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sabrina 1

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Member since: Sun Mar 30, 2008, 05:51 AM
Number of posts: 57,253

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Veterans For Bernie! "Bernie Sanders’ surge is partly fueled by veterans"

Veterans For Bernie ‏@Vets4Bernie 6h6 hours ago
I can't think of a single reason not to support Bernie Sanders. #FeelTheBern #Vets4Bernie http://vetsforbernie.org

Bernie has huge support from Veterans for whom he has worked tirelessly in order to provide for their needs.

Bernie Sanders battled over veterans issues as head of the Senate’s veterans affairs panel.

Bernie Sanders’ surge is partly fueled by veterans

DES MOINES — Vermont’s Bernie Sanders railed against the Vietnam War. He voted against invading Iraq — both times. He wants to cut the defense budget.

He might not be a friend to the military, but many veterans believe he’s gone to war for them. And that’s why they’re out there cheering for a socialist as he launches a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Even Republican Veterans are supporting him:

There’s the former Marine who drove about six hours to hear Sanders speak in Des Moines. There’s another former Marine, this one a registered Republican, going door-to-door to collect signatures so Sanders’ name will appear on the ballot in Indiana. Entire Reddit threads are dedicated to how veterans can best pitch Sanders to other veterans.

“He is revered,” said Paul Loebe, a 31-year-old who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan during eight years of active duty and spends three hours a day updating a Facebook page promoting Sanders to veterans. “He’s very consistent with where he stands. He’s the first politician that I’ve believed in my life.”

And anyone who says Bernie hasn't been an 'effective legislator' in the Senate, better not say it to any of these guys:

Veterans also credit Sanders for striking a deal with Republicans to pass a smaller — $16 billion — package aimed at erasing the lengthy wait times at veterans hospitals. Passing it earned Sanders top awards from the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Military Officers Association of America.

It's worth reading the whole article which points out that politicians court the veteran vote and how while Hillary did hold a roundtable event with veterans, she didn't take any questions. Bernie always takes questions. In fact he asks for them:

After speech at Drake University, the Vermont senator asked for questions. Tyson Manker was right there in the front row. He stood up, identified himself as a former Marine who drove six hours for the event, and said: “Mr. Sanders, I look forward to the day I can call you Mr. President.”

He has slammed the warmongers who sent them to war but then forgot them when they returned saying that IF we are going to send our troops to war, the least we can do is make sure we take care of them when they return.

A man of honor and integrity who is attracting even people who normally would disagree with him on almost everything, but one thing they all say is that he is a man of his word, honest and straighforward and a fighter for what the believes in.

Amazing Panoramic Of Bernie's Los Angeles Event!

I don't how this was done, but it really is impressive. Anyone who was there might even be able to see themselves!

Interactive Panoramic of Bernie Sanders Los Angeles Event

Bernie Sanders Clearly In Pocket Of High-Rolling Teacher Who Donated $300 To His Campaign

Bernie Sanders Clearly In Pocket Of High-Rolling Teacher Who Donated $300 To His Campaign

BURLINGTON, VT—After accepting a check sent to his campaign office by a local elementary school teacher, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was roundly criticized Monday as being firmly in the pocket of the high-rolling educator who had donated $300. “He might have the reputation of being the people’s candidate, but when your candidacy is effectively bankrolled by the multi-hundred-dollar donation of a fourth-grade teacher, it’s clear who’s really pulling the strings,” said political analyst Peter Mathews, who noted that when a check arrives with a handwritten note that says “Behind you 100 percent, Bernie!” it comes with certain expectations.

As for his stand on the minimum wage:

Mathews went on to say he wouldn’t be surprised if Sanders’ strong support for a living wage could be directly traced to the fat $20 contribution he got from a fast-food worker.

Most important issue of this campaign. How money influences our entire system of government, from elections to legislation!

Cory Booker: 'Dem presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is a Life-long Defender of Minorities'

]Booker: Sanders has 'long record of civil rights'


Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) said on Sunday that 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is a life-long defender of minorities.

Booker added that his Senate colleague’s record is one of deep respect for civil rights.
“Bernie has become somebody I have tremendous respect for and is an ally of mine in addressing issues in the United States Senate that affect minority communities,” he said.

“He has a long record of civil rights,” Booker told host George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week.”

On the issue that has always been a major issue for Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker had this to say, echoing Bernie's own words on the system that disproportionately targets AAs:

“Right now, we have more African Americans under criminal supervision than all the slaves in 1850,” he said. “We have a nation that has states like mine that has 14, 15 percent African-Americans, but the prison population is over 60 percent black.

“The criminal justice system is so overbroad right now, that we, as a nation, are spending a quarter of a trillion dollars a year,” Booker added. “And so yes, there’s a reason to be upset.”

It's unfortunate that no matter who has been in power, nothing has been done to correct this corrupt system.

If we had had more Representatives like Sanders, who voted against legislation that PROMOTED this system, more colleagues who JOINED him in his efforts to change it, maybe things would not be getting increasingly worse.

I am glad to see so many prominent people stepping up to correct the LIES and DISTORTIONS that are being pushed to try to derail Bernie's campaign.

I believe that many, many people are sick of these tactics, the dishonesty and deceptions, the attempts to diminish the efforts of good candidates in order to try to HIDE the discrepancies in the candidates they want to win.

Times are changing and the liars and deceivers are having a more difficult time gaining traction as more good people are not willing to remain silent in the face of dirty tricks and campaign chicanery.

In fact, this alone is becoming an issue and way past time, in this campaign.

If candidates have to use deception and dirty tricks to WIN, they don't belong in this race.

Bernie Sanders has DEFENDED Hillary Clinton multiple times over the past few months, REFUSING to engage in attacks on her, even after her use of the 'all lives matter' phrase when he was being goaded into doing so, and could have gained some advantage had he done so.

But he is far too honest a person, with way too much integrity, to allow any of the Media tools to get him or any of his surrogates to engage in such tactics.

I hope other candidates will do the same for him when they get the chance.

Thanks Cory Booker for adding your voice to tell the TRUTH rather than allow the lies to stand.

"You don't have the standing to invent a 'race problem' for Bernie" Warning: NSFW

You Don't Have the Standing to Invent a 'Race Problem' for Bernie

Some background on this Daily Kos diarist and this post.

OPOL (One Pissed Off Liberal) is a longtime Liberal member of DK who survived many of the purges of Liberals on that site, due to his huge popularity BECAUSE of his lifelong support of ISSUES that are basic to most Democrats.

He is, iow, one of the most popular Diarists on DK and has been for many years.

THIS OP is a response to an all out attack by the owner of the blog, on Liberals, very common there btw, AND on Bernie Sanders and his supporters. It contained the usual Third Way despicable talking points never aimed at the Right, but ALWAYS at the Left.

This is OPOL's justifiably angry response to that Third Way diatribe.

And as always with OPOL's Diaries, it received the online equivalent of a standing ovation. He and a few other Liberal survivors on the blog, are one of the only reasons to even read that blog anymore.

And now, back to the diary:

No one does. No lying politician. No dishonest hack. No bloggers and no owners of blogs.

How disgusting is it to see all these supposed progressives using racial strife to divide people and win points for their side? They should all be ashamed of themselves. As I said before, racism is too important of a problem to be used as a game piece. It's the ugliest and lowest possible tactic – and if you genuinely care about this most serious issue of racism in America, you should take notice of who is using it for cheap political advantage.

No one who really cares about fighting racism would dare stoop so low.

Bernie's been passionately fighting racism and injustice in America for fifty fucking years. His record is plain as day and rock solid. No one can take that away from him.

This video from the night before the Black Lives Matter protest at Netroots Nation, as well as his fifty-year record of fighting passionately for racial justice and equality, shows what a bunch of liars these people who claim 'Bernie's got a problem with race' really are:


You don't have the standing to invent a gay rights problem for him either. Bernie's been a passionate supporter of gay rights for over forty years. He was way out ahead of damned near everybody on that issue – and still is.

The following is about a letter he wrote 40 years ago (available for your viewing pleasure here):

Notice that not only did Sanders call for gay equality and an end to the drug war, he also talked about the need to tax corporations, end unjust overseas wars, heal the environment, and empower working people. If nothing else, Sanders has been extremely consistent.

Think about that. Bernie stood up to a homophobic nation when almost no one else would. HRC's record is pathetic compared to that. She's only recently been dragged into supporting gay marriage. Yet her supporters want to attack Bernie on this issue. It just shows they've got nothing. They're just making shit up.
'Full gay rights' is unambiguous.

They sure don't want to go comparing Bernie's record to Hillary's. They'll never win that way. And they sure as fuck don't want to compare donor lists. Because that right there would tell the ugly truth about their Wall Street candidate.

Here he appears to be quoting kos:

"The reasons to be skeptical of Hillary Clinton are legion." ~ kos

"The reasons to be skeptical of Bernie are few." ~ OPOL

Speaking directly to kos and to all those who have engaged in this smear campaign:

Stop telling all these fucked up lies. It just shows how little you've got to fight with and how little you are restrained by ethical considerations or any sense of fairness. If you don't mind cheating to win, you don't deserve to.

There are very many damned good reasons why Bernie is so widely regarded as a progressive icon, a liberal firebrand and a fierce activist. He fucking earned it. Any dishonest asshole who tries to take that away from him is...well, a dishonest asshole.

And Bernie earned his reputation the hard way – on the streets with flesh and shoe leather, where you never would have found virtually any of his detractors. Deceitful people who lack the courage of their convictions do not take to the streets to fight for justice. Only brave people do that. It takes guts to put yourself on the line for your beliefs. And no one who lacks the vision and commitment to ever leave their own comfort zone while spreading scurrilous empty-headed lies about real heroes can change that reality. Bernie's integrity is unassailable.

Bernie Sanders is:

The one candidate not drunk on wealth and power.
The one candidate not irrevocably tied to the 1%.
The one candidate not beholden to Wall Street and corporate America.
The one candidate not tied to the Military Industrial Complex.
The one candidate who marched with Dr. King.
The one candidate who worked to elect Jesse Jackson president.
The one candidate with a solid record of fighting racism and inequality.
The one candidate who voted against the invasion of Iraq.
The one candidate who voted against the the first Gulf war.
The one candidate who voted against NAFTA and CAFTA.
The one candidate who voted against the USA Patriot Act.
The one candidate who wants to overturn Citizens United.
The one candidate who wants to rein in the NSA.
The one candidate who fights for the working class.
The one candidate with the guts to stand up to the 1%.
The one candidate who never sold us out.
The one candidate who never lied to us.
The only candidate who deserves our support.

That won't stop all the dishonest assholes with hidden agendas and nary an ounce of integrity from trying to shit on Bernie's head. He's the only candidate on either side with an ounce of integrity or the guts to stand up against the powers that be. The only one. When you shit on the one guy with any fucking integrity at all, you are committing a grave offense.

And HRC sure as hell does not want to debate Bernie. Her side knows he'll wipe the floor with her. DWS and the DNC should be ashamed for their stalling tactics. They need to do the right thing and schedule the debates. They cannot skip straight to the coronation of Ms. Inevitability. They've got to go through Bernie, and Bernie's going to kick their ass.

Bring on the debates!

So support who you like, vote for who you want, promote your candidate any way you see fit, but those who stoop to sliming Bernie with underhanded lies deserve to be called out for it.

Apparently, deceitful backdoor attacks on Bernie are all the rage at Daily Kos: damning with faint praise, expressing 'loving' concern, claiming to be a Bernie supporter while shaming Bernie supporters, making up stories about how he can't possibly win and just outright lying. Not surprising I guess, since it's all they've got. I'm just astonished and appalled at the depths to which some people are stooping. It speaks of panicked desperation. Good. That's exactly what they and their 1% Wall Street candidate deserve.

Unless you are an enthusiastic supporter of the status quo, unless you're pining for a big stinking pile of more of the same, you should step up and vote for the political revolution you've been crying for, praying for and waiting for all these years.

Yes, Liberals are sick and tired of being ATTACKED and SMEARED by their own party.

They ARE ANGRY and the more their own party represented by the Third Way continues to use these tactics AGAINST DEMOCRATS, instead of Republicans, the more that anger is going to build.

We saw the Third Way Founders go after Elizabeth Warren also.

Every time the Left of the party, which of course IS the party, find a great representative like Elizabeth Warren and Sanders among others, you can be sure to see the attacks from the Third Way and the lies and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Sick of the hypocrisy, sick of the smear campaigns and talking points and SICK of the cynical use of important issues as political footballs during campaigns ONLY TO BE FORGOTTEN once the campaigns are over.

And OPOL speaks for the Left whose votes are needed by the very people who are responsible for these attacks, should their candidate win. The continued campaign against the Left within this party will ensure a Republican win if it does not stop.

Thank you OPOL for expressing the anger these smear campaigns are engendering within this party so passionately, as always.

Anyone who uses the race card who was not engaged over the decades in the serious issues facing AAs for DECADES in this country has no credibility. Talking points don't die, no matter how clearly an issue is resolved, that's how you know they are expensive talking points.

Note to hosts:

© Kos Media, LLC
Site content may be used for any purpose without explicit permission unless otherwise specified

If You Share One Picture Today ....


Bernie will wipe the floor with any one of the Corporate tools from the Republican Party in the GE.

It's the Progressive Message people are responding to.

AND his focus on the corrosive, corrupting effects of money in politics.

We WERE told that a Progressive Message 'won't sell'! We were misled as polls contradict that across the political spectrum.

He is shattering all the myths we have been fed for so long, including that you CANNOT run a a good campaign WITHOUT Corporate billions.

Wow! Go Bernie!

Natalie BrandVerified account
I'm told 3,000 outside combined with 12K inside=15K to see @berniesanders

And the crowds keep growing. This was in support of Social Safety Nets and Unions.

No wonder certain people are getting increasingly NERVOUS!

Lol! I love the comments from ordinary people!

Reaganette ‏@Ezinger44 22m22 minutes ago
@NatalieBrandK5 @JonahNRO @BernieSanders that's a lot of socialist in this country.

NOT a Kardashian Proudly Wears Bernie Shirt in Public

Sarah Silverman .....

Silverman has said she likes the “underdog” because Sanders “says what he means & he means what he says & he’s not for sale.”

Smart woman!

Why Bernie should be very careful about O'Malley's proposal to hold Debates himself.

First, the DNC does NOT want Sanders in any debate with Hillary. The contrast on Issues is bound to harm THEIR preferred candidate.

The DNC has set it up so that 'anyone who participates in debates outside their approved schedule, will be banned from THEIR debates.

IF Bernie participates in O'Malley's proposed debates outside the six scheduled by the DNC, he will be banned from the DNC Debates.

The ONLY way he should do so is if both Webb and Chafee also participate in O'Malley's proposed debates.

The best thing that could happen for the DNC is to hold the debates with ONLY Chafee, Webb and Hillary.

So, let's start pressuring Webb and Chafee who have, supposedly, nothing to lose by joining O'Malley and if they won't, then neither should Bernie.

Just my opinion, but I'm beginning to see this as a possible trap for Bernie.

If he refuses O'Malley's invitation, they will accuse him of not really wanting debates.

If he accepts it, he will not be in the DNC debates.

So now is the time to make this a huge issue.

First with Hillary, Webb and Chafee.

AND MOSTLY force the DNC to lift that ban!

Use this to HIGHLIGHT the ridiculous anti-democratic demands of the DNC regarding debates.

Bernie should start talking about it now everywhere he goes. Tell people he will not be tricked out of the DNC debates, however he would like to join O'Malley so long as Hillary, Webb and Chafee do so also and ask people to contact them asking them to join him and O'Malley.

I'm getting a bad feeling about this. Hopefully I am wrong.

The Hill: Most retweeted GOP debate Candidate tweet was written by Bernie Sanders

Bernie's was the MOST retweeted at 20,000 Hillary's second with only 5,000!

Forget the Old Media, the PEOPLE are watching the New Media where Bernie topped all other candidates though not mentioned on the Old Media!

Most retweeted GOP debate tweet was written by Bernie Sanders


The liberal lawmaker's tweet was retweeted over 20,000 times — over four times the number of retweets received by the second most retweeted tweet, which incidentally also belonged to a Democratic candidate: Hillary Clinton.


Nearly 5,000 Twitter users retweeted her jab.

From Twitter Government 'Most retweeted presidential candidate Tweet'

Twitter Government ✔@gov
Most-retweeted presidential candidate Tweet of #GOPDebate came from Democrat @BernieSanders: https://twitter.com/BernieSanders/status/629488409728393216
12:15 PM - 7 Aug 2015

Bernie's 20,000 retweeted Tweet:

"It's over. Not one word about economic inequality, climate change, Citizens United or student debt. That’s why the Rs are so out of touch.”

Hillary's 5,000 retweeted Tweet:

"Watch the #GOPdebate?”Bet you feel like donating to a Democrat right about now.”

Bernie didn't ask for money. He joined the Debate using Twitter to respond to the Repubs.

Hillary otoh, asking for money from ordinary people. Why? Isn't her campaign expected to get as much as $2.5 Billion from Corporations?

Bernie spent two hours on Twitter taking the Repubs on about ISSUES.

Hillary said nothing about issues.

Just a few observations since I was watching the debate between the Repubs and Bernie on Twitter, I don't watch the Corporate Media coverage of these events, and waiting for the other Dem candidates to join in.

We NEED real Debates! The DNC needs to respond to the PEOPLE who WANT these debates.

Of course Bernie is likely to win any debate with ANY Candidate from either party. And we know THEY know that. But the decision should not be in the hands of a few party leaders.

THAT decision SHOULD be what the PEOPLE want!

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