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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
Number of posts: 8,376

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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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an announcement at night (i.e. ferguson)

Even airheads like Andrea Mitchell question why this was made at night. Why not during the day, when sunlight and work during the day would have discouraged riots.

It could not have anything to do with the fact the prosecutor got to interrupt prime time TV,as if he were the president.

It had nothing to do with the fact it allowed the prosecutor to get a good night's sleep after whisking himself off the podium and scurrying off to wherever,nor the fact it gave the Ferguson PD a whole night for whatever lawyers,experts, and other professional liars to do damage control.

It had nothing to do with the fact that a riot would look good for Ferguson's cops, as if to say "see, you know those peopleriot, and we alone protect you form those animals!"

It had nothing to do with the fact that it would make it harder for the churches and others to organize efforts to contain the riots.

It had nothing to do with the fact that it made fires show up so nice for cameras, especially that one BBQ that they keptf ocusing on, as if to say "see, they burn their own businesses down, they are too stupid to be trsuted.:

No, this has nothing to do with the fact that Riots, and the ability to focus on riots, were needed by the powers that be to both hide their screw up, and corral all the suburbanites into little tunnels of fear so that they shut up and vote people back into office.

and it most certainly had nothing to do with the fact that just asriots are done at night, so are other things peoplewant to keep hidden, like the sheer incomptence of the prosecutor who even hard core prosecutors state at the very least did things different, not frumalting and presenting a theory of guilt to a grande jury like every other Prosecutor does, but instead want to make this a "truth finding process". When will this become the new standard, hint, not when a young black person is beeing prosecuted.

The fires do burn in the night ferguson, but the match was a crime that was done in the courtroom, by people who, unlike Rioters, can use the law to make sure they are never held to account.

Side note. To all the people who leap on here and defend Wilson, just like you did Zimmerman, just like you willthe next time some angry dude with the right skin tone shoots some kid with the wrong skin tone, I say this: before the middle of this centiry, thetime when you and your kind can hide behind your skin color and prvileges thereof will be over. Even if you banned immigration tomorrow, the very money that is the base of that power is being given away to elites around the world. Even the PBR you are sucking down now is owned by China. When the foriegner comes to treat you like you treated them, do NOT expect tohide behind us, because those of us with the different skin tones know you never meant for US to share in what you thought this country was.

a minor little question about police shooting

Aamadu Diallo: shot 41 times.
Michael Brown: shot 12 times.

To ask a question that may seem trivial, but may be pertinent.

How the Hell do the cops not be judged as INCOMPETENT when they have to fire more than 6 shots to defend their lives against unarmed people?

Every shot fired is a shot that can hit an innocent bystander, or at least damage property.
We spend money traning these people with miltary grade weapons.

ANY YET, they feel so threatned by unarmed people that they feel compelled to empty more than a standard six shooter can hold?

A firing has six to 12 shooters. When she was shot, Mata Hari got hit by four, but only one hit her in a vital organ, the heart. She was killed instantly.

So these police are so scared they have to fire more bullets than it takes an average Firing Squad to execute someone with? In city streets where all it takes is one stray bullet to kill?

Go ahead, defend these cops, all it does is show that some people are so weak they hide behind their ammo clips, and that goes double for the same folks that keep defending heavy ammo clips everytime some jackass shoots up a schoolyard!

This nation flunked an exam tonight.

I remeber in 2008 being one of the people who thought that our nation had made some progress. I was under no illusion that we were anywhere near where we needed or wanted to be, but after years of so many circus clowns in the cockpit, I thought that, if nothing else, the nation was ready to start the long hard work.

Now, not only have we slid back, but we actually slid back further before the MLK era. As long as police, or for that matter, any white guy with a gun ( ala self appointed cop George Zimmerman) feels that they can shoot a black person and get exonerated, you will have scenarios that were unthinkable even in the pre MLK south. Add to this that, for all his faults (and yes, Obama has many), there is no longer the illusion that even if a minortiy member does everything White America asks him todo, he is still a second class citizen to be yelled at and threatened by a bunch of rich Whites. Don't think that Hillary will change that equation either, because even if he tries to act like a rich white man, the same people she woos will be the same people that would gladly have her executed live on Fox News Networks, to the sounds of many a "yee-Haw!" in so many honky tonks and PBR bars.

Make no mistake, the powers that be in Ferguson knew they would be applauded, as they were doing the people's will. This has codified that it is ok to shoot Black kids. This has codfied that black lives matter less, and most importantly, it is codified that cops get to use deadly froce. Funny how many of these people talk of Obama and Hillary as tyrants, how they invoke 1776 to stockpile weapons that most miltaries in the world shirk at. They talk of freedom and bravery and lIberty, and yet, they just empowered police to kill them. Oh beware Billy in the honk tonk, beware brad in the Suburbs, because if you think the Rich will not use that precdent to be used to shoot you, you are sadly mistaken. The Rich do not need Billy and Brad anymore, and they will use every weapon used against the Mtrays and Michaels to run over the same goold ole boys. Ask folks in the Southeast whose lands were stolen for fracking, ask people whose water is literal poison .

The end of Cheif Seattle's statement includes a warning. "wemight be brothers after all" Already he saw how many of the Cowboys that killed his people would find themselves shut out by the rich people movign in from the east. There will be a day when the same people cheering this will be the ones who are outnumbered, or simply outmuscled,, and they will learn what it is like when the powerfuldecide their lives do not matter. Sadly though, there will be no chance to retake this exam.

And I say this parting shot: to CERTAIN folks on DU, the same ones that proudly went "see, I told ya Zimmerman was innocent!," I issue this warning. Your attempts to hide your prejudice will not help you. The silver lining of the asskicing we got in the midrterms is that we no longer have to , as Rush Limbaugh would say "Carry water" for those on the left that are useless at best, backstabbers at worst. Expect the same sort of support you gave us, at best.

warren isn't running?

"Warren isn't running. It's insane to hold out for that non-existence. When someone repeatedly declares she is not running, and in fact also declares she's supporting someone else (um Hillary), and yet some continue to act like she is, we are seeing the very definition of living in an alternative universe. A psych eval is in order for that crowd. "

Just like neither Obama NOR Hillary admittedly they were running until they absolutly had to.

Look, I get that many Hillary supporters have been waiting the better part of a decade for her to win so that we can say "yay we have a woman president!" even though as our Brtish friends can tell you, having a lady is no guarantee of concern for the working class. The right wing there still worships Thatcher. I also sense that many of you are scared that someone will come and give you a repeat case of 2008, when the inveitabilty Myth was smashed into splinters. I understand many of you either do not care about Hillary's overtures to the right wing, or like her because of them.

Here is some advice, you are hurting Hillary by trying to kneecap the thought of anyone else. If this primary is a cornoation, the GOP will know it, and use it to make her look weak, as if she could only get the nomination by a bunch of people threatening any challengers with the whips of ridicule and the gallows of political arm twisting. They also knwo that Hillary's maoin target is that army of centrist voters who barely hate liberals less than the GOP. After all, they supposedly have the numbers, and will go for Hillary, except of course, when they go for the real Republican, like they always do in the midterms. And of course, provided that the GOP pulls someone that can hide their fascism well, they might go for this mushy middle again.

If Hillary really wanted to shut up talk of Warren, she might actually go left and get some voters that want her. Nothing is stopping her from that; if her huisband complains that he already supported the war in Syria or Keystone, pushing those dog whistles to undermine Obama, like caling him a "wuss", then she can tell him to SHUT UP and help her win!

another way to look at the ACA

some people say it is wonderful, and that we should bow before Obama for it
some people say it is gabagem ad should be toosed out.

The frist set of people ignore poeple that will be hurt by rising premiums
The second ignore people that have gotten health care for the first time, and who are getting it only because of ACA.

I say there is another way to look at it, using the analogy of school.

Every parent out there knows their children will need, at the very least, a high school diploma.
The seventh grade is a step towards that end, and yes, when the kid garudates form 7th grade, it is something to celebrate.
However, we do not allow the kid to think they are going to make a living with a 7th grade diploma, we see it as what it is , no more or less, a step forward towards a goal.

ACA was a step towards a goal, one that has to be cherishes, especially as BOTH parties , but ESPECIALLY the GOP, had agents who hated ANY help for the sick, period! However, we must USE ACA as a steeping stone to that eventual "diploma." To think that we can just let it go in hopes of getting Sedish style medical care is folly, because we know that REGARDLESS OF THE TRUTH, the Media will make sure the motto is "see, even those stoopid libruls did not want no gubbamint plan!"

Florida Democrats, depressed by 'rotten' election, struggle to move forward


"It's hard. It's rotten. It's depressing," said the chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party, Allison Tant, who promises to press ahead and finish her four-year term. "But I'm not going to walk away just because it's gotten harder. I don't have that in me."

But rather than unite, some Democrats are pointing fingers and seeking scapegoats.

Their target is state Rep. Mark Pafford, a soft-spoken lawmaker from West Palm Beach already chosen by his colleagues to lead the 38-member House Democratic caucus for the next two years. Humiliated by last week's losses, some Democrats want to replace Pafford with Rep. Dwayne Taylor, of Daytona Beach.

Tant is furious at what she calls a "circus" and is calling out Pafford's critics as "bed wetters" on the eve of a public vote Monday in Tallahassee.

"I'm pretty tired of this whole circular firing squad thing," Tant said as she pounded her fist on a conference table in an interview with the Times/Herald. "I'm ready for the bed-wetting to stop."

Ok, this is where this Flordian will vent, warning, bad language will follow

Ok Tant, you refuse to give up, yet this is the SECOND Democratic Gubernatorial candidate to lose by 1 percent and roll over.

You have the NERVE to call people unhappy with YOUR performance Bed-wetters. As far as the circular firign squad, why don't you ask your pal Debbie Wasserman Scultz about why her support of WINNING CANDIDATES like Alan Grayson is LUKEWARM? Rick Scott may never have been a factor if not for your incompetence, then again, neither might have Charlie Crist! Yet, if there is a liberal candidate, you and debbie throw them to the dogs. You depend on those ultra rich liberals in South Florida, the same idiots that fucked up their vote in 2000. And yet, you also asked Obama not to go for Immigartion reform, because you would rather cater to the white voters that are SKEEEERED of Hispanics rather than the Hispanics that are solid democrats.

The truth is simple...if the Democratic party is serious about winning, they need to get serious about Florida. Heaven help us if Jeb runs, because his fucking machine alreayd has experience in throwing elections, and it does not help the Rick Scott is in the driver's seat. Of course, that would mean the demcorats have to get serious about getting rid of incompetent leadership, and that include both you, and yes, Debbie Wasserman Schultz! If we are going to be a minoryt party in this state, we can at least clear the deadwood and prepare to actually FIGHT!

a question about liberal voting

To lay my card down, I support Warren, and frankly do not like Hillary Clinton. I hate the DLC, third way/whatever diguise they say.

However,I have a question that all those who are liberal need to answer.

Suppose we ditch Clinton, and run aliberal, and that liberal loses. What do we do to counteract the argument that will be made "SEE, liberal lose, the country hates you, you need ta move to da right!"

what Florida can tell us about the election.

OK, the Florida Democratic party, in it's wisond (sarcasm) run someone for Givernor that many Democrats remember as Governor, namely as a not so good Governor. He lost by one damn percentage point, after elections hijinks, and the conceded, just like Alex Sink did.

Meanwhile , Alan grayson, he who gets yelled at by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, wins AGAIN.

See a pattern?
Posted by DonCoquixote | Fri Nov 7, 2014, 06:05 PM (7 replies)

Ruth: Cowering Democrats got the result they deserved


From the article:

Wouldn't it have been refreshing for a Democrat like, say, Crist to stand up and say something like, "You're &^%$#*^ right I'm a Democrat and proud to be associated with a president who dragged the country out of the Bush recession, saved the auto industry and bumped off Osama bin Laden. And yeah, I'm proud to stand with a president under whom GDP is up, gas prices are down, unemployment is at its lowest level since 2007 and the deficit has been slashed by a third accomplished I might add while having to deal with an obstructionist Congress. You have a problem with that?"

A lead role in a cage

Now, because some people do not read, and then read in a lot of what was never said, I will offer disclaimers. I know many people worked hard, fought, and voted against the GOP, and that many of these people had the Demographic the GOp thinks they own (i.e. older white males.) For those that fought, and are smarting right alongside us, the rant does not apply to you.

I get on DU to see what many thought. There was a lot of anger, a lot of pain, but predictably, there were a cadre of Reagan Democrats who got on here and started slamming liberals. Of course the TOS does not allow me to name names, but there was a tired screed from a MRA saying women voters cannot be depended on, and that we should stop trying to court them as much as working class white males. I heard people say Mitch won because we are attacking coal. I heard some say that we need to approve Keystone right now. I heard all of them slam Obama, despite the fact that many of us on the left feel his problem was too much, and not too little bipartisanship. Of course, there was the beat dopwn on Milennials, as if they were too stupid to vote, and not simply disenchanted, especially when people from the libertarian faux-left and right both kept bleating their sheep mantra "If Voting changed anything, it would be Illegal." Amd yes, I heard the refrain to quanatine african countries, despite the fact that sick people could get to us through Europe, and no one would dare blockade the UK.

The line I quoted was from Pink Floyd, where it asks "did you exchange a walk on role in a war, for a lead role in a cage?" The fact is, many voters did just that. They felt angry at Obama, and cut off their nose to spite their face. Yes, I am angry at Obama, but letting the GOP run ramshod is not the way to make him turn left, especially when you know the MSM is saying "it's time to turn right now" just in time for Jeb. I understand many of the older, centrists voters may feel isolated, they feel Obama did not listen to them. Some of that is true, but a lot of it is simple arrogant pride, the fact they did not want to haver to listen to or talk with those they did not consider their peers. The Mantra of the democrats since Clinton won is never ever ever to say anything that might upset the Reagan democrats, because they only let us in because the GOP fucked up in too obvious a way this time. Of course, that meant kissing the ass of to coal, gas and other industries, since we knew they could buy the TV that mant regana democrats listened to.

I will be blunt, Reagan democrats, we do not have to like each other, indeed, the days of my thinking I share a common national spirit with you are in cirtical condition, and these votes last night tell me that you still think of Browns and Blacks, Milennials, LGBTS and others as the hired help that shoudl dare not look you in the eyes lest we get slapped. We know that, as is it is set up, the 2016 race will be between who gets to flatter you, by a Clinton who is happy to attack minorties to Jeb who is also willing to do that, though both of them insist they are NOT racist. We also know the race thing is a cover for the money thing, both of them play you against eahc other so that they can hide the fact that they hate you barely less than they hate us!

However, I would say that we look past the cage, and see a common enemy, the fact the conservatiove faction of both parties is plotting all of us to be sebnt to the scrap heap. All of us, including YOU. When you sip your PBR and BUD, you will realize that the Chinese own one, the Brazilians own another, so you cannot even enjoy your sixpack without submitting. As much as you may think us snot mose liberals ignored you, what do you think will happen, when even the CEOS get replaced by forgien powers, people who come from countries that do not cry "Taxpayer dollars" whenever the state and induistry works together! Folks, the aristocracy, the one for whom the airport is much more a place of culture then a bedroom, will not humor you, because they will know that they won, and that YOU helped hand this country to them.

Like or it not, we are all in this together. The silver lining of this is, even if we dislike each other, we know that we have a reason to work together: survival.

Posted by DonCoquixote | Thu Nov 6, 2014, 01:27 AM (0 replies)
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