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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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Of Vladimir and Debbie

OK, let's go ahead and say, for the purposes of argument, that indeed, Vlad is backing Trump. It is not at all hard to believe, considering the way that Trump refuses to publish his Tax returns, and that he has already offered many positions that Mr. Putin would prefer to Hillary's. Throw in the warm relationship Trump has with Russian banks, the similar styles on governing (as in let the thugs smash some heads, and the picture become clear. Throw in Wikileaks, where a suspected RAPIST named Julian Assange get rich and famous by tweaking Clinton and Obama, and the fact that someone whose admitted behavior is sexist (balking at using a condom, outraged that he could be prosecuted by the mere word of a woman) and you can easily imagine someone gladly publishing information from a dubious sorts to get his revenge and amusement.

Let us grant, for the sake of argument, ALL OF THAT, every nasty toxic bit. After all, these days are stranger than fiction, and often resemble the bad fiction that no publisher would dare to publish.

What does that change about DWS.


Now, let's totally leave aside the whole email thing with Hillary; that matter has been so abused and speculated about by all sides that no one can pull a pail out of that well without it being full of fecal matter. Even before James Comey did his whole "I could not get her, but she is guilty I tell ya" that matter was so stirred that it will take years to get any clear proof, which means you cannot "lock her up" after the chance to properly investigate matter has gone with the wind. Grant that. If anything else, would not that tell DWS and her associates that any email correspondence had to be kitchen clean?

The magazines just did a big damned story about the fact Hillary HAD an email server was a scandal, did DWS never think that her email would be looked at?, that the media would comb over everything that got fished up with a fine toothed comb? If you are going to talk about something that could make the news, do you have to do it with something as insecure as email? Hell, to bust La Cosa Nostra, the FBI had to bug several dozen places and get lucky with finding someone like Gotti that could not stop bragging. The DNC just published email like a bunch of Teenagers, and said things like the hot button issue of Sanders being a Jewish athiest. Debbie, you of all people should have slapped down someone who even thought of playing with that book of matches.

Of course, Debbie did not care. Just like when she got ridicule for trying to game the debates to hide Bernie. Even if that was NOT her intent, she should have responded to it. When she went and tried to support Bibi coming to congress as if he were the real president, she first supported, then backed off. Do not say the fact she backed off is the same as not knowing it was a bad thing to do in the first place. When she went to bat for payday lenders, she knew it was bad, she did it anyway. There has been no sense of even tact; look, let's say DWS wanted to be Machiavellian, well, even the Borgias knew you had to use tact, and that if you just charged through mistakes with not intention of correcting them or even offering half-hearted apologies, sooner or later you would be taken down.

Add to this that DWS knew, or should have known, that these actions would not stay uncovered. She could have gotten ahead of the emails by resigning beforehand. Add to this the fact that Debbie is still being given authority, instead of being told to "take a vacation" or at least lay low? One would think that after wrecking one Hillary campaign in 2008, and doing damage in 2016, Hillary would not feel obligated to stand by her.

But there is the damage. DWS can be fully aware of the danger, be it Putin, Assange, trump, or anyone else pouring blood in the water for the sharks. She can be fully aware that she has failed before, in 2008, and the mid terms. She can do all of this and STILL CHARGE FORWARD, because not only does she not think she did no wrong, but those in charge of keeping order in the party do not care.

Now, I am firmly aware that the Greenwalds and other weasels will try to exploit this. We know many of them have fantasies that trump will make things so awful that finally the lumpen proletariat will obey them, or that an ascendant Russia (where many of them get those nice RT paychecks) will make us obey them. None of that at all changes who we will vote against, and we know that failure to vote for the democratic candidate is saying "yes Donald, come into office, park that truck right over my front lawn." However, we are not going to kake ourselves immune from ratf**king if we let the mice run into our kitchen, taking a nice email dump of turds on your food, and expecting us to thank them for it.

Yes, DWS, and those with her, need to be made an example of. Hillary needs to tell people that the days of feasting on her damned tab are over. I say this as a supporter, someone who knows she needs to win this. We have a hard enough time with the people aiming at us from the front, we cannot prop DWS and hope she did not have yet one more scandal to be popped at a crucial time.

PS : references about Julian, another person who got lucky with the internet and has a messiah complex. He is NO hero here.


As much as Trump scares me

There is one person we need to fear more than trump,

Whoever the powers that be pick to be his "advisor." There are kings on throne, and Viziers behind the thrones.

it is one thing to dislike "first amendment zones"

It is another to not want the convention to be a carnival of sorrows like the GOP has been, where even Ted Cruz has to duck the crowds, and people outright call for violence.

Let me put it to you another, if violence breaks out, and someone gets sent to the hospital or morgue, will you pintificate about how this is a good thing? I hope you are not given the opportunity to answer that.

way to win people

language like "teenage" does not help one's cause.

And I do notice that when you speak of Tom and Tim's qualifications, you are silent about the others, not even a half-hearted "well of course Becerra or Perez would be a good pick too." As if they are not qualified.

But here is where the problem comes in, yes, it is easy to talk as if one is being logical, but those "giddy, blushy, flushy, tingly, and happy dancy" emotions are often the very things that get people out to poll, especially in those purple states that are controlled by GOP political machines, ones that have had plenty of experience making voting very difficult for democrats, and in the case of Florida, experience in outright stealing votes. Many people had to already compromise by putting away Sanders, but picking some to the right is just one more bit of sand kicked in by a faction, note I say a faction, of Clinton voters that has no shortage of "giddy, dancy, etc" emotions when they talk of Hillary's ascent. As to others, consider that part of the reason Hillary won is that she promised minority voters that she would continue the momentum generated by Obama, to actually empower minorities and put them in positions of power. Yes, call it the race card if you want, but picking another white conservative male will say, very loud and clear, that she is not interested in continuing the progress Obama made, which will be a blatant betrayal of those that gave her the win.

That is not teenage mentality, that is remembering what Hillary used to get to her position, and the fact that she needs to keep delivering it if we are going to win this election. No, we do NOT need a repeat of Joe Lieberman in 2000 that did lots of damage. Most teenagers were not around then, but I, not a teenager, remember how a lousy choice opened so many wounds that flies like Nader and Limbaugh were able to lay their eggs in. as we watched the election get eaten by maggots.

to all those poor souls watching the GOP

So that DU can know what is happening without enduring the sheer torture, I salute you. Du owes you a purple heart. Hopefully, this shitfest can someday join "triumph of the will" and "birth of a nation" as films we preserve solely to remind people that STUPIDITY never sleeps.

"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Francisco Goya.

why the low polls in Florida (hint: D-W-S)

Part of the reason there are lower polls in Florida is that the GOP has a built in advantage and support structure. Several forces coagulate in the state, forming a barrier

A) Old Dixie types that remember when Florida was half the size, making them big fish in a little pond
B) Northern Yuppie types who love Florida because it lets them get away with crap more civilized states would not allow
C) Angry transplants who blame the Democrats for the decline of their hometowns

Now, as the last two elections show, this CAN be beaten, especially as this state is filled with

A) Left leaning latinos who know perfectly well that trump is out for their necks
B) Right leaning latinos who are still mad Trump moved over Marco and Jeb.

But, the GOP in Florida have an ever reliable ally, the one that helps pick weak sauce former GOP as democrats, who fold quicker than cheap chairs even when the election a razor thin and full of corrupted results. One who protects her "Friends" in the South Florida GOP, even if and especially if it means stepping over leftists to do it. One who is possibly running for Governor in that state next year, who knows she will need her "friends" to beat the GOP boy Adam Putnam, one of the few GOP in Florida who does not reek of sleaze (for which he is mocked by his party.)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz; The architect of two failed gubernatorial campaigns, several botched congressional runs, and many other elections. She will NOT risk alienating her friends, especially now that Jeb is out of the way, meanign she does nto have to keep hitting the easy target to prove she is a democrat.

Why Hillary should not pick Tim Kaine:

Disclaimer: I do think that Tim Kaine can be competent. He is a better pick than many I thought Hillary might have chosen; he is certainly to the left of many "blue dogs." However, I do not think he is the best choice, because he would not be able to play to the strengths of the Hillary campaign as well as others.

It is easy to say elections should be about deciding who would be the bureaucrat that would best be able to sign from a and implement procedure B, we know this is not the case, and so does Hillary. If Hillary had been born Harry, he/she would not doubt be a credible, competent policy maker, regardless of chromosome XX or XY. However she knew that because she was a woman, that the idea of "breaking the glass ceiling" was every bit as important to the dialogue as her trade policy. That was reinforced when the desperate GOP brought in Palin, who made that same "glass ceiling" quote, less than 5 minutes after the camera introduced her. Yes, elections are about policy, but they are also a means to define the character of the nation. I understand that turns many off who would want to think this is about widget a and paragraph b, but if nothing else, the disaster that is happening to the British now is a warning about what happens when Technocrats think they do not have to make a connection to the hearts as well as the heads of people.

The fact that Trump is all Heart and no head does not make him weaker. Hillary knows that she will NOT be able to beat Trump by showing he is an idiot; that is why idiots like him. She will not do it by showing he is a bigot, that is why bigots like him. That is why he mowed even seasoned warriors like Jeb Bush down. If we are going to win, we need our own narrative, our own appeal to the heart. Yes, Hillary packs a lot of that, but she does not need to water it down, but ignite it, because that is what will get people out to the polls. That is what will make people in the swing states deal with their GOP governments attempt to challenge votes, or deal with harassment by GOP supporters, many of whom brag about how they can be armed. In my Florida, I can tell you the wolves are in full howl mode allover talk radio and those mega churches.

So, why not Tim Kaine, because the main fight against trump is that he represents those who want to ROLL THINGS BACK to when ANGLOSAXON MALES ran the show. The narrative they are preparing is to make the whole Obama Clinton era some fluke, some illegitimate things easily buried by force and their media. We need to be able to say that a Hillary Election is a once in a lifetime chance to kill that narrative, to make sure that if even, heaven forbid, another "lone wolf gunman" tries to send Hillary to meet JFK (and don't think that certain forces do not already have the champagne chilled for that) even if they do, the person who will take charge will be another person that does not look like the others.

and it is not like we do not have a bunch of excellent choices:
Tom Perez, Hispanic, sec of labor
Liz Warren, yet another glass ceiling breaker
Xavier Becerra,
Sherrod Brown (aka the one hope we have of winning Ohio)
as well as many others, from kathleen sibelius on.

If you want people to crawl through the barbed wire that the GOP will put up, they will need fire. Tim kaine cannot light that.

I agree, with one caveat

I understand that some horse trading and pissing off of your friends may indeed need to be done, but, when the "pragmatic" types come to the table, they need to acknowledge that the rich have in effect damaged the "horse trading" mechanism they used to rely on. It used to be that even a die hard conservative realized that he or she was accountable to people that were watching them and expecting RESULTS, which meant they realized they had to give a little something, a few slices of bread. Come election time, they could tell the voters "Would you rather I lost the whole loaf?" Even the ideological realize a half loaf beats starving. What used to define America is that, however ideologically heated we were, we realized there were bills to be paid, and that we did not want to emulate the political crusades of Europe where we got high off the conflict, but ended up hungry.

However, especially after Citizens United, you have a breed of congressperson who knows they really do not have to achieve anything as long as their backers keep shoveling out the money, buying the commercials, and making sure the right pundits and megachurch clergy keep banging the drums. Look at Ted Cruz. In a saner age, someone who even THOUGHT of having America default would have been ruined. Here, he came very close to winning the nomination, outlasting the aristocrats like Jeb Bush, only to be beaten out by someone who does not even PRETEND to DISLIKE the idea of defaulting, who advocates it as something that is a secret of his success. It is not that Trump is merely and example of all this is wrong with the GOP, it is that those who want to emulate him know that there are a bunch of robber barons willing to pay them to imitate Trump. It says a lot that in just four years, Mitt Romney has gone from being Obama's main opponent to someone that, in his own right, could get a respectable amount of hate on Fox News.

All I am saying is this, yes I know our Democrats need to make sausage, and to quote Bismarck, making those sausages is not pretty. However, in light of the fact that some of those GOP "co workers" at the sausage factory are begin hired to sabotage the process, I would expect them to start from a higher position towards the left, so that by the time the process is done, we end up somewhere like a 4 to 6 out of ten, ten being leftism as defined by FDR. As is, we start the negotiation already saying "I know we wont get anything more than a three, and by the time the GOP applies its saboteurs, we end up at -1.

what we need to make brexit about

It is no accident that Brexit was done by a lot of angry white voters who felt shafted. It is not an accident that just liker in America, the cities voted left, the suburbs voted right.

WE know Britain is going to suffer, we need to tie home the fact that brexit and trump voters are the same, and that when you do not make a bunch of loudmouth bigots SHUT THE HELL UP, they wreck the nation.

pro Brexit UK, Trump Supporters, Putin, China, Isis, and the return of old demons

We can all wave fingers at something they do and say "that's awful" and indeed, it often is, despite the fact that many can easily pull up something we do and say "that's awful, and indeed, it is."

However, the overall thread that binds these phenomena together is the fact that once, for all of it's faults, the idea of Democratic values, the idea that one person was a citizen and had rights and responsibilities as a citizen, was considered a desired ideal. Now, in all these groups I have mentioned there is an obvious link, and a not so obvious link.

The link is that these people have lost faith in democracy and the state as a means of curing ills and providing stability. Yes Putin and Beijing can wave every communist flag they want, but they do have bought into the fact that the strongest people should exploit the weaker people, and that if the lower classes know what is good for them, they will either be shut up or be shutup. Isis revive atrocities that should have been lond dead, and yet they attract more followers every day. Of Trump, little need be said, save that he is also reviving old old things that most Americans thought were left behind in the 20th century. Of Brexit, it says a lot that London voted against it, but that it's support are from "middle england" aka conservative England.

And these is the NOT so obvious link. The very people who democracy and liberalism was founded on reject it. The very people who were the "populists" are the very people championing the rich men who do not even pretend to put away the handcuffs and clubs, but instead promise more of it. The common people, so bereft of strength, see the fact that this person is a THUG as an asset, i.e. someone who will beat up other thugs, even if he is certain to beat up locals too.

It is easy to say "dammit those egghead liberal technocrat wonks screwed up again by not making the message clear." and yes, that it true, but the real horror is that the so called "common man" the person upon whom the idea of free,liberal governments were made, has shown themselves as corrupt, and therefor, willing to promote corruption. This means that the demogouges are on the rise.
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