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Gender: Female
Hometown: Seattle, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 01:09 PM
Number of posts: 41,480

About Me

Being the "Queen of Everything" (Mr. dixie is the Prince of What's Left) but................ Golden Retrievers RULE!!!

Journal Archives

JEB files paperwork to run.

And yet...his Pres. preview website says he would announce 6/15/15.

Ok.......what are the odds/bets on which Repub ANNOUNCED candidate flames out first???

and 2nd
and etc.

I pick Jindal for first flameout assuming he has announced by now...it is hard to tell what the hell he is dpoing.

Flaming Bird With Snake in Its Mouth Sparks Fire

A bird carrying a snake in its mouth struck power lines north of San Diego, sparking a hillside fire just west of The Merge.

Fire officials say a bird with a snake in its mouth was electrocuted on a power line and fell to the ground, sparking the fire.

There were no structures damaged and no evacuations ordered.


short article, most of it is above.

Binge watching Breaking Bad....

Watched the series when it came out, but one sees so much more in a binge watch.
Fer instance, Walt is annoying.
His continuous attempts to "explain" his behavior, and to manipulate people, really becomes evident when you see 3 episodes back to back.
His ability to rationalize and justify his actions are very clear from episode to episode.

One also sees how each character develops over the length of the series. Superb writing.

Only part I am stuck on is that the poisoning of the kid really was not fully explained.
Did Walt do it so that his stealing back of the ricin would not be noticed?

Superb show, often called the best of the best in TV shows.

I watched Godzilla 2014, finally.

OMG..it is so horrible........ so very- very -very bad.
It makes the original Godzilla movie look like Oscar material.
It is so bad I wanted to scrub down my computer inside and out.
But I had one thought as I cringed thru it..
"Mr. Dixie is gonna love this"
He LOVES horrible bad movies. They provided hours of amusement for him. MST stuff is heaven for him.
So I gotta keep the damn thing on my puter till he finds a thumb drive that I can use to give it to him.

Oh goody....Here is a showing all Pres. Candidates web sites.

Really interesting to see how they stack up with one another and how bad some can be.
Also how evident it is some campaigns are SO focused on just getting the money.


Observation: So many of the sites use so much black.....

OMG...you gotta see Santorum's site..it is a Mess!

Jindal's is impossible to read easily.

Any web designers here? What do you think?

Westboro Baptist Church protested at Beau Biden's funeral, says the news

and a guy threw a cup of coffee at them and was arrested.

Strange priorities we got in this country.

I am all for live and let live, but those media whores are in a whole different category and how the hell did they get a permit to protest at the funeral?????
Or did they NOT get a permit and were not arrested anyhow?

Just wanna share an add on that I am so delighted with...

Ever wish you could have yellow sticky notes on your desktop?
Not the real ones we have sometimes used, but a simple easy to use small foot print virtual note?

QuickNnote, for Firefox ( and maybe other browsers)

little icon on the address bar, pops open instantly, in the form of a yellow sticky, ( you can change the color if ya want)
font sizes, type and color also adjustable..
Note window can be sized
you can have 2 or more note interface options, tho I tend to use just 2.type your note, close the window.

That is it..that is all it does, that is all I need or want it to do.
Lots of other programs but not as simple and bare bones as this, which is a virtue in my eyes.

Ben Carsonís campaign faces turmoil after staff exits and super PAC chaos

All together now..say...awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

The presidential bid of Ben Carson, a tea party star who has catapulted into the top tier of Republican contenders, has been rocked by turmoil with the departures of four senior campaign officials and widespread disarray among his allied super PACs.

Carsonís associates described a political network in tumult in interviews Friday, saying the retired neurosurgeonís campaign chairman, national finance chairman, deputy campaign manager and general counsel have all resigned since Carson formally launched his bid last month in Detroit. They have not been replaced, campaign officials said.

The moves gutted the core of Carsonís apparatus and left the 63-year-old first-time candidate with only a handful of experienced aides at his side as he navigates the fluid, crowded and high-stakes contest for the Republican nomination.

But his campaign has been marked by signs of dysfunction and amateurism, alarming friends and supporters who privately worry that Carsonís sprawling circle of associates and boosters is fumbling his opportunity. And, they argue, the candidate has been nonchalant about the unres

OMG..have you guys seen the Repub. candidate's Pres. web sites?

Rubio's looks like a team of ADD first graders put it together.
You immediately get hit in the eye with scattered topic boxes....
altho I see the pic of the guy with raised shotgun is not longer aimed at the Repub. elephant.

Cruz's site is more professional, the primary impact is of red and blue colors.
He DOES say he " has spent a lifetime fighting to defend the Constitution" which is over the top.
He is 44 and did not graduate from college till he was 25, so I do not equate 20 years of Gov. paid jobs "a lifetime".

Rand Paul's site is black, with white print and a couple splashes of red, has his pic and a petition to sign:
"Sign this petition to tell President Obama and the Washington Machine to respect the Constitution!"
There is a video box.
But no other info, really.

Huckabee....also with lots of black, and a scroll box outlining his promises..he calls it a pledge.

Rick Perry's website freezes my puter.
Nuff said.

Who else am I missing...?

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