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Gender: Female
Hometown: Seattle, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 01:09 PM
Number of posts: 38,785

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Being the "Queen of Everything" (Mr. dixie is the Prince of What's Left) but................ Golden Retrievers RULE!!!

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Holder AND his 2nd in command are leaving Justice Dept.

Deputy US Attorney General James Cole, 2nd in command at Justice Department, is stepping down - @Reuters

Wonder why both are leaving......

Republican Jefferson County, Missouri Recorder of Deeds dogwhistles killing of Obama.

Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds Debbie Dunnegan said Tuesday that she used a poor choice of words on a post on her personal Facebook page that some are interpreting as an attack on President Barack Obama.

“I have a question for all my friends who have served or are currently serving in our military … having not put on a uniform nor taken any type military oath, there has to be something that I am just not aware of. But I cannot and do not understand why no action is being taken against our domestic enemy. I know he is supposedly the commander in chief, but the Constitution gives you the authority. What am I missing? Thank you for your bravery and may God keep you safe,” Dunnegan said in her post from early last week.


Welfare reform minister: some disabled people ‘not worth’ minimum wage

Britain's Welfare Minister pulls a Romney, only worse.

David Cameron has been forced to disassociate himself from the welfare reform minister Lord Freud after Ed Miliband revealed that he told a fringe meeting at the recent Tory conference that some disabled people are “not worth” the minimum wage.

The prime minister said the comments by Freud, who suggested that some disabled people could be paid as low as £2 an hour, did not represent the view of the government. But Cameron showed anger when he alluded to his severely disabled late son, Ivan, as he told Miliband that he would take no lectures on disabled people.

The angry exchanges came as Miliband disclosed the remarks by Freud in answer to a question at the recent Tory conference in Birmingham about paying the minimum wage to disabled people.
The Labour leader quoted Freud as saying to his questioner at the fringe meeting:
“You make a really good point about the disabled. There is a group where actually, as you say, they’re not worth the full wage.


Then 1 hour ago:
UK welfare minister Lord Freud offers 'full and unreserved apology' for comments suggesting disabled 'not worth full wage' -

I would like to introduce you to my "baby" brother....I am so proud of him.

I was 15 when he was born, I basically raised him.
The rest of the family refused to speak to him when he came out.
He has been working at acting for local theaters, and does audio books.
And now, apparently, this internet show,he just sent me the link.

He plays Stacy, shown towards the end of this short clip.

Good vibes and etc. for DU's ms.smiler, please guys.

ms. smiler is a member who has written a bit her about her fight with mortgage fraud.
She and I have been e-mailing for some 3 years now, and I know her for a smart caring woman.
Sadly, today her son informed me she has had a pretty bad stroke.
I have asked him for the hospital address so I can send a card.

I am a bit taken aback by this sudden news.

Former NSA director had thousands personally invested in obscure tech firms

Keith Alexander, who served as its director from August 2005 until March 2014, had thousands of dollars of investments during his tenure in a handful of technology firms.

Note: defense and other firms that benefited from Gov contracts.

He also had as much as $15,000 invested in Datascension, a "data gathering and research company."
Public trades in the firm were suspended by the Securities and Exchange Commission in August 2014 due to "a lack of current and accurate information" about it.

The former NSA director also had investments as recently as 2013 up to $15,000 in RF Micro Devices, a company that makes "high-performance semiconductor components" for "aerospace and defense markets," among others. Federal records show that RF Micro Devices has done $10.5 million worth of business with the government, including $9.5 million of the Department of Defense (which could include the NSA).

Oh, and what is he doing NOW, just a few months after leaving his long tenure at NSA?

Since leaving the NSA, Alexander has founded a company called IronNet Cybersecurity, which offers protection services to banks for up to $1 million per month.


New York Court to Decide if Chimps Are People Too

A US court has never been asked to consider the question "Who is a person?" in the same way that a New York appeals court will have to answer it in a case that started today.

This case is the first of its kind and raises the issue of whether high-order animals — non-human primates, dolphins, elephants, and orcas — are people and entitled to certain rights as people.

Tommy the chimpanzee, 26, is at the center of the case. He is owned by a human and spends his days watching television in upstate New York, where disagreements have arisen about his living conditions
. https://news.vice.com/article/new-york-court-to-decide-if-chimps-are-people-too?utm_source=vicenewstwitter

I know at first look this may tempt people to make light of the issue, but consider this, further down the article:

The Nonhuman Rights Project's lawsuits are rooted in genetic, cognitive, physiological, evolutionary, and taxonomic evidence that the plaintiffs are autonomous, self-aware, self-determining, and able to choose how to live their lives, as provided by some of the world's greatest working primatologists," the organization said in a statement.

Dr. Alasdair Cochrane, an animal rights expert at the University of Sheffield, UK, told the London Evening Standard that he sees the divide that separates human rights and animal rights shrinking.

"As the advanced powers of other animals, such as chimpanzees, becomes better understood, it is little surprise that the legal wall that divides humans from other animals is being chipped away. It is my view that it is just a matter of time until it crumbles," he said.

How hospitals are avoiding paying Medicare and sticking YOU with the bill.

I found this info from a March posting in the Soc.Sec. Medicare group, and went to the link, and found there is an actual step by step procedure to avoid this problem, which I downloaded as a pdf file to keep.
Original posting here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1261246....
to Tace.

Ok....this is the problem:
Odds are that you do not know a key question to ask if you ever find yourself in a hospital for an overnight stay that could last from one or two days, or perhaps much more.
What you and anyone accompanying you want to know is whether you are being classified as “under observation.”
This means that legally you are not an inpatient.
If you are admitted as under observation, you are likely to find yourself owing the hospital a large amount of money, because your Medicare or other health insurance will not provide the benefits associated with inpatient status'
. Many, many Americans nationwide that were classified as under observation have faced unexpected bills of many tens of thousands of dollars.

To clarify: Medicare DOES pay for inpatient care, if you are admitted as an "inpatient".
but admission as "under observation" Medicare says is an OUTPATIENT service, and pays much much less.
YOU get billed for the difference.
The hospital comes out ahead because Medicare inpatient coverage is not as high as other insurance, so by listing you as" under observation"
, you have to pay the higher hospital bill, that Medicare did not pay for.

Here is how to avoid the problem:

READ this:http://worldnewstrust.com/medicare-madness-how-americans-can-lose-benefits-in-a-hospital-joel-s-hirschhorn
Make a copy of this:http://www.medicareadvocacy.org/self-help-packet-for-medicare-observation-status/

Also note that last link is to a Medicare advocacy group, which could come in handy for a lot of Medicare issues.
There is a lawsuit in the making about the "under observation" rule, btw.

the rich aren’t just grabbing a bigger slice of the income pie — they’re taking all of it.

According to Pavlina Tcherneva in a Washington Post article

The chart is mind numbing..worth going to the site.

can anyone here post it for me, I can't do photo downloads

Nurse reported Ebola symptoms many times before being quarantined

Teresa Romero Ramos says when she first told health authorities of her symptoms she was given only paracetamol.

Her first contact with health authorities was on 30 September when she complained of a slight fever and fatigue. Romero Ramos called a specialised service dedicated to occupational risk at the Carlos III hospital where she worked and had treated an Ebola patient, said Antonio Alemany from the regional government of Madrid. But as the nurse’s fever had not reached 38.6C, she was advised to visit her local clinic where she was reportedly prescribed paracetamol.

Days later, according to El País newspaper, Romero Ramos called the hospital again to complain about her fever. No action was taken.

On Monday, she called the Carlos III hospital again, this time saying she felt terrible. Rather than transport her to the hospital that had treated the two missionaries who had been repatriated with Ebola, Romero Ramos was instructed to call emergency services and head to the hospital closest to her home. She was transported to the Alcorcón hospital by paramedics who were not wearing protective gear, El País reported.
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