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Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 49,357

About Me

Happily retired and now enjoy being the "Queen of Everything" in our house in the woods. (Mr. Dixie is the Prince of What's Left) but................ Golden Retrievers RULE!!!

Journal Archives

Best line of the day, so far:


Trump Tower shut down its Russia email server just before FISA warrant was allegedly granted

Snip..........there is evidence that a federal judge granted a FISA eavesdropping warrant to the FBI for Trump Tower’s Russian email server shortly before the election. And it appears Trump Tower knew that warrant was coming.

there was evidence a FISA warrant had been granted for the Trump Tower Russian email server in October. But as it turns out, Daily Kos has determined that the email server had been shut off for good on September 23rd. This suggests that the operator of the email server was aware the FBI was onto it, and shut it off to prevent its data from being monitored. There is also a Carter Page connection.

As I pointed out earlier today, the Trump Tower Russian email server saw its biggest data spikes while Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was visiting Russia, suggesting it was used to communicate with him abroad. But three days after the email server was shut down, Page announced he had left the campaign amid increasing questions about his Russia ties.

This now paints a picture of Trump Tower realizing that the FBI was closing in on its Russia connections, quickly shutting down its Russia email server just before an eavesdropping warrant could be granted, and also abruptly ejecting Russian operative Carter Page from the campaign entirely because he had become too much of a liability. But now Page is asserting that Donald Trump himself was behind the Republican National Convention plot to change the party platform to benefit Russia.

If this is all true, and I have no reason to think it is not, I am betting Page shuold avoid tall buildings, small planes, and un-tested food. and women with spray bottles.

UP-date on latest dead Russian-American conspirator

As of now, this is what is known about him.

His name was Alex Oronov, he had been a naturalized United States citizen for twenty years.

According to a co-conspirator, Andrey Artemenko, Oronov was one of the organizers of the plot that had the Kremlin pressuring Trump to oust the president of the Ukraine, so Artemenko could become president and give Crimea to Russia.

Oronov arranged a meeting between Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen and Trump’s Russian former business partner Felix Sater, with the assistance of Artemenko.
That meeting resulted in Cohen delivering a Kremlin-backed proposal to National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s office just before he--Flynn- resigned.

Artemenko is currently facing potential treason charges in Ukraine for his role in the Trump-Russia scandal.

Oronov is also an in-law of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, another conspirator in the Ukraine plot.

Oronov, shortly after the Soviet Union fell, moved into a Trump condo in Hollywood Florida, but it was not until THIS Jan.
that 2 of Trump's Mar Lego buddies sold it to him for 1.5 million.
AFTER said sale has been pending for 2 years.
and 3 weeks BEFORE Oronov set up the conspirator meeting.

Most of the above was gleaned from several stories at palmerreport.com

Another Russian...# 8...just died.

Alex Oronov, organizer of Russia-Ukraine blackmail plan sent to Donald Trump, dies suspiciously

Yet another key figure in the Trump-Russia scandal has suddenly dropped dead. A meeting was organized between Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, Russian mafia figure Felix Sater, and Ukrainian traitor Andrii Artemenko. They crafted a Kremlin-backed plan which involved Trump using Russian blackmail to oust the president of the Ukraine. That plan was delivered to Michael Flynn’s just before he resigned. The meeting was organized by Alex Oronov – and now he’s dead.

Alex Oronov was the father in law of Michael Cohen’s brother, making them extended family.
Oronov did business in the Ukraine and was connected to Artemenko. It was Artemenko who angrily announced today in an extended Russian-language rant on his Facebook page that Oronov has died. And while he doesn’t say specifically how Oronov died, he directly blames the New York Times article which first exposed the secret plan for causing his death. In other words, he’s vaguely suggesting that Oronov was murdered (perhaps by Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin) as a result of having been publicly exposed.

Talking Points Memo has more details on the death of Alex Oronov, who died two days ago. This makes him at least the fourth Trump-Russia conspirator to die during the scandal. In all, seven prominent Russian operatives have died since the scandal began. Palmer Report has been documenting a running list.

Sergei Krivov died at the Russian consulate in New York on election day with his skull bashed in. Oleg Erovinkin, a former KGB agent who contributed intel to the Trump-Russia dossier, was found dead in the back of a car. Sergei Mikhailov, another Russian intel agent, was dragged out of a meeting with a bag on his head.

**** See our full list of Russian operatives who have died during the Trump-Russia scandal for the full rundown.

2 intriguing developments happened today...



Jeff Sessions and Russian Ambassador both cancel Saturday plans, as Sessions flies to Mar-a-Lago

Both Sessions and Kislyak were scheduled to attend the same public event
on Saturday. That’s not suspicious, as they would have been two out of thousands of attendees.
Here’s what’s odd: Sessions and Kislyak have both canceled on that event – and Sessions hopped a plane to Trump’s Florida home.


This is the one good thing I can say about Trump:

I look forward to getting out of bed in the am.

Every day it is a new bombshell.

The President of the United States is a Russian espionage agent.

why is no one saying that?

Priebus and other WH staff who tried to shut down the investigation into the Russian info. committed obstruction of justice, as did everyone who lied about their involvement.
Why is no one saying that?

I guess treason is out, since selling out your country for money is not covered, nor is Russia technically an enemy, altho it seems difficult to discuss being in a Cold War with an ally.


Pence sent Gov. email, over AOL. and Russia hacked him.

This info has been out there for a bit, but not sure how widely known it is.

Mike Pence regularly used an America Online email address during his time as Governor of Indiana, and he continued this practice after he became Donald Trump’s running mate. The Indy Star tried to access Pence’s emails under the Freedom of Information Act, and was given copies of some of them. According to the newspaper, Pence received one email from an adviser which included “an update from the FBI regarding the arrests of several men on federal terror-related charges.” But it gets much worse.

The Indy Star says it was told by new Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s office that some of Mike Pence’s private AOL emails couldn’t be publicly released because they contained information that was “confidential and too sensitive to release to the public.” These withheld emails must have included information that was even more sensitive than the details of an FBI briefing about terrorists, which was released. And then right around the time that Donald Trump was selecting Mike Pence as his running mate last summer, his AOL got hacked.

The Indy Star report simply says that Pence’s emails were hacked in the “summer” of 2016 and doesn’t offer a more firm date; we’ve asked them for a clarification. This is crucial because Pence became Trump’s running mate during the summer. Considering the larger circumstances of political emails having been hacked by Russia in this election, the most plausible explanation would be that Russia hacked Pence’s emails when he was coming into focus as the running mate, to see if they could find anything to compromise him on.

It’s also crucial to point out that Pence’s hacked emails were never released. This fits with the prevailing theory that Russia hacked the Democrats and released their emails to harm Hillary Clinton, but hacked the Republicans and held onto their emails as blackmail material in case they won. Startlingly, the Indy Star says that after Pence’s AOL emails got hacked, he simply began conducting government business on a second AOL email account.

Cruz helpfully explains why Sessions..."mis-spoke...

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions met Russian Ambassador in Washington DC in April 2016

at Trump’s first ever foreign policy speech back in April of 2016 – because they invited him there.

Russian Ambassador Kislyak was an invited special guest at Donald Trump’s initial foreign policy speech nearly eleven months ago. During that speech, Trump made a point of spelling out his foreign policy of going soft on Russia for no particular reason.
Before the speech, Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are known to have met with Kislyak backstage for a reception, though it’s not known what might have been discussed between them.

This establishes two key new aspects of the Trump-Russia scandal.

The first new revelation is that Sergey Kislyak went well beyond merely meeting and colluding with Donald Trump’s campaign advisers during the course of the election; he appears to have attended the speech where Trump first carved out his give-Russia-everything position in order to make sure Trump went through with it.
The second new revelation is that this alters the known timeline, as it means Trump and his campaign began meeting with Kislyak well before the Republican National Convention. But it gets stranger.

While it’s not known what conversations took place when Trump and Sessions met Sergey Kislyak in April,
Politico is now confirming for certain that Kislyak was in attendance. In addition, an earlier Wall Street Journal report says that Trump greeted Kislyak “warmly” at the event, meaning that they met during the reception for certain. And yet Trump has consistently claimed he never had any contact with Russia; he lied. https://www.palmerreport.com/opinion/donald-trump-and-jeff-sessions-met-russian-ambassador-in-washington-dc-in-april-2016/1745/

Well, of COURSE he lied...it is what he does.
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