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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2008, 11:39 AM
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A GOOD health insurance company

I am on Medicare with a 'bump up' buy also buying additional coverage through MVP in Rochester NY. (Formerly Preferred Care)

In 20010 the additional premium was $36/mo. Last year it was $40. This year it is... ready??....ZERO.. I called and talked with several people about it. Because it sounded so impossible..MVP is a not for profit company and rated 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 in the US. They were able to lower, in this case eliminate, the premium, because of their high rating. It seems MEDICARE will re-imburse these companies more or less depending on their rating.

The co-pays went up a little, but not by much. At least for me not by enough to offset the drop in the premium. I am sure it is different for different people.

They are also now offering, get this, to send a physician's assistant to ANY member's home who would like to have a basic check-up, advice on health care, etc.. not that I need that but.. they are doing it to show Medicare that they actually CARE about their clients, to be proactive with health care to keep down costs, and to keep the high rating.. and to raise it even higher.

I am sure MVP has figured this out to the nickel, so to speak. Nevertheless. I am impressed.

THE Rmoney photo of the decade!

Check out this photo..

I hope the link works...

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