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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 09:11 PM
Number of posts: 43,769

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Electric vehicles take to the fields to ease the labor of crop picking

These are brilliant, the second one is solar powered even.

Read my lips

A shoutout to all the undercover Bernie supporters, you know who you are

Y'all are great, I'm nowhere near focused enough to be able to pull off what you do, you are doing a fine job of making Clinton supporters look even more like socially challenged head trauma victims than your fellow Berniebros, a high bar for anyone to reach let alone exceed.

Now I'm off to check the posts in the Lurkers group, activity is picking up sharply lately and I don't want to miss anything exciting.

On revolution: JFK: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable

Pachyderm spongiform encephalopathy (PSE) is a completely debilitating neurological disorder

Humans affected by PSE are usually divorced from logic and language and show progressively deteriorating behavioral and neurological signs.

One notable sign is an increase in anger, aggression and complete antipathy while simultaneously Trumpeting the joys of Christian good will to all.

PSE humans react violently and aggressively to logic, science, fact and any demonstration of cause and effect, particularly the simple idea that 10 annual gigatons of carbon emissions could possibly affect anything.

Victims become apoplectic at the suggestion of universal or single-payer healthcare, preferring the draconian sensibilities of GOP Death Panels and waxing nostalgically about a traditional ‘free-market’ vulture capitalist healthcare system with a proven track record of extortion, murder and record bloody quarterly profits.

Prevention of mad elephant disease is possible, but only by weaning the patient off of Fake News, hate radio and the Asimovian “notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge”.

Save the mad elephants !

I found this attributed to a comment in Dowd's column today but I'm not going there and I'm not linking to it.

Yosemite Sarah

Carolyn Wonderland, Judgement Day Blues

Samantha Fish Band, I Put a Spell On You

Just got back from the SS office, I got a piece of mail from SS with someone else's SSN on it

It was one of the more bizarre mailings I have seen, mailed on Jan 7, got it the 13th and it told me I had to visit the SS office by Jan 18 (MLK day holiday) or risk losing some or all of my benefits and said I had to explain something that apparently had to do with undeclared income and then left the section where the "something" was supposed to be listed totally blank.

Anyhow, I wouldn't have bothered to post an OP about something like that but the letter had a handwritten listing of a SS employee I was supposed to contact at our local office and had their # and extension but also listed what looked like their SSN, it certainly wasn't mine. On the printed part of the letter my SSN was correct.

I took it to the SS office today and they were absolutely perplexed by the letter, both the fact I was supposed to explain something that wasn't even described and the other SSN on there had the woman I spoke with very puzzled. The person listed works at the office but wasn't there today, I'm supposed to get a phone call at some point when she returns to the office.

A black man told me today in all seriousness that God wants Donald Trump to be President

His name is Edmund, he's probably late fifty-ish, from Ghana complete with the mahvelous accent and manages a little religious charity thrift store I frequent every couple of weeks or so. I make it a point to become friendly with the management in these sorts of places, they will hold items for you they know you are looking for and maybe negotiate a bit more on the prices if they like you.

So today Edmund starts talking about politics and I stood there with my jaw hanging open as he told me how wonderful the Donald is and how he cannot be bought since is a self made man with his own money, furthermore it is God's plan that Trump be President and of course what God wants God gets. I managed to keep my tongue from causing me trouble since I like Edmund, he's a friendly guy and other than politics and perhaps religion he seems very sensible.

Just had to get that off my chest, my flabber is still somewhat gasted, I suspect il Douche may have a wider appeal than I had realized before.

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