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Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

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US Rep. Grimm Pleads Guilty to Federal Tax Evasion

Source: ABC News quoting AP

U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm admitted Tuesday to federal tax evasion, pleading guilty to charges he had fought as he won re-election last fall but that now leave his congressional future in question.

Grimm entered a guilty plea to one count of aiding in the filing of a false tax return. He had been set to go to trial in February on charges of evading taxes by hiding more than $1 million in sales and wages while running a Manhattan health-food restaurant.

Sentencing was scheduled for June 8. Prosecutors said a range of 24 to 30 months in prison would be appropriate, while the defense estimated the appropriate sentence as between 12 and 18 months.

Boehner does not plan to comment on Grimm's situation until the two discuss it, Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said.

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/ap-sources-nyc-congressman-plead-guilty-27786639

Interesting to see - what will be

AA Fem Officer Beaten & Loses Pension: Stopping Male Pale Cop Choking Handcuffed AA man

Justice is as justice does; and - in this case - justice didn't happen. In 2006, Carol Horne (pic below by Buffalo Bullet), was a 19 year veteran of the Buffalo, New York Police Department, who stood tall against a fellow officer (Gregory Kwiatkowski) brutality of choking a handcuffed black man (Neal Mack).

Instead of being commended for doing the right thing -

Carol Horne was fired and denied her pension.

Brutal Officer Testified Carol Horne Did NO Wrong!

This firing and denial of pension is manifest injustice in the extreme. It occurred, in spite of the fact that officer Gregory Kwiatkowski (who has since been forced to retire due to other acts of brutality and racism) - actually is upon the public record stating that officer Carol Horne did NO Wrongs.

In this current age of national uproar about police brutality, including the choking death of another black man; officer Carol Horne's act of bravery crys foul loudly, about the injustices of police systems - nationwide - that appear to reward racism and brutality, while punishing good faith conduct.

Officer Kwiatkowski was called a hero, apparently for telling the "black bitch" to get her hands off him, when he punched officer Carol Horne hard enough that she had to have her bridge fixed.

From Buffalo Bullet journalist Chris Stevenson (pic below) we have these telltale remarks about the trial of Mr. Mack v Kwiatkowski.

What is clear to this commentator is that after all of this Mack clearly deserves an award, and I mean a substantial financial award. Nothing under 7 figures here. Pendergrass accomplishing less than this would make him as suspect to Mack, as Barbara Sims was to Carol. Kwiatkowski during and since Horne’s hearing and firing has done nothing more than get in more trouble time-after-time. There was the story I broke while with the Criterion where he was accused of initiating a beating on a South Buffalo man at a restaurant, there was two alleged altercations he got into along the Transit Rd. strip, both against police officers, one was at a bar and Grille where a transit cop (James A. Delacy; who is also the son of a prominent local auto dealer) was beaten down by Lt. Kwiatkowski and his cop buddies after he tried to warn them of how it looked bad for them to be in uniform drinking in a bar. Risman’s mission today is no different than when he was on the Corporation Counsel, to be the stopper of huge rewards to black victims of police misconduct. It is a certainty he will use every trick in the book to prevent this from happening to Mack.

The next court date is tomorrow 9:30am, City Court Bldg., 50 Deleware 8th floor part 29.

Officer Carol Brown is a hero and should be honored - not disparaged!

All the pictures above, are by the Buffalo Bullet.com. A journalist (Chris Stevenson pic below) from the Buffalo Bullet, has been on the case since the beginning. Chris notes that everyone has tried to bury the case into history (apparently - including Carol Horne's own attorney {Barbara Sims}), as Mr. Stevenson reflects in his recent online article

"Neal Mack Trial Revives Tense Moments of 2006" -

as Chris Stevenson states;

All the people who wanted to put the Cariol (Carol) J. Horne case to bed-from the Buffalo Police Department, to Horne’s last attorney Barbara Sims to Sim’s newspaper the Buffalo Criterion as well as the Buffalo’s other black newspaper the Challenger Community News-are not having a lot of success. Some post-criminal and peripheral cases have been kept alive by 1.David Neal Mack’s court cases. 2.Greg Kwiatkowski’s ego.

If, but for nothing else, Chris Stevenson is one of my heroes, for his campaign against the death penalty.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, Political Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice and The Network for clbTV. Sign his Petition to permanently Abolish the Death Penalty @ Change.org.

PLEASE Sign PETITION to Reinstate Carol Horne's Pension

Have looked hard to find a petition for Carol Horne and came up empty. So I've started one for us at Change.org. Please sign and pass around? Let's tell Buffalo that America is watching what their Buffalo, New York City Council will do; and how its decision will help quell the rising tide of admocity - or seek to calm raging "sees"!


Officer Lt. Kwiatkowski holds down black youth and shoots him with BB Gun!

Pic above, is from link of Local Channel 7 News (WKBW) video page that has this to say about the case;


One of teens abused by Kwiatkoski, was a Police Officers son.

In May of this year Kwiatkowski and two other officers were indicted for civil rights violations against four black teenagers, just days before the statute of limitations was due to expire. One of the teens was also the son of a Buffalo police officer.
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-departments-good-cops-buffalo-officer-fired-stopping-brutality/#8jitFwFyB5uyb8Ps.99

The Buffalo Common Council is holding a special meeting on Officer Horne's case Tuesday and may reinstate her pension.

UPDATE 2:22 Eastern Dec23, 2014


Journalist Chris Stevenson THANKS us for the Petition Signing!

Informed Chris of Buffalo Bullet, about the PETITION;
and asked what happened to Mack's case.

Here's his response to me on Facebook!

Chris Stevenson reply to Laser

After Mack's last loss a couple years ago he has since hired a new attorne out of Rochester, I haven't talked much about it to him since, but I have to call him anyway. Thanks for stating a New Cariol Holloman-Horne petition, she is on the road now but would be delighted to hear about this.


Very Cool - let's get it to 100 - Today!

Judge won't release former Alabama Governor Siegelman on appeal bond

Source: Tuscaloosa News quoting Associated Press report

MONTGOMERY | A federal judge on Thursday refused to free former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman from prison while he continues to appeal his 2006 bribery conviction.

Siegelman has raised significant issues, but the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is unlikely to grant Siegelman a new trial since the court has already rejected similar arguments from his co-defendant, Richard Scrushy, U.S. District Judge Clay Land of Georgia said in his 31-page order.

Siegelman attended a Monday hearing in Montgomery before Land while shackled and wearing a red jail jumpsuit. The former Democratic governor is arguing his 2006 trial was tainted by the involvement of a prosecutor with ties to GOP politics. His lawyers also say the trial judge made legal mistakes when sentencing Siegelman.

Then-U.S. Attorney Leura Canary announced her recusal from the investigation in 2002, three years before Siegelman was indicted, after Siegelman's lawyer made an issue of her husband's work in GOP politics. Siegelman's lawyers argued she still remained improperly involved in the case.

Read more: http://www.tuscaloosanews.com/article/20141218/NEWS/141219657?tc=cr

THIS IS BULL----- of the highest {dis}ORDER

There are several witnesses (and ex Karl Rove gal Jill Simpson);
who have testified that U.S. Attorney Canary faked her recusal.

LINK Of Governor Siegelman's appeal to 11th Circuit - detailing U.S. Attorney Canary bad faith dealings.


K&R ... wish Senator Warren had more power

archaic banter about draconian methods

Just wait until Mitt,ns is POTUS

Waterboarding and 12 yr old youth huntings will be weekly entertainment allotments training for the annual purge sacrifice to the gonnabe g0d one day.

And Cheney will be the USAG

after the new black op of Cuba upon Miami

Governor Siegelman seeks release from prison.

Source: NBC News WFLA Channel 8: Referencing API

MONTGOMERY, AL - Former Gov. Don Siegelman will be in federal court Monday for a hearing on his request to get out of prison while he appeals his 2006 bribery conviction.

Siegelman is asking the judge to release him until his appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is resolved. Judges have previously refused to release the former governor, but his lawyers argue the appeal has gone on much longer than anticipated. The arguments are scheduled for January after being repeatedly postponed.

Read more: http://www.wfla.com/story/27628229/siegelman-seeks-release-from-prison

Picture above provided by WFLA 8.

For more on this - see my previous thread and DU'rs comments

"POGO Finds {potential} Smoking Gun of Political Corruption in Siegelman Case"

Comment below (think No 5) - has lines to Free-Don.org

Wonderful stuff there - I've never seen heretofore.... including this picture

Over 100 Attorneys General
have joined the movement
to Free Don Siegelman, saying
what he was accused of has
never been a crime in this

Former Attorney General of
New York Bob Abrams says the
Siegelman case "cries out for


Word in from loyal supporter Charlotte Mulvihill

- is that that hearings over;

and Judge Land will make his decision known in 5 days.

From AL.com Alabama

"FORMER AL Gov. Siegelman Could Soon be Released from Prison"

Until U.S. Judge Clay Land rules later this week, Siegelman will await a decision while in the Montgomery County jail. He has been transported from a federal prison in Louisiana, where he is serving his sentence.

The arguments made in Land's court on Monday focused on a potential conflict of interest that Siegelman's attorney, Gregory Craig, said the former prosecutor had.

Craig alleged that former U.S. Attorney Leura Canary was involved in the Siegelman case even after her official recusal, in violation of Justice Department guidelines.

John-Alex Romano, a trial attorney for the Justice Department's criminal division, said Canary's involvement was minimal, and only involved such things as asking Washington for a $91,000 disbursement so her office could prosecute Siegelman.

LIVE UPDATE by One present at the hearing;

Edward Savela was actually at the hearing and posted this on FREE DON SIEGELMAN Facebook page

I was in the Honorable Judge Clay Land's federal courtroom in Montgomery this morning for Don Siegelman's motion hearing. In this specific hearing Don's lawyers were asking that he be released pending the oral argument hearing before the appellate court (scheduled for January 13th). That is where he will be asking for a new trial. It was tough seeing Don brought in, shackled with cuffs and chains, wearing orange prison garbs. Don's lawyers ask that his shackles and cuffs be removed during the hearing so he could take notes and assist his lawyers and the judge left that up to the prosecution. Unbelievably, the prosecution declined! So Don spent the 90 minutes or so cuffed as a common criminal--this, the former Distinguished Governor of the State of Alabama. Many of Don's supporters filled the gallery. Judge Land seemed fair minded but grilled the prosecution and defense alike. But thankfully, Land seems fair--and we are no longer dealing with Mark Fuller. I am hopeful and optimistic. Judge Land promised to render his decision by this Friday. Keep Don Don Eugene Siegelman and his family in your thoughts and prayers as they endure yet another step along the path to freedom.

You can read more about that issue here at AL.com Alabama News


And (we're pretty sure) Legal Schnauzer's Roger and Karl Rove ex - now whistle blower - Jill Simpson

will help pounce on this BS that US Attorney Canary affidavit that she had little to do with the case.

UPDATE - December 17th

Facebook conversation with former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods;
Mr. Woods was also John McCain's Presidential Campaign manager.

Mr. Woods was the signer of the amicus curiae on Governor Siegelman's case

Clint Brown is a Governor Siegelman supporter who ask that Grant Woods join the Facebook page.

Clint Brown

Posting his digital conversation with Grant Woods

Grant is a former Arizona Attorney General, John McCain's presidential campaign manager & the signer of the amicus brief filed on Don's behalf by 113 former state attorney gen'ls, both Republican & Democrat alike:

Thank you, Grant, for accepting my friend request. I manage the @DonSiegelman account on Twitter. ... Came out of Don's hrg. yesterday "cautiously optimistic" about Don's release pending 11th Circuit decision on prosecutorial misconduct appeal. Judge Land was thoroughly prepared, incisive in his questions of counsel and appeared unbiased. (He is the Georgia fed'l district judge who twice dismissed a birther lawsuit & who assessed significant costs against the attorney filing for the second time

Grant: Fingers crossed! Such a travesty.

Clint: Known Don since law school. He is a true public servant who only attempted to better the lives of Alabamians. You can see it in his eyes. He looked terrible in court yesterday. He was unbelievably gaunt, unshaven, unkempt & in dirty orange coveralls ... shackled hands & feet. He turned & winked, however. Courtroom overflowing with supporters.

Grant: Time for some justice. Which means it's time for some mercy.

Clint: Yes, thank you for your tremendous support

Grant: Lmk when you hear. Thanks.

Chat Conversation End

in a way, I'm living proof to the contrary.

On her notes the regulatory agencies. (Including DOJ) give Wall Street a pass.

Got that.

On notes that whistle blowers are the ones punished

Got that

On proof Goldman Sachs n Bain Cap. are fraudsters

Got that.

On proof that judges break the law for Wall Streer

Got that

Proof of corruption of U.S. Attorneys

Got that

Documentation of this by federal records

Got that

Proof if shut down of task forces to civer up

Confessions to these acts

Got that too...

But, as Scuba and others can tell you, the troll,ups among U.S. --- always nix the conversations

Because (vicariously) in essence, we're Elizabeth Warren. ... everything she says with Proof

But.. because she,s nit the one saying it

Not many really care

we see it everywhere, don't we Scuba?

PUBLICITY: - NY Times Questions Big Bank Fines Being Lame Game.

Just when you think Christmas is going to be humbug - BAM - the New York Times comes to the rescue with its late Friday Business Day article "At Big Banks, a Lesson Not Learned". An expose on the issue of big bank fines not getting through their thick heads.

Journalist Gretchen Morgenson leads in with this question and her own juxtaposing (obfuscating) answer;

Are the colossal regulatory fines extracted from big banks today likely to deter their officials from violating the same rules tomorrow? Or are these billion-dollar settlements viewed simply as a cost of doing business, and not a very large one at that?

Judging from a regulatory action brought last week against 10 mostly large financial firms, the answers are “no” and “yes.”

Toys R Us IPO - A Rigging that Didn't Transpire

Back in 2013, after Taibbi's Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story ("Greed n Debt") failed to address the issues of eToys (actually, deliberately - avoided it); the March 2013 OpEd by Joe Nocera at New York Times, put for another expose "Rigging the I.P.O. Game". It was a story about Goldman Sachs rigging (spinning fraud) of eToys going public.

Evidently, the New York Times is too humble to take notice that the Toys R Us IPO was cancelled, just a few weeks after Nocera's Smoking Gun expose OpEd was published. Yours truly would argue that Goldman Sachs control of the New York Times is trying to influence public opinion; by the red herring bait n switch from the fact that those who would have funded Toys R Us IPO (that is owned by Bain Cap & KKR) - simply chose discretion over valor.

Be that all as it may - this PUBLICITY - prior to the stories on the horizon, is a good thing.

Here's what I love about the NY Times efforts

Everyone keeps avoiding the fact that I'm the source of this information; but they keep trying to prove that by independent dig up of corroborative tidbits that help me more. Like the Nocera Smoking Gun on Goldman Sachs doing wrong and emails of Goldman Sachs's Lawton Fit;

Allegations and Nocera Smoking Gun on Lawton Fitt

The plaintiffs charge that Goldman Sachs had a fiduciary duty to maximize eToys’ take from the I.P.O. Instead, Goldman purposely set an artificially low price, so that its real clients, the institutional investors clamoring for the stock, could pocket that first-day run-up. According to the suit, Goldman then demanded that some of those easy profits be kicked back to the firm. Part of their evidence for the calculated underpricing of eToys, according to the plaintiffs’ complaint, was that Lawton Fitt, the Goldman executive who headed the underwriting team and was thus best positioned to gauge the market demand, actually made a bet with several of her colleagues that the price would hit $80 at the opening. (Through a Goldman Sachs spokesman, Fitt declined to comment. Goldman denies that it did anything wrong, about which more shortly.)

Nocera's notes on the actual crime occurrence

Goldman carefully calculated the first-day gains reaped by its investment clients. After compiling the numbers in something it called a trade-up report, the Goldman sales force would call on clients, show them how much they had made from Goldman’s I.P.O.’s and demand that they reward Goldman with increased business. It was not unusual for Goldman sales representatives to ask that 30 to 50 percent of the first-day profits be returned to Goldman via commissions, according to depositions given in the case.

“What specifically do you recall” your Goldman broker wanting, asked one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers in a deposition with an investor named Andrew Hale Siegal.

“You made $50,000, how about $25,000 back?” came the answer. “You know, you made a killing.”

Citigroup stated it is pleased that the matter is behind it. The persons who just did crimes THIS YEAR, are Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney's RICO gang. They - have not - (at least until I've died), put these matters behind them.

The NY Times has it partially right; because they are wrong in the continuous bury of the eToys part of the WHOLE story. But fret not, RMoney 3 is just around the bend

and then..........

I will be sayin.........


Cuban FL Chief Judge Lebarga Roils Status Quo by Poor Justice Commission

Every one in a while, a public servant comes along like Obama, Warren, Pope Francis, MLK, Mandella and/or a police, judge, prosecutor etc., etc. In today's revelation, we have the very 1st Cuban Chief Justice of Florida Supreme Court - his Honor Jorge Lebarga; who let it be know quickly - that he was going to address issues of disparity justice.

On December 1, 2014 - Chief Justice Lebarga announced a new Civil Commission about poor justice.

Poor, in the sense of the word that the indigents, the poor and like kind do not get equal access to justice in the court's of Florida. As noted by Florida's Biz Journal (here);

{The Honorable Chief Justice} Labarga began discussing the initiative publicly this summer. The goal of the commission is to study the unmet civil legal needs of disadvantaged, low-income and moderate-income Floridians, according to a statement from the Florida Supreme Court. This will be the major initiative of Labarga's two-year administration

Judge Lebarga's Administrative Order to Form Commission on Poor Justice



WHEREAS, the American and Florida judicial systems are founded upon
the fundamental principle that justice should be accessible to all persons, the
advancement of which is of profound interest to the Supreme Court of Florida;

WHEREAS, despite these noteworthy and substantial efforts, Floridians
continue to encounter barriers when seeking meaningful and informed access to the
civil justice system; and

The Florida Bar shall provide the necessary staff support to enable the
Commission to carry out its duties, and shall consult with the Office of the State
Courts Administrator. Members shall serve without compensation. The
Commission must be cognizant of the limitations on the resources available to
support its efforts as it develops a work plan that will accomplish the important
tasks assigned in this administrative order. With regard to meetings, the
Commission and any subcommittees should strive to utilize the most economical
means appropriate to the type of work being accomplished.

One of the things that gets into most decent persons craw, of the disparity of justice, is that of the injustice of people going to prison for stealing a loaf of bread; whilst Wall Street Robber Baron's (RMoney) fleece everyone of U.S. with flagrant, brazen and reckless abandon. Making things morose, is this hubris of being Above the Law, going above and beyond the call of duty of shooting 12 year olds, men in stairwells (without announcing who, what, why), chokehold's deadly for petty offenses and 12 bullets arrays at unarmed (purported) demons (who are mostly - always - black/poor).

Chief Justice Jorge Labarga Instructs Judiciary to Do Their Job Properly

Going one step further, his Honor Florida State Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Lebarga issued an Administrative Order that Judges must be diligent in the performances of their duties.

In furtherance of our commitment to ensuring that all judges perform their
duties faithfully and diligently, the chief judge in each judicial circuit is hereby
directed to act as follows:

The chief judge in each circuit shall separately communicate to
all trial court judges in that circuit the importance of a professional
work ethic and accountability to the judiciary as a full-time
commitment under the Code and the Constitution of Florida. This
commitment includes the responsibility set forth in Canon 3C(1)
requiring that a judge “should cooperate with other judges and court
officials in the administration of court business.” Where a judge’s
calendar allows, each judge should cooperate with other judges to
assure that all cases and matters are handled as efficiently and
expeditiously as possible. In addition, each chief judge shall take all
administrative actions necessary to monitor the work of each judge of
the circuit to ensure that appropriate action is taken in any case where
a judge neglects his or her duties.
- 3 -

As one might surmise, Supreme Court Justice's don't like being told what to do, especially from the new one on the block. Even more despised is he who rocks the status quo of the "good ole boys" group that has been carving up the poor (and even turning rich into poor) - so that they can "get sum".

Meryl Lanson's Baron's case. Mark Adams Esquire and others are overjoyed that this remark of concern and commission has been announced. Will it be the same old same ole - where there's mutter of mouth - but no substance. Or, as is supposed to occur;

can justice for the indigent, poor and down trodden - for a change - come?

Time will tell.
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