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Bernie Spends 0 on Polling, Hillary Spends $900k. Bernie Doesn't Need Polling

Bernie Spends 0 on Polling, Hillary Spends $900K. Bernie Doesn't Need Polling Nuff Said

From the WSJ:

Her campaign spent more than $900,000 on polling in the quarter that ended June 30th; Mr. Sanders, $0.

Bernie doesn't need polling.
He speaks his mind and doesn't test where the wind is blowing. He's been saying the same thing for 40 years.... and now the wind is finally at his back.

Why poll when you are speaking the truth? There's no need to poll test the truth. No need for listening tours or focus groups.

Give 'em Hell Bernie!

So that's where all the polls are coming from?

The Latino Community is Learning about Bernie and they Like what they see.

Cesar Vargas is a writer at Huffpo and while initially he says, he had no interest in Bernie thinking his supporters were just like other supporters of candidates who didn't have a chance, overzealous with 'blind spots, like Ron Paul's supporters eg. now he feels differently.

Once he began to learn about Bernie, he completely changed his mind. He has asked that we share his article where he tells the Latino Community why they need to vote for Bernie, with as many people as possible. I have done so here:


Cesar Vargas: 'Why Latinos Should Vote for Bernie Sanders and Why He Needs Us'

Why Latinos Should Vote for Bernie Sanders and Why He Needs Us

I am here to tell the Latino community that we need Bernie Sanders, and vice versa. I am here to tell the Latino community we need to endorse and vote for Bernie Sanders to become the next president of the United States. There are several reasons why and I'll start with the ones I admire the most:

He's morally consistent.

He's been an advocate and part of the Civil Rights Movement since before many of us were born. In fact, he was even present when the great Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. made his famous "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Latinos are, without a doubt, beneficiaries of this movement and we are eternally grateful to those who stood by us since then. We are a loyal people. We might forgive others for their transgressions, but we don't forget. Yes, people change. God knows I've said and done things I'm not proud of, even at my age, but it's more admirable of a person to never have to say sorry because he/she has always done the right thing and not have many regrets.

He loves people.

He loves people more than power. That is the kind of leadership we need. He serves the people. He's not beholden to corporations ...... more at link

He doesn't pander.

Though it is commendable some candidates are appointing Latinas, I fear we're getting hoodwinked with tokens and symbols. I could be wrong, for it is to be seen if Latinas appointed by other Democrats are going to actually be allowed to be active and engaged in bettering the lives of Latinos instead of being used as shields for legitimate criticisms. Many a Latino have had their wings clipped off by organizations, Hollywood and politicians. Let's hope this isn't the case anymore.

One of the egregious and most unforgivable betrayals politicians have committed against us was to publicly state that our unaccompanied minors who are fleeing poverty and violence should be sent back to a life of exploitation, gang violence, starvation, suffering, and reportedly death. That's not who and what we need -- no matter how many Latinos are appointed by them.

He's been consistently championing for issues that directly affect the Latino community.

He supports our DREAMers and undocumented workers.

To Senator Bernie Sanders:

Latinos will decide the next presidential election.

With an estimated 1.5 trillion purchasing power, we are changing and continue to change the American landscape in every facet imaginable.

800,000 Latinos turn 18 annually. All will be eligible to vote.

We recently showed the world our ability to organically unite (thanks mostly to those of us who are active and over-index in social media) and take on a blowhard who won't be named. We won that battle.

We are loyal, we are active, we remember, and we return the love we get by the tenfold.

Welcome us into your campaign -- not just with lip service -- and we will make you the next president of the United States.

To the Latino community:

The future of this nation lies with us. As a faithful servant, I say to you, get to know Bernie Sanders. Vote for him during the upcoming democratic presidential primary.

Let's show the nation that we are an active part of it.

The Author, Cesar Vargas, has asked that we share this article:

Full disclosure:

I am not employed by Senator Bernie Sanders. I am not associated with any political party. I am not backed up by any corporation or organization, and this call to action isn't sponsored by anything or anyone, but my by my own mind, heart, and soul.

P.S. Please "like", tweet, and share this call to action with your networks. Let's spread the word as far and wide as possible. Join the #LatinosForBernie and the #LatinosForBernieSanders conversation.

César Vargas is a producer, writer, director, strategist, and diversity activist. He founded UPLIFTT (United People for Latinos in Film TV and Theater) and is president of Burning Ones Productions. You can reach him on Twitter @CesarVargas365 and Facebook at www.facebook.com/CesarVargas365

Wow! Biden Agrees With Bernie WRT to the Corrupting Effects of Money on Politics

I was about to post on OP about this subject after reading some comments today defending money in politics, which I found to be pretty surprising especially coming from Democrats.

Most surprising to me is how unaware some people seem to be of the fact that the Corrosive effects of the obscene amount of money spent on Political Campaigns is going to be the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE in this campaign.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders, we are finally going to have a National Debate about this for the first time.

And then I read about Biden's Speech on this subject and since he said pretty much everything Bernie has said, and I was about to repeat, I will simply let Biden say it all instead:

Joe Biden on Money in Politics: “A Hell of a Way to Run a Democracy”

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the Generation Progress summit yesterday and said if the country is going to address any number of pressing issues, we have to “get private money out of the political process” and he encouraged Democrats to take on the issue head-on.

Exactly Bernie's Point, and WHY he is running a campaign that REFUSES to take these huge donations from Private Donors, even worse now due to Citizens United!

He said on a variety of issues, nothing is going to happen until we address the broken system. “If you could do only one single thing, only one, to increase fairness, equity, opportunity to middle class, pass rational gun control, deal with immigration, etc. What would it be? I can tell you one thing I would do. It would be get private money out of political process.”

– He specifically called out the argument that candidates can’t “disarm” because their opponents won’t. “The first place you’ve got to start is the Democratic party. No matter how much you love me or somebody else, you have to demand of us that we demonstrate we understand. We can do something about the corrosive impact of massive amounts of money.”

– He said addressing the problem will restore trust in politicians: “Folks, don’t underestimate your ability to influence all of us who are tempted to yield to temptation to go ahead and do the same thing and, again, rationalize. If I don’t, I’m not going to be able to win and all the good I can do will be gone. Even though the way I have to do it, even if it doesn’t compromise me, convince average middle class people that I don’t care about them and they therefore won’t trust me.”

It's hard to know what to highlight, because Joe Biden is saying EVERYTHING that Bernie has been saying, and it sounds like he's CHALLENGING DEMOCRATS, as Bernie supporters have been doing, to follow Bernie's example and simply REFUSE what are essentially bribes.

Does this mean Joe Biden, IF he runs, will emulate Bernie Sanders and refuse Corporate Money also?

Is this a challenge to Hillary to join Bernie in refusing Corporate Funding? Because that IS the ONLY WAY to neutralize Citizens United as Bernie and his supporters have been saying 'DON'T TAKE THEIR MONEY'!

I'm going to repeat and highlight this from Joe Biden's speech because like Bernie, he does NOT agree with the argument that Dems can't refuse money because Repubs are taking it:

He specifically called out the argument that candidates can’t “disarm” because their opponents won’t. “The first place you’ve got to start is the Democratic party. No matter how much you love me or somebody else, you have to demand of us that we demonstrate we understand. We can do something about the corrosive impact of massive amounts of money.”

And from Bernie Sanders:

Bernie Sanders Is Fed Up With Money In Politics, And He's Running For President To Do Something About It

The self-described "democratic socialist," who is the first candidate to challenge Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, called for reform to the U.S. electoral system, which he described as beholden to wealthy interests and the top 1 percent of Americans.


As a result of the wealthy Koch brothers and the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, which unleashed unlimited outside money into elections, Sanders said, "We now have a political situation where billionaires are literally able to buy elections and candidates. Let's not kid ourselves. That is the reality right now."

Joe Biden GETS it! The most important issue in this campaign is going to be the corrupting, corrosive effects of money on our entire electoral system. Bernie has courageously not just talked about it, but is running his campaign based on that most important issue.

Thank you Joe for backing Backing Bernie Sanders on this most important issue!

UPDATES: Alabama Getting Ready For Bernie today also. Bernie2016TV covering it live:

Bernie2016 TV ‏@Bernie2016tv 24m24 minutes ago
"People are coming in and they haven't stopped coming in."
We're LIVE in AL!

It is interactive with people from around the country tweeting in which they are showing also.

They seem to be having some sound problems, but it is so cool that Bernie has his own coverage since the MSM won't be going out of their way to do so.

This event is in Birmingham.

Great to see all these groups around the country, working to get Bernie elected, and good that we will be able to see some of it as Bernie2016TV expands and is able to cover more events.

Just saw a tweet saying that over 500 Teachers have signed a petition opposing their Union's endorsement of Hillary. Lot's of news coming from the people who are participating also.

Editing to add photo from the Alabama Meetup:

People For Bernie ‏@People4Bernie 2h

Wow! So blown away by #Bernieham pics via @InequalityIsBad @FreeSpiritedWmn #FeelTheBern at http://peopleforbernie.com
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Kentucky Getting Ready for Bernie!

Nick Smith ‏@nsmith4t2 24m

KY showing some love for #Bernie2016 #ky4bernie @People4Bernie

Kentucky For Bernie Sanders is holding its first rally, going on right now.

Over one thousand signed up to be there. The photos above are from the rally. I'm sure there will be more.

If you're in Kentucky you might find their FB page helpful:


Will update if there are more photos and/or information!

Everyone is #FeelingTheBern!

Bernie: 'my opponents will outspend us BUT WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS ELECTION'

I don't think his opponents have grasped it yet, but THAT very thing, the Money in Politics, the negative campaigning bought and paid for by Corporate $$ is going to be one of the biggest issues in this campaign!

Let them keep spending money on personal attacks, avoiding talking about issues, while they focus on being negative.

Clearly it is having no impact on the PEOPLE who are a lot more informed today than they were just a decade ago.

Soon Bernie will be able to point to some of these attacks and USE them as an example of the corrosive effects of money in our electoral system.

I hope they are not spending TOO MUCH money on these negative attacks, as Bernie just keeps focusing on the REAL ISSUES:

Ssshhh Bernie. They don't WANT YOU to talk about these economic inequality issues for women and minorities.

They have a nice little system going where they pay less and make more so long as no one pays attention to it.

And THAT is why they are attempting to make an issue of his insistence on shining a light on this most important issue.

Malala Sends Same Message as Bernie to US Politicians:


No one knows better the results of our devastating wars on the countries we are still bombing and droning than those who live there.

Women especially are so adversely affected by our current Foreign Policies.

No one can say they support Women and Support War. Every statistic on War and Women proves that.

Bernie Sanders OPPOSED and voted against the First Gulf War.

He opposed and voted against the Second Gulf War.

AND in his speeches opposing these wars he POINTED OUT how we spend money on wars but NOT on education and improving the conditions of children who are living in poverty.

Listen to him in this speech opposing the FIRST GULF WAR eg, and see how he and Malala agree on this issue:

"We should make no mistake about it, today is a tragic day for humanity, for the people of Iraq, for the people of the United States, and for the United Nations as an institution. It is also a tragic day for the future of our planet and for the children, 30,000 of whom in the Third World will starve to death today as we spend billions to wage this war – and 25 percent of whom in our own country live in poverty in our country because we apparently lack the funds to provide them with a minimal standard of living. .

We could do so much good in the world. If we had spent the trillions wasted on war, lives wasted, children slaughtered, further impoverished, forced into refugee camps by the millions, on HELPING them, we would have no enemies worth worrying about.

Sanders is the ONLY candidate who has spoken out against those horrific wars.

Another reason why I support him.

Bernie Sanders Voted Against the FIRST GULF WAR. His Words That Day Were Prescient!

When Bush Sr and Cheney were preparing to go to war with Saddam Hussein claiming to be protecting Kuwait from an unlawful invasion (they always have their excuses don't they as if that should be any of OUR business) there WAS opposition to military action, though you might not have known it at the time.

Many pleaded for a Diplomatic Solution which fell on deaf ears.

When they finally went to Congress to get Autorization, one day after the war began, for their ill-conceived adventure Bernie Sanders stood alone in an empty chamber delivering the speech ALL democrats should have delivered!

Here are some of Bernie Sanders words which accurately predicted the tragic outcome of that 'good war', which we were told was supported by 90% of Americans. It took courage back then to do what Bernie did but he wasn't going to allow politics to stop him from doing what was right:

Bernie Sanders Predicted Invading Iraq Would Cause 'More Wars for Years to Come' -- in 1991

In his speech, he warned that while the United States would be able to crush the vastly inferior Iraqi army, the destruction and bitterness the war would cause would “lay the groundwork for more and more wars for years to come.” He denounced our attentiveness to war and our inattentiveness to basic human needs, such as child starvation abroad and homelessness at home:

"We should make no mistake about it, today is a tragic day for humanity, for the people of Iraq, for the people of the United States, and for the United Nations as an institution. It is also a tragic day for the future of our planet and for the children, 30,000 of whom in the Third World will starve to death today as we spend billions to wage this war – and 25 percent of whom in our own country live in poverty in our country because we apparently lack the funds to provide them with a minimal standard of living. ...

"Despite the fact that we are now aligned with such Middle Eastern dictatorships such as Syria, a terrorist dictatorship, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, feudalistic dictatorships, and Egypt, a one-party state that receives seven billion dollars in debt forgiveness to wage this war with us, I believe that in the long run, the action unleashed last night will go strongly against our interests in the Middle East. Clearly the United States and allies will win this war, but the death and destruction caused, will in my opinion, not be forgotten by the poor people of the Third World and the people of the Middle East in particular. ...

"I fear that one day we will regret that decision and that we are in fact laying the ground work for more and more wars for years to come."

Regardless of the way the political wind was blowing, Sanders, who was a new Representative at the time stood against that tide, not worried about his political career and did the right thing, one of just a very few with the courage to do so.

THIS is the kind of leader we need. Someone who gets it RIGHT THE FIRST TIME and doesn't need to apologize after the horse has left the barn, or when the tide turns again.

He went on to vote against the Second Iraq Invasion, consistent as always, standing by his principles and GOOD JUDGEMENT regardless of the possible political fallout.

You can watch his entire speech here:

Right about our disastrous and tragic wars.

Right when he predicted the Wall St collapse.

Right about Civil Rights for all Americans way before it was politically safe to do so.

This country so badly needs a leader who has both the foresight and good judgement that Sen. Sanders clearly has.

And later, his speech demanding an end to the war to stop the bloodshed and violence:

Bernie attracting Bigger IOWA Crowds than Before. 2,500 Showed Up Friday Night in Iowa

Bernie Sanders urges Iowa crowd of 2,500 to 'think big'

Supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders gather in the staging area before the Denison Independence Day Parade on Friday afternoon.

One audience member, 59-year-old Council Bluffs Democrat Richard Grondek, said he didn't think Sanders had a realistic chance of winning the Iowa caucuses "until he started drawing crowds like this."

Grondek recalled going to see three candidates in Council Bluffs on New Year's Day just days before the 2008 caucuses: Clinton in the morning, Obama in the afternoon, John Edwards at night. "And none of the crowds were this big," he said.

Sanders drew 800 at an event at Drake University last month, and as his popularity climbs with Democratic voters, he has drawn stadium-sized audiences outside of Iowa — including 5,000 in Minnesota and 10,000 in Wisconsin recently.

A supporter in Denison holds a sign refering to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who was active in the 1960s Civil Rights movement.

In Denison, local plumber Brian O'Neal convinced Sanders to climb aboard his antique John Deere tractor to pose for a picture. He said Sanders seems to be more down-to-earth than other candidates, especially those running on the right.

"Most of the GOP candidates tell you what you what they think you want to hear," O'Neal said. "But Bernie tells you what you ought to hear."

And then there is this:

None of the other three Democratic White House hopefuls — former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and former Virginia U.S. Sen. Jim Webb — have logged crowd counts as big in Iowa. Clinton attracted 700 in Des Moines last month when she held her first public rally. O'Malley was also in Iowa on Friday, and his biggest event of the day was at a coffeehouse in Newton, where he drew about 60 people.

More and more people are feeling the Bern!

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