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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 04:51 PM
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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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about Milo and Maher

I confess I am of two minds about this: on the one hand, not only does me low have an abundance of soapboxes to spew his hate speech, that anyone who reads what he actually says knows he is encouraging violence, which automatically should cut down any objection to censoring him. He is the guy that will yell "fire" in a crowded theater.

However, I can understand why not allowing him to speak could make a martyr out of him. What a lot of people who he Trump did not understand is this: his followers are fueled by our anger. They get to go on the Internet and say "look at help his we made this liberal, Yahoo!" instead of making them feel ashamed, they feel like they are confirmed. So I can understand some of why Bill Maherwas willing to allow him on.

However, if you are going to let someone that toxic get airtime, airtime but some agents will literally pay millions of dollars to try to get, you better make it clear why you are doing it, to shame or the very least give a very hard challenge to the hateful actions such a person has done. let me state this clearly: Bill Maher did a piece poor job at best, and at worst was outright supportive! For someone who has had a television show for the better part of a decade, for someone that has been out right merciless against religious types, he was making clear that he was enjoying Mr. Y, and indeed, seem to be enjoying using him to pass off liberals, the same way Mr. Bannon does. That alone means that Bill Meyer show should be consigned to the trash heap.

Now now, before someone brings up the inevitable "he has Ann Coulter and Grover Norquist on there all the time" deflection, let me say this, Ms. Coulter and especially Mr. Norquist are old, established and more importantly, most importantly loaded with money. They are a cancer that if you attempted to just cut it off would simply leave the patient bleeding thanks to the fact that they have spread to the very roots. Mr.Y is not that, yet. For all the celebrity he may have, he is just one day away from being another reality Internet TV star, the ones that Bravo or VH1 will put in some degrading pseudo-game show so we can laugh at them while they're forced to wear funny costumes. When someone is trying to go from being a small C " celebrity" to a capital C, that is when they are vulnerable, and that is when absolutely no quarter should be spared. No portion be spared especially from someone who became a famous television star because he gave the act of showing no quarter, even though he is very comfortable with people who hate us and often uses his platform to assault minorities and women, becoming the very the sort of clueless "white liberal" he rages against.

You will see an example of how this interview should've gone:

there is Joe Rogan, someone much more famous for his work with the UFC than he ever was as a comedian, certainly not as famous as Bill was. Yet you see Joe destroying Mr.Y, in a way that merely brutal, but comes straight to the heart of the matter, and, and is actually said with Heart. Compare the way Milo looked on Joe's show with the fawning on Bill Maher. Joe did not even need Larry wilmer, though gos I wish he had him on.

By the way Bill, you allowed your black guest to be treated like extras in a minstrel show despite the fact that both of them had credentials that were more solid than your favorite guest. That will not be forgotten, nor should it. If they show had worked like it should, Mr. Y would've been embarrassed at the very least, instead your credibility is the one that is going down the toilet.

how much ya wanna bet

This is the set up for that book that he has been paid to write? Now, I realize that one level this question would make a good joke, but I think there is more to it than that. Let's not forget, the one thing that led to more gain acceptance in the last few years with the testimony of people like Ellen, like Rosie, like Rachel that their lgbt this was something that was always a part of them. For all the comic nature of Bruce becoming Caitlin Jenner, it did go ahead and highlight the fact that no being gay is not something you can change. It is not illness happens to you because of your mother, father or whether or not you wore the wrong clothes as a kid.

Now, we have Milo, who works for a genuine film producer by the name of Steve Bannon, ready to document a new adventure. This could easily be a reality TV show for the Christian set. And of course, if Milo gets cured, then these clinics will get free advertising and probable government support.

It will not be as simple as Milo saying I got cured, it could easily be a billion industry in the waiting which makes it damn sure Milo either stays cured or has an accident. Stay tuned.

4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise ofTrump


Trumpís younger supporters know heís an incompetent joke; in fact, thatís why they support him.

About the deep state woes (re: flynn, why are we rooting for spies?)

Now, I understand the misgiving many people have about being happy the spies took down Flynn. Aren't these the folks that found nukes were there mere none? Aren't these the folks that spied on many an activist?

Yes, and truth be told, our intelligence community has been riding too wild for a half century, being a bastion of fascism. However, in the case of Flynn, the person targeted was a member of that intelligence community, or at the very least, someone with power over them. This was a rare, but clear case, where spies policed their own, especially as Comey of the FBI has still not been called to account for his actions.

Yes, spies are scary, but this was a rare case where they directed that power at someone who, by the nature of his power, and the abuses of that power, was a threat to the world, especially the muslims he wanted togo to war with. Flynn was no civilian.

two more valentine hearts

I am truly touched...thank you
Posted by DonCoquixote | Thu Feb 9, 2017, 08:07 PM (0 replies)

here is why I am a yellow dog Democrat

Now, before I begin, let me be very clear about certain things. And I angry at many of the things my party has done, and worse, refuses to do, absolutely. Do I think that a range of people from Bill Clinton to Nancy Pelosi to Barack Obama made a crucial mistake in not being as aggressive in selling leftist policy, policy that in 1980 was to the right of Ronald Reagan? Absolutely. Do I think that there are a bunch of disgusting Vipers who use the excuse of being from "red states" to act as active agents of the enemy, getting themselves in the best position to backstab us? I live in the South, so if there was any degree above absolutely, I would say it. If I was half the radical/Stalinist that some centrist far I was, I would do a part of our party that would make Stalin himself defecate in his pants. I will not apologize for my anger and distrust of people that actively work to screw me over and screw my working class folks over and then immediately stick their hand in my face demanding I give them the choicest bits of what little I have! Florida Democratic Party, I do not need to name names, and I've already gotten a hide for it!

However, issues like this remind me of why the best Republican will always, repeat always be worse than the very worst Democrat. Now now, I know that we're sick and tired of seeing blue dogs stab us in the back! But keep in mind, even though bluest of blue dogs knows that they have to come home sooner or later, that even if they picked off of the snacks, the dog bones of the overfed GOP frat buddies, they know they have to come home here, and they also know that if even if they tried to go well to the right of her GOP friends, something think tank/crack of nuts would nominate somebody to their right.

Heck, part of the reason why these former cheerleaders and would be storm troopers like Ryan and McConnell are so subservient now is because they know either Steve Bannon or the Koch brothers will gladly defecate several hundred million dollars to find someone that makes them look like Bernie Sanders to run against them. It's no accident that our current head of our education system is someone who would not be qualified to teach kindergarten, but who is openly honest about buying political influence as if it were an Amway product. So even the nicest, most genuine Republican knows they have to be accountable to, and worse, their leaders do not have to pretend anything but Masters looking for good slaves on the market .

As far as the Republican Party is concerned, I do not hear if they present people in 1000 colors of skin, 10,000 accents, or even some LGBT, it does not matter, because regardless of whether they are sincere or not they will serve the Masters of Republican Party: the billionaires, and the churches that serve them. Of course there are times I can see a John McCain say something that, well, let's be fair is common sense. We know that when the time comes, John will serve his GOP Masters.

In addition to this, I have to ask you this: we have such low self-respect that when the GOP acknowledges what we know to be true, what is not merely self-evident, but has been proven again and again and again and again for the past 35 years, that we want to go ahead and admire them? Congratulations centrist Republican you have proven that you know 2+2 = 4; do we give you the Nobel Prize for mathematics? Congratulations centrist Republican, You realize that Trump will stain your party even worse than the Bush family did, and you have some regrets; we see you kissing Trump's ass , we see you kissing Bannon's ass, and oh yes, go ahead and grumble about Russian influence, because Vladimir Rasputin knows that he has Trump, he has you, you the former diehard Russian haters were given Moscow the sort of glory and influence Stalin never could have dreamed of.

Again, I hate blue dogs, and I know that one of the questions we will have to answer is how to keep these blue dogs on the porch so that they stop wondering into the GOP yards, so that they stop biting our hands as we feed them, so that they can go ahead and nuzzle up to the same GOP good old boy farmer but plans to shoot them anyway. That being said, I will always regard anything, and I do mean anything the GOP offers is garbage at best, poison at worst, and I always lean towards the worst.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Thu Feb 9, 2017, 03:33 PM (0 replies)

to whoever gave me a heart

thank you. Sometimes I wonder why i come here, and people like your emind me why.

side note: hey skinner, ever though of a separate "to whoever.." column so that the hearts and gen dicssion do not mix too much?
Posted by DonCoquixote | Thu Feb 9, 2017, 02:19 PM (0 replies)

OK, when Sean Spicer reports on the Super Bowl

by how many points will he explain that the Pats won by?
Posted by DonCoquixote | Sun Feb 5, 2017, 09:13 PM (8 replies)

Nazi punks fu*K off updated for our era (langauge alert_

It is ironic that a decades old punk song winds upo fitting the era to a t.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Thu Feb 2, 2017, 02:41 PM (3 replies)


One about to say is going to sound nasty. Remember in Wisconsin where he did not put on those "comfortable shoes, and let Scott Walker run rampant. You know a lot of those voters in Wisconsin were the ones that Trump was able to seduce. This is a perfect time for you to put on a pair of comfortable shoes. Granted I know the right wing will practically pop champagne at the very idea of you being reduced to being just another black man at the mercy of a bunch of white cops. However, you can do a lot of damage to Trump and he needs to have damage being done, because he is doing permanent damage to this nation.
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