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Chuck Todd: "Convenience" WAS NOT The Reason Hillary Clinton Had A Private Server

MSNBC's Chuck Todd comments on Hillary Clinton's attempt to triangulate an effective counterstrategy to Donald Trump, while trying to explain away the revelations about her private email server.

"If she said she did it because she was trying to make it harder for Congress to do what they always do -- she could have made it political... and said that was wrong. But admitting that that was the reason, making it harder to do investigations, she could have spun it, saying they'll come after me on anything."

"By trying to come up with other reasons, that doesn't make sense. What was the most logical reason to do this? Convenience isn't it. It is not a convenient thing to have a server in your house. Nor is making it so it is outside the reach of the federal records law, that is the only logical reason to do it."

Andrea Mitchell: "And Freedom Of Information Requests (FOIA)


Bernie Sanders Statement on DEBATE


Sanders Statement on Debate

MAY 27, 2016

LOS ANGELES – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders issued the following statement Friday on Donald Trump’s on-again, off-again position on a debate:

“In recent days, Donald Trump has said he wants to debate, he doesn’t want to debate, he wants to debate and, now, he doesn’t want to debate.

“Given that there are several television networks prepared to carry this debate and donate funds to charity, I hope that he changes his mind once again and comes on board.

“There is a reason why in virtually every national and statewide poll I am defeating Donald Trump, sometimes by very large margins and almost always by far larger margins than Secretary Clinton. There is a reason for that reality and the American people should be able to see it up front in a good debate and a clash of ideas.”


Bernie Sanders Prepared to ACCEPT Network Debate Proposal


Sanders Prepared to Accept Network Debate Proposal

MAY 27, 2016

BURLINGTON, Vt. – Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, issued the following statement Friday on television network proposals to host a debate with Donald Trump:

“Our campaign and the Trump campaign have received two offers by broadcast television networks to host the Sanders-Trump debate that we suggested. Both offers include a major contribution to charity.

“We are prepared to accept one of those offers and look forward to working with the Trump campaign to develop a time, place and format that is mutually agreeable. Given that the California primary is on June 7, it is imperative that this all comes together as soon as possible. We look forward to a substantive debate that will contrast the very different visions that Sen. Sanders and Mr. Trump have for the future of our country.


Hillary Clinton: The NEOCON In Democrat's Clothing

"..The GOP is dying, but a reactionary Republican in faux progressive clothing, loved by the wolves of Wall Street and the wolves of the Kochtopus, will most probably win..."


Many authors have quoted a sentence by Bill Clinton:

"..We're all Eisenhower Republicans here, and we are fighting the Reagan Republicans. We stand for lower deficits and free trade and the bond market. Isn't that great?.."


Eisenhower Republicans were, by today's standards, quite moderate. The quote refers to the 1990s, and already Bill Clinton had triangulated his presidency to Republican-hood. He had demolished Aid to Families With Dependent Children and bought into the bash-the-poor rhetoric of the right wing. He had passed a crime bill that targeted people of color; he had destroyed FDR's legacy, notably by abolishing the Glass-Steagall Act. And he was so "tough on crime" that during the 1992 presidential campaign season, he had gone back to his home state of Arkansas to witness the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, who was "mentally deficient." Bill Clinton might not have inhaled marijuana, but he certainly had inhaled the poison of right-wing ideas.

As we all know, Hillary Clinton openly supported many of Bill Clinton's political measures. She used the terrible expression "superpredators," supported the crime bill and made a hash of health insurance reform. Liza Featherstone talks about Hillary Clinton's faux feminism, and she links her critique to class themes, which is as it should be. Feminists cannot be elite feminists or 1% feminists if they want to defend the rights of all women. Hillary Clinton's track record on issues of poverty, racial justice and justice for women is appalling. As a former member of the board of Walmart, she sided with the rich and powerful, which she also does when she gives speeches for Wall Street. The really important question is how someone who has constantly sided with the rich can campaign as a progressive, as a friend of people of color and even as a feminist? Michelle Alexander exposed the hypocrisy of the situation in arguing that "Hillary Clinton doesn't deserve the black vote."


Unfortunately, Ike was not right. Later, the Republicans -- starting with Hillary Clinton's youth idol Barry Goldwater -- and the Democrats calling themselves "New Democrats" vied with each other to dismantle the New Deal and the Great Society programs that Democrats had set up. Noam Chomsky argues that the GOP is not a political party any longer, but a radical insurgency, for it has gone off the political cliff. The Democrats have become the Old Republicans and Hillary Clinton is more neocon than traditional conservative of the Eisenhower type. So Hillary Clinton, the Republican, is poised to win in November, but her Republicanism is closer to George W. Bush's and even more conservative than Ronald Reagan's -- except on the societal issues that have now reached a kind of quasi-consensus like same-sex marriage. She is a pro-business, Koch-compatible lover of Wall Street who uses feminism like some pinkwashers or greenwashers use progressive agendas to sell regressive policies. Author Diana Johnstone calls her the "Queen of Chaos." Clinton is the queen of deception, faux feminism and faux progressivism, whose election will be made easier by her loutish, vulgar, sexist loudmouth of an opponent.



SHAUN KING: Far & Away The MOST Devastating 10 Minutes on Hillary Clinton You Will Ever See. ITS BAD

Shaun King @ShaunKing

Far and away the most devastating 10 minutes on @HillaryClinton you will EVER see. From lifelong Democrats. It's bad

Watch Video:


Lifelong Democrats Say Hillary's Campaign/Credibility are at a New Low

Chuck Todd "She could not get confirmed as Attorney General right now" Mika Brzezinski said "she is straight out lying right now" and has been all along Even Andrea Mitchell says she's indefensible

Chuck Todd GRILLS Hillary Over Emails: Report ‘CONTRADICTS Many of the Things You’ve Said’

Chuck Todd Grills Hillary Over Emails: Report ‘Contradicts Many of the Things You’ve Said’

Hillary Clinton called into MSNBC’s MTP Daily today and Chuck Todd grilled her on the new report on her emails that, as Todd put it, “seemed to contradict many of the things you’ve said.”

He said that her poll numbers might be better if she didn’t “have these honest and trustworthy issues” and pressed her on whether she accepts the State IG report as fact.

Clinton again insisted it was allowed (even if the report says otherwise) and pointed out the report faulted previous Secretaries of State too, but she admitted “it was still a mistake.”

Todd brought up one email showing she denied a State request to use government email because she didn’t want her personal emails to be accessible, and he really confronted her on that.

Clinton simply said, “Nobody wants their personal emails made public.”

First DEPOSITION Testimony from Hillary Clinton Email Discovery Released

Hillary Clinton REACTS To Wolf Blitzer About Email Report

Hillary Clinton speaks with CNN's Wolf Blitzer about the State Department Inspector General report that said she failed to follow the rules regarding her use of a private email server.

Bernie Sanders Takes ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Victory Lap After Donald Trump Takes Debate BAIT

Heads Up:

Bernie on Kimmel on tonight!

Tonight’s visit by Sanders was a celebration for both men, having made headlines last night when Sanders planted a question on Kimmel’s show, directed at that night’s guest: Trump.

Sanders, via Kimmel, asked Trump if he was willing to debate in advance of the June 7 California primary. Trump gave a flip answer to on Kimmel’s show – yes, but he wants to be paid. Trump continued to make light, until asked about it at a news conference this morning. Trump, celebrating news reports he’d clinched enough delegates so secure the GOP nomination, said he’d debate Sanders if it’s a big arena and someone coughs up $10-15M, to “women’s health issues or something.” Trump said more than one TV network had contacted him to discuss.

“Usually, I know Vice Presidents do it the other way around, but I’m not ‘usually’ and this is how I do it,” Kimmel said, before pitching himself to Sanders as the guy who proved last night he can build consensus, not walls.

…while Sanders reps told Trump, via TV news outlets, he’d better not “chicken out,” and Clinton scoffed, “It’s not going to happen!”


THE 1% versus THE 99%

DSA @DemSocialists

Don't let Mr. 1% back out of his challenge to Mr. 99%! It'll be the debate of the century!

#BernieTrumpDebate pic.twitter.com/DBM4dNeL2V

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