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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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stuff to keep in mind about Sony

First off, this is not the first time they have been hacked. Back when they were trying to get a game called DC Universe online going, they were hacked, as revenge for them prusuing a hacker for modding his machien to play pirate software.


So, we should not act like this is a surprise, especially because the on report was that Sony had failed to upodate their security. But theren is also something in common to note..Rioght after DCuniverse wnet on, many employees were fired, meaning the same people who put in 70 hour weeks than just got dumped.


So, what happened? Maybe NK is involved, they have been crazy enough to do silly things, but frankly, the REAL story is that Com;anies that have been burning through employees like a chain smoker burns through cartons have apprentlyu forgotten who runs their data, and if you were treated badly by your company, why not sell your info to whoever buys. a disgruntled employee can do a lot, as a former private contractor named Edward Snpowden showed. Is it an accident that the targeted people were top level executives, many fo whom bragged about being assholes?

yes, and no

is atheism, by itself a religion. Not really.
are there those who use atheism to try and achieve the same unformonty opf thought and agression against all others as theism does, yes.

Perfect example: Madalyn Murray O hair condemned agnostics, to the point where SHe defined the term.


"Let me tell you in one word the difference between an atheist and an agnostic. The difference is guts. I lose more agnostic friends by saying that. But let's go into detail again."

Now, in this manner, by defining those that do not care to carry her banner, she behaves very much like the same people she condemns. Atheists might rightly cirticize the Christian who says "Jews are just Chrtisans who have yet to accpet Jesus" or Muslims who say "Chrtisians are just Muslim who do nto realize the Quran." In both times they would be right to criticize, so why did O hair choose to define what an Agnopstic was, and even claim to define what Huxley thought?

Athism by itself, is not a religion, but , like anythign else, people can mix in their own agenda.

stiuff to keep in mind about sony

OK, years before this happened, they had a serious hack, where millions of people,. myself in cluded had their creidt card stolen. This was done to avnege a hacker that had modded a ps to play pirated software. However, Microsft chuckled and helps publicie the fact their security had not been updated for years.

Now, they were cuaght again.

As far as NK, honestly, they did not need to...All they had to do to get the same effect was offer some people a few dimebags of weed and pizza. NK could not STOP hackers, much less control them.

Why are some people so eager to kill the idea Warren might run?

Now, you see people bring up OPS that say "liz said she will not run, deal with it!" Granted, Hillary herself has not delcared she will run, and when asked about 2008, she said she would not run, and she did. But why is DU so dedicated to the idea that Liz will not run?

The fact is, the Hillary supporters already had an experience where people opened the package, and did not like what they were being fed. There are many who are still angry, especially as frankly they felt it was their "turn." Now, the idea of Turn is ill defined; is it a generational thing? Is the idea of a turn somethign to base the presidency on? Then of course, she ran a campaign that was awful, gaffe ridden, where Bill Clinton reminded people that he loves to run his mouth, at a moment where he needed to let Hillary get some limelight. Then she was sec of state, where she pretty much ran over the peace crowd, ensuring that we went to both Syria and Libya.

The point is, Hillary supporters know there is a lot that many people do not like, and that they will only support her if it is the only choice between her and a GOP slime. Are Hillary supporters so scared that people cannpot wilingly take Hillary that she must be inevitable?

peoplewill hate to admit it

but frankly, they failed to do the work needed. Yes Obama has not a strogn leftist, but when we failed to vote because of various reasobns, some good, some outright awful (I am gonna punish him because I did not get what I want now, or I am not gonna vote for him becvause i want Hillary) than who the hell is to blame. I do not agree with some Foprginers hating all Americans, but there is a point where we have to look and say whether or not we as Americans diod iour part, and the fact is, we did not.

Former New Beginnings homeless shelter residents decry 'pits of hell'


Here is a perfect example of why Churches must NOT be the only social programs for the poor. Here a church BLATANTLY exploits the Homeless, turning them into slaves!

Just like in America

Where every Criminal syndicate from the Bloods to the Crips to the Latin Kings actually USED prisons as a means to gather recruits and train them. Most people would be shocked to realize that the American prison system is in effect, a recruiting and training area for criminals, part University and part Cult compound.

Take some small time crooks, maybe some kids busted for weed. Throw them in with an ORGANIZED GROUP of criminals, whose groups literally have international chains of command, written constitutions, and infrastructures both in and outside the Prison walls. Once in, make the petty crooks have to do anything to survive in an overcrowded place where supervision is impossible, which of course makes the guards either corrupted, or frustrated, which means hyper violent. Make it IMPOSSIBLE to survive unless you join a gang, and difficult to survive even if you do join a gang. Then throw in the facts these gangs have means of training and indoctrination that would make most cults jealous, because they can take advantage of the fact people are isolated from family and in constant, 24/7 fear.

Make sure they are literally slaves of experienced criminals, who will make sure they need to know everything they need to know when they hit the outside, from simple criminal skills to talents like the ability to kill your best friends because the Boss wants you to. The major gangs do this like an apprentice program, think of a perverted version of Union apprenticeships. Add in nice touches like prison rape, which is really all about breaking the spirit of someone (same reason the CIA just got caught doing it in Iraq.) In the end, you have a taxpayer funded, often privately owned, means to turn out experienced criminals, most of which costs a lot more than to send someone to college.

The big danger

Will not be from the Tribes themselves, but the army of scumbag lawyers and rich investors that will seek to swoop in like half-starved Vultures. The template for exploiting Indian businesses and making sure that most of the money went to Whites was set by gambling as folks like Jack Abramoff can tell you.


I do hope this works out for the First nations, but I would hope they already have defenses against the Vultures that will gladly come to steal from them again. Sadly,I will also bet that whatever is set up will be just another resort where rich suburban types go to get their "spiritual retreat", feasting on Gourmet brands of Cannabis the same way they would 10 dollar a cup Coffee, while the Michael Browns of the world still get beat up by cops over a dime-bag of Grade F weed.

Why Landrieu deserves the hate sent her way.

Now, I have heard a lot of the arguments to flagellate ourselves now that mary landrieu is gone. "She at least voted for gay rights" says one, "She at least voted for Abortion rights" says another. Now, we DO, repeat DO, Italicize, Captalize, underline and Boldface DO need Southern leaders who will be UNCOMPROMISING in ALL of those areas. Putting food on the table may require discussion, bit civil rights are ABSOLUTES, period.

So why am i not mourning Landrieu? Because she embodies a myth which has caused the Demcorats to be weak defenders of both Civil rights and Econimic rights, because she is one that will bow to big money, regardless of the harm done.

Remember when Obama was at least trying to act like he was going to talk tough against BP for Deepwater Horizon? Then this happened.


Here was Louisisana, still bleeding after Katrina,a disaster which was made wrose by the Oilcompanies destorying the wetlans that normally would help asborb water surges, and here is their rep, mary, demanding that Obama stay out of the way of her beloved Oil companies. She sent a loud, clear signal that she would hamstring the left, holding up the budget diretcor that the left needed, in order so that the Oil companie get what they wanted, Nevermind that when Katrina hiot, Bush ignored her, and the Oil companies ignored her, and that many of those GOP made shamless attempts to profit off it.


Now, does nto negate the fact that she stood up for Civil rights, no. But it does show that if you help the very people that use money to strangle civil rights, you cannot be called their ally just because you wrote Yes on a piece of paper. It also means that if you want to bring people to the polls, you cannot attempt to cury favor with the good ol boys who have the advantage, thanks to bad schools and really bad churches where the GOP outright programs them like robots. You need to get people out to vote that KNOW what the stakes are, like the many Black people in Louisianan that have one of the hgihest cancer rates in the nation thanks to the fact Oil Refineries are convently placed in Black areas.


Now,not to take ONE THING away from the authentically need anger about Cop Shootings,but those cancer victims are every bit as dead as Michael Brown, and they died for the same reason, because to the powers that be, BlackLives do not matter,and when Mary even goes toe to toe with Obama to defend people that kill black people with every bit the arrogance as darren Wilson did, we have to really question whether or not this person is an asset. If a person dies because they live in Cancer Alley, they will not be in a good posotion to excercise any civil rights/ That is where bad cops and bad corps get together, they know Civil rights don't mean shit once people get killed.


If you were to ban any books or artworks for sheer amount of suffering, you would have to ban: The Bible, The Koran, the Torah, and the Communist manifesto, all works that say "because we have x opinion on whatver God is or isn't, we have a right to kill those who disagree with us."
Posted by DonCoquixote | Sat Dec 6, 2014, 02:17 PM (2 replies)
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