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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
Number of posts: 7,730

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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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Sullivan, Huffington, and other Log cabin types

The GOP you aligned yourself with threw you off the boat, actually,they made you walk the plank, indeed, if these same people you used to protect ever got the poltical power they wanted, they would probably have you hung from a tree. Yet, when you came to our side, you helped many people (cough*Blue Dogs* Cough) kick us out of the Democratic base, and make it a home for the sort of Republicans you used to be.

Truth is, the days when people listened to you as if you had some sort of formula for connecting to the masses are fading fast, and when they do, people will see you were kicked out of your old home not ebcause you were moral, but because you were weak and worthless, as well as treacherous. Being that you are rich, you will find some other parasite to leech onto,perhaps that centrist third party idea that Huffington pushes, but you will merely be one step closer to the time when you will be cast adrift, with no one at your side.

Q-Poll FL: Crist-Scott is 39-37% race with Libertarian Wyllie at 9%


Ok, normally the idea of the GOP being behind is good news, so why am I pissed?

a) there is no way this race should be close. Rick Scott has been one of the worst Governors we have had, yes, he makes Crist look good by comparison, and I hated Crist.

b) the fact that a Libertarian is in can help split the gop, or it can be a spoiler.

c) This is not local news. We are the 4th largest state, soon to be the 3rd. Do you want Rick being Governor of Florida in 2016, especially as in 2012, he botched the vote count AGAIN.

Rubio suggests Clinton too old


"I just think she's a 20th century candidate," Rubio said in an NPR interview that aired Tuesday morning. I think she does not offer an agenda for moving America forward in the 21st century, at least not up till now."

Look, those who know me know I am not on the "Hillary 2016" train; but marco Rubio has just stated something that is bullshit on multiple levels. Not only is Rubio from the party of 19th century solutions, but the GOP put Ronny Ray Gun in the White House when he was seuffering from Alzhemier's.

Tony Dungy's comments on Michael Sam are disappointing … and hypocritical


You know, in Tampa, Tony was considered a very classy guy, a person who took the Bucs from zeros to heroes, and who made them act as gentlemen.

This ruins that, especially as I remember how many of our Good Old Boy bastards kept saying "No (you know what word) can Coach." Then he and the current tampa coach, his former apprentice Lovey Smith, found themselves in the Super Bowl.

For someone who as called the worst slurs, slurs that only come from a place that has the world's largest Confederate flag flying over 1-4, for him to slam the LGBT is an INSULT.

Curtis Reeves, suspect in movie theater shooting, released on bail


I know others have reported, but this is from the Hometown paper. What is not mentioned is that this idiot was not just a former swat member, he FOUNDED Tampa SWAT. He can and should be held to a higher standard, because he TRAINED people to assess that.

I do not mean to tar and feather all of a race, but this fellow is one of many in Tampa that are angry that they are not feted to. If he gets out, then those already emboldened by Zimmerman will feel that being old and of a certian complexion means you can blow away anyone who does not kiss ass.

On trolls.

I am not going to discuss those who are paid operatives. The GOP has been dressing wolves in sheep's clothing for many years, and that strategy has worked. The folks I discuss are the people who claim they are Democrats, but they seem to be angry that minorities and women and the lower classes are also making demands for respect.

This is not just about DU. Maureen Dowd recently showed dislike of Tim Howard, our star goalie, because he was a "biracial boy." You have James Carville saying Obama would be more popular "if he were on crack." And yes, you have people chiming in the the GOP saying those immigrants ruin jobs, and they chime in saying they are old FDR Democrats.

All I will say is this: I understand the world some people grew up in has changed. A lot of it was simply illusion dispelled, such as America always being right. A lot of the change is real; namely many who kept quiet long enough to keep the GOP scumbag out of the Oval office realize that we can be abondoned 15 seconds after the election, and that many on what is called the "center", or the "Reagan Democrats" will cheer because, let's face it, they hate the left only slightly less than they do the GOP. Yes, this does leap into both 2014 and 2016. In 2014, we are being asked to carry water for centrists again, and in 2016, well, there are those that keep shouting that Hillary, who has not even said she is running, is inevitable, even as she pushes further rightward.

All I can say is this: Yes, you are angry that your world is not what you thought it was. Many of you will read Maureen Dowd, and yearn for some time that , to quote Tariq Ali "thankfully never was." However, not that while you keep remind us that we need you to win elections, you also need us. Everytime you insult us, or cheer as some uppity woman or minority is cyber-lynched in social media, you make yourself weaker. And then, when the GOP no longer needs you to play the role of fence sitter or fifth columnist, you will be ground in the same sausage grinder that we are. There is the old ancedote of a Lutheran minister during ww2. First the nazis came for people few liked, then they came for people they merely disliked, and in the end, the good pastor wound up being come for, and dying with the people he allowed to be carted off, because, when the time came, no one was left to speak for him.

You will need us to speak for you someday. Heaven knows the Right wing, be they old GOP or Libertarian fresh coat of paint, will NOT.

For Brazil, Winning Trumps Aesthetics


"The 2014 World Cup, which happens to be playing out on Brazil’s own stage, has dispelled one of sports’ most entrenched (if somewhat mythical) beliefs: that Brazilian soccer is a showcase of tempo and timbre designed, above all else, to enthrall and entertain.

In truth, Brazil plays a rather ugly version of soccer these days, unapologetically pursuing that which every other team in the world chases: wins.

It is working, too. While o jogo bonito may be dead, few here are mourning — least of all the fans who will pack the Estádio Mineirão on Tuesday when Brazil faces Germany in the semifinals, two victories away from its record sixth World Cup title."

It is sad that just as we Americans begin to start liking Futbol, the folks that defined it seem to want to abandon what made it great, all for winning, which of course is the great American excuse for being ruthless and crude. Enjoy your Cup Brazil, just realize that you may have paid a very bad price, the same price many of your people felt when they got bulldozed out of their homes to hold this cup.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Tue Jul 8, 2014, 01:41 PM (8 replies)

The age of entitlement: how wealth breeds narcissism


"Call it the asshole effect. That is the term coined by US psychologist Paul Piff after he did some stunning new research into the effects of wealth and inequality on people’s attitudes.

As we ponder Joe Hockey’s budget and his division of the world into "leaners" and "lifters", as we learn from Oxfam that the richest 1% of Australians now own the same wealth as the bottom 60%, we would do well to consider the implications of Piff’s studies. He found that as people grow wealthier, they are more likely to feel entitled, to become meaner and be more likely to exploit others, even to cheat."
Posted by DonCoquixote | Mon Jul 7, 2014, 10:44 PM (5 replies)

The Dazzle and the Desolation of Stadiums in World Cup Host Cities


I have to say, this is sobering, especially as for Rio, there will probably be more of what Brazilians call "Pharaoh" level construction projects.

Because (warning offensive but true)

Because in the eyes of the right wing, a problem is not really a problem until someone they like dies of it. Remember how AIDS was God's judgement? Remember how little was done about crack until white kids starting doing it? If something kills people the Right wing dislikes, they see it as a desirable goal and benefit. A DESIRABLE GOAL.

However, once someone else exploits this that could be a rival to their power, then they care. Remember how at first the GOP all acted like they cared about NYC? How long did it take for Ann Coulter to make her comment about "the only thing they did wrong was not bomb the New York Times?"

This is about aboprtion, but it is also about an even bigger issue. America, thanks to the fact it was founded by a bunch of people who interpreted John Calvin as saying "poor people deserve to suffer", Americans LOVE to see pain and suffering inflicted upon people they feel are rivals. For all the talk of Jesus, this is really pure Darwin, mixed in with some Ayn Rand. That is why protests against the right wing have to take on a coercive nature. They have to know that the days of appealing to them to see us a human beings with rights is over, they need to know that we will go for their wallet.

Note I did not say throat, because as appealing as violence is, it will only play right into their martyr mentality. The God of Abraham, whther in his Jaizuzz Kreist costume, or his "Allu Akhbar" costume, makes religious codes that encourage death and suffering, with a shiny reward in heaven. We do not want to make it easier for them to put on that "martyred saint" costume, because it will shut their eyes, ears, and make them immune to reason.

Religion is about inflating and preserving the EGO, and the only way to cut these folks down is to cut that ego down to size, which means to impoverish and humiliate! That is why we need to start making the people who keep feeding the till box humilated for feedign the priests and preachers. That is why we need to make our own chairties and our own private schools to compete with the religions. Yes, I would rather there be no charter schools at all, but until then, we need to make environments where children do not need to learn to kiss Christian ass to get an education. We need to actively SUE churches, and yes, even bring out the RICO statutes that brought the Mafia down low. Unless the Churches are actively discouraging violence, they are encouraging it, and need to be held accountable!
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