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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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Ruth: Clinton competes with Trump for loser of the week

From the article:

Clinton's critics were hoping for some scandalous, salacious, blockbuster of a controversy to be lurking in the communications. Instead, we learned Clinton couldn't figure out what to do with a phone receiver when sending a piece of paper.

There was a kernel of dust-up to be had. Once again Clinton showed herself to be congenitally incapable of delivering a straight answer to a straight question. What time is it, Hillary? That depends on what your definition of is, is.

As it turned out, Clinton was exchanging diplomatic-speak goo-goo eyes with a former 2008 campaign aide, Sidney Blumenthal. Clinton had attempted to add him to her staff after being appointed secretary of state but was blocked by the Obama administration, which regarded Blumenthal as the Iago of the Potomac, without the sense of humor.

Clinton consistently denied she solicited her former flunky's numerous emails offering all manner of political and diplomatic advice. But the newly released emails clearly indicate she often encouraged Blumenthal's counsel.

Is this singular issue all that big a deal? Hardly. Clinton is unlikely to be hounded over Blumenthal-gate. But it is telling. All Clinton needed to say regarding her communications with Blumenthal was that she was in touch with a former trusted aide, whose fawning opinions she valued. And that would have been that.

Instead Clinton prevaricated, creating a needless campaign kerfuffle entirely of her own making.

Sorry folks, Hillary has shown a talent of shooting herself in the foot. It's not like Obama would actually punish her for working behind his back. But she had to pretend to be perfect, blowing up a little thing into a big mess.

It is funny

Even though seabeyond and 1strongblackman can disagree on things, I consider them both honored friends, not because they agree with me (they often do not) but because they are honest, and are actually capable of bringing viewpoints to DU that are not the mythical average white male so coveted by the party. The fact they are both being watched shows that some people are wanting to take the "underground" out of the underground, which will make the last place for anyone not the pre-digested, pre-packaged brains hostile. Skinner, I know you may have had good intentions with DI, but the fact is that you are dealing with people who hear "no, please stop!" and then hear God tell them "Hit them harder, hit them more, take it all, it is your right and duty as my favorite son!" The old scaffolding is crumbling, from Dixie Flags to straight only marriages, but that means that the right wing, including the centre right, will look at all this burning the way Nero did when Rome burned, a chance to rebuild the city in their image and make sure they made a lot of money in the process, which sadly, is exactly what happened. The left can be the Christians that get throw to the Lions to keep the panem et circuses going, emphasis on the circuses, because the rich on the left and right think they have the right to every damned crust of bread, and have gamed the circuses to make sure they make even more money!

But this is not about money, even though in America, thievery has to be about money. This is about the fact that, contrary to the belief that it is ideologues on the different sides of an issue that cause rancor, it is the squishy mass in the middle that will brook no challenge to it's dominance, and which is willing to believe the scavengers that feed off it's decay, rather than anyone who wants to heal it's disease. That is why, for all the paladins on the left and right that want to talk about issues, we know who will be the red and blue captains, and that both will spend most of the time saying "I am not as extreme as you think I am" while covering for Wall Street. While I can laugh at whatever honest ideologues team red destroys, I am very sad that two people who, whatever their differences are, are people who I would count on as comrades during the elections, are now not welcome at this table. Let me be clear, by this table, I di not mean the AA or feminist groups, I mean the people who make a living offering a table for us to place our offerings on, even those from the "underground."

I think so

I think it is really funny how feminists and outspoken AA's seem to get three hide posts cat-quick, whereas some people that post outright racist and sexist stuff not only are not hidden, but taken by sedan chair right to the greatest page.


certain people that will yell in your face and accuse you of homophobia are SILENT now. Boomarking to use when I argue with said people again.

DU vs. Sanders (i.e. why some supporters are hurting the cause)

Now, I understand many people, for various reasons, feel Hillary is the best and only candidate that should be considered. Some people really believe she will turn out to be a liberal, and then there are some who just think it nis either her or whoever the GOP puts up, which in this case will be a definite disaster.

Sadly, as in 2008, many of her supporters are demonizing anyone who criticizes her as sexist, and even racist. It is sad and comical to see Bernie Sanders, someone who embraced the likes of Jesse Jackson back when no one else would, be labeled a racist. Add in lines like "bernie will lose us the election" or "will Bernie voters vote for Hillary?", and there is a lot of malice that bubbles.

Look, many of us on the Bernie side will vote for Hillary if she wins, and when we say if, we say that making the primary process a joke is BAD FOR HILLARY as it will make her look like this was about as honest as the WWE. One way to damage that will be to do the toxic mix of brutal scorn and outright lying. What is funny is that you do not hear Hillary herself say Bernie is a liar, bigot or sexist, so why does DU get filled with them.

The ugly truth is, a lot of Hillary voters have scorn for people that do not believe as they do, even though many of them are the voters that kept Democrats at the White House. The worst way to help Hillary in November is to show malice and bad blood, because then the same people whose numbers you will need will go into the booth knowing that once Hillary make it, the first thing you will do is say "get rid of these people Hillary!" That is not good for the sort of warfare where many voters, especially in swing states, will have to fight GOP made voter barriers to cats their vote.

Do not assume the best thign you can do for Hillary is to just ignore problems she has, for the people that want you to ignore them are the same parasites, bankers and politico that were the death knell of the 2000 run.

is it possible to change the stars and bars

into something that does not praise slavery?


This is a Charleston based company that changed the Dixie Flag. I am of half mind on this, but I can at least see what they are trying to do.

To that say "it's heritage not hate"

Down here in Florida, where a bunch of people confirmed they will keep flying the largest "Stars and Bars" in the nation, I have heard every excuse for that flag.


Go ahead and say there were many things about the North that were unsavory, I will agree.

Go ahead and say that many in the sweatshops were worked to the bone, and that many New York bankers were as evil as the Southern Plantation Owners, you are right.

However, none of that will separate SLAVERY from the reasons that flag was flown, none.

You can make a soup with the cleanest water, best spices, best meats and veggies, but dump cyanide in the bowl, and you will not want to eat it. For all those virtues of the South that the Morris Berman's praise, for all the music, cooking , literature and charms, there is no way to separate the issue of SLAVERY to that of the Confederacy. When you salute that flag, you saulute the effort to own slaves, period.

So you great grandpa was too poor to own slaves, never thought of owning them, and fought because we has "invaded." First, he was invaded my the same United States that helped HIS grandpa steal the land from the Indians, Spanish and French. There would be no Dixie if soldiers from places like New York, Massachusetts and Vermont did not fight and die for the right of your ancestors to take your land, first from the Native Americans, then the English and French, then the Mexicans. Texas might very well be Northern Mexico, and Louisiana a Northern Haiti, if that Federal government that is railed against did not act. Let's go further though, let's say those men in the gray uniforms were just poor people in over their head, afraid that the North would use a noble cause to loot them dry, which, as any Iraqi can tell you, was not that much of a stretch.

Well,they did not have to empower the Confederacy to speak in their name, and they sure did not have to glorify the cause after the war, especially since all that was gained was the loss of life of many poor men and women who the rich hid behind. And their descendants damned well could have stopped Nathan Bedford Forrest in his tracks when he made the KKK, and they could have stopped Bob Jones when he helped revive the KKK. Let's be honest, the KKK, as much as you may denounce them, is really the Civil War begin fought by those that ignored Appomattox, so frankly, asking us to get over it is hard when blood is still red, wet and flowing.

Honor the fact that your ancestors died thinking that they had no choice, but do not dare give that flag the air of a "noble cause." It is, was, and will be about the right to turn people into chattel, and to use a think like skin color as the catalyst for that. I will not spit on your ancestor's graves, but do not DARE ask us to lay flowers.

Judge in Charleston case used the N word from the bench


scroll down to this gem :

8:30 p.m.

The county magistrate judge who oversaw a hearing for the white man accused of killing nine people at a black church was previously reprimanded for saying a racial slur from the bench.

Charleston Chief Magistrate James B. Gosnell Jr. prompted controversy at a bond hearing for Dylann Roof on Friday when he asked for sympathy for Roof's family as well as the victims.

In 2005, the South Carolina Supreme Court issued a public reprimand for misconduct to Gosnell. According to documents, in November 2003 Gosnell presided over a bond reduction hearing where he knew the defendant's father. Speaking to the black defendant, Gosnell told the man "there are four kinds of people in this world - black people, white people, red necks, and n-----."

In his defense, the judge said he was simply repeating a saying he had heard from a veteran sheriff's deputy who was black.

When coupled with a separate allegation that Gosnell had shown improper favoritism to another judge arrested for drunken driving, the justices voted to issue a public reprimand, specifically citing "his racial remark."

Is anyone surprised?

Why that flag is NOT just about "heritage"

The fact is, many people who love the idea of White domination have gained inspiration from that symbol, and continue to be influenced by it.

It is no accident that Mr. Ruff was wearing the symbols of Rhodesia and Apartheid-era South Africa. Both were influenced by the Southern idea of a white run empire.

Hitler used the example of the slaughter of Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans as an example to prove that yes, he could do the same to the Jews.

and from our own headlines:

That flag is not just being used to honor the genuinely different culture of the South, but has always been a celebration of White Christians idea that they have a god-given right to kill and enslave all others. It ain't about Grits, BBQ, Southern Literature and Music though it does TAINT them.

Charleston church shooting: Multiple fatalities in South Carolina, source says


Police said the suspect in the shooting is a clean-shaven white man in his 20s, with a slender build. He was wearing a gray sweatshirt, blue jeans and boots.

Soon afterward, news cameras showed officers taking a man matching that description into custody, but police said they were still looking for the shooter.

The department asked anyone with information to call 911 dispatchers

OK, consider this a statement to the usual cadre of people that keep telling brown and black people to keep calm and not make this about race, yadda yadda. This was a black Church that had a history of being targeted by racists. One of the people killed is a DEMOCRATIC politician. You can ask people not to jump to conclusions, but dammit, if this does turn out to be a hate crime, then people better not complain when people weary from Trayvon martin on start DEMANDING SCRUTINY at the very very very least followed by ACTION. And if the folks in the "gun" area starting talking about how it is perfectly proper for the shooter to have guns, and how we better not try to take guns from "independent voters" in an Election year, then do not be surprised at why many are tired of you.

the brutal fact is, if Trayvon was in the wrong neighborhood, or Michael Brown was suspected of shoplifiting or any of the others who have been so many that I literally cannot remember their names this year, they get death, with a bunch of people cheering them, some of whom claim to be democrats! Mark my words, if this fellow is yet another "lone wolf" or "mentally disturbed" gunman, we will see people on this board defend that man, just like they did Zimmerman! As for the excuses: first under the guise of "second amendment rights" with a nice hint of "you know minorities are the ones being aggressive."

To quote Bruno Mars: "DON"T believe me, JUST WATCH!"
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