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Biden Team Calls Report on 2016 Leak 'CATEGORICALLY FALSE'

Vice President Joe Biden's team is now pushing back on a POLITICO report that Biden himself, while eying a presidential bid, leaked an account of his dying son's wish that he seek the Democratic nomination.

"The bottom line on the POLITICO story is that it is categorically false and the characterization is offensive," said a spokesperson for Biden.

The vice president's office is neither confirming nor denying that a conversation took place between Dowd and the vice president, but sources say that the paper is flatly wrong to suggest that Biden intended the leak to be a trial balloon for his candidacy. The piece published Tuesday morning cited "multiple sources" confirming that Biden related the story of his son Beau's deathbed plea in a conversation with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, who reported it in an August 1 column in the newspaper.

"Beau was losing his nouns and the right side of his face was partially paralyzed," Dowd wrote. "But he had a mission: He tried to make his father promise to run, arguing that the White House should not revert to the Clintons and that the country would be better off with Biden values." POLITICO wrote Tuesday that Biden's conversation with Dowd meant that the vice president "effectively placed an ad in The New York Times" inviting donors and potential political supporters to reach out to him.


Bernie Sanders Plans To Take His Campaign DIRECTLY To Black Communities

Bernie Sanders was widely criticized for his reaction to the Black Lives Matter protest at the Netroots Nation convention, which many viewed as a botched opportunity for the Sanders campaign to listen and address concerns from protesters. Since then, Bernie Sanders seems to have gotten the message, doing substantially more outreach to African American voters and rolling out a comprehensive racial and social justice plan. In September, he met with prominent racial justice and Black Lives Matters activists and now he tells Ebony Magazine he's stepping up his outreach:

EBONY.COM: How do you plan to appeal to the Black voter when you’re a Senator from a state that’s mostly White?

SEN. SANDERS: Yes, it’s true, I am from a state that is overwhelmingly White. I am also aware that I am running against somebody whose husband is very popular in the African American community. But, we plan to take our message to the community and so you will see me getting out soon around the country speaking in Black communities, telling people about my life history and my message like the fact that I have one of the strongest civil rights voting records in the Congress. I believe once we explain, it will all make sense.


Emphasis added. No word on where or how many events the Sanders campaign will do, but this is a significant step forward in outreach. Furthermore, the meetings with Black Lives Matters activists seem to be having a big effect on his developing racial justice policies:

EBONY.COM: You’ve recently met with several leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement. How did that meeting go?

SEN. SANDERS: We met on several occasions and those meetings have all been very productive. Many White people are not sensitive to the kind of abuse that African Americans, especially younger African Americans, receive at the hands of police officers and police departments. I think for most Whites their experience with the police has been good or neutral because they don’t interact with the police as much as those in the Black community. That was made very clear to me and so I have found those meetings to be very useful. It speaks again for the need for criminal justice reform in a very significant way.

In the same interview, Bernie mentions Sandra Bland and expressed doubt she would've been treated the same way were she a middle-aged white woman. Even though he (and many of his supporters) initially stumbled in his reaction to protesters, there can be no doubt the protests have had a very real, positive impact on the racial justice movement. And Bernie sounds like he's just getting started.

Read the full text of his interview at Ebony.com.


Hillary Clinton Readies OPPO-RESEARCH To Go To War Against Joe Biden

If Joe Biden jumps into the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton will be ready to go on the offensive. According to a Clinton campaign source, a team of opposition researchers working on behalf of Clinton is currently digging through Biden’s long record in office to develop attack lines in case the vice-president runs. The research effort started about a month ago and is being conducted by operatives at Correct the Record, the pro-Hillary superpac founded by David Brock, which is coordinating with the Clinton campaign. According to the source, the research has turned up material on Biden’s ties to Wall Street; his reluctance to support the raid that killed Osma bin Laden; and his role in the Anita Hill saga as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The oppo-research project reveals how seriously Clintonworld is taking the prospect of a Biden candidacy. So far, Clinton hasn’t taken any direct shots at Biden herself. But behind the scenes, her loyalists are making moves to blunt Biden's campaign should he run. "Even implicitly his campaign’s argument would be ‘I have integrity and you don’t,'" a Clinton ally said. "If that’s the message, this could be messier than Obama-Clinton '08. At least Obama had the Iraq War vote and could make a case about generational change. This guy" — Biden — "is older than she is and just as conventional."



Bernie Sanders Terrifies The NRA With CONSENSUS PLAN To Reduce Mass Shootings

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) became the NRA’s worse nightmare by announcing consensus steps that can be taken to lessen the number of mass shootings in the US.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said:

Like the rest of the nation, I am appalled by gun violence in our country and the mass shootings in our churches and colleges,” Sanders said. “While there is no simple fix, that does not mean we should do nothing. The status quo clearly is not working and people on both sides of this issue cannot simply continue shouting at each other. Nobody wants more mass killings and serious people are going to have to engage in serious discussion.”

In my view, there are very concrete steps we can take to lessen the number of tragedies and to make those that happen less lethal, including ideas supported by a majority of gun owners.

Sanders went on to detail some of the steps:

– We must strengthen and better enforce the instant background check system.

– We must close the gun-show loophole, which allows unlicensed dealers to sell guns to people who otherwise would not be able to get them.

– We must make ‘straw man’ purchases a federal crime.

– We must ban semi-automatic assault weapons which are designed strictly for killing human beings.

– We must recognize that our mental health system is seriously broken. While there has been much talk about mental health parity in our health care system, we are not even close to achieving it. It’s past time for a serious discussion about identifying, intervening and treating mental illness and ensuring access to care.

The Sanders campaign also noted that their candidate has a (D-) rating from the NRA.


The worst nightmare of the NRA and others is that a political leader will emerge who can build a consensus on common-sense gun reforms. Bernie Sanders is a successful politician from a pro-gun state. Despite what Clinton supporters may want to believe, Sen. Sanders has never been a friend to the NRA. What troubles the NRA most isn’t the idea of radical liberal boogeyman coming to take away all of the guns, that illusion is just a sales pitch that is designed to inspire fear and drive up sales. What really scares the NRA is the possibility of a national grassroots movement that forces changes that they can’t stop.



Bernie Sanders To Pit His BULLDOG STYLE vs Clinton In First Debate


“There is nobody better at delivering a message than Bernie,” said Republican Richard Tarrant, a wealthy businessman who lost a 2006 Senate race to Sanders. “His style is a little gruff. You can poke at him and get him angry, but he’s good at rolling out of it,” he said. “He’s got numbers, he’s got facts, and if he gets caught by surprise he’ll shift really quickly to his stump message. I don’t think Hillary stands a chance against him.” John MacGovern, a Republican who challenged Sanders unsuccessfully in 2012, said he was determined not to let Sanders “walk all over me” during their four debates, including a one-on-one radio encounter. He said Sanders repeatedly tried to interrupt him in one debate as he answered a question about federal funding for women’s healthcare provider Planned Parenthood but relented once MacGovern pushed back.

If you didn’t fight back, he would just badger you,” MacGovern said. “He may not have been on the national stage before, but I do not think it will faze him in the slightest. He will say what he believes and it will be very easy for him.

Sanders has had plenty of debate practice over the years. He first ran for public office in 1972, losing four statewide races before winning the Burlington mayor’s office by 10 votes in 1981. He was re-elected mayor three times, served eight terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and is in his second U.S. Senate term. Paul Lafayette, a Democratic city council member in Burlington who squared off against Sanders in a series of 1987 mayoral debates, said Sanders was a natural debater.

I’ve never seen him back down from anyone or anything,” Lafayette said, although Sanders has “calmed down” over the years. Sanders’ message has been so consistent that he is “giving the same speech now that he was giving when he was mayor of Burlington.”

Yet Sanders’ consistency is one weakness Clinton could exploit, MacGovern said. He said Clinton’s campaign “can figure out their replies to him right now – he’s very predictable.” Joe Trippi, a Democratic strategist who helped former Vermont Governor Howard Dean make the transition to the national political stage in the 2004 race, said Sanders should have no trouble with the jump. “It’s a lot easier when you are the insurgent,” Trippi said. “There is a sort of self selection — everyone else took a pass, but you are the one who decided to take on Hillary Clinton. So I don’t think it’s in his DNA to be afraid.”



Bernie Sanders Promises To Do Everything He Can To STOP TPP On The Senate Floor

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is promising that he will do everything he can in the Senate to stop TPP from being approved. In a statement the Democratic presidential candidate said:

I am disappointed but not surprised by the decision to move forward on the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement that will hurt consumers and cost American jobs.

Wall Street and other big corporations have won again. It is time for the rest of us to stop letting multi-national corporations rig the system to pad their profits at our expense.

This agreement follows failed trade deals with Mexico, China and other low-wage countries that have cost millions of jobs and shuttered tens of thousands of factories across the United States.

In the Senate, I will do all that I can to defeat this agreement. We need trade policies that benefit American workers and consumers, not just the CEOs of large multi-national corporations.

It is going to be difficult for Sen. Sanders and TPP opponents to stop approval of the deal. President Obama supports the agreement, and he said that every word will be available for public review before he signs it, “Once negotiators have finalized the text of this partnership, Congress and the American people will have months to read every word before I sign it.” Obama’s promise means that the American people have an opportunity to read the agreement for themselves and pressure Democrats to reject it. TPP could also become a major point of division between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail.

From what is known at this time, TPP looks like another bad trade deal for American workers. Democrats have been burned by trade deals past and are at best skeptical of TPP.



Hillary Clinton LOSES HER COOL: The Savannah Guthrie Question She Needs A Better Answer For And FAST

"..If you’re blaming the Republicans, some might wonder how genuine is that apology?.."

- "..On the issue of her vote to authorize President George W. Bush to wage in Iraq, Clinton simply admitted that she “misjudged.” She foisted the blame on Bush and painted the whole thing as a learning experience, saying, “I am much more wary and more prepared to say no, because I saw what was done with a vote I gave the president...”


To Clinton’s chagrin, Bernie Sanders was the topic many in the audience wanted to talk about. In response to one audience member asking why someone who cares about income inequality should support Clinton over Sanders, Clinton punted, refusing to talk about Sanders and saying, “Our real differences are with the Republicans.” Clinton more ably handled a question about why she rejects the Sanders plan to fund free college for all students at public universities, suggesting that the focus should be on reducing debt instead. “I am not in favor of making college free for Donald Trump’s kids,” she quipped.

Clinton lost her cool most dramatically when Guthrie pressed her on the issue of the email scandal. Noting that Clinton had both accused Republicans of exaggerating the size of the scandal and had apologized for using private email during her time as Secretary of State, Guthrie dug in. “Which is it?” Guthrie pointedly asked. “If you’re blaming the Republicans, some might wonder how genuine is that apology?”

Clinton attempted a both/and answer, always a tricky thing to pull off in the world of politics. “Well, actually it’s both,” she argued. “I mean, I’m sorry that I made a choice that has resulted in this kind of situation, and I’ve said I’ve made a mistake. Obviously if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t. It was allowed and everybody has confirmed that. But it’s also, as we now know very clearly, the way that the Republicans are trying to bring my– as they admit– poll numbers down.” This posturing about Republicans is doing Clinton no favors. Of course Republicans are going to seize on this scandal in an effort to defeat her at the polls. Taking umbrage that politicians are being political makes Clinton sound naive at best, defensive and downright bratty at worst.



Hillary Clinton Receives LUKEWARM RESPONSE At Broward College

"Hillary Clinton needs a hype man"........Like the one Bernie Sanders has working for him....Its called Enthusiasm!.....

Hillary Clinton needs a hype man. A crowd of about 1,200 filed languidly out of the Friday afternoon sun into the dank B. George Mayer Gymnasium at Broward College, waiting to catch a glimpse of the Democratic frontrunner for president of the United States. But there seemed to be very little enthusiasm for Hilary Clinton outside of the excitement of seeing someone famous. The gathering seemed to lack punch. The lukewarm feeling was palpable. A detachment bordering on indifference overtook the majority of those who waited about an hour for the former First Lady.

As the crowd waited for Mrs. Clinton to arrive, the loud speakers played music to try and get the audience in the rallying mood. "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson blared through the speakers, but was largely ignored by hushed conversations. At one point, some of the more spirited supporters tried to get the crowd by clapping to Pharrells' "Happy." The clapping quickly dissipated as the song kept playing without much fanfare. Chants of "We want Hillary" began with fervor behind the makeshift stage where a rostrum with HillaryClinton.com splayed across the front stood. But the chant quickly died off when only a few joined in. Even Jennifer Lopez's "Let's Get Loud" couldn't get much enthusiasm going. And this was a crowd of mostly college students.

Maybe Broward — the county with the most registered Democrats in the U.S. — still needs convincing. The event, which was your garden variety political pep rally, didn't have the feel one usually gets for events like this. When a Presidential hopeful is slated to speak to supporters, the crowd is usually filled with a fervor that oftentimes drowns out the candidate on stage. And while this crowd was excited when Clinton finally arrived, it still lacked intensity and excitement. While Clinton addressed important issues, and took a stand on things such as gun control and student debt, the crowd felt decidedly flat before she arrived, and even during the speech itself.



Sanders OUTPERFORMS Clinton in General Election Matchups in IA, NH

Back in April, NOBODY gave Sanders a snowball's chance to be 'outperforming' Hillary by October. Looks like both Hillary and Republicans are feeling 'The Bern'....

Hillary Clinton has always been viewed as the Democrats' best general-election candidate. But new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls of Iowa and New Hampshire show that Bernie Sanders outperforms Clinton in those two general-election battleground states. In Iowa, Republican Jeb Bush leads Clinton by 10 points in a hypothetical general-election match up among registered voters, 50 percent to 40 percent, and Donald Trump is ahead of her by seven points, 48 percent to 41 percent - essentially unchanged from the poll's results a month ago. And Carly Fiorina leads Clinton in the Hawkeye State by 14 points, 52 percent to 38 percent.

Read the full Iowa poll here.

But when Sanders is matched up against these same Republicans, his numbers are stronger: Sanders leads Trump by five points in Iowa (48 percent to 43 percent). And he narrowly trails Bush (46 percent to 44 percent) and Fiorina (45 percent to 42 percent). The same dynamic plays out in New Hampshire. Clinton leads Trump in the Granite State (48 percent to 45 percent), but she's behind Bush (49 percent to 42 percent) and Fiorina (50 percent to 42 percent).

Read the full New Hampshire poll here.

Yet Sanders has the advantage against both Trump (52 percent to 42 percent) and Fiorina (47 percent to 45 percent), and he's tied against Bush in New Hampshire (46 percent to 46 percent).


WOW! How COOL Is Bernie?!

Can anyone imagine Hillary doing the same as Bernie?...............

Apparently, AFTER the Boston speech, Senator Sanders went outside and spoke to that crowd of people who couldn't get into the building.

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