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Gender: Female
Hometown: Seattle, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 01:09 PM
Number of posts: 38,087

About Me

Being the "Queen of Everything" (Mr. dixie is the Prince of What's Left) but................ Golden Retrievers RULE!!!

Journal Archives

Why didn't someone tell me that Fleetwood Mac was a blues band?

And one of its earliest members was THIS good.

Russia Set To Build Eight Nuclear Power Plants In Iran

This will explode more than a few heads.

"......the Eurasian crescent of Russia and China would be made all that much stronger if the two nations had a toehold on the Straits of Hormuz, and were able to shut traffic - either tanker or military, with the US Fifth Fleet located in Bahrain - into the Gulf at their bidding.

Which is why it was not surprising that not even 24 hours after Russia and China announced the "holy grail" energy deal, that RIA reported Russia is already preparing to lock in the Tehran regime with a deal to build not one but 8 (!) more nuclear power plants in the country.

..........Iran’s only nuclear power plant near Bushehr came online September 2011 and began operating at full capacity a year after. Moscow handed over operational control of the Russian-made plant to Iran in September last year.

he Obama admin.vows to stop using health workers and fake vaccination programs in CIA Operations.

The Obama administration has vowed to stop using health workers and fake vaccination programs in clandestine operations. The move comes in response to the fallout from the CIA’s fake vaccination campaign in its search for Osama bin Laden.
The Taliban subsequently banned immunization efforts and launched a string of deadly attacks on medical workers, helping fuel a polio outbreak inside Pakistan.
In a letter to the deans of 12 U.S. public health schools, White House counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco said the CIA stopped the practice last August.

One of the fake "humanitarian" health services was to give Guatemalan women "vaccines" which were in reality birth control.

Yes, your winter/spring weather HAS been weird. Here's proof:

go to this page, put in your zip or city/state, and check out the monthly temp history vs. historical average temps.
A calender for each month AND, below that, a graph for the month you choose is on the page.
( Page opens to New York, of course you can change it)

the graph has a straight line for "normal" temps, and a zig zag pattern for actual temps.

I found, by going thru each month since Dec. that our area has either been above normal or below normal, often in the same WEEK!
by as much as 20 degrees.
Couple days overly hot, few days way below normal cool, rinse repeat, for the past 4 months.
and what the graph does not show, is that our famously sunny winter skies have been mostly cloudy that same time.

We are currently running 5-6 degrees above normal for the rest of this week.

What did you find for your area? Any surprises??

Who is the Dem Lt. gov. candidate in Arkansas?

I just read this:
Congressman Tim Griffin wins Republican nomination for Arkansas lieutenant governor .

some of you may remember that Tim Griffin was one of Rove's closest mini-me-s during the Attorney Gate scandal, he was shoved into the role of fed. US /attorney after Bush/Gonzales drove out the good guy ( can't recall his name right now).
So Griffin serves as Fed. US Attorney, then apparently gets shoved into the US Congress?
and now wants to trade that job for just..Lt. gov?

Something is fishy here.

Details, anyone?????

Write legal memos for killing Americans without trial, get rewarded with Circuit Court Judgeship.

same as it ever was........

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says he has the votes to confirm David Barron, the author of memos justifying drone strikes against American citizens, to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals.

Reid said most of the members of the Senate Democratic caucus were satisfied with the defense of Barron provided by White House lawyers at a private briefing last week.

Some Democrats had balked at Barron’s nomination because the Justice Department had refused to make public memos he authored justifying the lethal drone strike against Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen living in Yemen who was suspected of terrorist ties.

The drone strike against al-Awlaki also killed Samir Khan, another American citizen who published an online magazine promoting jihad.

The American Civil Liberties Union has weighed in strongly against Barron’s nomination and urged senators not to vote on him until they have researched his writings.

same as it ever was........

At&T to buy Direct Tv.

Fewer and fewer choices left now in media.

AT&T is on track to announce its acquisition of the satellite company DirectTV this Sunday, before markets open Monday and sooner than many observers anticipated, a source familiar with DirecTV’s plans told BuzzFeed.

“The deal is done,” the source said, adding that DirecTV CEO Mike White has already informed senior executives that the deal is finished and plans to give public confirmation Sunday.

Bloomberg and the New York Times have pegged the deal at $50 billion.

DirecTV is the largest satellite operator in the country, with about 20 million subscribers, and the deal would vastly expand the reach and leverage of AT&T negotiating for video content. The company’s U-verse digital TV service currently has fewer than 6 million subscribers.

Lime shortage attracting Mexican drug cartels.

Bars across America are feeling the burden of a nationwide lime shortage. It came about as a result of the confluence of several unusual things: there was awful weather for lime growing this year; there is a citrus-greening disease called "huanglongbing" (really) going around; and lime farmers are being extorted by drug cartels in Mexico.

The bad weather and the huanglongbing epidemic began to increase the cost of limes earlier this year. Then, the problem was made worse by the drug cartels. The Knights Templar is a powerful drug cartel in Mexico and has set its sights on the farmers in Michoacán, one of the favored locations for lime growth. The limes there were able to escape the bad weather and huanglongbing, making them more valuable than usual. Because prices for limes became so high, cartels like The Knights Templar began threatening farmers, seizing groves, and even hijacking trucks. Lime farmers how hire armed guards to transport their coveted citrus.

While the Mexican government is calling for a cease fire, farmers are still at odds with drug cartels. They have also deployed the military to deal with the issue directly. That's right, there are Mexican soldiers defending the right to bear limes.

FCC approves plan to allow for paid priority on Internet

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted in favor of advancing a proposal that would dramatically reshape the way consumers experience the Internet, opening the possibility of Internet service providers charging Web sites for higher-quality delivery of their content to American consumers.

The plan, approved in a three-to-two vote along party lines, could unleash a new economy on the Web where an Internet service provider such as Verizon would charge a Web site such as Netflix for the guarantee of flawless video streaming.

The proposal is not a final rule, but the three-to-two vote on Thursday is a significant step forward on a controversial idea that has invited fierce opposition from consumer advocates, Silicon Valley heavyweights, and Democratic lawmakers.

The next phase will be four months of public comments, after which the commissioners will vote again on redrafted rules that are meant to take into account public opinion. But the enactment of final rules faces significant challenges.

The proposal has sparked a massive fight between two of the most powerful industries in the country — on one side, Silicon Valley, and on the other, companies such as Verizon and AT&T that built the pipes delivering Web content to consumers’ homes. The telecom companies argue that without being able to charge tech firms for higher-speed connections, they will be unable to invest in faster connections for consumers.

Bank of America getting sued ..AGAIN..over bad mortgages.

to ms. smiler....

Residential Capital LLC, the defunct mortgage company, sued Bank of America NA, RBC Mortgage Co. and other lenders, claiming they sold it poor-quality loans that led to its bankruptcy.

ResCap filed for bankruptcy protection in May 2012 after investors who bought mortgage-backed bonds claimed they were loaded with faulty loans. It was liquidated to resolve more than $100 billion in potential lawsuits.

In lawsuits filed yesterday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, ResCap said it’s seeking to recover “billions of dollars in liabilities and losses” over the “defective” loans. It wants the banks held responsible for more than 24 lawsuits alleging ResCap securitized bad loans, as well as for hundreds of claims, including securities fraud and breach of warranty, that it faced in bankruptcy.
Blog: Selling Subprime Loans to Wall Street Investors, This Time for Small Businesses

Bank of America (BAC:US) is a successor to First Republic Thrift & Loan and First Republic Savings Bank, which sold ResCap more than 240 mortgage loans with a principal of over $165 million, according to one of the filings.

I need a picture of the karma train....anyone????

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