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Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 46,262

About Me

Retired from a career in Social Work//Mental Health, now I concentrate on being the "Queen of Everything" in our house in the woods. (Mr. dixie is the Prince of What's Left) but................ Golden Retrievers RULE!!!

Journal Archives

Here is the Super Tuesday math:

Twelve states and one territory head to the polls today, in what could be the turning point in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Delegate counts and the latest polls show that Donald Trump could potentially clinch the Republican nomination this month if he does well.
Super Tuesday puts 24 percent of the GOP’s delegates up for grabs; Trump currently has 81 of the 1,237 delegates needed to win his party’s nomination.

A good day for Hillary Clinton could widen her currently narrow lead over Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders.
Almost 1,000 delegates will be awarded among the Democrats today; Clinton already has 544 of the 2,382 needed to head to the general election.

Americans in New Zealand voted for Bernie in the primary for U.S. citizens living abroad.

Americans living in New Zealand are backing Bernie Sanders for president in the first results of a primary for U.S. citizens living abroad.
Sanders picked up 21 votes out of the 28 American voters in Wellington, the only American voting location, easily carrying the day, the Associated Press reported. Rival Hillary Clinton got six votes.

The results will be confirmed later this month.
Overall, Democrats in 111 cities in 41 countries will cast votes on Tuesday.
American Democrats living abroad will give out 17 delegates out of the more than 860 allotted on Super Tuesday.

AT&T gave $62K to lawmakers months before vote to limit muni broadband

Missouri bill would make it difficult for cities to offer Internet service.

A Missouri legislative committee last week approved a bill that would limit the spread of municipal broadband networks, helping private Internet service providers such as AT&T avoid competition.

A few months before that vote, AT&T donated a total of $62,500 to political committees in Missouri. This included $20,000 to the House Republican Campaign Committee, $20,000 to the Missouri Democratic State Committee, $7,500 to the Missouri Republican Party, and $15,000 to the Missouri Senate Campaign Committee (apparently a Republican group). One of the donations is listed by the Missouri Ethics Commission as occurring just two weeks ago, but we’ve been told it was made in September 2015 and not deposited until this month because the original check was lost.

The donations were made before the legislature went into session; AT&T's policy is to not make contributions during legislative sessions. AT&T gave similar amounts in previous years.

An excellent discussion of Apple/FBI issues can be found here

on Democracy Now transcripts, a discussion with Barry Eisler, author of the John Rain books.

2 parts, very much a good good read.




It’s unprecedented for the government to be telling a private company what products it can create and what features it has to include in those products.

Fla. man, suspected of burglary, eaten alive by alligator while hiding from police

A Florida man suspected of committing burglaries was killed by an 11-foot alligator while hiding during a police raid.
Matthew Riggins was reported missing on November 13, but his body was found 10 days later floating in a pond in Barefoot Bay, Florida. When authorities tried to pull his remains out of the water, they were nearly attacked by an 11-foot-long alligator, Major Tod Goodyear of Barefooy said in a statement.

His remains were found in the alligator...........

13.5 million people were displaced by war, 5 million forced to flee their countries in 2915 in ME

n a sombre annual report Amnesty International has described a calamitous year for human rights in the Middle East and North Africa, with 13.5 million people displaced by war and five million forced to flee their countries.

The 400-page long report said that 2015 “brought calamity and unremitting misery” for millions of people, as it summarised violations of human rights and worsening government policies across the region.

In countries such as Syria and Yemen, armed warfare carried out by government and non-state forces has been conducted with “little to no regard” for the lives of civilians.

According to the UN, the total number of refugees and asylum-seekers from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya combined is more than five million, while the total for internally displaced refugees is over 13.5 million.

Florida man Chews Off Fingertips in Bid to Hide Identity--but all his tattoos gave him away.

Police say a fugitive from Tampa, Florida, who didn't want to be identified by his fingerprints during a traffic stop in northeast Ohio chewed off his fingertips.

Kirk Kelly has been jailed on felony counts of evidence tampering and obstructing official business and misdemeanor charges of falsification and resisting arrest. A message left for his attorney after business hours Friday hasn't been returned.
Police in Tallmadge, Ohio, say Kelly and several other people were put into a cruiser without handcuffs after their vehicle was stopped last weekend and officers thought they smelled drugs.

Police say Kelly gave false names as they tried to identify him. They say they figured out who he is after photos of his tattoos were provided by police in Florida, where he's wanted on firearms and drug charges.

All of the story is above, but see his pic at the link.

Why Bernie opposed the cardiologist who was just voted in as head Food and Drug Administration

With a vote of 89-4 Feb. 24, the Senate confirmed Dr. Robert Califf as commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The Duke University professor has little experience in the food safety arena,
but extensive experience as a cardiologist and researcher.
Funding for some of that research came from big drug makers, including Eli Lily and Merck, which led Democratic presidential candidate
Sen. Bernie Sanders to oppose Califf’s nomination.

Califf joined FDA in March 2015 as deputy commissioner for medical products and tobacco. He is known for leading many landmark clinical trials and is one of the most frequently cited authors in biomedical science, with more than 1,200 publications in the peer-reviewed literature.

if you can, please try to see the doc Winter on Fire

"Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom" is a thorough and detailed examination of the 93-day occupation of Maidan square in the country's capital, Kiev, a situation whose international, geopolitical repercussions are still being felt.
"Winter on Fire" never takes its eye off the story's underlying and very dramatic theme, and that would be nothing less than revolution.

As laid out by director Evgeny Afineevsky, aided by numerous interviews and no less than 28 credited cinematographers, "Winter on Fire" shows how what started out as a small, peaceful student protest morphed into a juggernaut that drove an entrenched president out of power and into exile.
The series of events did not please everyone, causing Russian President Vladimir Putin to feel marginalized in his sphere of influence and leading to his country's annexation of the Crimea, but that's not dealt with here. This is an examination of what societal change looks like moment to moment.
Despite all the hands involved in its creation, "Winter on Fire" is imbued with a single and quite heartening spirit: Idealistic though it sounds, committed individuals who believe in democracy can effect positive change.

Very very intense film.

Nation Increasingly Optimistic That Trump, Cruz and Rubio Will Kill Each Other

Borowitz, of course, who is actually on target a lot.

Also from Borowitz:

Christie’s Endorsement of Trump Threatens to Overshadow Equally Prestigious Praise from David Duke

FORT WORTH, TX (The Borowitz Report)—Aides to the G.O.P. front-runner, Donald Trump, expressed concern on Friday that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s endorsement of their candidate might overshadow equally impressive words of praise that Trump received yesterday from the former K.K.K. leader David Duke.
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