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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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whenever someone says they evolved

They forget what evolution is. Evolution is a struggled to survive, where one has to adapt or die.

So when candidates say they evolved on an issue, it means that they had to have pressure put them them to change or be devoured.

I apply pressure, because it reinforces the traits we desire, and culls those to stupid to evolve. the vast majority of our elites need to be guided to their proper place in the food chain, which is to say, the chewed up and digested poop that at least keeps the ground fertile.

Part of white priviledge

is making sure even the first AA president elected is someone that will always try to make you feel comfortable, even as you spit in his face and plan to go "see, you shoulda voted for Hillary in 2008!"

It also means getting to always blame the black and browns, because even if you are someone on the fringe who the rest of White America laughs at, or hates, like those on the far left, you can still get more respect than the black people.

ugly, and true.

Though as a PS: Kudos to the Hillary campaign for making people focus on the one guy that supported Jesse Jackson for president, and keeping it away from the one woman that has not apologized for her husband blowing every Racist dog whistle back in 2008. Not saying Sanders should not have prepared much better, as he was going to try and fly the left standard, but Hillary's silence is as loud as a bomb, and while she is my only choice to keep a republican out of the white house, I have no faith that she will ever speak up once she is in office either.

I know the focus is on Jeb

and Jeb is awful enough that he should never be in DC, period,
Never forget, this is the Koch Brothers anointed one.

and sadly, Americans often believe that no one would throw a billion dollars at a bad idea, so it must be good.

And if this happens, the Koch will literally undo not just everything FDR did, but might roll us back to the very C.S.A itself.

look here:


Now, think of this. The Koches were too right wing for RONALD REAGAN.

say it again:


and we have Scott Walker on tape trying to TOADY and KOWTOW to them like he was some INTERN!

and people will give him the button!


and do not think the Koches would not push it, especially as it would reduce all us useless eaters and probably make them a profit!

the magic words

She is trying to do as little as possible and skate to the nomination. And DWS is more than willing to bend the rules to help Hillary.


She is trying to do as little as possible and skate to the nomination.

And that is why the folks who claim to want to help Hillary by beating down anyone who criticizes her are hurting her. If he gets this prickly at a Bernie Sanders, who has 1/10 the budget and 1/10 the staff who whoever will win the GOP bid, how the hell does she plan to WIN the election. Yes, there are a lot of democrats who frankly have been trying to help her "skate" to the nomination since 2008, the same people who say "Hillary woulda been better in 2008" Yeah, better at war with Syria, or making outsourcing, or dismantling the last of the support state that democrats used to define themselves with. If Democrats insist on letting her ride on a sedan chair to the convention, the GOP will see that she is NOT prepared for a fight, which means all they have to do is keep people home. I am not just talking about the Nader voters who seem to think staying home and whining is the supreme act of American patriotism, I am talking about areas where people in the South will be harassed by cops, where governors will try to BLEACH the voting rolls to pure white, and where self appointed "voting monitors" will have all the restraint (and all of the guns) of Dylan Storm Roof. People who were told to fuck off, or that they need to stop whining about welfare and jobs, are not going to be able to summon the sort of unity and superhuman endurance it will take to overcome that.

sadly I think it is 80/20

80- percent can very well be the vindictive types who really did not want Gay Marriage. Of these, some of them could be operatives, but most, sadly, are those good christian folk who think that if your party would accept Jesus we would finally be allowed to win Elections, like when we elected that good Christian Bill Clinton, and when we elect that good Christian Hillary (sarcasm flag flown way high).

But what is worse are the 20 percent that may feel their ship has come in. Some of them may be Black or Gay, and for those that are, this screed is not aimed at you. However, the folks from "sister wives" who started this ball rolling in the courts sure as hell are neither black nor gay. Hell they are not even Islamic, as least Islam puts the limit at FOUR wives, not the huge harems cultivated by those the Mormons call apostate. Throw in a few people who think that they can relive the ideas of free love that never really were, and you show a lot of what is called...
wait for it
wait for it


Because they know when when Mister Clean cut Blue eyed heterosexual conservative Christian and his lovely spouse asks for something, they will at least be listened to, and treated with kindness and respect. Never mind that they have not even finished cleaning the blood in the hallway where the blacks and gays got beat up, hell, they are not even finished beating them up yet. But no, the nice people will get listened to, and even if people less conservative (but hetero) come in, wearing Grateful Dead or Che Guevera t-shirts and ask for it, if they are white, they will at least be handled with care, unlike the Gays and Brown People whose carnage has already been mopped up and flushed down the drain.

What I am telling those of you who had sincere intentions when you chimed in is this: be aware that the conservatives will try to use you as a weapon, a stalking horse to assault the hard won progress that gays have made. They also know that you will be trying o take advantage of the momentum, the slipstream generated by the bodies of LGBT that threw themselves into the gears. That may be natural enough, but when you are asked about privilege, do not DARE to join the throngs who say they are not. The ultimate expression of privilege is that the minorities have to bleed die, and then stuff their bodies into the gears so that they can obtain a watered down privilege that will always come under attack by he next generation of conservatives. However, fort hose closer to the majority, they will walk in, and know that they will not only be allowed into the door, but that they will be waited on hand and foot by those that dare not want to lose your money or your vote!

What does that mean, let me spell it out: lets say in 2050, Utah were to allow multiple marriages, it would stay, long after newly elected president Grandson of Jeb Bush found a way to repeal all gay marriages and for that matter, interracial marriages. Come on, you do not think they would stop trying to attack those, right? The sister wives (all 50 of them) would happily breed with their husband (who wants 50 more) and they would be accepted. YOu know it.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Thu Jul 9, 2015, 03:45 PM (0 replies)

Ruth: Clinton competes with Trump for loser of the week

From the article:

Clinton's critics were hoping for some scandalous, salacious, blockbuster of a controversy to be lurking in the communications. Instead, we learned Clinton couldn't figure out what to do with a phone receiver when sending a piece of paper.

There was a kernel of dust-up to be had. Once again Clinton showed herself to be congenitally incapable of delivering a straight answer to a straight question. What time is it, Hillary? That depends on what your definition of is, is.

As it turned out, Clinton was exchanging diplomatic-speak goo-goo eyes with a former 2008 campaign aide, Sidney Blumenthal. Clinton had attempted to add him to her staff after being appointed secretary of state but was blocked by the Obama administration, which regarded Blumenthal as the Iago of the Potomac, without the sense of humor.

Clinton consistently denied she solicited her former flunky's numerous emails offering all manner of political and diplomatic advice. But the newly released emails clearly indicate she often encouraged Blumenthal's counsel.

Is this singular issue all that big a deal? Hardly. Clinton is unlikely to be hounded over Blumenthal-gate. But it is telling. All Clinton needed to say regarding her communications with Blumenthal was that she was in touch with a former trusted aide, whose fawning opinions she valued. And that would have been that.

Instead Clinton prevaricated, creating a needless campaign kerfuffle entirely of her own making.

Sorry folks, Hillary has shown a talent of shooting herself in the foot. It's not like Obama would actually punish her for working behind his back. But she had to pretend to be perfect, blowing up a little thing into a big mess.

It is funny

Even though seabeyond and 1strongblackman can disagree on things, I consider them both honored friends, not because they agree with me (they often do not) but because they are honest, and are actually capable of bringing viewpoints to DU that are not the mythical average white male so coveted by the party. The fact they are both being watched shows that some people are wanting to take the "underground" out of the underground, which will make the last place for anyone not the pre-digested, pre-packaged brains hostile. Skinner, I know you may have had good intentions with DI, but the fact is that you are dealing with people who hear "no, please stop!" and then hear God tell them "Hit them harder, hit them more, take it all, it is your right and duty as my favorite son!" The old scaffolding is crumbling, from Dixie Flags to straight only marriages, but that means that the right wing, including the centre right, will look at all this burning the way Nero did when Rome burned, a chance to rebuild the city in their image and make sure they made a lot of money in the process, which sadly, is exactly what happened. The left can be the Christians that get throw to the Lions to keep the panem et circuses going, emphasis on the circuses, because the rich on the left and right think they have the right to every damned crust of bread, and have gamed the circuses to make sure they make even more money!

But this is not about money, even though in America, thievery has to be about money. This is about the fact that, contrary to the belief that it is ideologues on the different sides of an issue that cause rancor, it is the squishy mass in the middle that will brook no challenge to it's dominance, and which is willing to believe the scavengers that feed off it's decay, rather than anyone who wants to heal it's disease. That is why, for all the paladins on the left and right that want to talk about issues, we know who will be the red and blue captains, and that both will spend most of the time saying "I am not as extreme as you think I am" while covering for Wall Street. While I can laugh at whatever honest ideologues team red destroys, I am very sad that two people who, whatever their differences are, are people who I would count on as comrades during the elections, are now not welcome at this table. Let me be clear, by this table, I di not mean the AA or feminist groups, I mean the people who make a living offering a table for us to place our offerings on, even those from the "underground."

I think so

I think it is really funny how feminists and outspoken AA's seem to get three hide posts cat-quick, whereas some people that post outright racist and sexist stuff not only are not hidden, but taken by sedan chair right to the greatest page.


certain people that will yell in your face and accuse you of homophobia are SILENT now. Boomarking to use when I argue with said people again.

DU vs. Sanders (i.e. why some supporters are hurting the cause)

Now, I understand many people, for various reasons, feel Hillary is the best and only candidate that should be considered. Some people really believe she will turn out to be a liberal, and then there are some who just think it nis either her or whoever the GOP puts up, which in this case will be a definite disaster.

Sadly, as in 2008, many of her supporters are demonizing anyone who criticizes her as sexist, and even racist. It is sad and comical to see Bernie Sanders, someone who embraced the likes of Jesse Jackson back when no one else would, be labeled a racist. Add in lines like "bernie will lose us the election" or "will Bernie voters vote for Hillary?", and there is a lot of malice that bubbles.

Look, many of us on the Bernie side will vote for Hillary if she wins, and when we say if, we say that making the primary process a joke is BAD FOR HILLARY as it will make her look like this was about as honest as the WWE. One way to damage that will be to do the toxic mix of brutal scorn and outright lying. What is funny is that you do not hear Hillary herself say Bernie is a liar, bigot or sexist, so why does DU get filled with them.

The ugly truth is, a lot of Hillary voters have scorn for people that do not believe as they do, even though many of them are the voters that kept Democrats at the White House. The worst way to help Hillary in November is to show malice and bad blood, because then the same people whose numbers you will need will go into the booth knowing that once Hillary make it, the first thing you will do is say "get rid of these people Hillary!" That is not good for the sort of warfare where many voters, especially in swing states, will have to fight GOP made voter barriers to cats their vote.

Do not assume the best thign you can do for Hillary is to just ignore problems she has, for the people that want you to ignore them are the same parasites, bankers and politico that were the death knell of the 2000 run.
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