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sabrina 1

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Member since: Sun Mar 30, 2008, 05:51 AM
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Former President Bill Clinton Now Following Bernie Sanders Lead on Citizens United! Sort of!

Obviously most people agree that Citizens United has to go.

To do it through a Constitutional Amendment however would mean clearing out Congress of its majority of Corporate controlled members.

That would take a whole lot of time during which the Kocks et al will be purchasing even MORE members of Congress.

Bernie will appoint Judges who oppose it making it possible to speed up this process.


Candidates like Hillary eg, can do what Bernie Sanders is doing


So my question to President Clinton is this:

Have you advised Hillary to follow Bernie's example and refuse the money made possible by Citizens United which she is currently accepting?

Because accepting that money STRENGTHENS Citizens United, just as accepting any money from anyone with questionable intentions gives them power over you.

So talk is cheap. Until Hillary and all other candidates refuse this money, all we are getting is talk.

Except from Bernie Sanders.

Bernie cannot be bought!

Bernie Sanders Leads the Way on Major Issues. Hillary Follows His Lead!

On Citizens United:

Bernie makes this the central issue of his campaign. Not only by TALKING about it, he is refusing to take Citizens United-provided huge donations, opting instead to go to the People to help him beat CU. Early in his campaign he states he will appoint no SC Judge who is not opposed to CU.

Hillary later announces that she opposes Citizens United. However she takes advantage of it by accepting huge donations now possible BECAUSE of Citizens United. Hillary gets on board with Bernie later to also state she will not appoint any SC who do not oppose CU.

On the Keystone Pipeline:

Bernie opposes the Keystone Pipeline from the start. He wants the US to move towards Alternative Energy, as an Environment Hawk he understands the damage this Pipeline will cause, is already causing in Canada, to our Environment.

Hillary initially says she will let her position be known to us AFTER the election on the Keystone Pipeline. However she has since changed her mind and joined Bernie stating that she too is now opposed to the Keystone Pipeline.

On the TPP:

Bernie, along with every Union in the country and a majority of Americans, opposes this Secret Deal vehemently and fights as hard as he can to stop it from passing into law.

Hillary was a proponent of this deal going back to her tenure as Secretary of State. However, just today we have heard that she is again following Bernie's example, or at least sending out signals that she is no longer 100% behind it, but will make a final determination after she sees the text.

Bernie has seen the leaks, doesn't want Global Corps writing or influencing our legislation, wants Trade Agreements that put American Workers first. Based on the secrecy of the deal, the involvement of major Global Corps who will have the power to overcome our hard fought for laws, he doesn't need to know more than that.

Hillary has moved to Bernie's longtime positions on other major issues also, Marriage Equality eg which she was still opposed to until 2013.

I've heard questions about how Bernie will work with a Congress that opposes his policies.

I think this demonstrates his Leadership. He has been able to persuade the Democratic Front Runner that her positions on some major issues are not where the American people are.

This is very good for the country. To see a real Leader begin the process of moving the country to where the majority of the PEOPLE are on major issues that affect all of our lives, LEFT.

I won't be surprised to see some of the GOP gang begin following him to the Left also on some issues because no one can win this election by supporting issues the people oppose so overwhelmingly.

However, much as I applaud people who are willing to admit when they are wrong, I want a LEADER in the White House.

Someone who got it right HIMSELF who has the judgement and the foresight to know when something is going to be bad for the country.

And because I know I can trust Bernie Sanders not to change his mind on the above mentioned issues once the elections are over.

Hillary? She has far too many Corporate Donors who will be negatively impacted financially by a Government that opposes these issues.

As Biden said recently 'the money in politics has a corrosive effect on our system' AND he pointed out, even on good people, such as even himself.

I am with the person who is NOT going to influenced by Corporate Cash and who is smart enough to see the consequences of bad legislation BEFORE he publicly opposes it and/or casts his vote for or against it .

Congratulations to Bernie for the influence he is having on this Election.

Without him in this race, most of these issues would not even be mentioned.

Bernie Sanders: 'His World Revolves Around Helping People'

ToastyPoptart ‏@LollipopCrumbs 37m37 minutes ago

Bernie Sanders may be the most unselfish guy on the planet. His world revolves around helping people.


He may not always get it right, but he wants to.

And when he doesn't, he listens, to the PEOPLE.


And that is why the people are listening to him now.

The Making of Smear Campaigns & the Dark Money that Pays for them!

When Anonymous dumped HB Gary's emails onto the Internet, we saw how a Security Contractor bids on a Contract to Smear and discredit individuals and organizations that might be a threat to their potential 'Clients'.

Never mind the question of why a Security Contractor would be in the business of Smear Campaigns, other than it appears, their real function is to make money.

In this case the potential Client was Bank of America who was apparently fearful that Wikileaks was about to release documents exposing corruption within their organization.

How HB Gary knew they were interested in a smear campaign against those who were publicly discussing Bank Fraud I can't say.

Those targeted for the Smear Campaign we learned were 'Progressive Orgs and Bloggers' one of whom was Glenn Greenwald.

Someone got the contract as we saw the smears and talking points aimed at Greenwald not long afterwards.

Reading the emails gave us look at how they do their, what they call 'opposition research', dirty work. It was an education on how these unethical people wallow in attempting to destroy good people.

The contract, had HB Gary received it ,would have been worth millions of dollars.

Since the Citizens United Ruling made it possible for the Wealthy to donate to the immoral entities known as Super Pacs, there is no limit on the money available for Political Smear Campaigns, now known as Dark Money because the donors can hide behind anonymity while the Pacs can CLAIM they are not working WITH a particular campaign in order to keep it legal.

David Brock's Hillary Super Pac's recent attempt at a Smear Campaign against Bernie Sanders was quickly exposed thankfully, due to Brock's arrogant assumption that while attempting to embroil Reporters in his dirty tricks, they would 'respect HIS anonimity'.

As we know, Brock ended up inadvertently raising $1.3 Million dollars for BERNIE.

That however won't stop them from reaching for all that Dark Money that is available to smear anyone who threatens the interests of the Ruling Class.

This is what they count on to make their Smear Campaigns successful.

First do some, what Brock calls 'opposition research'. Check out the target's personal history as they did with Greenwald, their spouses, children etc. Disgusting yes, but that is what we learned 'what schools do his kids, if any, go to etc.

Once they settle on a talking point, as we saw with Brock, the 'plant it' in the media, on blogs and wherever they think it will get the most exposure.

We know they hire a few people to get their smear started, some who will post links to the smear on various internet forums.

They don't necessarily need an army to keep the smears going. Once out there, some will spread them around for free due to their own agendas.

But WE play an intended, by them, role too. They count on those of us who are likely to be outraged by the deceptions and distortions which will draw us into their negative threads, ending up with hundreds of comments, kicking and keeping the lies alive.

I used to fall for that but realized that this is exactly what they want.

Lies and distortions SHOULD be thoroughly exposed. But THEY know, that it is the HEADLINE that will get the attention, any corrections of the lies in the comment section will not beyond a few who respond within the thread.

We are NOT organized or funded the way they are.

But we don't have to help them.

So much has been written now about their tactics that we CAN fight them and ARE.

See eg, the two main talking points that have been circulating this week about Bernie.

Guns and of all things, Gay Rights.

Aside from everything else, when they DO this, they are also deliberately DISTRACTING people from every other issue.

So how can help them WASTE THEIR MONEY?

My opinion is, do not kick their threads.

Write your own TRUTHFUL thread if you want to correct them on the issues they choose to try to exploit.

And, think about what it is they DON'T want us to talk about.

My feeling is they do not want us to talk about the TPP this week.

Since it is a TOP issue for a majority of Voters, I think we should not be distracted from it.

The other issue they would prefer we not talk about, ALSO a top issue for a majority of voters is The Money in Politics.

Those are two of the main reasons I support Bernie Sanders.

And I will not be distracted, baited or anything else into not discussing them.

I will not kick their Talking Points, let them die the natural death they deserve and talk about what they do NOT want us to talk about.

Just my opinion based on all I've learned about this despicable practice that is so harming our electoral system.

One more thing, I like the idea of USING their distortions and lies to help raise money for Bernie as we did with Brock

I'm sure many people won't agree with me and may have better ideas to counter these vile Dark Money smear campaigns.

I would appreciate other ideas because we cannot let their MONEY interfere with our elections anymore.

Smear campaigning paid for with Citizen's United Money should be illegal.

A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote AGAINST Citizens United!

"Wow! Latest ISideWith Results Show Sanders Winning in All 50 States"

WOW!!!! Latest ISideWith Results Show Sanders Winning in All 50 States: http://thebernreport.com/latest-isidewith-results-show-sanders-winning-in-all-50-states/ … - via:@TheBernReport #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016

Latest ISIDEWITH Results Show Sanders Winning in all 50 States

As Bernie’s campaign picks up steam the latest results from isidewith.com show the momentum has carried Bernie to a commanding online lead. With 100,000 votes cast in September alone, Sanders is way out in front. Last month, according to I Side With, Sanders was ahead in 49 states with Clinton holding on to a slim lead in her home state of Arkansas but the lead there has vanished as well. Of course as we have said before, this is not a scientific poll by any stretch of the imagination but it shows just how popular the Vermont senator has become. The Summer of The Bern continues. We’d maintain this poll is however a more accurate indicator of what is happening with Bernie’s movement. Traditional polls use landlines phones and usually call people that voted along a certain party line last time – and neither one of those things represents Bernie’s massive amount of support.

State results were calculated from 98,081 voters for September 2015 for the question “If the Presidential election were held today, which candidate would you vote for?”

Click on this link and hover over each state to see the results of this poll!

Presidential Election Clinton V Sanders

Out with the OLD, in with the NEW. The Old Media is still trying to remain relevant in a world where the New Media is where people go to campaign for elections, for real activism, to get real results on what real people are thinking.

I expect that there will be cries of 'this means nothing, it's an internet poll'. Great, keep thinking that Social Media, which helped bring down a few dictators is irrelevant, no matter how wrong that may be.

Meantime this poll reflects the reality of the support for Sanders, the huge crowds are there because of the activism of those on Social Media.

I imagine when Television first started covering campaigns, the older generation dismissed that also.

Since Corporations took over the MSM their credibility has been shattered.

Obama benefited from the New Media also, while McCain had no clue how powerful a medium it is.

Heartless, Shameful and Most of all for the Loved Ones of those murdered, so Disrespectful

Yet another horrific tragedy occurred in yet another school, the one place where in a decent society, people should feel safe, this week.

I remember several years ago when another horrible tragedy occurred stating that the saturation coverage would continue for a week or so, then the victims would be forgotten, until the next time.

There have been more than one hundred next times since then.

You never get over the loss of a child or any loved one for that matter, especially when that loved one dies so senselessly.

Those predictions sadly, came true, I doubt anyone remembers the names of a single victim of any of the awful crimes that have occurred so frequently now, over the past several years.

But one thing I know, from personal experience, the surviving loved ones never forget.

I have seen the CYNICAL USE of this latest tragedy for Political Purposes and feel sick to my stomach that people can even think of using such a tragedy for such a purpose.

What has been absent is any sign of actual compassion for the victims..

This is only to say that for those left behind whose pain is beyond imagination unless one has experienced it themselves, I wish we could have stopped it somehow, I wish this nightmare had never happened, I wish we lived in a country where compassion and kindness prevailed over violence and anger.

Just wanted to stop for a moment and remember that there are people grieving right now, in shock, no doubt when the election is over and no one who is so 'concerned' now, will even mention this tragedy, or think about the victims, THEY will still be in shock, they are changed forever.

No candidate in this election is responsible for this horrible crime.

And no candidate or their surrogates or supporters should stoop so low as to use it, or try to imply that any other candidate is responsible.

But then, this is the country where these horrible tragedies occur on an almost monthly basis, maybe more, so we should not be surprised to see such heartless cynicism as we are witnessing to day.

RIP to the beautiful human beings who are no longer here and if I could, to their loved ones, I would simply say 'I am sorry'

As a victim of a terrible tragedy myself, I would be appalled to see it used as this is being used.

It would only add to the pain!

Maybe as a nation we can unite to try to find a way to figure out why this is happening and how we can prevent it.

But smearing candidates in political campaigns sure isn't the way for anyone who is sincere.

The Establishment Rejects the People's Candidate. Confirming the Main Reason Why Sanders is Surging!

They are afraid, they are beholden to their Corporate Donors. Nothing has exposed the 'rigged system' (thanks Elizabeth Warren) more than the fear of the beholden to endorse the candidate the People are choosing.

The most important issue in this campaign is the corrosive, corrupting effect of money on our electoral system.

Who will be the first Democrat with the courage to endorse the only Candidate who opposes with his words AND actions, the Democracy destroying ruling of the Corporate Supreme Court, Citizens United?

Bernie Sanders thrills huge Boston crowd with call to fight racism and reform gun law

32,000 people!!

Bernie Sanders thrills huge Boston crowd with call to fight racism and reform gun law

He suggested the US should enact several plans, including closing the loophole that allow unlicensed gun dealers to sell without background checks, “end the sale and distribution of semi-automatic weapons whose only goal is to kill people”, and start “a revolution in terms of mental health in this country”.

“Maybe if we do all of these things we can lessen the likelihood of these horrendous disasters,” he said.

Campaign staffers could not immediately provide an official estimate for the crowd inside the packed Boston Convention Center, but the venue can hold more than 25,000 people and organizers estimated that some 4,000 people filled the overflow room after the main hall filled up. Others braved cold, wet weather to watch the speech outside on a Jumbotron.

Excellent that he wants this country to do something about Mental Health. It is a DISGRACE that we have virtually NO programs to assist families with family members who have serious MH issues which often lead to violence.

As one of those families, having sought and failed to find the necessary help for a family member, I have to say that one of our worst fears was that one day, without that help, we might receive a call such as the families of so many of these seriously disturbed individuals have tragically received.

Without addressing this issue, the public is at risk so I am, as someone who knows the fear of being unable to prevent a violent action of a family member, thrilled to see a candidate address this most important issue and would hope that this become a number one issue in order to end these horrific and senseless mass murders.

This is why I support this man for president.

He doesn't just play to the crowd for political purposes, he THINKS about issues from various perspectives and listens to the people, before deciding that for the purpose of 'winning' he needs to toss out platitudes that we hear every election season and clearly, up to now do NOTHING to solve these major problems in our society.

I wonder if the endless attacks and smear campaigns against Bernie make Hillary sick to her stomach?

I know that Bernie has defended Hillary many times to the Corporate Media refusing to attack her, even when they attempt to provoke him to do so.

In one interview, eg, when the 'interviewer' asked Bernie if he agreed that Hillary's comment in a Black Church (she was being lambasted at the time by AAs for that comment) was extremely insensitive, he even grew ANGRY telling the interviewer 'I will NOT attack Hillary for the use of that phrase' making it clear he would not play their game

Shortly after, her supporters began a smear campaign against him, even though HE never used that phrase and could have done what her supporters did later. It was handed to him on a plate, to join in the firestorm against her for the use of that phrase.

He did not, and I respect him for that.

I know also he has no Super Pacs funded by Dark Money sending out smears against Hillary because he opposes both Dark Money in politics AND negative campaigning that is personal.

I would imagine she appreciates his principled stand and his repeated insistence that he respects her as a person, disagrees with her on some policies, but refuses to speak for her, sending the sensation-seeking 'journalists' to give her the respect of asking HER what she thinks rather than asking him.

Yet, I have not seen any statements from Hillary condemning the many smears, some of them pretty vile, anti semitic eg, implying 'dual loyalty etc, And then there is the red-baiting coming from her Super Pac which I'm sure she like everyone else, found to extremely offensive.

As a long time admirer of Hillary I wonder how she feels about all the nasty stuff being aimed at Bernie on her behalf.

It must make her feel very bad that her supporters are attacking someone she presumably respects. And his supporters!

One of many examples of Bernie defending Hillary.

Bernie Sanders defends Hillary Clinton against sexist criticism

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders offered up some praise for his biggest challenger, Hillary Clinton, on CBS' Face the Nation and said he noticed some of the attacks are rooted in her gender. "I can't think of many personalities who have been attacked for more reasons than Hillary Clinton," he told host John Dickerson on Sunday. "And, by the way, let me be frank - and I'm running against her: Some of it is sexist." Sanders emphasized the admiration he has for his opponent. "I don't know that a man would be treated the same way that Hillary is," he said.

The man has class and so do a vast majority of his supporters who I am proud to be among working to help get him elected.

Veterans Love Bernie Sanders: "No One Has Had Our Backs Like Bernie. No one!"

Bernie's Veterans Bills

No one has had our backs like Bernie. No one. When you look at the candidates for President and Commander-in-Chief, he is the only one who has consistently stood up and said, “If you can’t afford to take care of Veterans, then don’t go to war.”

As chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, he’s been our outspoken leader in the fight to improve what’s broken at the VA. In taking the time to meet us and our families and to hear our stories, there’s no question that Bernie genuinely appreciates the sacrifices we make. That’s why he fights so hard for us.

Bernie’s record speaks for itself. Like my grandma used to say, “The proof is in the pudding.” He is the only candidate who has continually spoken out about the ‘true costs of war.’ Unlike so many others, Bernie doesn’t just talk. He walks the walk. He gets shit done. While other politicians are out giving Veterans Day speeches and using us like props, Bernie is working hard to get us results and do what’s right.


In addition to the CHOICE Act, Bernie has sponsored more veterans bills than any other legislator in the last three decades.

My note: See long list of Bernie's bills fighting for Veterans at the link

What Veterans Have to Say about Bernie

Lots more declarations at the link. Veterans from all our wars are campaigning hard for Bernie. No one knows the cost of war better than those who were sent to fight them. And they believe the even though Bernie voted against the wars some of them fought in, he, more than any other member of Congress, understands.

Many people don't know the work Bernie has done in Congress to help Veterans get the benefits they deserve, saying often that if you want to send them to War, you must take care of them when they come home.

And those are not just words in his case. His record is long on the fight for the rights of Veterans, not just campaign rhetoric and they know he is sincere.

Hiring Veterans. Bernie’s bill reauthorized provisions of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011, including a two-year extension of the popular Veterans Retraining Assistance Program that allows veterans age 35-60 to gain additional training in high-demands fields.

Editing to add this:

VFW Presents Bernie Sanders with their 2015 Congressional Award

Longer version here:


Published on Mar 13, 2015
Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) received the VFW Congressional Award in recognition of his outstanding service to our nation and for his support and dedication to service members, veterans and their families at the 2015 VFW Legislative Conference.

H/T to DUer Cheese Sandwich who provided the information on this in post #29 in this thread!

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