can expect the police to take at least ten different illegal actions to prevent people from exercising their constitutional rights. The Ferguson police have been on TV more than others so people can see how awful they have been acting. But their illegal police tactics are unfortunately quite commonly used by other law enforcement in big protests across the US.

The First Amendment to the US Constitution promises the government will not abridge freedom of speech or to prevent the right of the people to peaceably assemble or to petition to the government for the redress of grievances.

Here is what they are going to do, watch for each of these illegal actions when the crowds start to grow.

One. Try to stop people from protesting. The police all say they know they have to let people protest. So they usually will allow protests for a while. Then the police will get tired and impatient and try to stop people from continuing to protest. The government will say people can only protest until a certain time, or on a certain street, or only if they keep moving, or not there, not here, not now, no longer. Such police action is not authorized by the US Constitution. People have a right to protest, the government should leave them alone.

Two. Provocateurs. Police have likely already planted dozens of officers, black and white, male and female, inside the various protests groups. These officers will illegally spy on peaceful protesters and often take illegal actions themselves and encourage other people to take illegal action. They will even be arrested with others but magically not end up in jail. Others inside the groups will be paid to inform on the group to the government. Comically, when undercover police are uncovered they often claim they have a constitutional right to be there and try to use the constitution they are violating as a shield!

Three. Snatch Squads. Police will decide who they do not like or who they think are leaders. Then they will use small heavily armed groups to knife into peaceful crowds and grab people, pull them out and arrest them.

Four. False Arrests. The police will arrest whoever they choose whenever they choose and will make up stories to justify the arrests. If people are breaking glass or hurting others, those arrests are legal. However, the police will arrest first and sort out who they arrested later. Police in Ferguson have already wrongfully arrested legal observers, a law professor, and church leaders.

Five. Intimidation. As they have shown many times in Ferguson and all over the country, once the protests heat up, police will show up in full riot gear, dressed like ninja turtles (big flashy guns, plastic shields, big batons, shin guards, gas masks, flex cuffs) and act like they are military warriors protecting people from ISIS invasion.

Six. Kettling or Encircling. The police will surround a group and pen them in and not let them move. They will either arrest all or force them to leave in one direction. This, as the police know fully well, always sweeps up innocent bystanders as well as protestors. NYPD did this with hundreds on Brooklyn Bridge and at many other protests. Sometimes they deploy orange plastic nets or snow fencing, sometimes just lots of police.

Seven. Raids on supportive churches, organizations or homes. Often the police make illegal pre-emptive raids on places where volunteers are sleeping, cooking or parking their cars. They lie to locals and accuse the protesters of links to violent organizations.

Eight. Pain Noise Trucks. Police will also use LRAD noise trucks (Long Range Acoustic Device). First used in Iraq now used against peaceful protesters in the US. The trucks blast bursts of sound powerful enough to cause pain. Never approved by any court, this intentional infliction of pain is another sign of the militarization of the police. Police also use MRAPs Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles – heavily armored trucks which look like tanks but roll on wheels not treads. This is part of the intimidation.

Nine. Arresting reporters. When the police are feeling the heat of public view, they will force journalists away from the protesters. Those who insist on engaging in constitutionally protected activity and returning to the scene will be arrested.

Ten. Chemical and other weapons. When the police get really desperate and afraid, they will try to disperse the entire crowd with pepper spray, tear gas, and other chemical weapons, rubber or wooden bullets. If this happens the police have just about lost control and are at their most dangerous.

Dozens and dozens of different police forces which will be surrounding the protesters in Ferguson when the Michael Brown verdict is announced. There will be federal FBI agents, Homeland Security, US Marshalls, State Police troopers, County Sheriffs, and local city cops from the dozens of little towns in and around St. Louis. Perhaps this will be the time when the peoples’ constitutional rights to protest are actually protected. We can only hope. But in the meantime, look for these common police tactics.


Were Agent Provocateurs Used At Ferguson?

More questions need to be asked about who set those buildings on fire in Ferguson and why.

Since This Was A Grand Jury Hearing

and NOT a criminal trial,...does the 'double-jeopardy' law still apply or can Wilson still be charged at a later date if new evidence surfaces?

Double jeopardy is a procedural defence that forbids a defendant from being tried again on the same (or similar) charges following a legitimate acquittal or conviction. In common law countries, a defendant may enter a peremptory plea of autrefois acquit or autrefois convict (autrefois means "in the past" in French), meaning the defendant has been acquitted or convicted of the same offence and hence that they cannot be retried under the principle of Double Jeopardy.


PHOTO Of Darren Wilson's Injuries Released


A second set of images -- seemingly taken days later -- show Wilson wearing a St. Louis Blues hockey T-shirt, his cheek and lip clear of any bruising.

Here's the terrible injury that Jim Hoft aka Stupidest Guy on the Internet described as a "shattered eye socket."

That injury isn't anywhere near his eye.

Here's my question. If Brown popped Wilson in the face at the car then ran away, how was it that Darren Wilson feared for his life? I'm not seeing a life-threatening injury there, but I can see how it might make him really angry.

So much doubt, but not enough for a trial. How is that possible?


GERALDO EXPLODES: ‘You Little Pieces Of SH*T Hiding In 'Your Mother’s Basement’

Facebook commenters witnessed the unbridled wrath of Geraldo Rivera on Monday when the Fox News contributor lashed out against certain users posting in his comments section. On Friday, Rivera posted a brief note in support of President Obama's executive order on immigration, which invited a torrent of hostile replies. The series of comments included such phrases as "brown people," "Moslems," and "libtards," with one commentor instructing the TV personality to "go back where you came from" (Rivera is Hispanic).

Rivera responded to his critics in a new post Monday morning. He noted that while most of the replies were appropiate and "spirited," some were "hateful, ignorant and racist, even mentioning my family." Rivera concluded with a flourish: “I’m turning your posts over to Fox News and Facebook authorities because you little pieces of shit hiding in the shadows of your mother’s basement deserve no less," he wrote.


LOL! OH-OH: Things GET WORSE FOR REPUBLICANS: Poll Finds 89% of Latinos SUPPORT OBAMA On Immigration

Just when you thought that things couldn’t possibly get worse for the Republican Party as it implodes over immigration, a new poll has found that 89% of Latinos support President Obama’s immigration executive actions.

What happened to all the 'doom n gloom' predictions if Obama used his Executive Order?...........

According to Buzzfeed News,

The poll found that 89% of Latino voters support Obama’s decision to give temporary legal status to nearly five million undocumented immigrants. That level of support surprised Latino Decisions co-founder Matt Barreto, who noted the figure is higher than initial support of the president’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which protected undocumented youth brought to the country as children from deportation and allowed them to receive work permits.

He said 85% of independents and 76% of Latinos who identify as Republicans support Obama’s move.
Altogether, 80% of voters and 60% of Latino Republicans don’t think the GOP should attempt to cut funding of his order.


Congressional Republicans are under an intense amount of pressure to stop President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. The problem is that Obama’s action is the most popular presidential decision among Latinos in recent memory. If Republicans try to defund the president’s executive orders or shut down the government over immigration, they will be taking a giant towards alienating Latino voters that they need in order to win presidential elections.

A move to defund Obama’s executive orders is likely to push Latino Republicans closer to the Democratic Party. There is nothing that Republicans can do in response to the president that will not come at a huge political cost. The only thing that House Republicans can do is to pass the Senate’s bipartisan immigration reform bill. However, even a vote on the bill will likely trigger an earthquake within the Republican Party that will divide congressional Republicans before they take over Congress.

`President Obama has Republicans completely pinned down. In other words, Boehner and McConnell are screwed. Any move is likely to trigger a political firestorm and a crisis. Since their white male conservative base is demanding action, doing nothing has been deemed the most unacceptable option of all. Thanks to Obama, Republicans have been placed in a no win situation that may make it impossible for them to win the White House in 2016.



JOHN McBLAME: Chuck Hagel 'Was Up to the Job'

John McCain wasn't going to let the administration get away with its spin. Early Monday morning, before daylight in Arizona, Helene Cooper reported that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel would be stepping down, and that he was pushed. In a morning interview with NewsTalk 550, McCain struck back at the idea that Hagel was incompetent, or that he was the problem with the administration.

"I just talked to him," said McCain. "They're gonna say, well, it was time for a change. Well, let me tell you. He was in my office last week. He was very frustrated. We have no strategy."

The incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee ticked off the crisis regions around the globe, from the ISIS-occupied sections of the Levant to China, and reiterated that Hagel was a good man who could not fix an Obama policy that was blundering and making the country weaker. "Believe me," said McCain, "he was up to the job." McCain's tone made it sound like he was defending the honor of a fellow Vietnam veteran against anonymous bureaucrats. Anyone who watched Hagel's confirmation hearings last January might be surprised to hear this. When Hagel was in his final term as a Nebraska senator, he vehemently opposed the Bush administration's Iraq strategy. He opposed McCain when the Arizonan argued, successfully, for a troop surge in Iraq. At the 2013 hearings, McCain lit into Hagel. "Were you correct or incorrect when he said the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam?" asked McCain, as Hagel sputtered.

Now, McCain was separating Hagel from the Obama administration. You can see why. At the start of 2013, when Hagel was confirmed, Gallup could credibly run a story titled "Obama Rated Highest on Foreign Affairs, Lowest on Deficit." Voters were most bullish on Obama when it came to national defense (a 53 percent approval rating) and foreign affairs (46 percent, just barely under water). That matched up neatly with the 2012 exit polls; the very small number of voters who cited "foreign policy" as their top concern went for Obama over Mitt Romney in a 56-33 landslide.


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