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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 10:11 PM
Number of posts: 39,929

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Here is a working hypothesis about Hillary's email that makes her look very good indeed

With one insignificant private email account and one little server tucked ever so securely away in her bungalow Hillary has managed to unite the Democratic party in the cause of supporting the human right of individuals to have their personal communications kept private from government intrusion.

It is a fierce advocate who will take on the sort of fire and brimstone coming out of the Republican party on the behalf of all Americans who would like to think that they are entitled to privacy in their communications with their family, friends and associates.

We will hear every possible argument against personal privacy and probably a few impossible ones too come out of the Republican party and we will hear the Democrats forcefully respond that personal privacy is a critical component of general human rights.

When this brouhaha is done we will know incontrovertibly that the Democratic party and more importantly the presumptive 2016 Democratic nominee is pro privacy, this is the sort of thing that will engage the disaffected to come and vote for Democrats, bold moves that speak to values of liberty and justice.

When a old timer makes an obvious rookie mistake it makes me wonder just what exactly is going on

I mean no one could possibly have predicted that using private email with your own private server for official SoS business would raise a few Republican eyebrows if a Democrat were to be found using such a system.

Red meat in front of a pack of starving wolves, why would the human being who should know this above all others save possibly one not understand this, especially when they have the one who best understands it right at hand so to speak? Hillary has been angling towards the Presidency for more than half her life now and she is about as far from a stupid rookie as it's possible to get.

I remain unconvinced this is not some sort of ruse, it would be interesting if we had a heavy downpour of shoes.

Prepaid card and Wifi calling app for Samsung phone?

I have recently acquired a Samsung SGH T599N and I'd like to put a Wifi calling app on it and also I'd like to get a prepaid minutes card only for calling out of range of wifi.

This my first actual smartphone, I've had a couple of Blackberries and so on but the Samsung is still a bit of a mystery, any recommendations would be welcome.

Whoever is driving the Republican party so far so fast to the right is using it like explosives

Political parties are just tools to be used in pursuit of an agenda, we tend to think of tools as things you use carefully in order to preserve them for later use but not all tools are like that.

Explosives for instance are a powerful form of tool that is used once destructively and then is unavailable to be reused. If you need more of that tool you go and buy more. Whoever is driving the Republican party is using it more like explosives than what we normally think of as tools such as pliers, a wrench or a screwdriver. Clearly someone who would use a tool in such a manner believes that they can buy more of the tool once the Republican party is blown to pieces.

Social justice in the crab bucket

For those possible few of us who may not know how crabs in a bucket act, any crab that manages to get a little bit up on the way out of the bucket gets grabbed by one or more other crabs who are also trying to climb out, the result is that the crab that has somehow made it a little way up gets pulled back into the frantic, squirming melee at the bottom of the bucket.

The point of the title is that social justice is something in remarkably short supply at the bottom of the crab bucket, it's every crustacean for itself.

Advanced technologies today are wiping out traditional jobs, for instance it won't be all that long before driving jobs become more scarce due to robotic vehicles. Once it's shown statistically that robot drivers are safer than human ones it's only a matter of time until the insurance companies if nothing else make sure that robot drivers are preferred over human ones. Humans are already as good as they are going to get at driving while robots will only get better at it. The same sort of advances are happening in every facet of life, human intelligence and ability to manipulate the environment is going to become ever less needed while it becomes more readily available as there are more and more humans.

The crab bucket is already here, as the wealthy absorb ever more of the world economic output and the number of people needed to keep the wheels of industry turning becomes ever fewer the sides of the crab bucket get gradually higher and more slippery and the crabs at the bottom of the bucket ever more desperate and frantic to climb up each other to escape. From my point of view I can't see how that type of environment engenders justice of any sort besides that of chitin and claw.

Underestimating your enemy is one of the worst mistakes it's possible to make in war..

"War is a merely the continuation of politics by other means" -Carl von Clausewitz

I constantly see statements on DU about how stupid Republicans are.. If Republicans are so damn stupid how have they been handing the supposed smart people their asses for decades?

National level Republican politicians say a lot of things that sound stupid to us but I don't for a minute think that remotely implies that they are stupid. I really wish we could drop the "Republicans are stupid" meme because it leads to greatly underestimating their long proven ability to get their "stupid" ideas enacted into policy.

Stupid is as stupid does Forrest Gump remarked, Republicans now control both houses of Congress and could well end up taking the Presidency in 2016, that isn't the result of stupidity, rather it is the result of guile, cunning and a great deal of political and social insight into the segment of the population that votes for Republicans.

I loaned an old 5 megapixel Lumix point n' shoot to a friend for a while

She is utterly clueless about cameras or anything technological but has an excellent eye I think, here are some choice shots off the card.

Rock the Casbah

Almost every nice weekend I go with a friend or three to the local Casbah, the Flea Market. This was the nicest day we've had in months let alone on a weekend and the Casbah was rocking this Saturday afternoon.

I picked up a couple of old SLR cameras today, one Pentax with a nice 50mm f1.7 SMC Takumar-A and a Yashica with a modest Yashinon zoom, both lenses in very good useable shape. I find collectable camera stuff about every third or fourth weekend, no one else seems to be looking for that sort of thing so I get really good deals. My kitchen, shop and wardrobe are largely filled with items I have picked up at the Casbah.

On one end of the Casbah we have the Authentic Mexican Taqueria/Carniceria and on the other there is a Soul Food barbecue grill (which I managed to miss getting a picture of), in between is the oddest collection of stuff.. About half the people you see in the pictures are the dealers I have considered my friends for years and the rest are random shoppers.

Dr MLK Jr: We are coming to get our check

I haven't heard this before, powerful truth.

Q: You don't buy the party unity argument?

A: I don't..

At 0:35

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