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Name: Catherina
Gender: Female
Member since: Mon Mar 3, 2008, 02:08 PM
Number of posts: 35,177

About Me

There are times that one wishes one was smarter than one is so that when one looks out at the world and sees the problems one wishes one knew the answers and I don\'t know the answers. I think sometimes one wishes one was dumber than one is so one doesn\'t have to look out into the world and see the pain that\'s out there and the horrible situations that are out there, and not know what to do - Bernie Sanders http://www.democraticunderground.com/128040277

Journal Archives

Capriles calls for international interference and says he will contest the elections

Capriles calls for international interference and says he will contest the elections

01/05/13.- "We will exhaust all internal means, but we have no doubt that this case will end up in the international community," said former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, referring to his challenge of the elections held on April 14, where Nicolas Maduro took victory with 50.61 percent of the vote.


Requesting foreign interference as a way to violate the decision of the Venezuelan people expressed at the polls on 14-A has been evident since last week when members of the party Primero Justicia (PJ) promoted their disregard of state institutions during a tour conducted in four European countries.

At that time, the national secretary PJ Thomas Guanipa, accompanied by Edmundo González, member of the International Liaison & Coordination for MUD, reported that they had visited Spain, Germany, Belgium and France, where they met with rightwing organizations to request support for their disregard of Venezuelan institutions.

Despite repeated attempts by the right to discredit the Venezuelan Electoral Authority and President Nicolas Maduro's victory with 50.61% of the vote (7,586,251 votes), all countries of the world have recognized the results of the elections except the United States.


MUD deputy recognizes that Capriles lost the election

MUD deputy recognizes that Capriles lost the election

01/05/13.- Juan Carlos Caldera, Conservative deputy to the National Assembly for the First Justice party, acknowledged on Wednesday that the candidate Henrique Capriles lost the elections last April 14.

"Unfortunately he who wanted to be the president of the Venezuelans, Henrique Capriles, failed in the stated objective, the objective of winning the election, as announced by the CNE," said Caldera.



Chilean police crack down on Labor Day rally

Chilean police crack down on Labor Day rally

01/05/13.- Chile's militarized police (Carabineros) suppressed a protesters march organized by the Confederation of Workers (CUT) in the framework of International Workers Day in the capital on Wednesday.

Telesur correspondent in Chile, Raul Martinez, said the police attacked the people who were at the demonstration with teargas and water cannons.

Martinez reported that the police tried to make selective checks of bags and people for no apparent reason, not based on any law, which outraged the demonstrators.


Chilean workers are demanding labor improvements from the government of Sebastián Piñera, as well as more rigorous compliance with workplace safety standards in light of increasing accidents especially in the mining area.



They're also demanding an employer/worker funded public pension and justice for Juan Pablo Jimenez, a union leader who was assassinated in January after being too vocal about the Azeta Electrical company's anti-trade union practices. He was on his way to a labor hearing about their practices when he was shot.

Capriles to formally contest Venezuela poll results

May 1, 2013 19:30
Capriles to formally contest Venezuela poll results

Venezuela opposition leader Henrique Capriles announced Wednesday he would formally contest results from last month's presidential poll, as both sides held rival May Day rallies in Caracas.

Capriles told supporters at his demonstration in eastern Caracas that the formal challenge would be presented to the Supreme Court on Thursday. He had been under a Monday deadline if he wanted to file with the top court.

"We are going to exhaust all the internal fora because we have no doubt that this case is going to wind up before the international community," said Capriles, who had challenged the late Hugo Chavez's hand-picked successor.

"This case is going to end up going to every country where there is a democracy."



"You great big whopping fascist! You were defeated! Accept your loss already. Stop kicking and screaming and crying"

"That's what you are: a little fascist bourgeois crybaby, who wants to take the country over a cliff sowing hatred and violence"

Venezuela Celebrates May Day with New Minimum Wage

Venezuela Celebrates May Day with New Minimum Wage

Imagen activaCaracas, May 1 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan workers celebrate May Day today with an upward adjustment of 20 percent in minimum wage, as part of a plan for gradual increases in 2013.

The Republic's President Nicolas Maduro signed a decree yesterday night, which took compensation to 2.457 bolivars (about $ 390 dollars).


According to the government, this wage adjustment system proceeds according to the rate of economic growth and the control on the Consumer Price Index.

Also, the Executive's provisions consider a further increase of 10 percent as of September, while the third review will be in November.


In the States and in Europe, workers are losing their rights. In Latin America, they're winning them. The total minimum wage increase for Venezuela in 2013 is 45%.

How are we going to celebrate Labor Day this year?

Maduro to Spanish Foreign Minister : "Take your nose out of Venezuela"

Posted on 05/01/13

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, advised the authorities of Spain to "get their noses out of Venezuela", over the proposal of the Chancellor of the nation, José Manuel García Margallo to mediate between the opposition and the Bolivarian government because of the violence from the rightwing after their refusal to recognize the results of the April 14 election.

During a meeting with socialist workers in the Junin Theatre reopened in downtown Caracas, President Maduro contrasted the reality of the Venezuelan people with those of the citizens of Spain, where workers are marching in the streets because their pensions were taken away and their wages were lowered.

"Spain's foreign minister came out and said that he's ready to come mediate in Venezuela. Sir, don't come mediate in Venezuela, go to your own streets to respond to the Spanish working class from whom you've taken away the right to work, salary and pensions," he said.

"Spanish Foreign Minister, take your nose out of Venezuela. Out of here, Spanish Foreign Minister, you impertinent. Venezuela is to be respected," stressed the head of state after which he was cheered by the audience shouting "that's how you govern."

He then sent a special greeting to "the Spanish working class. "They have to get out in the street to fight for what the fascist right took away from them. Just imagine what that right would do if it could get its hands on political power in Venezuela"....



US 'deeply concerned' by reports of bipartisan support for illegal wars

Whoops no, wrong title. That would be too good to be true.

For anyone under the illusion that the US is "deeply concerned' about increased homelessness, unemployment, the accelerated loss of civil liberties in the US, all the innocent people being tortured at Guantanamo, US corporations not paying taxes as they subvert democracy, here's what the US is concerned about right now:

US 'deeply concerned' by brawl in Venezuela assembly

(AFP) – 58 minutes ago

WASHINGTON — The United States said Wednesday it was "deeply concerned" by a brawl in Venezuela's parliament, urging calm in the wake of the country's disputed presidential elections.

Political tensions boiled over in the National Assembly Tuesday as government and opposition lawmakers clashed physically.

"Let me speak clearly: violence has no place in a representative, democratic system and is particularly inappropriate within a National Assembly," US State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell told reporters in Washington.

"We're deeply concerned by the violence that occurred, express our solidarity with those injured and again we urge all parties to refrain from acts and attitudes which contribute to physical confrontation."


Ventrell also reiterated Washington's request for a vote recount.


LMAO. Be concerned all you want. Be concerned rather that your polite bipartisan congress dragged our country into wars we didn't want and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Be concerned rather that your complicit, bipartisan Congress is taking food out of the mouths of the elderly, the poor, the young, the defenseless to fatten the coffers of corporations. Be concerned rather that your Congress works for the banking industry. Concerned lol. Pffft. Try to find something worthwhile to be *concerned* about.

More Evo? Yes, please!

More Evo? Yes, please!
April 30, 2013 — Sabina Becker

From Bolivia, a little good news today:

The Plurinational Constitutional Tribunal of Bolivia has declared it constitutional that president Evo Morales and vice-president Alvaro García Linera may stand for re-election in the general elections of 2014. The case was decided in light of the fact that the first term of the government of the Plurinational State took place after the enactment of the new Bolivian constitution, approved in February 2009.

The president of the tribunal, Ruddy Flores, informed during a press conference that the tribunal ruled in favor of the candidacy of Morales in response to a consultation submitted by the parliament on the insistence of Morales’s party.

“The seven magistrates have unanimously determined the constitutionality of the project, in respect to Article 4,” Flores said.

The Bolivian constitution limits presidents to two consecutive terms in office, but Morales has always maintained that his first term (2006-2010) cannot be counted, since it took place before the re-founding of the country and did not complete the legal period of five years.


Once re-elected, Morales will govern Bolivia until the year 2020, and will thus become the longest-reigning Bolivian president.


Of course, the opposition are crying foul, but that’s to be expected. They have a bad case of the butthurt. Even if Evo were to stand down and let Alvaro run in his stead, the MAS would still win. And Evo could always run again when Alvaro’s term was up, and win handily. But since he didn’t complete his first term anyway when the new constitution was enacted (triggering new federal elections, which he won), that point is moot. Evo has a case, and he won fair and square in the courts. As he will at the ballot box again, when the time comes, next year.

So we’ll be seeing a lot more of his chipmunk cheeks and groovy aguayo-trimmed jackets in the foreseeable future. The only potential downside to all this is that we’ll also see more putschist efforts to topple him, like those of 2008. Let’s hope his federal police are keeping their eyes open, and their pistols well oiled.


Auditing Process Begins in Venezuela amid Opposition Claims of “Lies” and “Persecution”

Auditing Process Begins in Venezuela amid Opposition Claims of “Lies” and “Persecution”

By Tamara Pearson

Merida, April 30th 2013 (Venezuelanalysis.com) – As Venezuela’s electoral organisation begins auditing the 14 April elections, ex-opposition candidate Henrique Capriles has announced his team will not participate, Spain has offered to mediate the “conflict”, and the arrest of retired general Antonio Rivero has been met with accusations of “political persecution”.

Auditing process

Yesterday the National Electoral Council (CNE) began preparations to audit the 46% of voting boxes not already audited on the day of the elections. The process is the result of a deal reached between the CNE and the opposition, although since the making the agreement Capriles has withdrawn his support for it.

Yesterday the CNE set up the technical group which will carry out the auditing, approved by the electoral organisation on 18 April. The opposition requested one witness per candidate in the broadcasting/information room, and another one in the “contingency rooms” with working group members, which was approved by the CNE.

“These additional guarantees, including the second auditing...add up to a total of 18 auditing processes, which are now not being recognised and are being silenced . With this, they are seeking to damage the electoral process, alluding to things that were already checked and certified by their own technicians, as is demonstrated by the minutes that are publicly available,” CNE head Tibisay Lucena said.

Nevertheless, the CNE is continuing with the process, and now that the technical group is set up, today is conducting the random selection process of boxes in storage that were not already audited on 14 April.

From 2-5 May the material to be audited will be organised, and from today until 2 May the CNE will be selecting and training the auditors, who will then be accredited on 3 May.

Then, the first phase of this second audit will occur between 6-15 May, the second phase from 16-25 May and the third phase from 26 May to 4 June. Venezuelan citizens will conduct the audit in the Mariches storehouse, where all the boxes are currently stored.

A team from the Central University of Venezuela will accompany the process and 24 auditors, 60 external auditing assistants, 60 CNE assistants, 6 external coordinators, 12 CNE coordinators, and 30 technicians from political organisations will be involved in the process.

Capriles’ stance on auditing process

Capriles today confirmed that his team is “preparing evidence” in order to legally challenge the electoral results through Venezuela’s Supreme Court. He said they would likely lodge the appeal between this Thursday and the following Monday. He has until 6 May to challenge the election results.

"The next step, as I have indicated, will be for me to request an annulment of the results, and in so doing eliminate the matter legally as a domestic issue," Capriles said.

Further, he called the audit a “farce”, said that Lucena was being “ordered” by “her party”, and claimed his reason for refusing to back the process was that there won’t be “access to the voting books, the only instrument that personalises the vote, where the thumb prints and the signatures are”.

Capriles said the heads of the CNE “lie and make fun of” Venezuelans by saying they will conduct a complete audit, and “sooner than later the country will have a new election...a government like this, based on illegitimacy, won’t be able to sustain the lie”.

"I have no doubt that this will end up before an international body," Capriles concluded. This document was submitted by the opposition to the CNE, claiming to prove fraud committed during the voting on 14 April.

United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) leader Diosdado Cabello also stated he didn’t agree with the second audit, arguing, “If those who requested it aren’t going to be present, what’s the sense in doing it? Why spend time, money and work ?...The opposition knows that the result of these audits will favour Nicolas Maduro ...however, we respect the decision of the CNE”.

Spain offers to mediate

Spain has offered to mediate between the two sides "to guarantee peace, prosperity and stability in Venezuela," its foreign minister, Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo said. Garcia is currently visiting Washington in order to speak at a meeting of the Organisation of American States (OAS) and today is set to meet with the U.S’s John Kerry. After the 14 April elections, Garcia initially supported a recount and “noted” that the CNE had proclaimed Maduro the winner of the elections; however Spain later officially recognised the victory.

Garcia clarified that the Venezuelan government is the one who should request mediation.

Meanwhile, two opposition legislators, Angel Medina and Tomas Guanipa, informed press today that since 22 April they have been visiting political leaders of the European Union, including Spain, France, Germany and Belgium, to “present and explain the political situation in Venezuela”. According to Guanipa, the leaders have reacted with “astonishment” to the “proof” of persecution that “Venezuelans are subject to, especially workers who decided to support Capriles”.

Arrest of opposition leader and retired general Revero

Late last week, Venezuelan security forces arrested a US citizen, claiming he was connected to an alleged plot to “violently destabilise the country” after the elections. As part of the investigation into the plot, authorities also presented a video showing opposition member and retired army general Antonio Rivero appearing to give tactical advice to opposition protesters on 15 April. In the video Rivero also referred to the role of Capriles in leading those protests.

Rivero has now been arrested for allegedly being an accessory to a crime and conspiring to commit a felony, according to his lawyer Guillermo Heredia. Rivero is being held in the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) headquarters, and has declared himself on a hunger strike.

In response to the arrest, opposition leader Leopold Lopez alleged that Rivero is a “political prisoner” and that it “is the first step towards the illegalisation of political parties” in Venezuela.

Capriles called the arrest a “sign of fascism”.

According to Venezuelan Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Díaz, the violent events which took place on 15 April and 16 April, after the general election, left 9 dead and 78 injured.

Update on voting results

The CNE yesterday updated the voting results to include votes cast overseas. 93.1% of these votes (53,845) were for Capriles, and 6.8% (3,919) were for Maduro. 62% of voters registered with Venezuelan embassies voted. 88.7% (3,383) of those in Colombia voted for Capriles, and 97.9% of those in the United States (18,237) voted for him. To be eligible to vote overseas Venezuelans must have legal residency in those countries.

That means that 99.93% of votes have now been tallied, with Nicolas Maduro obtaining 7,586,251 votes (50.61%) and Capriles 7,361,512 votes (49.12%).

Published on Apr 30th 2013 at 7.52pm

This work is licensed under a Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives Creative Commons license

Honor Venezuela's Election; Maduro Won Fair and Square

Honor Venezuela's Election; Maduro Won Fair and Square

By Daniel Kovalik - Post Gazette, April 30th 2013

I just returned from Venezuela where I was one of 170 international election observers from around the world, including India, Brazil, Great Britain, Argentina, South Korea and France. Among the observers were two former presidents (of Guatemala and the Dominican Republic), judges, lawyers and high-ranking officials of national electoral councils.

What we found was a transparent, reliable, well-run and thoroughly audited electoral system. Two unique and endearing features of the Venezuelan process is that both campaigning and alcohol sales are forbidden in the final two days before an election.

What has been barely mentioned by the U.S. mainstream press is that over 54 percent of the voting machines in the April 14 election have been audited to ensure that the electronic votes match the back-up paper receipts. This was done in the presence of witnesses from both the governing and opposition parties right in the local polling places. I witnessed such an audit, and the Venezuelan electoral commission has since agreed to audit 100 percent of the ballots.


The United States could halt this violence quickly by recognizing the results of the April 14 elections. The reason it does not do so is obvious -- it does not like the government chosen by the Venezuelan people and would be glad to see it collapse in the face of violence.

We should all understand that the United States is undermining, not supporting, democracy and stability in Venezuela.

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