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Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

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Equitable Christianity: Son Seeks to Evict Father From Home

This is a tale of woes that appears to have become the norm in America. Senior citizens are often (in the Rethuglican era way of modern day America) abused as desires may be, for the sake of bilking parents of their hard earned, life savings, monies.

About a year ago, moi took on another senior citizens case, where it was obvious there was a need, but no one seemed to care to fill it. This guy (Stan) is one with a kind heart, but somewhat to affable and a little gullible. Having a work ethic extraordinary, at age 72, Stan would do odd jobs, for anyone, for very little money. Each and every week, he would travel to see his son and grandchildren.

Amazingly, Stan's son did a video recording piece, at their church, on how his dad serves a ministry to others at casino's. Then, as a reward for good deeds, Stan's son is now trying to evict his father (who sleeps on a couch).

Elder Abuse by Children, is Par for the Course

Having oligarchs as adversaries isn't any joy. Every single biz venture moi tried to develop, was assaulted by the powers that be, to make sure I'm not gathering strength in the battles against them. Hence, for the last decade, my efforts had to be in an area that even my enemies wouldn't dare to meddle. Since 2004, I've been helping senior citizens battle bad faith parties (more often than not - family members), who try to steal their lifetime savings (doing so under "color of law").

Sadly, senior citizen centers have closed, left and right, giving the elderly very little places to seek guidance.

Adriana's Son Steals Her Life Savings

For months at a time, I had to sleep in my car and storage locker, using my money to help others. One case was an 87 year old woman, Adriana Goldstein. I had to rescue her and put her up at a hotel (because her son stole her life savings).

While his dad was on his way off this 3rd rock from the sun, Adriana's child rolled her husband into the bank and had him sign over the business and accounts to the wicked sibling. The son steals everything, for loose living, including Adriana's 2 decades of Social Security that was saved away!

I met Adriana by accident, on a high holiday, where moi was in a non kosher restaurant and Adriana overheard me apologizing about not being a "practicing" yid. Upon leaving the restaurant, the lady hostess called me and thanked me for taking the time to talk to Adriana, who was suffering from her 3rd cancer battle (at that time pancreatic); and was going in for an operation wondering if she died during such, if anyone would even know where they buried her.

Needless to say, I turned my car around and gave Adriana my phone number (letting her adopt me).

Adriana was left with nothing and had been paying 1/2 her little Social Security to sleep on a couch; but she suffered from psychological abuse. A very wicked (bible thumping) woman rented Adriana a couch. During the winter, this wicked witch nailed down the windows and pulled the fuse from the electric heaters. Then she would heat the house by the "gas oven" door being open.

Adriana was a suffering Jewish woman, with Holocaust era memories horrific (including having to lay down, with her son, in a pile of dead bodies, where the Nazi's killed everyone in the town).

Fortunately, Adrian, , suffering from her 4th cancer battle, now 97, has been, for the last several years, at a better place.

Sadly, her son has never visited (as far as I know) and Adriana just wants to move on!

Bob Elias being Evicted by Bob Elias

After getting her stable, Bob Elias, a Lebanese man in his 80's, was being evicted by his sons (Ben and Bob Jr.), who were Jewish. If it had been 2 Lebanese kids throwing out a Jewish old man .... well..., hence, being a late blooming yid myself (story for another day), it seemed only right that I take on the case.

The kids were born in the house and never had to work a day in their lives; because Bob Sr., had a wife who had been prudent with the savings from Sr., life long job at Universal Studios. Because Bob Sr., was dyslexic, his wife took care of everything paperwork wise. Upon her demise (due to Fen Phen), the kids (apparently) drummed up a will that evicted Bob Sr., from the house.

Law makers know that children tend to get greedy. Had Mr. Elias chosen better counsel (one regularly experienced in California Probate), there's a Law that protect seniors from this elderly abuse; which permits total eviction of greedy kids, for at least 60 days, after a spouse's demise.

After the kids squandered approximately $2 million, they went after their father's last remaining asset - the house. Yours truly moved in the day before the eviction was to happen. Through much works and many court appearances, Bob Elias Sr., was able to stay in his house, for another year. It cost me $10,000.00, but we were able to get 2 Restraining Orders for physical, financial and emotional abuse.

Justice wasn't served though, as the kids got the house and even went after their fathers personal belongings.

Fortunately, that judge - is no longer there!

Stan's Son Seeks to Evict Father to Fleece Inheritance

And now there's a sweet heart guy, who won my assistance for free, when he literally gave the shirt off his back, along with his last $22, to a homeless guy who had his bike stolen. Though he is a die-hard LameBlah listener, Stan still is overjoyed to tell others that he is helping in the fight against Robney (RMoney Mitt).

Stan's work ethic is exceptional. So much so that he recently wound up in the V.A. Hospital as a result of working 9 hours in the 94 degree sun, without a moments rest, after helping another senior citizen (who lived in his van), to get back on the road.

After Stan losing his arguments with me, to stubbornly refuse to go to the hospital, he was immediately put into I.C.U. (critical care) for his heart beat and blood pressure readings being off the charts.

While Stan was in the hospital, his deplorable son abused him by seizing the monies ever which way he could.

Knowing that he liked to gamble, Stan had his inheritance, from his father, split between his sister and son, for safe keeping. The sister got the Burbank house (paid for) that he was born and raised in; which would pass on to Stan (if his sister would pass on 1st). There was also several hundred thousand dollars in cash that 1/2 stayed with sis and the other 1/2 to his son, for safe keeping.

Stan's son now believes in squatters rights to his father's fortune.

According to Stan, originally, the son did a misdeed, of putting the monies into the stock market (without Stan's permission). Stan told me that his son refused to cash out the substantial profit; and then 9/11 hit and the profit turned into a big loss. Of the considerable negative resulting, it was mutually agreed to buy a house, in Long Beach, CA - with the remaining monies.

For over a dozen years now, Stan has permitted one of his 3 retirement checks, to go directly to his son's address, to pay the mortgage on the Long Beach home. At the barest of minimums, with the house being acquired at approximately $250,000.00, with 13 years of payments always on time, and the house now being worth around $500K; this means there is (at least) a couple of hundred thousands of dollars in equity.

But Stan's son says it's now none of his father's business and the son is trying to evict his father!

You won't believe this, unless you actually see it, but Stan has been paying the mortgage, electricity, insurance, taxes, sewer repair, appliance repairs, lawn and everything else... so that Stan can sleep on a couch.

Yeah - I know - said you wouldn't believe it (but it's true)....

One bedroom belongs to the former girlfriend, who has been there (rent free) for a decade now. Stan also has a couple of other roommates (house is 3 bdrm), including this one who was a 1 time girlfriend (for just 1 night). The son, who himself had an affair that he disclosed to his father, constantly bible brow beats the father for having a one time stand with the roommate.

Another bedroom belongs to a handicap guy who was actually in the Wizard of Oz film (and who had an attorney rip him off all his life monies of $400,000). The other bedroom is the caretaker of the handicap guy (who is also caretaker of his own sister - as well). So Stan sleeps on the couch (that he actually claims to love as his bed).

While Stan was in critical care at the V.A. Hospital, his son goes into the house (that was put in his son's name, in case Stan would ever pass away - making an easy transition), and the nice, caring, brag at his church about his father - dear sweet son - signs the renters to leases; and takes the money away from Stan.

Yours truly quickly points out that this is abuse!

So, the son, with wife in tow, comes to the house (after he lands the plane he co-owns) and insists on meeting me at Starbucks. During the meeting, the son and wife pull out rental comps, to show me how Stan his paying below average rent.

To which I reply that "you can't bark to me about how much 'rent' Stan is paying for his own house".

After chit chats back and forth, both the wife and son, simultaneously, confess to me that it is Stan's equity. Then they explain that they are saving the money for Stan's ill health days and to prevent him from gambling it away.

PUHLLLEEAAASSEEE - Stan did not one - but 2 - I.C.U. stays and has near ZERO medical bills.

Fact of the matter is, not only does Stan have his SSI and 2 pension checks (local & national, lifetime Steelworkers); but Stan is also a Veteran. Hence, all he has to pay for a massive hospital stay (thus far) is some medicines (and that is being rectified in adding Medicare part {only allowed - for some weird reason - to be applied for Jan. through March). Outside of that, the only other bill has been the ambulance trip (for his second emergency).

Stan explained to me that every time he spoke with his son, about equity in the house, the son would refuse to go into details.

Also, Stan has a (bad) habit, of borrowing, at high interest, whenever the whim hits him to have some fun. Using my abilities to solve problems, I advised Stan (who always made his payments on time, for over a dozen years - but hasn't had a credit card of his own for 30 years) to get his affairs in order and reduce his interest expense and also get credit for his paying loan payments.

Stan now has 2 credit cards, after his score climbed from 422 to 630

When I told his son that I've done all I can do, to help his father get his affairs in order and that the son now needs to step up and help Stan pay off $13,000 in high interest loans (that were being perpetuated prior to my arrival), needless to say, Stan's son blew a gasket and screamed at (his high blood pressure) father and myself.

Then, the dear sweet kind and considerate son responded, by post a "3 day pay or quit" notice on his father's house.

Originally, the son had agreed with me and Stan, to take the $600 per month that he took away from Stan (upon signing a lease with the 2 guys in the bedrooms), to pay tax bills (created by the son asking Stan to reduce the withholding from Stan's retirement check that was sent directly to the son).

Now that the tax bill is (purportedly) paid, the son refuses to give back Stan - the monies.

As a result, of Stan having no money remaining, from his retirement checks, due to his loan and son keeping all the monies situation, moi asked my attorney to help Stan, for a small contingency to be paid "if" Stan could get some monies from his son.

That counsel advised Stan to seek a Restraining Order (that was granted - until we have a full trial on November 25th).

So, come Thanksgiving week, the family will not be having a get together. Either the judge will make it clear to Stan's son that there needs to be a compromise (Stan is still willing to let his son have 1/2 of the equity) - OR - the judge will rule that the son can evict Stan from his own house.

Even if - arguendo - you grant the son the perverse logic that the house belongs to the son, then there is a FRAUD afoot. For the son has deceived his father to "believe" that Stan was paying the mortgage on Stan's own home, for over a dozen years.

Surely, if the son could rent out the bedrooms to people he doesn't even know, for $300 per month, utilities included (plus free laundry soap and toilet paper that Stan has paid for, all these years), then the son most kindly wouldn't rent out to Stan for any more than that..

Or would he?

One night, right before we sought the restraining order, Stan's son said he wanted to see his father and resolve the issues; and that he would give Stan the $13,000.00 he needed to pay off the loans. For, in so doing, Stan would be debt free and have enough money to enjoy his quality of life - remaining.

Instead - the son came to the house and picked up his father (insisting that he see dad - alone); and then the son tried to have Stan sign a lease, for $750.00 per month, for Stan to give away his rights and pay such - To Sleep On the Couch!


Because the son tried this stunt of sending a 3 day pay or quit notice, we're responding (in kind) by having the Sheriff serve the son the Restraining Order (he lives in circle end, with life long neighbors on each side). It is my hope and prayer that the son seeks competent legal counsel, who will advise him - correctly - to settle with pop. My counsel is willing to fly in; but the California legal system is staunchly against out of state lawyers representing parties.

Stan's son keeps saying the money is needed, in case Stan goes into a long hospital stay. Moi responded in stating that "all you do is banter, banter and obfuscate, and - at the end of the day - the Christian is stealing his dad's monies. Doesn't your bible command you to do just the opposite?"

As for the "corbin" (doing it for g=d premise), gambling isn't illegal;
and the father forgave the son for the impermissible stock market - GAMBLE!

It is all So wretched and I'm hoping for a considerate judge who is prudent (very hard to find these days).

We'll see!

PoliticusUSA.com: Romney on the Run - Again - Maybe

There's a story by Sarah Jones, of PoliticusUSA.com, which is taking into account that the Washington Post notes the GOP is in a panic (that Trump or Carson make actually win the Republican nomination). Knowing this might mean a guaranteed win for either Bernie Sanders and/or HRC, the panic party bigwigs are choosing to draft Romney - instead.

Really hope they do!

Pic above from PoliticusUSA.com's online item, today, is from OpEd titled;

In Desperate Effort To Stop The Crazy,
Republicans May Draft Mitt Romney

Sarah Jones is of the proper opine that Mitt is unfit to be POTUS; and moi is in total agreement (more about PoliticusUSA's stance against Romney, below). PoliticusUSA notes that;

Republicans are so desperate to stop the insanity that they are seriously considering drafting Mitt Romney to run against Trump and Carson. Philip Rucker and Robert Costa revealed in the Washington Post - that:

Less than three months before the kickoff Iowa caucuses, there is growing anxiety bordering on panic among Republican elites about the dominance and durability of Donald Trump and Ben Carson and widespread bewilderment over how to defeat them.

Party leaders and donors fear that nominating either man would have negative ramifications for the GOP ticket up and down the ballot, virtually ensuring a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency and increasing the odds that the Senate falls into Democratic hands.

According to other Republicans, some in the party establishment are so desperate to change the dynamic that they are talking anew about drafting Romney — despite his insistence that he will not run again. Friends have mapped out a strategy for a late entry to pick up delegates and vie for the nomination in a convention fight, according to the Republicans who were briefed on the talks, though Romney has shown no indication of reviving his interest.

It's all Bull Chit, we all know Willard Mitt Romney wants to run and be President of the United States. After all, didn't he state he had a vision that he would ride a white horse inside the White House, one day.

Be that as it may, Sarah Jones does note that this looks good for the Democratic Party - either way.



Mitt Romney has a whole lot of baggage that he has to get rid of, if he wants to run again, in 2016. One item he has to make sure is silenced, is yours truly. For - believe or not - I'm a "retroactive" secret. Mitt Romney is a racketeer; and moi has sued him for that. Just because Mitt has gotten away, 'Scot Free', due to tyranny, cronyism and corruption, doesn't change the fact that he is a Bankruptcy Ring Racketeer.

Al Capone was beyond the law. No local police, state attorney general and/or federal agent/ agency - regular - was able to stop/ arrest Capone and Frank Nitti, from doing their organized crimes. That is until Eliot Ness came along, with his Untouchables, and they found a way to bring him down for Tax Evasion.

Hope apropos is that!

As the pic above, from the New Yorker article by Jeffrey Toobin notes, Romney's 2012 campaign stated he was "RETROACTIVELY RETIRED".

As noted by Toobin's article;

Ed Gillespie, a senior adviser to Mitt Romney’s campaign, went on CNN yesterday to explain the circumstances surrounding the former governor’s departure from his position at Bain Capital. Gillespie settled the controversy by saying that Romney left Bain and went to work at the Salt Lake City Olympics in 1999 and then “retired retroactively” from Bain in 2002. This explanation has met with criticism and ridicule.

Mitt is dodging the organized crimes (retroactive secrets) of The Learning Company, Kay Bee, Stage Stores, Paul Traub, Marc Dreier, Tom Petters, eToys, Colm Connolly and yours truly; and PoliticusUSA.com had the story on it back, in 2012, titled;

"Meet the Man Battling Mitt Romney and Bain Capital for 12 Years"

I'm still battling him and I'm not quitting.

This is why we need Bernie Sanders
and Elizabeth Warren
in the White House!

How about you - are you quitting on arresting Wall Street Fraud?

You mean CNN and/ or DWS..Polls?


Goldman Sachs to pay $50M fine over documents scandal

Source: New York Post's Kevin Dugan

This time, the revolving door smacked Goldman Sachs on the backside.

Lloyd Blankfein’s bank is expected to pay a roughly $50 million fine and an ex-banker is expected to plead guilty to federal criminal charges that he took confidential documents from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, The Post has learned.

The civil penalties against Goldman are among the harshest ever levied by New York. The settlement is being ironed out between Goldman and the Department of Financial Services.

The criminal charges against the ex-banker, Rohit Bansal, who joined Goldman in July 2014, and the source of the documents, New York Fed banker Jason Gross, will be filed by Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara, according to a person briefed on the talks.

Read more: http://nypost.com/2015/10/26/goldman-sachs-to-pay-50m-fine-over-documents-scandal/

Holder is Pissed Off About Criticism:Tough CHIT He's A Wall Street Tool

Many have seen some of the more recent lambastes of Eric Holder, about the fact that he failed (miserably) in the task of reigning in and busting Wall Street fraudsters. Slapping fraudsters on the wrist, is a good way to cause a global financial sysem to collapse.

More recently, Eric Holder was being challenged, over and over, after Matt Taibbi's book was discussed. Just weeks ago, Holder was cornered and responded angrily. He lashed out at his critics, stating he was pissed off at people who don't work in the Department of Justice aren't qualified to criticize results.

REALLY! - Well, Piss on You Eric Holder, your tenure as a Wall Street Fraud tool trickled down and peed on U.S.!

Holder's Justice Dept. Shielded Romney's Bain Capital & Goldman Sachs

In the picture above, Romney is the head of the crime family. To your left, is the picture of Paul Traub (with glasses) and Traub's partner Marc Dreier. Just below that is the picture of Tom Petters. Paul Traub was partners with Tom Petters and Marc Dreier. Tom Petters is doing 50 years in prison and Marc Dreier is doing 20.

Paul Traub is doing zero, nada - Zilch!

Below Romney is Goldman Sachs; and below them is a picture of United States Trustee Region 3 (also general counsel of Executive Office United States Trustees) Roberta DeAngelis. Without the willful blindness of DeAngelis, the Bankruptcy Ring could never get away with the organized crimes. She was supposed to report the confessions to lying under oath to the United States Attorney having jurisdiction. But - that would have been none other than - Colm F (friggin) Connolly.

As many of you know, moi has been trying, for a decade plus, to try to get an investigation and/or indictment of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital. That indictment should have immediately transpired under Eric Holder; but his high-n-mightyness Eric Holder, has done even worse a job of prosecuting Wall Street frauds, than that his predecessors John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales and Michael Mukasey.

We have over 100 crimes in the cases of Stage Stores, Kay Bee, The Learning Company and eToys; but Eric Holders regime kept saying - over and over - that there's nothing to prosecute.

Really! Do confessions of deliberately lying under oath to a federal judge, 33 times - COUNT!

If your or I had done the same crimes that Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs achieved, via their attorneys and hidden executives, we would be serving 200 years in prison. But Holder bent down and licked the feet of his Wall Street lords. Romney and Blankfein can rest easy and steal as much as they want, openly, cause they are never going to be prosecuted.

Now his lordship Eric Holder is now back at his law firm Covington & Bove, getting $3 million a year and he claim it has nothing to do with his failures to prosecute.


Same old system, same type of ineffective bureaucrats,
same old oligarchs are above the law BullChit!

Holders Justice Dept. Covered Up Corruption

At issue is the fact that any 1st year law student can prosecute our case of Wall Street frauds (Bain Cap. Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo involved); but everyone gives up knowing that the "Fix" is "IN". Many people, who aren't victims of the fraud upon me and my fellow eToys.com parties of interests, tend to say it simply isn't worth it, you can't beat city hall, nor can you defeat oligarchs the likes of Mitt Romney.

Hmmm.... wonder what Paul Stanford, Tom Petters, Marc Dreier and Bernie Madoff have to say about that!

Crimes a Plenty

We can readily prove, to anyone that gives a damn, his wannabe highness Mitt Romney benefited from organized crimes. Though Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs have gotten off, thus far, 'Scot Free', concerning Stage Stores, Kay Bee, The Learning Company and eToys (among others) - that doesn't mean they will ALWAYS get away with their organized crimes.

Guarantee you - whoever Bernie Sanders puts in office as Attorney General - won't sit idle by!

The Learning Company Fraud

In 1999, the MNAT.com law firm helped with the Delaware merger of The Learning Company with Mattel Toys. Reportedly, almost immediately, Mattel investors lost billions of dollars, due to the merger (see L.A. Times article on $3 Billion loss - HERE)

However, there was no investigation and/or prosecution, of who scammed who; because the Delaware Assistant United States Attorney, Colm Connolly (all of sudden) became and MNAT law firm partner and;

POOF - no investigation of The Learning Company fraud (owned by Romney, Bain Cap & others)

Additional Billion Dollars Crimes While Colm Connolly was partners of MNAT

In our eToys cases, Kay Bee and Stage Stores (among others) there are organized crimes, all over the place, by Bankruptcy Rings of attorneys who betray their court approved clients trusts. But you won't see any investigation and/or prosecution by the Delaware United States Attorney's office -

Because that person was Colm F Connolly!

That's right, prior to The Learning Company $3 Billion fraud, Colm F Connolly was the Assistant United States Attorney, who then became a partner of MNAT, in 1999. Colm remained as an MNAT partner until August 2, 2001, when GW Bush nominated him for the sole position as the One and Only United States Attorney over Delaware cases.

See Colm Connolly's resume at the Department of Justice website ( HERE ).

Hence, we have musical chairs. One day Colm Connolly is the Assistant United States Attorney, in Wilmington, DE - where The Learning Company merger with Mattel resulted in a $3 Billion loss. MNAT was one of the law firms involved. Colm becomes a partner of MNAT (see the DOJ resume - HERE) and POOF, no investigation and/or prosecution occurs. Romney, Bain and associated parties now get 12 million shares of Mattel.

Then Kay Bee, Stage Stores and eToys frauds transpire between 1999 and 2001, while Colm Connolly is an MNAT partner. When yours truly reports bribery attempts, in 2001, POOF, Colm Connolly goes back to the Department of Justice and becomes the top hauncho, numero uno head federal prosecutor over Bain Capital and eToys cases (STage Stores is in Houston).

For seven years, we keep sending proofs of crimes - including CONFESSIONS (by Paul Traub, Barry Gold and MNAT) to lying under oath and/or hiding conflicts of interests, in federal bankruptcy cases. Never once does the Delaware Department of Justice tell any of us that Colm Connolly was a partner of the firm we seek an indictment of.

Instead, it goes on for those 7 years that Colm Connolly keeps refusing to investigate and/or prosecute MNAT, Bain Capital, Paul Traub, Michael Glazer and many other crimes that any 1st year law student would have a field day, career making, prosecution happy time, convicting parties.

DOJ Shuts Down Public Corruption Task Force

Then, in mid/late 2007, proof is given to yours truly, about Colm Connolly's secret. On December 7, 2007, we immediately go to the Department of Justice where the Public Corruption Task Force is housed and report the crimes. A Federal Judge's Clerk assists me, instructing to get each and every page Time Stamped/Clocked. Guess what happens to the Public Corruption Task Force just weeks later (March 2008).

They SHUT IT DOWN the Task Force and actually (reportedly) threaten career prosecutors to be silent!
(see L.A. Times article "Shake-up roils federal prosecutors").

Scolding and Pissing Off Holder

Some of the scathing items against former United States Attorney General includes, but is not limited to, Matt Taibbi's book "The Divide: incandescent indictment of the American justice-gap" that is talked about at BoingBoing (here). The remarks include notes that the Department of Justice is on "bureaucratic autopilot... a steel trap for losers and a greased pipeline to money, power and impunity for the winners.

Another, similar remark on the status quo, from Boing's notes of Taibbi's book, is this one that;

Meanwhile, Eric Holder's "Collateral Consequences" doctrine -- conceived under Clinton, revised under GWB, and perfected under Obama -- tells federal prosecutors to punish big companies carefully, even for the worst crimes imaginable, in order to protect the innocents who work for those companies and rely on them.

Sellout Eric Holder says He is Pissed

Another online remark scolding Eric Holder, comes from Dan Froomkin of "The Intercept" (the pic above being from Froomkin's piece). As noted by MR. Froomkin, Holder takes umbrage with criticism of his tenure. Dan's online item quotes Eric Holder in the OpEd titled "Holder Defends Record of Not Prosecuting Financial Fraud", as Holder stated;

“It’s an easy thing for people who are not a part of the process” to “ask questions,” he said. “It pisses me off, on the other hand,” for people “not conversant” in the process to “somehow say that I did something that was inconsistent with my oath or that I’m not a person of integrity.”

“I’m proud to be back at the firm,” he said. “It’s a great firm. And I’m proud of the work I did at the Justice Department.”

Additionally, the Intercept journalist details the following specifics that;

Holder had all the statutory authority he needed to prosecute straightforward crimes such as robosigning fraud, perjury in front of Congress by Goldman Sachs executives,

or for that matter, HSBC’s money laundering for Mexican drug cartels.

He {Holder} simply chose not to.

(In response to another questioner, he denied that any of his decisions not to prosecute were based on the massive legal teams that were fielded against the government.) Moreover, he actively waved off offers of additional help such as the suggestion from Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, that Congress give him more staff for his Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group, or extend the statute of limitations on some crimes.{ emphasis added }

HAAS v ROMNEY: Seeking Indictments of Bain Cap & GSachs

There are over 100 online articles written about our eToys related cases, where Paul Traub, Barry Gold, the Traub Bonacquist & Fox ("TBF") law firm, along with Tom Petters and Marc Dreier Ponzi's, haven't been investigated and/or prosecuted, because Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney benefited from massive billion dollar frauds.

Colm Connolly was the Delaware United States Attorney, who was partners in the crimes. Minnesota Assistant U.S. Attorney James Lackner had a brother (Marty) who was a feeder fund to Petters Ponzi. Larry (Reservitz) Reynolds was giving these fraudsters all my information, because he raided my files at night, sitting only 25 feet away from me, at another entity.

Larry Reynolds confessed laundering $12 Billion for Tom Petters Ponzi, while inside Witness Protection Program.

Marty Lackner, involved in Petters, while brother of head of DOJ's Criminal Division J. Lackner

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwas suicided!

When is enough - ENOUGH!

Just how many serious, million to one shot, Wall Street related crimes must there be to transpire, before the
Department of Justice admits it made mistakes and does something about it. Thus far, it is a miracle that yours truly isn't dead yet, as there are many untimely homicides in this case (eToys shareholder Robert Alber had to shoot/kill career criminal Michael Sesseyoff and Jack Wheeler wound up dead in a dump after going to Colm Connolly's office building).

When moi reported much of these very large crimes and issues of bad federal agents to the Public Corruption Task Force in Los Angeles, that special unit was SHUT Down and (reportedly) career federal prosecutors were threatened to keep their mouths shut - Or Else! (See my filed complaint - Time Stamped - HERE and Los Angeles Times "Shake-up roils federal prosecutors")

Erich Holder had nothing to hide about this case, as most of it happened and/or began, during GW Bush's administrations watch; but then USAG Eric Holder's staff went out of their way to bury the case too.

When President Obama was elected, I jumped for joy. And when he put in another non white as the head of the Department of Justice there was the hope that justice might finally come; but it didn't.

Dan Froomkin points out that both Holder and even Ben Bernanke talked a tough game name; but they no longer have substance to their banter, as Froomkin concludes that both former USAG Eric Holder and Fed man Ben Bernanke could have done more to assure investigations and/or prosecutions against Wall Street fraudsters;

but they didn't!

Bernie Sanders Doesn't Need Billions of $ and Main Stream Media: Hillary & GOP Does

We are seeing not just one, but several, revolutionary dynamics, combining into a perfect storm of events long overdue. Both Hillary's campaign and the main stream media barks and banters that Bernie Sanders will never get the media attention he needs, without SuperPacs. Thus they pan him, belittle us who support him and call him a gadfly.

HRC's camp and the main stream media are full of chit - greatly!

Everyone should read the non main stream researchers items looking into the facts of Bernies Sanders records on the issues. He is, much more than most (including HRC and/or ANY Repug), on the correct side of civil rights issues.

See Alternet's item "20 Examples of Bernie Sanders' Powerful Record on Civil and Human Rights Since the 1950s".

Alternet goes on to state, that from the 1950's, Sanders has fought for Civil Rights and even against Police Violence.

Trump (and/or any other GOP POTUS wannabe) and/or Hillary and all the other "candidates", along with the main stream media, are the ones who need the millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions and eventual 2 head to head persons needing Billions of dollars - in an effort to "convince" you they are "your" candidate.

Do you really need any convincing that Bernie Sanders is a man of the People?


Main stream media is battling the wolves and sharks feeding upon their carcasses. Papers are now a dinosaur draconian, as is main stream media (if you really thought about it). As a matter of fact, without knowing of the particular article in question, there's an "Other Words" piece that is titled "Mainstream media blues" and it actually states papers are dying and main stream is fighting the wolves at the door.

We (You and Me) along with the potential candidates - are being played.

It is the media who decides what they provide us. And it is also the media that depends on us watching, to get more money from the candidates (at top rack rate dollars - same price to every candidate - as a matter of Law).

Media is dying; because you and I - WE - via social networks, ARE the Real News. When main stream provides an item (almost always propaganda) don't you and I usually go online, to see what the "real" facts are?

Do we trust the main stream media?

I can't really believe one needs to ask that question. All you have to do is look at the polls that had Bernie favored over Hillary by 2 to 1 margins (or better); but yet they come out saying HRC won.

Bull Chit! And we ain't buying it any more.

Enigmatically and inexorably, DWS and HRC may run a very close race with Bernie Sanders; because they are entrenched and people will get worn down by the banter


However, already, stars are jumping ship (as the Youtube video about Bill Maher details), there are many out there who are quickly coming out and stating Sanders can win.

At the end of the day, Bernie Sanders is electable, because he has the votes, he has always been on the right side of most of the issues; and we have social media that does NOT need billions of dollars to get us focused.

Yes, Facebook and others can rig the game. Moi formed a group titled 1 Million by Plus 1, Bernie Sanders for President. As soon as that group started up to go viral, FB shut down. Now there's a 100,000 person march in Washington, D.C. for Bernie Sanders - movement. Every time they start to go viral, they are shut down by FB and lose all their registrations.

We ARE the real news and We ARE the real votes. Bernie Sanders Doesn't Need Billions of $ and Main Stream Media: Hillary & GOP Does. And even with those huge amounts of monies, they can only succeed, if we listen to the babbling banter and obfuscating, reinforcing Bull Chit...

I suggest you simply stop them in their tracks and don't listen to them!

Bernie Sanders
Doesn't Need Billions of $,

nor does his campaign need the Main Stream Media:

Hillary & the Republicans Do
- and here's why

This pic above, is from a recent Raw Story article (here) about Sanders pushing through Progressive agendas in an unusual manner that will most definitely surprise you.

As the article notes many of Bernie Sanders successes, even from the time where he was an "Independent" Mayor of Vermont (who doubled the voter turnout - even way back then) are never touted by the Senator.

In other words, others talk about getting things done, while Senators Sanders was doing many things!

Here's a list from the Raw Story article "Bernie Sanders’ record of pushing through major reforms will, surprise you", pointing out just a few of the things Bernie Sanders has accomplished;

Corporate Crime Accountability (February 1995): A Sanders amendment to the Victims Justice Act of 1995 required “offenders who are convicted of fraud and other white-collar crimes to give notice to victims and other persons in cases where there are multiple victims eligible to receive restitution.”

Saving Money, for Colleges and Taxpayers (April 1998): In an amendment to H.R. 6, the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, Sanders made a change to the law that allowed the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education to make competitive grants available to colleges and universities that cooperated to reduce costs through joint purchases of goods and services.

Holding IRS Accountable, Protecting Pensions (July 2002): Sanders’ amendment to the Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act of 2003 stopped the IRS from being able to use funds that “violate current pension age discrimination laws.” Although he faced stiff GOP opposition, his amendment still succeeded along a 308 to 121 vote.
Expanding Free Health Care (November 2001): You wouldn’t think Republicans would agree to an expansion of funds for community health centers, which provide some free services. But Sanders was able to win a $100 million increase in funding with an amendment.

Getting Tough On Child Labor (July 2001): A Sanders amendment to the general appropriations bill prohibited the importation of goods made with child labor.

Senator Sanders Never Runs a Negative Campaign


It is a fact that Senator Sanders has never run a negative campaign; and he's not about to start now. Sure, he can't stop other groups from doing what they will and what they'll say... who can!

Be that as it may, Bernie Sanders is a man of the people. He is form Veterans, Equal Rights, Higher Wages, Taxing the elite rich, fixing Wall Street, stopping corruption and ...

he doesn't take any money from the wrong people, as is just proved by him donating the hedge funds guys money to HIV cause.

We can make this a perfect storm, proving that WE (you and me) are the REAL News. Main stream is lame stream. Washington, D.C. is broken; and Bernie Sanders will surely do his best to fix that and much more.

Feelin The Bern

Fanning the Flames .. for Justice!

Mitt.s not going to run again.....

They're not sayin.....

Woo Hoo My Daughter Marries Love: Thanks to Unsungs Like Jody May-Chang

Just this past week my eldest, dear sweet daughter, was able to marry her beloved, due in no small part, to many unsung heroes who risked much, in the cause for equality justice. Once such person I'd like to take the time to thank, pic below from her LinkedIn Profile, is Jody May-Chang. She had the temerity and tenacity to go after bad faith people and their oppressive agendas. Due to such activism, as is noted by Jody's profile remarks (posted immediately below her pic), my daughter was able to partake in her inalienable civil right joy - to marry her love of life.

WOO HOO! - Thank you all LGBT activists - and the many unsungs such as Jody May-Chang!

I have been an openly lesbian activist since coming out in the mid 1970s. I started blogging on PrideDEPOT.com in 2006 on LGBT politics and social justice issues and began writing as an independent journalist in 2009. As a regular contributor to the Boise Weekly, I received a second place award for my watchdog/investigative report from the Idaho Press Club for my debut investigate feature Exposing Homophobia about the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009. I have written for Religions Dispatches, Fairness, and Accuracy in Reporting’s magazine Extra!, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s magazine The Intelligence Report, and Windy City Times. I blog on 'As I See It' on May-Chang.com

Jody May-Chang meets Laser Haas

Jody and I collaborated (sort of) on cases of importance, after she was kind enough to do a story on her Wordpress Blog "Idaho Agenda" about my pursuits for justice against Mitt (the Pitts) Romney. Moi was (always have been and will continue to) attacking Romney. Jody detailed some, about my efforts on DailyKos and my discussion about her Vandersloot troubling matters (see "Idaho Agenda" and one item "Daily Kos features May-Chang/VanderSloot Saga"

Over at DailyKos, I ran a WeeklyBug Group and put up a thread about homophobic bullying Vandesloot that was titled

"Romney's Homophobic Vandersloot Bullies Bloggers Like Jody May-Chang"

This wonderful lady has big brass ones. With neither a whimper nor regret, Jody May-Chang does real journalism and gets to the truth, unvarnished, in her opines.

Rachel Maddow details Romney's guy Vandersloot Bullying Jody May-Chang

Here's a link to Rachel Maddow's Blog detailing the saga of Romney's 2012 campaign finance guy (Vandersloot) and his attempts to crush the activism of Blogger Jody May-Chang.


(If someone can find a Youtube link - I'll post an update)

And here's Glen Greenwald's praise of true journalism/ activism by Jody that moi posted on DailyKos;

Anyone who is the national finance co-chair of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign deserves probing, substantial scrutiny. That’s equally true of someone who continues to use their vast wealth to influence the outcome of our elections and our most inflammatory political debates. And it’s certainly true of someone who has made it a regular practice of threatening journalists, bloggers and activists who shine light on his political and business practices. Journalists like Jody May-Chang who focus their journalistic light on people like Frank VanderSloot provide all of us with a vital public service, and deserve our full-fledged support when they are targeted with threats and retribution.

From the Bottom to Top of My Heart

Thank You Unsung Jody May-Chang

We Love You for what you do

and the difference real journalist like you

- have made

Due to people like you

- my daughter married her love

Pope Asks Oklahoma Governor to Commute Glossip Execution: STAYED 37 Days

As things work in the spiritual universe - in mysterious ways - Pope Francis requested that Governor Fallin of Oklahoma to commute the execution sentence of Richard Glossip, who Susan Sarandon and Sister Ellen Prejean are proclaiming is an innocent man.

Though the Pope's request may have not gotten full consideration, the Governor "Stayed" the Execution, for 37 days.

It matters not what the reasoning/ excuse is (as Governor Fallin is upon the record stating the "Stay" is due to the fact that the lethal injection schedule, had legal issues); because there's no more time to get attention to the errant prosecution.

You simply can't undo an execution!

The pictures above, are from the UK's Dailymail online publication - that states;

The Pope (pictrued in the Vatican on Wednesday) has asked the Governor of Oklahoma to commute the death sentence of a convicted murderer Richard Glossip. He was set to be executed at 3pm, but he was granted a stay of execution by Governor Mary Fallin

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3255084/Pope-asks-Oklahoma-governor-commute-execution-convicted-murder-languished-death-row-18-years-claiming-innocent.html#ixzz3nGKM3Lp4
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It doesn't matter what the reason.... Richard Glossip is still alive.... hence, justice has a chance

Here;s my thread on the previous stay

Woo Hoo! Court STAYs Execution - Thanks to Susan Sarandon & Others

Hey.. Started a Thread to get 1 Million for Sanders by Plus 1 at a time

Are you guys and gals in?

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