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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 10:11 PM
Number of posts: 45,259

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I had a bit of an epiphany the other day

I was responding to Sid and remarked that Canada has almost no Teabaggers and also very nearly zero Berniebros.. And then it hit me, Canada has single payer so people can get help with their psychological issues.

If America had single payer all the Teabaggers and Berniebros would get help with their authority issues and become pragmatic moderate centrists who would enthusiastically vote for Hillary and the status quo.

America could be a paradise and the Republican party nothing but a rapidly fading bad memory if we only had single payer like Canada.

What sort of parent takes their child into a situation where there are active snipers?

Hillary Clinton took her daughter Chelsea to Bosnia where according to Hillary they both came under sniper fire.

I remember when Sarah Palin flew home to Alaska to have her child after her water supposedly broke and how many people condemned her for putting her unborn child in danger.

Shouldn't we also condemn a parent who knowingly and deliberately takes their child into the horrible danger of sniper fire?

Will the flood of Clinton supporters getting Over The Hill become a tsunami?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Jimmy Carter left the Southern Baptist Church in 2000

I see a couple of threads where Jimmy Carter is wrongly named as a member of the Southern Baptist Church, that is not a true statement, Carter hasn't belonged to that church in over fifteen years.


ATLANTA, Oct. 20 Jimmy Carter, a third-generation Southern Baptist and the first United States president to call himself a born-again Christian, has reached what he calls ''a painful decision'' to sever ties to the Southern Baptist Convention, saying that parts of its ''increasingly rigid'' doctrines violate the ''basic premises of my Christian faith.''

Mr. Carter's decision, announced on Thursday in a letter that is being mailed this week to 75,000 Baptists nationwide, comes four months after the Southern Baptist Convention, the country's largest Protestant denomination, declared its opposition to women as pastors.

In the same doctrinal statement, adopted last June, the group advocated a literal interpretation of the Bible. Two years ago, the group called for wives to be submissive to their husbands.

''I have seen an increasing inclination on the part of Southern Baptist Convention leaders to be more rigid on what is a Southern Baptist and exclusionary of accommodating those who differ from them,'' Mr. Carter said today in a brief interview. ''In the last couple of years, this tendency of the Southern Baptist Convention leadership to ordain their creed on others has become more onerous for me and more difficult for me to accept.''

I almost never go in the Lounge

Quite literally the very first post I have looked at in there in months and what do I see?


I'm glad GD-P isn't an echo chamber

This place would be a lot less interesting and informative if it was one sided, I've never put anyone on ignore and I doubt I will.

Thanks to all of you who make DU and GD-P entertaining and fun, you know who you are.

Hillary's perfect defense for the email security legal peccadillos, two simple words...

Steve Martin explains.

Obama: Bless her heart, Hillary didn't ~intentionally~ put America in danger, as far as I know *

* A dramatization, not intended to be an accurate quote.

Hillary: "Obama's not a Muslim... As far as I know."

Ah, revenge served only eight years later and frigid as an igloo on Pluto.

The incident of antisemitism at the Apollo theater was not the first of the campaign

I saw in another thread someone claiming that the Apollo incident was the first of the campaign, that is not so.

Diane Rehm sandbagged Senator Sanders on her radio show by stating that he holds dual citizenship with Israel, a classic antisemitic trope, and then questioning his word when he told her that was not true. ("I have in my hand a list of names" which actually was every Jewish member of Congress)

It turned out that Ms Rehm's information she used to slime Senator Sanders came from a Facebook reply and she had not fact checked it, not exactly professional conduct from a national radio host, particularly a "liberal" one.

The rhetoric around BLM sure has changed in the last six months or so

I'll be the first to admit that the rhetoric has changed on both sides, Sanders and Clinton but still the change is remarkable.

Is all of politics nothing more than maneuvering for advantage?

I laugh a lot at the antics that go on here in GD-P, that's why I keep coming back, but it's an often cynical and sometimes even bitter humor I feel.

But still, laughing beats crying.

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