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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 46,607

About Me

Retired from a career in Social Work//Mental Health, now I concentrate on being the "Queen of Everything" in our house in the woods. (Mr. dixie is the Prince of What's Left) but................ Golden Retrievers RULE!!!

Journal Archives

In 22 hours, people have donated $1,384,715 to the Orlando shooting victime....wow

Funds raised on this page will be going directly to the victims and families affected by the horrific shooting at Orlando's Pulse Nightclub. Equality Florida is working with local organizations - who are also helping to raise funds - to ensure the money is distributed properly.

Every penny raised will be distributed directly to the victims and their families.

Thank you for the support!

You can also visit http://www.eqfl.org/news/pulse to get more information on vigils, counseling, and blood drives happening across the state. We're also posting updates on Equality Florida's Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/equalityfl

Pls. spread the info far and wide, if you can.

You have to be a certain age to get this

Here is one of the worse parts of the recent massacre

The AR-15 Bushmaster is a military grade assault rifle specifically designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible.
It was the same rifle used at Sandy Hook and at the movie theater in Aurora.
It was used during this shooting – the second worst in world history –
by a man on FBI’s terrorist watch list
but who had TWO legal concealed carry permits
and was allowed to purchase a killing machine.

Occupy Democrats came up with a perfect response to Yertle's BS about Soc. Sec.

Netflix: anyone else having a problem pulling up a working page?

cause we cannot get it to show upon line, just a blank white screen, even after doing all the boots/cache cleaning, modem reboot, etc.

Where is the LOLCat Sunday?????????

How will I get thru the day without it????

Alabama politics just got weirder

Jury finds Ala. Speaker of teh House Mike Hubbard guilty on 12 counts in ethics trial.

This means he is immediately not the House Speaker.

In the next legislative session, regular or special, state representatives will elect another House Speaker.

House of Representatives spokesperson Clay Redden says the governor will have to call a special election to fill the vacant House seat.

but it is the House Speaker who determines if Gov. Bentley's ongoing impeachment process will go before the legislature.

and it is the Chief Justice of Alabama who will hear the impeachment case if it passes the legislature.
But the Chief Justice is Roy Moore who is the process of being charged by the Feds for his gay marriage stand.

And it is the Gov. who can pardon the Speaker of the House if he convicted.

We sure do live in fun times down here.................


Judge Who Gave Slap On Wrist To Stanford Rapist Facing Recall

The presiding judge in the Stanford sexual assault case is now facing recall after handing down a farcical sentence to a former Stanford student convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside of a fraternity party.

In a lamentable ebullition of the “old boys club” mentality that has seen sexual violence become endemic on college campuses, Judge Aaron Persky, a former captain of the Stanford lacrosse team, sentenced Brock Turner, a former Stanford student-athlete, to a mere six months in county jail. The wrist slap handed down by the judge is less than half of the two-year state minimum prescribed by California law for the convicted felon’s offenses.

Persky’s dubious sentencing and comments made by Turner’s father, who reduced his son’s transgressions to “twenty minutes of action,” have been met with widespread outrage and condemnation. Michele Landis Dauber, a law professor at Stanford University and outspoken critic of sexual assault policies on campus, is leading the charge to oust Persky saying, “the judge bent over backwards in order to make an exception … and the message to women and students is ‘you’re on your own,’ and the message to potential perpetrators is ‘I’ve got your back.’”

Now why is Lindsay Graham going to Bilderberg Conference this week???

Kissinger will be there, of course.
And lots of heads of banking, finance newspapers, and military, including Petraeus, who is now working for KKR, huge investment firm gone global.

complete list here:


Alabama school’s math test included questions about drive-bys, cocaine, and ‘knocking up’ girls

MOBILE, Ala. — A teacher from Burns Middle School in Mobile has come under fire for giving a test with “questionable language” to her math students. The ten question word problem quiz contained scenarios that parents are calling “unacceptable” and “not at all appropriate for the classroom.”
Each of the questions centered on a situation related to street violence or drug crimes. One even included “pimps and ho’s” and “knocking up girls”.

“How many drive-by shootings can Ramon attempt before he has to steal enough ammunition and reload?” one question asked.

The third question asks, “Dwayne pimps three ho’s. If the price is $85 per trick, how many tricks per day must each ho turn to support Dwayne’s $800 per day crack habbit?”

This quiz is not a unique phenomenon to Burns Middle. Variations of the same quiz have been floating around on the internet for about a decade. Similar quizzes have caused uproar in in Texas, California, New Mexico, and now Alabama.

While the school has not released the teacher’s name, WSFA reported that she has been placed on immediate administrative leave pending an internal investigation. According to one parent, the quiz was given by a teacher who has been at Burns for quite some time. She is reportedly retiring at the end of this year.

You can see the test here:
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