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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 46,481

About Me

Retired from a career in Social Work//Mental Health, now I concentrate on being the "Queen of Everything" in our house in the woods. (Mr. dixie is the Prince of What's Left) but................ Golden Retrievers RULE!!!

Journal Archives

Everything you need to know about delegate math in the presidential primary ( this is so helpful)

These and more questions are answered in clear language...making primary season much more enjoyable.

how do primary and caucus outcomes translate into delegates?

How does delegate math work?

How do parties count delegates?

Counting delegates means answering two questions:
How many delegates does each state get, and how are those delegates assigned to candidates?

Two Human Smugglers Are Going to Prison Over Drowned Syrian Toddler Alan Kurdi

A Turkish court has sentenced two men to four years in prison on Friday for human smuggling, following the deaths of Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi, and four other migrants, who drowned last September during a perilous journey by rubber dinghy from Bodrum to the Greek Islands.

The two smugglers, both Syrian nationals, were found guilty of human smuggling, but acquitted of their original charge of causing the deaths through deliberate negligence. The pair had their sentences lowered due to good behavior. Both pleaded not guilty to the charges and reportedly intend to appeal their convictions.

Kurdi's brother and mother also drowned that day, but his father, Abdullah survived. Abdullah has said he and his family tried to cross the Mediterranean after his brother Mohammed's refugee application to Canada was rejected. They had been trying to join their sister Tima, who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and was trying to bring her whole family over to live with her.

Obama Plans to Take Nuclear Launch Codes With Him When He Leaves Office

The President was quick to acknowledge that his decision to hold on to the launch codes was unorthodox, but said that he was doing it “to reassure the American people.”

“In recent weeks, there has been a rising level of alarm about who might have access to these codes going forward,” Obama said.
“As a result, it occurred to me that the safest thing would be if I just held on to them for the foreseeable future.”

Here is a very good outline of how the delegates work in a contested Republican convention:

This really is a valuable read, smething to save to help follow the convention.

Republicans haven’t seen a second ballot since 1948, but they might see one this summer. Here’s a quick primer on what could happen:

Who are the Republican delegates?
They’re awarded by each state, usually based on primary or caucus votes. In some states, delegates are elected directly, while in others candidates choose delegates.

Starting with Tuesday’s primaries, states yet to vote are ones that can award all their delegates to the winner. All 99 of Florida’s delegates will go to Trump. All 66 Ohio delegates will go to Kasich. In other states, they have been awarded using different formulas, often based on a percentage of the vote.

Must delegates vote for their candidates?
On the first ballot, virtually all the delegates must vote for their candidates. In some states, however, they are not bound. In Pennsylvania, for instance, 17 of the 71 delegates go to the state winner. The rest may vote for whomever they choose, though most are savvy politicians who will go by the wishes of the voters.

Nationally, the rules loosen on a second ballot. Most of the delegates, but not all, can vote for anyone they want.

On a third ballot, almost all the delegates are free.

More answers at the link.

Yet another reason to use ad blockers:........ Major sites hit by 'ransomware' malvertising

A number of major news websites have seen adverts hijacked by a malicious campaign that attempts to install “ransomware” on users computers, according to a warning from security researchers Malwarebytes.

The attack, which was targeted at US users, hit websites including the New York Times, the BBC, AOL and the NFL over the weekend. Combined, the targeted sites have traffic in the billions of visitors.

The malware was delivered through multiple ad networks, and used a number of vulnerabilities, including a recently-patched flaw in Microsoft’s former Flash competitor Silverlight, which was discontinued in 2013.

When the infected adverts hit users, they redirect the page to servers hosting the malware, which includes the widely-used (amongst cybercriminals) Angler exploit kit. That kit then attempts to find any back door it can into the target’s computer, where it will install cryptolocker-style software, which encrypts the user’s hard drive and demands payment in bitcoin for the keys to unlock it.

Major automakers to announce pact to install auto-braking systems by 2022

Automatic emergency braking includes systems designed to prevent crashes in which drivers do not apply the brakes or fail to apply enough braking power to avoid a collision.

So your car is gonna brake all by itself while you are driving?????

Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

BREAKING: Kochs Demand $400 Million Refund from Rubio

sez Borowitz just now....

So worth this picture:

List of reasons for admission to mental asylum 1864 to 1899

( my favorite...novel reading)

Do we no longer have MIR teams?

Just realized I have not seen announcements of new teams, in quite some time.

I am sleeping so much better since I reduced blue light at night on the puter/e-book use.

I knew as we age, it is common to have sleep problems, and sure enough, over the past few years, falling asleep and staying asleep has been a problem.

I have been reading of the effects of computer/e-book use at night which inhibits melatonin production, because of blue light waves... and can affect sleep.

So, out of curiosity, I got a pair of orange lens sunglasses, and started using them from 8 pm on when at the puter and in bed reading the e-book.
Been a week now.
And it works.
Falling asleep naturally about 20 minutes after going to bed, and have much deeper sleep, feel more alert the next day, and have more energy.

Did an experiment and did not use them 2 nights ago, felt sluggish and dull the next day.

Mr. Dixie is off searching for a pair today.

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