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Gender: Female
Hometown: Seattle, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 01:09 PM
Number of posts: 43,457

About Me

Being the "Queen of Everything" (Mr. dixie is the Prince of What's Left) but................ Golden Retrievers RULE!!!

Journal Archives

How big is the refugee problem? ........... THIS big.

a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan

from Planting Peace dot org.

New candidate has entered the race for Pres.

In New Hampshire today, a man calling himself Vermin Supreme filed for the presidential primary.
He said in his administration, every American will receive a pony.
He also plans to defeat ISIS by going back in time.
Oh, and he wears a large boot on his head.

as seen on Facebook:

He doesn't sound much nuttier than some others in teh race. ( Looking at you, Carson)

Handy list of who is who in the Syrian and Middle East conflict

Esp. interesting is who arms who, listed halfway down.
Remember, it boils down to a Sunni/Shia conflict primarily. ( ISIS is anti Shia and most everyone else except their version of Sunni Islam)


teenager arrested after bringing homemade clock to school, seeks $15 million in damages

Family of Ahmed Mohamed, teenager arrested after bringing homemade clock to school, seeks $15 million in damages from city of Irving, Texas, and school district.

An attorney for the family wrote in letters published by the Dallas Morning News that they want $10 million in damages from the city of Irving, Texas, and $5 million from the local school district.
As many as seven adults interrogated the 14-year-old, who was pressured to sign a statement saying he intended to bring a "hoax bomb" to the school, according to the letters, which threaten a civil lawsuit if their demands are not met.

Ahmed, who has relocated to Qatar with his family after accepting a scholarship, visited the White House last month for an astronomy event where he briefly met President Obama.
The family's attorney said Monday in one of the letters that the family is living in Qatar "for personal security reasons" but wants relocate back to Texas "when they feel safe again."

I can see why they feel unsafe in Texas:

Armed protesters gather outside Islamic Center of Irving

About a dozen protesters — most carrying long guns, some masked and one with his mother — lined up outside an Irving mosque on Saturday. They had come from as far away as Hunt County to the green-domed complex. To “Stop the Islamization of America,” as the mother’s hand-drawn sign urged.

Need advice on buying men's gloves... UPDATE...have enough info, thanks to all who replied.

Getting cold now, and we have goes- right- to- your -bones cold here.

Mr Dixie has been a good guy and Santa wants to get him some gloves.
Know of any online place that sells serious, quality, lasting gloves?

Land's End and LL Bean USED to be a source of quality stuff. But not any more.

any tips will be appreciated.

edited to add:

Not heavy duty work gloves, but ones that are going to last and keep hands warm in a daytime cold tool shed.
He likes to spend time in his toolshed/man cave during the day at the edge of the woods on the property.
Anything below 38 degrees will drive him indoors.

Next time you hear someone say "send Syrian refugees back where they came from", show them this:

Something to bear in mind, perhaps

Anonymous Takes Down 5,500 ISIS Accounts, 24 Hours After ISIS Called Them “Idiots”

Paris, France – The Anonymous hacking collective has reportedly taken down over 5,500 Twitter accounts purported to belong to Islamic State members following their declaration of “total war” on the terrorist group after the Paris attacks.

The announcement comes less than 24 hours after hacktivist group warned of a coordinated and targeted attack against the Islamic State in the wake of the deadly wave of terror attacks across Paris.

Anonymous spokesman Alex Poucher told RT:

“Our capability to take down ISIS is a direct result of our collective’s sophisticated hackers, data miners, and spies that we have all around the world. We have people very, very close to ISIS on the ground, which makes gathering intel about ISIS and related activities very easy for us.”

Poucher went on to say that the groups hacking acumen “might be better than any world government’s tools to combat ISIS online,” adding that although ISIS has its own hacking core, the terrorist group “does not have hackers like we have hackers.”

“They picked a fight with Anonymous when they attacked Paris, and now they should expect us,” he said, adding that the collective “will not sit by and watch these terror attacks unfold around the world.”

Wanna join me in this project to send a lump of coal to Trump for xmas:?


Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, in the latest of his ongoing racist, sexist and offensive rants, has called for the creation of a database intended to document information on all Muslims in America.
In response to his ridiculous and unbelievably insensitive Islamophibic statement, and in keeping with our tradition of countering messages of hate with positive action, Planting Peace invites you to make a donation to help bring medicine to Syrian refugees.
It's clear to us that Mr. Trump falls on the "naughty list" this year, so in addition, for every donation we receive,
Planting Peace will send a lump of coal to the Donald in a festive package tied with a bow that will be delivered on Christmas Eve.

The insurers wrote the Health Act. And they are pulling out or collapsing.

UnitedHealth Group May Leave Obamacare Exchanges By 2017

UnitedHealth Group UNH +1.79%, in a surprising announcement, said this morning it has revised its profit expectations for the rest of the year due to what it called a “deterioration” of its individual commercial insurance offerings on government-run exchanges under the Affordable Care Act and offered no commitment it would stay in the business beyond next year.

United Heath is one of the very largest insurance groups..

This shows
people coming into the exchange aren't paying enough (even though the rates are exorbitant) and they're sicker.

for those with the cheaper plans it's basically no insurance at all due to the insanely high deductibles, and now HUGE premium increases.

and this:

The majority of ObamaCare’s insurance co-ops—12 of 23—have now folded, and their $1.24 billion in federal loans has all but vaporized. More will fail, nearly a million Americans may lose coverage, and now the contagion from their failures is spreading.

The co-ops are government-sponsored nonprofits that were supposed to increase competition, but instead they’re causing the greatest insurance disruption in decades. The co-ops aren’t merely jilting their displaced members or the taxpayers who supplied their “seed money.” Local regulators are defying the feds to close them because other insurers are liable for their toxic balance sheets.
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