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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 05:51 PM
Number of posts: 9,232

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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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When Hillary supporters attack Obama for not being liberal enough

Now, let me cut the standard discussion killers off at the root. I have criticized Obama for not being liberal enough. From this TPP to drone strikes, he has shown that he has drunk a bit too much of the centrist Kool Aid. Unlike many, I think the ones feeding it to him are people like the Geitners and Emmanuels who would have fit into a Clinton admin, including Hillary "we came we saw he died" Clinton herself. However, there is a greater point this op will be about. How do people who supported Clinton, who proudly wear her banners and are polishing her crown for the coronation, claim to be to the left of Obama?

Look, from the very moment in the first presidential debate, where Bill mocked Jerry Brown and said "you are from California, so chill out" the Clintons have made a point of mocking liberals and getting them out of power. Now, I know the thought killer that people are summoning, "Hillary is not her husband!" Well, never mind the fact that if she wanted to espouse polcies that were to the left of her Husband, not only would she be heard, she would be cheered. She may not have had the same "bully pulpit" people slam Obama for not using, but if she were to let's say, come out against the TPP, does anyone doubt she would NOT get the Press? Does anyone doubt that even Liz and Bernie and maybe even Ralph Nader and Michael Moore would heap praise upon her?

She will not, nor will she apaolgize for her crack about "we came, we saw, he died" even though that war in Libya helped to fuel Isis recruitments. It's the same reason she did not get on the mic and condemn Bibi Netanyahu for using the Koch Brothers congress to undermine peace talks. It's the same reason she supports H1b-Visas, despite the fact they are not only a means to exploit India's poor, but also helped gut a generation of American workers. It's the same reason she was tight lipped even as Cops were killing black men and women as if they were deer during hunting season.

She, is, NOT a leftist. She may be to the LEFT of TED CRUZ OR SCOTT WALKER, and while that will enable me to use her to keep those two out of office, she does not deserve the crown of liberal, and she sure as hell is not more liberal than Obama. The one, and only thing she might have done is "evolve" quicker on LGBT rights, even though people forget who helped craft "don't ask don't tell" in the FIRST PLACE. When it comes to NAFTA, GLass Steagall, The Telecommuncations act, has she ever said she would roll back any of the polcies her husband did that have been shown to undermine liberalism? She could, what's Bill going to do, divorce her? Go ahead Bill, if your wife did make a clear break from your MISTAKES, she would become Joan of Arc as soon as she did the Orpah Interview. She does not, even though she would be praised, because she belives in that move from the left to the CENTER.

No, she is not a GOP member, but please do not talk about how she is to Obama's left, or that she would have done anything more leftist than Obama did. She has had a decade to do just that, and has not. So when I see someone with a Hillary sticker join on the "Obama made me mad coz I am a liberal" bandwagon, I will see that Hillary t shirt, and Know that they are either being dishonest to the realliberals, or worse, and more likely, that they are being dishonest to themselves.

to Barack Obama (re: the tPP)

I have been one of your defenders, and I do not apologize for that. If nothing else, voting for you was the only way to keep Mitt and McCain from every getting near the Oval Office. There had to be ZERO chance of that. I do not regret picking you over Hillary, because she is was and will be firmly to your right, especially on the ultimate domestic and economic issue, war.

Still, seeing you attack Liz and pick this fight to ride out your reign is tragic. It shows you carrying water for the same bastards that, when Hillary gets in, will stab you in the back in true Clinton fashion. They will try to act like Hillary had nothing to do with this, and make you fast track it so that SHE does not have to offer an opinion, much less divulge how much of her handiwork is in it. You are being played for a patsy, and like clockwork, the sheep will say "Hillary wouldna ever ever did dis because she iz a reall Librul." Expect Maureen Dowd to write that articles after she and Hill become BFFs again.

You did some good things as president. The fact we have Obamacare and GM will always be your moment in history. Sadly, you could have grabbed the LGBT marriage part if you did not run from it before you evolved. However, history will mark your flaw as being that you sold yourself as being the alternative to the Clinton destruction of liberalism, but instead, served as it's life support, despite the fact that most of us wanted to pull the plug on it, or at least move beyond it back to the liberalism we wanted and needed.

You carried Hillary's water Obama, and because of that neither you nor she will "evolve" to become the capital L liberals we badly need. Granted, Hillary is doomed too, because even when she wins the Koch Bordello in congress will remind people that corporations have devoured democracy whole. All that I can hope for is, as China makes it's own headlong rush to fake left full capitalist fascism faux empire, enough of us are left to rebuild.

I will leave this line for both you, bill and Hill, and the rest of the fake center, as it fits. Do not fear DU policy squad, I will vote for Hillary in the general, but I have no illusions about my vote being anything but a means to keep the GOP out. My solace will be seeing the faces of people going "She was going to be a liberal, what happened?"

Dante Alighieri
“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

And no one maintains neutrality like the FAKE center.

A Dr. Who quote that explains the GOP perfectly


"The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. Instead of altering their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views...which can be very uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering."

The only commercial Hillary needs to run

Where to begin, the fact thatScott cannot screen his calls, or the fact he blatantly talks about doing the sort of crimes and trickery that he would probably lie about on TV and Court.

This latino writes an Open Letter to Ted Cruz, marco Rubio and Jeb Bush

If I voted based on identity, I would be tickled pink instead or being "red" or "blue". The Grand Old party is elevating Two latinos to major candidates, and a third, Jeb Bush, who while being anglo, gained power by immersing himself deep into Latino culture, from his Miami buisness dealigns to his wife to his children, who Grandpa Bush calls "the little brown ones." It especially is worth noting that Jeb discussed immigration reform when sadly, many Democrats were doing the foot dragging.

However, I cannot even come close to endorsing either of these three, especially as I know Rubio and Jeb quite well. Both of them have gutted Florida's schools and outdoors, and they both want to get rid of a woman's right to choose. They have gutted voting rights, so that poor people and blacks have a harder time voting. They have done tangible, noticeable damage to my state, and they rely on the votes from the same people that want MORE of the same, even though these people will be the first in line to demand government help when the Hurricanes wipe out their oceanfront McMansions. As for as Cruz, he speaks for himself, he admits he is a theocrat, and frankly I do not want nor need a Christian flavor of Sharia.

So, let me say this, I cannot speak for all Latinos, but I can say this. If the GOP thinks we will vote for a Brown Elephant, they are wrong. Rubio and Jeb have shown their true colors way too many times. Some people may think it is perfectly proper to vote based on indentity, because it is "time one of us was in." Sorry, because we have seen too many time where poision was put in a wrapper. Part of me is hoping that the GOP will just whip off it's mask, run Scott Walker, and then we cann just sit back and play that one bit on you tube where Scott thinks a comedian is Koch, and he does the sort of butt kissing right out of a bad sitcom, but if the GOP tries to play brown against pink, it will not work.

And this goes double for if they trot out Susannah Martinez, hoping pink and brown will hide all that Koch Green.

of all the thing to complain about the HRC campaign

People pick the logo?

Ok, I admit, I dislike the logo, and I fully see who some could it interpret it as Hillary to the right, although it could also mean motion from the left to move over a center, which is red arrow is doing. However, it is a logo, nothing more. Logo are meant so that the viewer pours their ideas into it, and therefore follows a direction that the logo owners want us to go in, nothing more.

check out Nancy Grace Re: Walter Scott

She slo moed the video and it shows two things:

One: the guy could not have been grabbing a taser like the cop said, because they show that the cop was firing it as he ran, and the cop missed, the strings dangle like crazy string, not even getting close enough to hit the guy.

Two: they slo mo and show the cop actually dropping an object from his hand when Walter Scott was already face down on the ground. The cop is shown WALKING TO his body, then dropping something.

I know nancy is right wing, but here, she pointed both the above points out, and did not sugarcoat things, saying what the cop said was a lie, point blank.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Thu Apr 9, 2015, 09:02 PM (2 replies)

If DU had a permanent "sticky" board

I would put this on there.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Thu Apr 9, 2015, 12:23 AM (1 replies)

I will not paint a Halo on Snowden, but

Point Four you made illustrates soemthing that oddly enough, got the least amount of attention, even though it has the potential to be the worst fact of all.


Why is this the WORST fact of all?

Well, let's ignore the fact that it makes the job of actual spies ten times more difficult. We knew that when Bush outed Valerie Plame, aspy that was tryign to find out how many Nukes Kim Il Jong had, you know, the one guy that has been making threats of war? If any Microsoft contractor can hand your name to the KGB, you are pretty much dead anyway. Not like the Chinese and Russians cannot offer a contractor money and security that Micorsoft would not even pretend to offer.

No, let's actually raise this, it means that our Oligarchy is so wanting to make a profit that they do not even want the CIA get the tools needed to actually handle this. They want to make a profit on death and dying. Let's forget the fact that most Corporate types are NOT loyal to America, but pirates willing to hop nations. They so worship the proft market that even SPYING has to be privatized! Never mind the fact that some disgruntled execs can hop to Dubai and sell the lives of millions for all the gold they can pour over them, what this says is, they do not NEED to do that to make a buck! This atrocity makes the Rosenbergs seem like a JOKE!
Posted by DonCoquixote | Tue Apr 7, 2015, 01:02 AM (0 replies)

Of Obama and his Nobel (an open letter to the president)

I will not lie, the first term in office was a disappointment. We had expected to see a rolling back of the wars, to see us out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Hillary as SOS seemed determined to get us into Syria and Iran, with even her husband calling you a "wuss" to goad you. Also, the peace with Russia, which was what you got the award for, heated into a hot mess.

But then, in your second term, despite the GOP acting in ways that would be considered TREASON by many, where they actively worked with Bibi's spies to undermine peace and fan war flames, you and Kerry managed to pull off something that was truly remarkable.

Kudos, you earned your Peace Prize. The dialogue with Cuba could cement your legacy, as the president that started peace with Iran and Cuba, two nations that we should have stopped war with years ago. When Tehran and Havana can no longer use the embrago as another way of saying "our economy is Uncle Sam's fault", you will undermine tyranny more than Seven armies could. Remember, we did not win the Cold War against the Soviets as much as the Russians realized there were better ways to get what they wanted.

Speaking of which, I do NOT plan to let you off the hook for Russia. Yes, Putin is an asshole, and yes, his sycophants, who claim to be be the real liberals, are even more silent of the persecution of gays than you were before Joe Biden pricked your conscience and forced YOU to evolve. Well, now you need to evolve on Russia, and realize that people are trying to re igntie the cold war, even make it hot, because if not, we would have ditched the John McCains of the world long ago. Make this is a trifecta, stop letting the Ukranians manipulate you, stop letting Angela Merkel manipulate you, and assess exactlyl what Nato is to be in the 21st century. No, we do not want to tell Moscow "You can have Poland and Estonia back" but we do not need to be played for fools whose main goal is to become the next great oil sheikhs via pieplines and ports.

We can start to become the nation we could have and should have been, it is in your hand.

PS: This is a PS for a certain former secretary of state and probable successor. Hillary, I will adress you in a bit harsher tone, because even though you have the clout to move away from Bill's mistakes, I see nothign that says you want to. In 2016, you will have a choice, to build upon what good Obama has done, or to do what many of your Blue Dog firends and big donors will advise and demand you do, to UNDO it. If you keep the course, even if AIPAC starts making not so subtle threats, you can be remembered as being the great president that kept the ship from going back on the wrong course, something that is harder to do than simply turning the wheel. If you build on this with strngth and courage, from day one, you can even get many to say that we should have elected you in 2008, which, we know, is one of your goals. Whatever makes you do the right thing, I do not care, I do not have to live in your head. However, if suddenly we start hearign sanction talk, or you start calling Putin Hitler again (he is a mafiosi, not a madman), then rest assured, the world and nation will remember you as the time when America blew it's last shot, and it will, in the from of the Brics, make sure we are just another brick in a wall.
Posted by DonCoquixote | Fri Apr 3, 2015, 05:19 AM (0 replies)
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