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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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why Trump loves Brexit (talk me down)

there have been several articles printed here about the "Cal exit" which of course turned out to be run by an anti-gay activist living in Russia. There is also been talk of a Texas exit; yes I know that gets bantered about when Rick Perry normally needs a cheap boost, Rick Perry as in the person who as head of our Department of Energy knows where our nukes are. What am I getting at you ask?

Okay I'll be blunt. I am wondering if part of the overall plan with the GOP is to go ahead and either allow states to exit or outright encourage them. Now, we know why the Russians would like it; they see us as to blame for not merely helping push the Soviet Union into history, but also dividing areas that they considered as much part of Russia as Moscow. Now, the part of jersey I grew up in had a lot of people from what would now be considered independent states; the Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia. These were all places that if you grew up as a Soviet you consider them part of your country. Of course, let's not forget various countries ending in Stan, which frankly have much more kinship to Iran then to Russia. It also helps that to be fair the US did meddle in places that Mikael Gorbachev believed he had an agreement would be left off limits.

However, while we could talk about why the Russians with like to see a less United States, let's go ahead and focus on why there are many Americans would also like to see that. Is not just simply a matter of cultural differences; absolutely no nation on the planet, from China to France to India is a homogenous culture. Every nation has several cultures within it, cultures which live in various states of agreement between themselves and whatever capital city runs whatever nation state. However, in the age of multinational corporations, some of whom are actually big enough to become actual rivals to the idea of state power, small nations are desirable. Small nations can only provide so much of a unified front against them. It is exactly the same reason why in this country the Republicans focus so much on "states rights", unless of course involves medical marijuana, or doing a vote recount. It is very easy for multinational corporation to go into a state, even a large state, even one as big as a European country, and make sure all politicians are either bought off or eliminated.

Now while I would like to think the California might be able to pursue some paths that, frankly the rest of the country should've done, I also see a lot of potential danger, especially since it houses Silicon Valley. This is not to downgrade the sincere liberal efforts of many Californians, but you also know that there are certain right-wing enclaves, the Orange counties, the Silicon Valley's even loggers in the area called Jefferson that would gladly act with multinational corporations to force our right wing change in the culture. As far as Texas goes, I have a serious warm place in my heart for Texan liberals, and I see this as a Florida liberal who can sing a version of "red state liberal blues" that would only vary from yours by and maybe a few notes, especially as Florida is slowly but surely being turned into Texas, thanks to two straight Republican governors that came from that state. However, let's be honest, if Texas no longer had to worry about Washington, the oil barons and the Cowboys would ally to make sure that Texas was the wildest corporate bordello in the West.

I know that there are other places that have talked about the idea of secession, the Pacific Northwest for example, and while I can certainly sympathize for not wanting to go ahead and get drag along every four years because the Republicans have turned the electoral college into a a means of stealing elections that they could not win, I also have to ask, what multinational corporation is going to take advantage of it. The one thing our enemies in the GOP, and the worldwide oligarchy have, is unity. Despite the fact that they do generally hate each other, and that they are always looking to backstab each other, whenever it comes to the need for cooperative action, they will walk in lock step. Rick Perry is again a perfect example as someone who generally hated Trump but is willing to serve him.

There is also one factor that I not seen a lot of talk about, and this would especially be in regards to the Pacific. How is Russia going to attempt to use this against China? Now I know this seems a little out there hear me out as much is Russia is used to having America as traditional enemy, Putin is not stupid, and he knows that if 1.3 billion Chinese decide that they want to go ahead and take his oil and other natural resources that really would be a lot he could do to stop them. We at least are protected by our oceans, the Chinese word have to do one of the greatest naval buildups and operations if they were going to seriously tried to attack the Pacific side of America. It's not like they could not do a lot of damage especially in the age of the ICBM, but unless they were willing to go nuclear wake they know that ICBMs only do so much and that even a very high population like what they have would not be able to survive a full nuclear exchange. Russia however is different, because for all the Russian glory, a nation of 150 million people versus a nation of 1.3 billion people is only going to be able to put up so much of a fight. So, suppose Russia who stayed owns a lot of multinational corporations can somehow find a means of containing the Chinese in the Pacific. No I'm not talking about getting a warm hello ha in a newly free Republic of Hawaii, were peoples Republic of Northern California, although that would be a very nice end goal. I'm talking about choking the Chinese off trade.

Let's face facts, as much is the Chinese may have genuine reason to distrust and dislike us, they know that their rise to being the new superpower was built on one thing, people buying their stuff. Now, since Europe is now filled with a bunch of xenophobic, closed off nations, I do not even want to trade with each other that much, much less China a silent story is the fact that Russia, through his influence in Europe, can show off the market from the Chinese, or at the very least keep a tight leash on it. After all if Marine Le Pen wins France, it will be because the French don't even want to trade with the English that much, or the Germans, much less the Chinese. That already has probably hit the bottom line of many companies that are watched over, and linked to Beijing. If he can go ahead and do the same thing to America, especially California but also even Texas he can go ahead and attack the very entities like Walmart that the Chinese need to keep their factories running.

I can hear some people laughing in the back, in a figurative sense. Let me ask you this: why, barely a week into his "office" as president elect, where the Taiwanese allowed to call Trump? Note that he very easily could have gone ahead and said "I'm sorry, I'm just preparing for my office." After all, it's not January 20, and Obama has not disappeared into any puff of smoke. Well, what did Mr. Trump do? The very first thing that came out of his lips was that the one China policy, one of the policies that actually kept peace in the region, might not survive him. He also said that he does not believe that China should keep its islands in the South China Sea. And who did he appoint for Secretary of State?, T Rex ties to Moscow are very well documented, but let's not forget one item that was not reported very much of the news, even though it damn well should have been: he wants to blockade of the South China Sea as a means of reducing Chinese influence! You do realize that is what wars are started over, right? And you do realize that nothing would improve the fortunes of Russia fantasy China and the US bogged down in a war, be it a trade war (which could still leave millions of people starving to death the process" or an actual bang bang war, especially as the Chinese would become very dependent on Russian oil all of a sudden. It does not hurt that Ira, for China gets most of its oil from today, is a Russian ally. Tehran would have had every reason to backstab the Chinese if the Russians made a sweet enough deal, especially as for all this talk about how the Republicans are so mad at Obama's Iran deal, just like Medicare, just like Obama care, they would be very happy to take something, give it a fresh coat of red paint, and say it was their idea all along, especially if it could be sweetened with good old cash, and the promise of new jobs.

So what was the point of this essay so to speak? What worries me is that I do not think that the corporations, or the Russians have to be very successful in promoting secession efforts, even if all 50 states were to remain intact, they could undermine the structure enough to do mischief and gaining influence. Do remember that termites don't go ahead and chop down trees like lumberjacks, they know of them from within, so that even something that looks sturdy and eternal can be so internally nod the strong wind knocks it down. What's worse, thanks in part to the right, but also to the self-appointed "far left", there are people really are getting sweet to the idea of actually getting rid of the union. These folks remind me of the Trump voters who by summer time, by the Fourth of July will be howling at the moon because their Medicare and Social Security, which have been the few things keeping them from going to the poorhouse or the streets, are under attack. It might be tempting to go ahead and make your own country that will reflect your own culture, even though like any nation, it will promote one culture's dominant, ever rest as subcultures. For further information on that ask many minorities, be they black, Native American, Hispanic why it's so hard to get a house in the Pacific Northwest or in California; they know that regardless of flag things will not change, rather the same people who get the advantage, which they refused to call privilege, will keep the good stuff. But even worse, a lot of people in these areas do not realize that that was not for federal regulation, and the real threat the feds could come in smack around those state governments, a lot of the people that call them friends will be the first to either drag you off you down. Why else is the Trump presidency been marked by an increase not only race of related violence, but the actual organization of the sort of people we used to call heat groups, but now should treat them like the militia that they have been ever since Nathan Bedford Forrest continue to wage the Civil War, generally be Dan!

I am not saying that there is not a hell of a lot more for allowing cultures to be cultures. If anything the one thing multinational corporations of done is spread McDonald's, Starbucks, Walmart to the point where a lot of native culture has been shipped out. It used to be that a hot dog in Texas was different from the New York hotdog, was different from the Chicago dog etc. There is nothing wrong with wanting out sort of culture back again however we are only as strong as we are united when accounts, and in age were multinational corporations, and states that use multinational corporations to mask their own corruption, we had better be able to mount a true United resistance. A bunch of chieftains all trying to carry on their own agenda bickering as the enemies have already conquered the beachhead is a recipe for slavery, and other things that make death look like sweet relief.

Why Chucky Todd feels no shame

This was inspired by someone on another thread asking why Todd ca shamelessly say things that are not even remotely true. People asked me to make this an op.

Why does Chucky Todd feel no shame? The same reason someone like him who got his cushy job but then had to go back to school and get a college degree can always dare to question people: he is a straight white right wing male. That is all the excuse these people need,, and all the justification they think they need to provide, as shown whenever Chucky or Tucker Carlson look at the camera and give that goofy smile, the one that says "you were just here for my amusement and exploitation, I do not have to care what you think!"

We really may have to realize that our enemy really has no sense of outrage or shame. This is not like when Gandhi was able to urge millions of people to nonviolently resist because the British eventually were ashamed at the animals that they had become! This is a new era, the right has successfully numbed the conscience of people to wear its enforcers either think they are just taking their rightful share of sadistic amusement, like Chucky, Carlson, and Coulter, or worse yet they actually think they are being moral, like Ryan or Mike pence or Ted Cruz. The latter type is the read a little scary part, because these folks have not managed to separate their cancerous moral center from an authentic one. It is no accident that these three are religious, because the religions that they espouse are meant to take over the part of a human being that has a conscience and replace it with programming that will keep the rich man safe and wealthy.

In short folks, we better not rely on "have you no shame?" Frankly the right wing has inoculated its people against shame, either by making them think that they have an entitlement to have no shame, or to think that the very things that are shameful are precisely what is moral. yes it is a mess, but the good news is these folks are greedy.. Right now, any political activity, any resistance to the right that does not include hitting them directly in the pocketbook is just political theater. Their only power is for a wallet, and if that means that yes we need to give up Rachel Maddow along with the rest of the NBC goons and if that means we need to stop buying whatever they sell on their commercials, so be it. Anything else will just serve as amusement while they do verse stupid laugh and think your pain is the rightful validation of their vanity and appetite.

PS: to anyone who says I am demonizing all straight white males, no. Nor do I exonerate the "minority" folks like Yannoplois or Diaz balart who seen to enjoy being the tokens that let people say "see, I have (insert minority) friends. But on the right wing, there is the rise of the crass arrogance that people will show because they think they are the default setting for power, and that anyone else, especially those qualified, is meant to be knocked aside to show their greatness, or simply for them to be amused at.

ooh hell yes

go ahead and stack up the fact that many in the heartland, especially those three stupid states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania felt all that genuine pain from all those economic changes. Add in the fact that yes I do wish that the states were not counted as a blue wall of safety as they obviously were not. Stack all that up, until you build something that makes the Great Wall of China look like a joke. The ugly fact is people knew who Trump was. This was no Jeb Bush, or Scott Walker, or John Kasich that was not used to a national spotlight, who did not have tons of books already written about him, who did not actually make a living on television just by proving what an arrogant vicious creep he was. I could go into the deepest hinterland of the heartland, somewhere where a convenience store was the main place to get groceries, and say "you're fired!", and people would immediately know who I was talking about.

If someone commits suicide because they are depressed and in pain, that is not considered noble, normal, desirable. Voting for Trump was a suicidal act, because this guy had already talked about throwing around nukes in his campaign. Suicide is usually done because the person who does it is trying to kill off the person that they would otherwise become. To be more specific, it is because in order to become that person they would have to give up their ego. There is nothing in the Trump campaign that is anything but frustrated ego. Yes clothe that ego in a bunch of blue jeans made in China, to the music of a bunch of modern country artist who are not worthy to carry Willie Nelson's guitar strings, whose Who sounded is about as authentic a sign of middle American culture as some supermarket generic instant grits is of Southern cuisine. Go ahead do all of that, but you know you voted not only for someone who spat on your Christian values, who profited from the celebrity culture you hate so much, and who was literally born in the world of New York finance as shown by the the people he has picked for the nation's cabinet, laced with more Goldman Sachs executives and downsizing robber barons.

You know that you have nothing to offer for an explanation than spite. Just like the person you love so much you threw a temper tantrum because you felt you have to be listen to above all else. Well let me tell you Washington, Moscow, and Beijing are back to go ahead and tell little Donald that they are not going to change his diapers, and they can care less about his tweets. If, no not if when all this turns on you, know this, if I extend a hand to help you you will only be for my own self-interest and not 1/2 inch more, because frankly you owe me and my country for stabbing them in the back. If anything remains in America after this is done, it will not be because of all you good folk in the churches and the diners and the right wing chat rooms, where you wallow in filth and mud like cattle. It will be because of people like us realize that whatever civilization is left will have to be built over wreckage you made.

Pray that we don't get a chance to bury you alive, if we don't decide to do that it will not be because of compassion, but simply because we have too much self-respect to want to imitate you.

Trump and the insane merry go round.

I remember reading an interview of Ron DeWolfe. Now to give some context, Ron DeWolfe is the son of L Ron Hubbard and was one of the main assistance to his father in formation of the Church of Scientology.. Now the subject of the interview was of course Scientology and how people could be made to do outrageous things in our supposedly "modern" era. DeWolfe said something in that interview but never quite left me, and indeed really seems to resonate with the present moment.

He said "people think that insane people are very unpredictable, the reality is quite the opposite. People were insane are caught on the merry-go-round of their own sickness, which means they have no choice but to repeat the same behaviors over and over again."

I have to confess whenever I see Trump try to lie about stuff that is on videotape and when I see his supporters blatantly believe him to the point were even the Oxford dictionary has has admitted the word "truthiness" as a real word pertaining to politics this quote just rang in my mind. The truth is, you're not just merely talking about evil. This goes beyond malice, goes beyond selfishness, were even simple sadism itself. We're talking about a bunch of people were been so wrapped up in their patterns that literally they cannot act in any other way. That is why, despite the fact that common sense would say "this pattern has to stop sometime" we cannot assume it will. It will not end until those on the merry-go-round Trump himself to those idiots in three states wind up being stuck, where they simply cannot repeat the same pattern, because some external force has made it impossible for them.

What is that mean in practical terms? Well for the idiots in the three states that voted for him, as well as anyone else wearing those stupid red hats, it will be when their bills get higher and the jobs are thinner. This is bad for two reasons: one, it takes us down with them and two, they have a new bandage in the form of religion, which sad to say, many times is absolutely nothing but a reinforcer of bad patterns. The fact that Jim Bakker,former jailbird, and fleece her of his flock as come out for Trump should let us know that the religions are very ready to support Trump because they make money every time this merry-go-round goes round. There is absolutely nothing better for them than to have a bunch of people who are starving, helpless and completely without government support, because the truth is when the church gets to determine whether or not you get to eat or not, they get power.

The only thing we can do is to make sure that we support each other, and that would hold fast for the point even Trump cannot spin this merry-go-round anymore. Unfortunately, it's going to be a lot longer than we think, because it will not stop just because people are forced to confront the lies that they told themselves, it will not stop until something external forces it to stop. Yes I do mean external, an example of which will be what happens when the Chinese realize that Vladimir Rasputin is trying to use America as a chess piece in a trade war. The fact that the first order of business was to threaten the one China policy is no accident, and even if a lot of Americans cannot admit that Vlad is playing puppetmaster, the folks in Beijing do. Or it simply could be that the corporations, reeling from the billions of dollars that will be lost in trying to repeal Obama care alone, will realize that poor sick slaves don't produce, and they won't spend even at Walmart. Then at that point Trump will run into things that are meant to look natural but come straight from the same Wall Street puppet masters that's he has served for the folks Wall Street serves.

All the same, the merry-go-round that we have been spinning on is coming to a halt. That does not mean that America itself is dead, indeed, now that the same old forces cannot gaslight us into behaving into very predictable patterns which they had mapped out in the polls, funds, fake news etc. etc., we might finally be able to start moving in the direction we want instead of being spun round and round for the profits of those who want to keep us dizzy, fixed, and helpless.

fasten your seatbelts going to be a bumpy ride.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Mon Jan 9, 2017, 12:43 PM (1 replies)

About not calling trump voters bigots

I heard a lot of people on here talk about how we must not think that all the current supporters and racists. Now I can understand where they're coming from, there are a lot of people in those three states that made the election that are economically desperate, that did not see much of the progress or for that matter any progress made. It is indeed hard when you have seen an entire infrastructure of your community literally hollow out and rot. Before I moved to Florida, I myself lived in what is called the Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton area, if you have ever heard the Billy Joel song "Allentown", that is the exact same area that was crucial in this election. It is also the same area that Hillary Clinton's father hails from.

Just like in that song, there are many people who remember jobs like Mack truck, Bethlehem Steel, any number of jobs that were heavy industry and paid reasonably well. These are jobs that got moved abroad, and sad to say while some Democrats did speak out against these moves, there were many that did not. However before you think I'm about to go ahead and excuse people for what was generally "deplorable" behavior, rest assured. For one thing, a lot of these union members were all too happy to play along with the "Southern strategy" that Richard Nixon employed. A lot of unions really did not like Latinos or other minorities that were moving into these areas. Unwittingly, they did not realize that when they closed union membership to these minorities they were in effect choking out their own future. No, many of these people were not racist, but but they didn't do is that they let the racist in their midst get the say. Now why they did that, some people may have felt that these new people were threatening their jobs. Some people many people and he probably had no personal hatred of minorities, but in America, we all use the general excuse, "we're just looking out for family." The problem is, when you look out for only your narrow group, that makes it that much easier for those who want to go ahead and make you powerless to defeat you.

The best example of all this: is been provided by know by the else but Trump himself. The person he hired to help fix our economy is the very man who saw the Bethlehem Steel twin Indian company. It has been a long time since I've lived in Pennsylvania, but if I was in the Democratic Party of their I would be wanting to put that on repeat and repeat and repeat over and over again. The the man that gutted Bethlehem Steel is the man Trump hired! That should be repeated like a mantra because if nothing else a lot of the same Trump voters that widest ticket to Hillary really would love to stick it to him because he is the man that personally got rid of all their jobs and got rich doing it!

Of course some things are not changed, no not every Trump boater is a racist. However they knew who Trump was, got made no effort to hide himself at all! No one can watch for rallies where black people and women were outright targeted and at any illusions about what that man was about. It would be one thing if this was some new fellow that came out of left field, some new kid, or some person who really did not make any sort of celebrity style impact, but Donald Trump has been known for almost 4 decades, and in all that time he has never tried to hide himself, or even hacked like he had to. Let's be perfectly honest, and BCP this man to be an aggressive bully. This man even made it to wrestlemania, where he played the same character which apparently has turned out not to be a character at all. He even hired one of the WWE executives to be the head of small business. So when I hear people say all they had no idea he was naked or they had no idea he would be so mean to the working class, they are either lying to themselves or lying to us, and frankly as much as we would like to think that bigotry is a matter of white sheets, burning crosses, and swastikas, the truth is bigotry does its damage when people know better just go along with it in the hopes that they benefit, this was no different in Germany, it was no different in the Soviet Union, and is not going to be different in America unless the people were willing to go along to get along are confronted!

No I am not saying that you go ahead and act like some bad "all in the family episode" where you yell at your Archie Bunker father-in-law. But what I am saying is that if you trying to be too tender, too polite, too accommodating, unfortunately those people either see you as dishonest, or weak. It does not help that everybody from even the supposedly liberal networks, to the preachers on Sunday, to the bigoted coworker was trying to encourage everybody because he thinks that people are finally agreeing with him, will will be doing their best to make sure you're not listened to. Yes the actual numbers of swastika wearing bigots are small, while they are growing. We cannot keep their heads buried in the sand when a bunch of people are willing to get on television and yell "heil Trump!" It used to be that a lot of the stuff that is shown on the Internet was stuff that happened in close doors, it is becoming mainstream. If you do not want your nice Trump voting on goal and Aunt to get caught up in that mass you will need to go ahead and be firm and clear but Trump is not what they want. Granted, Trump is already showing that he is not brilliant at hiding what he is, hiring the man that gutted Bethlehem Steel will not play the same way in Pennsylvania come 2020. However, while you don't want to be the cartoon character "liberal", you have to be willing to confront things as they are. And you have to be willing to say look if you go ahead and affiliate yourself with baguettes, with people who were violent, with people poor ignorant, you will be dragged down with them.

You might empathize with why an alcoholic relative drinks. But if you know that bottle is going to kill them, that most loving act you can do is to try to get them off the bottle. Failing that, if your relative behaves in such a way that they'll make it very clear that they will not learn until after it is too late ,the very least you have to make it clear that you are not going to go ahead and get in the car when they say "I am perfectly fine to drive." If you cannot get the keys away from them, that the very least make sure that you don't get in the back seat of the car, so that you will survive and you will be the one who can go ahead and help fix things after they crash. When I hear people say don't call these people bigots, I hear the tones of the person who is willing to get in the car with the drunk driver because they don't want to offend the realm, sorry to say the morgues are full of people who did not say what they need to say.

The only song that fits the Inaugruation (language alert!!)

Seriously foul but fitting language! You were warned!!

and for the MODERN VERSION circa 2016

Going forward

We can waste a lot of time trying to assign blame and play the "my friends were not responsible for this, you were!" game, but the only people that will please are the GOP. However, it is not attacking one hero or heroine to say "OK, what do we do next time." Whatever it is we do, we know that if we do not try to make a strategy based on whatever the world looks like in 2020, we will lose. Indeed, what we should be focused on are the mid terms. Yes, some things look bleak, but remember the USA has a tradition of punishing whatever team won the White House at the mid terms. It has happened to us, it had happened to Bush, it can happen again, but not if we spend the next 4, possibly 8 years, trying to divide this party. We already have the Jill Steins trying to do that, we do not need to help them.

The good news is, even those Trump voters in the Midwest and Dixie will NOT like seeing their social security and medicare cut, when Trump promised them he would not. The thing to keep in mind is that trump run against the GOP as much as Hillary, which is why folks like Newt and Mitt are doing gymnastics to kiss his ass. We should try to split the Trumpers from the GOP, to at the very least cow discord and confusion. Actually, we do not need to actually lie, all we have to do is make sure the stench is not perfumed and glossed over. The same media that loved trump can be turned on him,even if we need to build alternative sources so that the Joe and Mikas in the world will have to address the truth sooner or later.

The Great Resistance 2017


Why Smart People Support Trump (And Why Theyre Wrong)


Politics Today Lack The Language To Understand The Damage Trump Is Doing


No president has mixed U.S. foreign policy and personal financial interests, singled out ordinary Americans thus endangering their safety, or came to office with the help of interference by a foreign power. For political journalists and professional insider who have spent years, even decades, commenting on politics, schmoozing with politicians from both sides of the aisle and seen administrations come and go with little real impact on American democracy or stability, developing new habits and ways of thinking about American politics will be difficult, but if they do not they will miss the real story and all of us will be worse off because of that.
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