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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Seattle, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 01:09 PM
Number of posts: 36,552

About Me

Being the "Queen of Everything" (Mr. dixie is the Prince of What's Left) but................ Golden Retrievers RULE!!!

Journal Archives

How y'all holding up in Brrrrrrrrrrr alabama???

I just looked at the forecast into next week.
A HIGH of 38????
In SW Alabama????

My poor Satsuma is ded...too much cold for too long.

And now bentley says a propane emergency.

It ain't gonna be as cold as the Northern tier of the US, but damn, those folks have clothes for the weather and are apparently used to it...

Bit Coin..why it matters

Almost everything you wanted to know about Bit Coin..
why it is becoming more popular
how it works

A mysterious new technology emerges, seemingly out of nowhere, but actually the result of two decades of intense research and development by nearly anonymous researchers.

Political idealists project visions of liberation and revolution onto it; establishment elites heap contempt and scorn on it.

On the other hand, technologists – nerds – are transfixed by it. They see within it enormous potential and spend their nights and weekends tinkering with it.

Eventually mainstream products, companies and industries emerge to commercialize it; its effects become profound; and later, many people wonder why its powerful promise wasn’t more obvious from the start.

What technology am I talking about?
Personal computers in 1975,
the Internet in 1993,
and – I believe – Bitcoin in 2014.


Re: MFM Lounge name..( attention... hosts)

I saw the requests to Skinner, in Ask Admin. group, about temp re-naming Lounge.

I am wondering..perhaps another way to express our feelings ...if the hosts put up a sticky post, the one Kali wrote annoucing his passing, with links in it to the several other large posts about him.
I dunno if additional comments can be made to sticky posts, or if they are needed.
But, if the Lounge did that, than everyone entering would see the post and can read it.

Whatcha think, Lounge?

Damn...I STILL get a lump in my throat when I think about MFM..he had a huge personality, and meant so much to a LOT of us.

I was SO wrong about Benedict Cumberbatch.

Having only seen him in a few things, most noteble Sherlock....nice lad, I thought, not very deep tho.

Well....I am eating my words.
Just watched August:Osage County
and he stole the scenes he was in. Completely mastered an American accent, with a drawl,
among other things.
AND did not give an inch in scenes with Streep, Chris Cooper and Julia Roberts.

Good film, btw....nasty set of characters, but marvelous acting.

Any ideas for a "I survived Winter Storm Ion" t-shirt?

I was inspired by a pic of Niagra Falls frozen over....

Buy 'em books,send 'em to school, and what do they do? They eat the covers

RANT....they are young, stupid, and obey the computers

Nothing makes steam pour out of my ears as much as morons in charge of something they do not understand and who will lie thru their teeth to avoid admitting they do not understand it, and will always carry out illogical orders..
" just doing my job, but I don't understand it well enough to be able to discuss it with you...move along, move along".

Spent this afternoon dealing with %$#@! pharmacy.
They did not fill my Elavil, a tri-cyclic anti-depressant, which I take in the very low dose of 50 mg. at night
for post Shingles pain.
"it is considered a drug that can be abused. and your insurance company won't allow us to fill it before the end of the prescription cycle"
spoken with a firm and very assured tone, by rote.

"But I don't have insurance, I pay cash"

"oh.........uhhh......hold on a minute..I will let the pharmacist talk with you."
click. 5 minutes crawl by...
Pharmacist comes on...a very young woman with that unfortunate high nasal voice that is all too common down here...pierces eardrums.
" We can't fill a controlled substance before a certain date of end of your prescription cycle.
The computer won't let us".

.Me:" Wait a minute, I was told it was an insurance rule, and since I don't have insurance......."
Pharmacist: "Well...( paused for a few seconds, whispered conversation with the first woman I had talked to)
it's both an insurance and our rule. We can fill it tomorrow"

Me: "but I don't want to have to drive to the other end of town..in the pouring rain... ..AGAIN- which is why I used your phone system to refill ALL my scripts at one time"
Pharmacist: "What you need to do is call before you come out to pick them up, just to make sure there are no problems".

I have done that...they have lied and said all scripts were there,then I drove down to find they are not all there.

I looked up the med....guess what? It is NOT a controlled substance, according to the internet.

I suspect they were out of it and would not admit it.

But the Flexeril, which I have tons of re=fills for, IS a drug that can be abused. Warnings galore about abuse.
And the dumb doc wrote me 7 re-fills, so now I have enough on hand to kill a horse.
I rarely take it, it makes me feel too blah the next day, but it does a good job of knocking out muscle pain at night when needed.
Plus I have a prescribed Cox 2 inhibitor which does wonders for joint pain..except it carries HUGE warnings about side effects and it makes you retain water like an elephant, so the doc said I could double my diuretic, which carries warnings of side effects.........
But god forbid I re-fill the one drug I take that has no side effects at such a low dose, and actually works well.

However, tomorrow I CAN pick up the med, cause it will be 5 days before the script runs out...but not pick it up today, with is 6 days before the script runs out.

And if I wanted to get high, it sure as hell would not be an anti-depressant.
I would be growing weed.

Buy 'em books,send 'em to school, and what do they do? They eat the covers

Current wind map shows Polar Vortex in action

As I sit shivering here in unaccustomed cold, I brought up the wind map page....
( takes a few seconds to load)


Wiki chart of coldest/hottest temps in US.....are we gonna break records this week?

Here in Ala. the coldest was -27 F. (in 1966)

Where does your state fall?


Ex-Sen Joe Lieberman demonstrates how the "revolving door" game is played.

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) has joined private equity firm Victory Park Capital as chairman of its executive board.
Lieberman retired from Congress a year ago after serving 24 years in the Senate.


Ok, why Victory Park Capital, you ask?
Brendan Carroll is the partner and co-founder.(In 2007)

And who is Brendan Carroll?
Carroll worked for Lieberman as a special assistant in his Senate office from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s,
reprots the Hill.

and around and around she goes..........

Why is our gov't buying so many potassium iodide tablets????

The contract line item number, item, quantity and unit of measure is :

Line No. 001; potassium iodide tablet, 65mg, unit dose package of 20s; 700,000 packages (of 20s)

(v) Delivery is required on or before February 1, 2014. Delivery will be made to: DHHS, SSC, Bldg #5 Receiving Dock, PErry Point,MD 21902

Fed. bid page here:
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