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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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You make some point, but I have some rebuttals

NO, I do not think this scandal is a big as the desperate GOP would make it, however, if we attempt to evade obvious facts, we will look like we are hiding, and of course, the attempts to deny something often wind up worse than the actual offense (something Hillary should have learned after helping Bill recover from HIS mistakes.)

If she wanted a private server, it was dumb to put it in her house. She could have personally requested the best minds in Silicon Valley to make a "personal server" that was literally the cutting edge, something outright ridiculous, a veritable "moon shot" of security. Yes, the GOP would have howled, but what could they have said? "Oh, hey GOP, do you WANT the Chinese or Iranians to troll Hillary's email?" She would have been sympathetic, indeed, the whole thing could have been a publicity stunt to "raise awareness" of cyber attacks, the sort of public service message that every politician has been cutting for 20 years.

You think Microsoft and others would not have pulled out all the stops so that they could film that coveted super bowl commercial "When Hillary wanted her email safe, she came to us." They could have made a server that was an Iron Tower of Doom, something to scare off every hacker from Johnny in his basement to Al-Qaida and Isis.

But no, she played it private, and tried keeping it hidden in her basement like something out of a bad horror novel. Someone who has been fighting the GOP for years should know better to to give them ammo. No I do not think what she did was illegal, especially as the laws on Cyberspace are so murky that even the record companies can't stop their records from being downloaded, and toothless enough that the hackers outside of North America frankly do not have to give a damn. However, it was foolish, which is bad for someone whose main selling point is experience and wisdom.

and before people start howling the mind numbing chants of "YoujusthateHillary" let me say I know as of now I need her to win, because until such time as this nation rewrites it's laws, either slot a or slot B wins. However, Hillary has an entourage of people whose whole purpose is to pull her this way and that, feed her whatever she needs to keep the show going, and who know that if Hillary the Rock Star falls, they will have their fat paychecks anyway. Giving someone everything they want and none of what they need is a surefire recipe for tragedy, and if Hill's entourage manage to crash her again, we know they will just be hired for the Debbie Wasserman Schultz campaign in 2020..

All of us will need each other, like it or not.

This is not about the primaries, this is about what happens afterword. Granted, during the primaries, both Hillary and Bernie people acted like they would not need the other, that somehow they tapped into enough of some groundswell/"what people really want" that they could win this without the people they were kind of unhappily married to, the people that made the big tent more of a shoving match.

Well, let me tell you equally, the Hillary person talking like they can unload the left, the Sanders person talking like they can unload the right, once the convention is done, it is not a matter of can we unify, but that we have NO choice. Yes, it looks like the GOP are a mess, but remember, they are banal, they can build a house on sheer hate, because that has been what their actual product was. Trump is just more honest about what he is selling. Once the conventions are done, everyone, from the media, to the super pacs, to the churches, to the crooked cops, will all UNITE, and fight the fight on all fronts. Will they spend gazillions, yes? Will they do their best to make sure everybody not a white male republican has a hard time voting and a harder time getting their votes counted? You know the answer. Will the Media act like the hucksters they are to make sure Trump looks good...you know the answer.

So, those of you who in the rpimaries acted like the firts thing you would do is get rid of the other ha;lf, sorry, and even if you dislike Hillary, we still need her to get trump out. Now, that there will be PRESSURE mounted on her to counteract PRESSURE being put, yes, Obama had no Honeymoon, and neither will Hillary. But let's get to the point where that pressure can be applied, aka, past Jan 20 2017.

what is progressive about wanting a no fly zone in Syria?

Not, this is not just an election issue, as many before 2016 were saying that we need to "help the rebels." I will say ths Hillary who did say "Assad must go."

But more important than that, what is worth risking that direct hot war with Russia?

“We have the ability to absorb and be unified with people on the far left and center right

sorry Debbie, that trick never had much pull, and it has less and less now that billionaires do not even have to show their faces behind the PACS. It is one thing to say you are a "big tent" party, but when certain people in the tent kicksout many who helped build it with our labor, votes and donations, what good is the size of the tent. The people hiding behind big money donations do NOT want a big tent to allow more people in, the Pete Petersons, The Lynn Rothschilds, the Erskine Bowles, the Rahm Emmanuels, and oh yes, you Debbie, whose outright support of Florida Republicans would get you a Pizza on DU have made it very clear that the big tent is so that the donors can fit their egos in, and that your goal is to shove us into a corner where we could be ignored and smothered (when our Social Security is cut off.)

It is one thing to have that big tent, but not when you are willing to throw out longtime residents so you can stuff it with a rich former GOP who is only trying to seek shelter from the flood they unleashed. Never mind the fact that these people you keep calling friends, the ones you reach across the aisle to work with, are merely waiting to grab you so that they can hang you from the same tree as those you back stabbed, because they really hate you just as much as they hate us.

Jeb Bush endorses Ted Cruz, calls on Republicans to 'overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity' of Tru



For Jeb Bush to sink so low as to endorse Ted Cruz, the man his own family hated for years, just shows how totally unfit he was to be governor, much less President. I would like to think that Jeb's fall will bury the Bush legacy, but I know better.

what it is

The millennials throughout the world have seen that the older generations will sell them down the river in a heartbeat, especially in an economy that was propped up to give many Boomers the world with extra sauce, and the Millennials who know they are already paying that bill. It sure does not help that even the outlets for "young people" have run dry; even rock and roll is not seen as all that revolutionary anymore, and if any hints of it do get loud (like the bile that was tossed Beyonce's way) sure enough, there are the inevitable people crooning about why we cannot have the Grateful Dead and the Beatles, despite the fact they NEVER left.

I seriously wonder what the 80 year olds think as their 60 year old children assume the leadership role. Do they laugh as the 60 year olds bellow for that autocratic respect that hey never gave their elders? Do they laugh when these 60 year olds put deadhead stickers on their SUVs, or pay 300 dollars for prime seats to see the Rolling Stones? Do they chuckle when they see punk rockers get lauded as poet laureates, to say nothing of the various British artists now called "Sir?" Do they think that if they gave the Boomers the same raw deal economy, and the same warfare that makes Vietnam look like a skirmish, that their children would have killed them< Nah, they were too busy getting high and having sex in the van. Hell, many of them still are, except they can afford the doctor to prescribe their "medicine" and know that they are not going to end up like so many young kids, especially PoC, in the jails.

You cannot compromise every level of culture, from rock and roll to the internet to politics, turn it into a machine to ensure that the world only cares about the upper middle class and up, and then wonder why the kids are NOT all-right. No, they are not "ready for a despot", which was the articles call out to the Boomers to say "yup, I got your rationalization for taking control from dem dumb kids right here, fresh and hot!" The input for these kids is not wanted, save as an unpaid intern to get coffee, do the real work, and in many cases, give some white older male (who still thinks he is cool) an chance to pressure someone into sex. This is done because they know even the kids who go to college have debt, and of course, instead of wondering why colleges get away with bleeding them dry, they do a rant about how poor they were in school, never mind that Grandpa and Grandma used their saving from the war to help send them to school, saving the Boomers never even bothered to do.

Now, am i saying this about ALL Boomers, know. Indeed, i have had the honor of knowing many Boomers who are as exasperated at all this as I am, perhaps even more so than I can be. I can read DU, and hear many Boomers who are not just disappointed, they are F***ing Pissed, and they skewer the usual suspects with much more venom than I do. I will also warn the xers yers and others who are doing well, the ones that managed to get that high tech job in that gentrified neighborhood, YOU ARE ON THE MENU. There is a reason why the elite are actually investing in projects like floating boat nations that have no flag, if they can run their lives from some modern olympus, while the bare minimum of people alive, those who can be given the bare minimum to live, and then can have their carcass sold for maximum profit, they will. It will get real fun when people realize that even Capitalism has no loyalty to the West, that the elite is made of people who can be born on any continent, from any creed, who simply only have allegiance to the global culture that worships them.

You are on the Menu

I see much discussion of economics. There are many here who are glib, saying "this is the greatest prosperity in the history of the world, my statistics say so." Theses folks are very glib, blaming the working class for just not being clever as they are, and praising those far east workers for allowing themselves to be worked for pennies (never mind the execution van parked outside.) Some even have the nerve to say "it is a transfer of wealth from whites to non whites" as IF any wealth has ever trickled down to non whites, and as if the rich have any plans to allow that trickle down, especially as that wealth would mean that non whites would actually have the power that would make the elite listen to them. Yes Civil rights is it's own concern, but in America, where money equals virtue, the lack of wealth means you will lose.

All I can say to the very glib defenders of neo-liberalism is, you are on the menu. Do you think the Billionaires will not feast upon the millionaires, and that the millionaires will not eat the so called "upper middle class" many of whom are just one downsize away from disaster? The very people that shake your hand and ask for your support will be the same people who go into that back room, light a cigar, and discuss how to liquidate you. Go ahead and cheer your heroes that say our economic system is never to be questioned or curtailed, and you will soon learn what a lot of techies learned when they were run over by imported employees. To the lawyers, the doctors, the other professionals proudly living in the overpriced condos that used to be the apartments of working class people gentrified out, all I can say is, by the time they come for you, you will be able to do nothing but scream for help, but all the people that would listen were the same people you allowed to be shoveled into the furnace so that you could get that nice shiny toy.

I do not want to grave dance, but

It is hard for me to mourn people who worked very hard to enslave or kill people like me. I will grant that Nancy Reagan may have been misguided, but the fact is she did a LOT of harm. Granted, not as much harm as Scalia did, but she was still on the side of the badguys (barring any new revelation.)

I have to confess, there are a bunch of "funerals" that will happen as the last of the Boomers and WW@ generation grow old. Some of them, like David Bowie, will reduce me to tears, because they were doing good things with their literal last breath. There are some, and Scalia and Nancy were them, who frankly I have NO pity for.

Yes, I will vote for Hillary, however

She had best be thankful that the only choice is between her and Trump. I have no illusions about how Trump would not be a disaster; he has every potential to be what W. almost was, the nail in our coffin. I firmly believe that he will summon every demon in our national soul, from racism to greed to fear, and amplify it like the Marshall stacks at a Ted Nugent concert.

However, while I realize not all Clinton folks are giggling like a bunch of high school kids that just found another way to humiliate the nerds, there is a warning that sooner or later, those folks need to heed. If nothing else, Trump has proven that the demons in a party's soul sooner or later will hatch in the host, and crawl out of the skin like maggots. Of course, we laugh when the talking heads on Fox news ask "why did our Party go nuts?" Of course we can laugh when they trot out Mitt Romney to do damage control. Here is Mitt, someone who actually dares attack Trump because he inherited money.

But amidst the laughter, there is the fact that we too, are running on flat tires. Yes yes, the GOP will find ways to go right, which gives the Debbie Wasserman Schultz types the chance to push this party so far right even Carter would not fit in. Yes, the management style of DWS, laden with fateful decisions like supporting Charlie Crist over Kendrick Meek (which gave us Marco Rubio), or the fact that not having those debates allowed the news channels to fill time with all those old image of Hillary, and shining up Trump till he became the ratings bonanza they knew he would be. We are ripe for a demagogue. And before some of the more malicious among you scream "BERNIE" at the top of your lungs, no, I mean if Hillary limps in, or even botches this, how long till we get some billionaire or would be pawn of them who does to our party what Trump is doing to his.

Do not laugh, there are several people that can fund that, and not just Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, or George Soros. The beauty is, these folks would not have to make themselves the target trump is. What what result is a party gutted of anything, which suits those that hid in the contagion and rot of a corpse just fine (and yeah DWS, I do mean you).
Posted by DonCoquixote | Sat Mar 5, 2016, 06:33 AM (1 replies)

Who are the rising Democratic stars

This is not a primary question, as the 2016 elections have their players set up. What I am talking about is something a bit deeper: who are the next generation of Democratic stars ready for the national spotlight? If the next Democratic president wants to accomplish anything, we will need to take back Congress, which implies a fair amount of newer people. I am concerned because I do not see a lot of discussion for the next generation, which could cut off whatever momentum the next president would have.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Tue Mar 1, 2016, 08:34 AM (7 replies)
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