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Name: Catherina
Gender: Female
Member since: Mon Mar 3, 2008, 02:08 PM
Number of posts: 35,189

About Me

There are times that one wishes one was smarter than one is so that when one looks out at the world and sees the problems one wishes one knew the answers and I don\'t know the answers. I think sometimes one wishes one was dumber than one is so one doesn\'t have to look out into the world and see the pain that\'s out there and the horrible situations that are out there, and not know what to do - Bernie Sanders http://www.democraticunderground.com/128040277

Journal Archives

10 reasons Dem superdelegates will choose Sanders over Clinton

October 05, 2015, 06:00 am
10 reasons Dem superdelegates will choose Sanders over Clinton

By H.A. Goodman, contributor

Superdelegates are people, too, and as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) explained at a recent Democratic National Committee (DNC) meeting, they're already shifting away from Hillary Clinton and toward Sanders. They watch the news, follow polling trends and they'll side with Sanders for the same reasons that he's surged to only 7 percentage points behind Clinton. In August, writing for Bloomberg, Mark Halperin and Jennifer Epstein offered a quick breakdown of delegates and superdelegates within the Democratic Party and explained that Clinton had "secured" a great percentage of these party officials:

Final numbers are still in flux, but current estimates peg the total number of delegates to next summer's presidential nominating convention at about 4,491, meaning that a candidate would need 2,246 to win. The Clinton camp's claim to more than 440 delegates means she's already wrapped up the support of more than 60 percent of the approximately 713 superdelegates who, under party rules, are among those who cast votes for the nomination, along with delegates selected by rank-and-file voters in primaries and caucuses beginning next February.

Since their only goal is electing a candidate capable of winning the White House, it's highly doubtful Clinton's alleged 60 percent support among superdelegates will remain until the end of the primaries. Like his surge in the polls and the Clinton campaign's continued decline, superdelegates will flock to Sanders for a number of reasons.

1. Polling trajectory and other factors show that Sanders is now the front-runner.


2. Democratic superdelegates know that the Democratic Party has experienced a paradigm shift toward Sanders and away from Clinton.


3. Superdelegates want to win.


4. Superdelegates who've publicly supported Clinton have no obligation to honor their pledge.


5. Sanders is ahead in Iowa and New Hampshire.


6. Most Americans don't trust Clinton.


7. Swing states don't trust Clinton.


8. There are a great number of progressives around the country who will only vote for Sanders and would rather sit out an election, or write in Sanders, rather than vote for Clinton.


9. Biden's theoretical entrance into the race is yet another reason why Clinton's campaign isn't viable.


10. Superdelegates will be remembered for their vote.


While Hillary Clinton has to be defended against scandals and dodged questions, Bernie Sanders has energized the Democratic base and Democratic Party delegates fear the possibility of a mutiny on Election Day if they ignore reality. The reality is that only one candidate is tied to an FBI investigation, while nobody in the country questions the honesty and integrity of Sanders. His message and the manner in which he has energized Democrats will enable Bernie Sanders to win all the delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination.


Bernie Sanders Terrifies The NRA With Consensus Plan To Reduce Mass Shootings

Bernie Sanders Terrifies The NRA With Consensus Plan To Reduce Mass Shootings
By: Jason Easley
Monday, October 5th, 2015, 6:01 pm

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) became the NRA’s worse nightmare by announcing consensus steps that can be taken to lessen the number of mass shootings in the US.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said:

Like the rest of the nation, I am appalled by gun violence in our country and the mass shootings in our churches and colleges,” Sanders said. “While there is no simple fix, that does not mean we should do nothing. The status quo clearly is not working and people on both sides of this issue cannot simply continue shouting at each other. Nobody wants more mass killings and serious people are going to have to engage in serious discussion.”

In my view, there are very concrete steps we can take to lessen the number of tragedies and to make those that happen less lethal, including ideas supported by a majority of gun owners.

Sanders went on to detail some of the steps:

– We must strengthen and better enforce the instant background check system.

– We must close the gun-show loophole, which allows unlicensed dealers to sell guns to people who otherwise would not be able to get them.

– We must make ‘straw man’ purchases a federal crime.

– We must ban semi-automatic assault weapons which are designed strictly for killing human beings.

– We must recognize that our mental health system is seriously broken. While there has been much talk about mental health parity in our health care system, we are not even close to achieving it. It’s past time for a serious discussion about identifying, intervening and treating mental illness and ensuring access to care.

The Sanders campaign also noted that their candidate has a (D-) rating from the NRA.


The worst nightmare of the NRA and others is that a political leader will emerge who can build a consensus on common-sense gun reforms. Bernie Sanders is a successful politician from a pro-gun state. Despite what Clinton supporters may want to believe, Sen. Sanders has never been a friend to the NRA.

What troubles the NRA most isn’t the idea of radical liberal boogeyman coming to take away all of the guns, that illusion is just a sales pitch that is designed to inspire fear and drive up sales. What really scares the NRA is the possibility of a national grassroots movement that forces changes that they can’t stop.

Bernie Sanders is building exactly the kind of movement that should scare the NRA. The revolution is growing, and it is being led by a politician who can’t be bought with gun industry dollars.


You're welcome Manny

The laughable White Supremacist meme was debunked so hard with simple truth, it's just exposing the PUMA's for what they really are now.

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?

You're really kind Senz. Blocking out the noise will free up your time

to get the word out about Bernie to more people.

The sock goal behind all that noise is to prevent us from getting more news out and reaching more people to dispel their smear lies by bogging us down in a merry-go-round of bullshit. Refuse to play, don't engage.

If Bernie makes it, it will be because of all of us. I'm just a small cog who stands in awe of what others are doing! But I'm flattered and thankful that I made a small difference in *educating* you although I don't think you needed my help to begin with.

And my mom? She was lovingly put on notice by all her children that she's voting for the world she's leaving us and we don't want it to be a Clinton world. Then we started filling her in on some Clinton stuff she was unaware of like how HRC manipulated US coverage of Wikileaks and her personal responsibility for the carnage in Libya & Syria, which only added to my mom's anger at Glass-Steagall.

I'm afraid Hillary can't count on my mom anymore She's come around and feeling the Bern. The time magazine article helped a lot too.

Really lol? How flattering

and there I was thinking that the farcical accusation of being a "self-hating Black woman", for daring to remind people Martin Luther King was against imperialism, was as tortured as it gets.

Thanks. Finding out that people I have no respect for on issues are that obsessed, only encourages me to crank up the volume.

As I type, Snowden is up to 1.25M followers as his detractors, who love their personal comfort more than they love fellow Americans or our millions of victims in this world, drift away into oblivion.

10 years from now, who will even remember those twisted, Snowden-hating asshats?

I can barely remember them now lol.

The future's so bright!

Oh yeah. "sadly for her, we ARE smart enough to figure out Bernie Sanders is better"

Oh yeah. Not at all surprising. Straight from Netaaaa's mouth today


Oh you mean that *selfless*, *helpful* advice from that other camp

Brother West is treated like a rock star everywhere he goes, from the streets of Ferguson to sold-out appearances in the speaking halls of Chicago.

Any time camp Weathervane dispenses *helpful* advice, an inverse tangent is 100% in order.

Hillary Clinton’s support among Blacks plunges in a new poll

Hillary Clinton’s support among Blacks plunges in a new poll

By Philip Bump October 1 at 1:57 PM

Over the course of the still-awfully young Democratic primary season, one demographic split has been repeated over and over again: Non-whites have consistently been more supportive of Hillary Clinton than whites.


A new poll from Suffolk University and USA Today, though, suggests a big shift among African Americans that could undermine that confidence. We have to note up front that this is one poll, with large margins of error on black responses. That said, the shift is surprising.



Part of the shift in support for Clinton might be due to the decline in her net favorability among Blacks. Opinions of Clinton have dropped among all Democrats as we've seen before. Among Blacks, the decline has been greater -- and the increase in favorable views of Sanders has been stark. Clinton is down 16 points in net favorability, and Sanders is up 31. (The margin of error here, we would reinforce, is 8.5 points.)

(Sanders also saw a big decline in the number of voters who hadn't heard of him. In July, 23 percent of Democrats and 35 percent of Black voters were unfamiliar with him. Now the percentages are 5 for both.)


It's that shift among Blacks that's most noteworthy. One poll. Large margin of error. But if it turns out to be predictive, it could significantly shift the Democratic contest.


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