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Alton Brown reviews Amazon's dumbest kitchen gadgets

The rollie...

Santa Signs To Little Girl Who Could Not Hear Him

Source: Reshareworthy

Santa was talking to a child at the Cleveland Centre Middlesbrough shopping centre when he noticed she couldn’t hear him. The little girl’s mother tells him “she can’t talk very well”. He asks if she can sign and that’s when the two share an adorable conversation just between the two of them!


Santa: Santa wants to know did you write to ask for a baby doll?
Child: Yes, I want a baby doll too.
Santa: You want it too? Do you want a video game too?
Child: No. You are able to use sign language?
Santa: Do you want a bicycle?
Child: No, I don’t want to fall.
Santa: I’m nice. Santa is nice.


Work Perks: These 13 Offices Are Way More Fun Than Yours

Source: WebUrbanist


YouTube’s main headquarters in San Bruno, California mixes work and play with a massive red slide, a putting green, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, nap pods and bicycles and scooters to get around the sizable complex.


Google is renowned for having not only an enviable range of employee perks, but also some incredibly creative work environments at their offices around the world. The Zurich location is particularly noteworthy with its fish tank relaxation room, ski lift work pods, slides, karaoke room and multiple game rooms.


Working at LEGO is already fun as it is, but combine the fact that you get to play with toys for a living with a really cool work environment, and you’ve got pretty sweet gig. The company’s office in Billund, Denmark includes huge grass wall graphics, a giant LEGO man, tables with built-in bonsai gardens and, of course, slides.


Gaming company Zynga, responsible for all of those FarmVille and CityVille alerts you get from your relatives on Facebook, fills a six-floor, 556,000-square-foot building in San Francisco complete with a giant atrium, a wellness center and a food court-like cafe where employees can get three free meals a day.

More: http://weburbanist.com/2015/11/30/work-perks-these-13-offices-are-way-more-fun-than-yours/

Poster Fever - Star Wars Sonata

A Very Murray Christmas (streams 12/4)

America's 100 Richest People Control More Wealth Than the Entire Black Population

Source: Mother Jones

It's well known that America's wealthiest have been getting even richer at the expense of the middle class. But the trend looks even starker when you look at the racial aspects. According to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies, the combined wealth of those on the Forbes 400 list of America's richest dwarfs that of the nation's entire black or Latino population.

The report found that the 100 richest US citizens control about as much wealth as all of the nation's 42 million African Americans. The total wealth of the nation's 55 million Latinos stacks up to that of the 186 richest Americans.
The average white family today has net assets of $141,900, compared with just $11,000 for black families.

This can be explained in part by the rapid erosion of the black and Latino middle classes. African Americans' net worth relative to whites has fallen by more than half since 2000: The average white family today has net assets of $141,900, compared with just $11,000 for black families—about the same paltry sum as back in 1985. Latinos have seen similar declines in net worth relative to whites.

There are many reasons for this slide: Black and Latino families were disproportionately exposed to risky subprime mortgages, had smaller amounts of inherited wealth, and were more susceptible to job and wage cuts during the Great Recession. And because these families are less likely than whites to own homes and stocks, they haven't benefited as much from the subsequent recovery.

Read more: http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2015/12/report-100-people-more-wealth-african-american-population

The Touching Reason This Birthday Cake Went Viral is Sure to Make You Smile

Source: Addicting Info


Over the weekend, Aldrich purchased the cake and asked someone in the bakery if they could add a birthday message. Not really looking at the cake, she headed to check out when she noticed that it looked a little different. Aldrich wrote:

“I nervously laughed and headed to check out— it didn’t really matter to me that it looked so bad—I thought people would think it was funny. The cashiers at the self check out didn’t think it was so funny.”

Aldrich didn’t mind the cake’s appearance, but store employees who noticed it did — and directed her to go and get a different one. Aldrich held firm that she was keeping the cake, and then she was informed who decorated it for her. Aldrich explained:

“To my surprise, after they discussed it, one cashier put her arm on my shoulder and said ‘the girl who wrote that has Autism. Thank you for smiling and thanking her- even though she’s not supposed to write on cakes, you probably made her day.'”


Canadian National Figure Skater at 2500' in the mountains

Einstein 100 - Theory of General Relativity (as read by David Tennant)

Jared Fogle, ex-Subway spokesman, gets 15 years in prison for child porn, sex crimes

Source: Washington Post

Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was sentenced Thursday to more than 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to federal charges related to child pornography and sexual conduct involving minors.

Fogle faced two counts: traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor, and distribution and receipt of child pornography.

“How do you plead to the charges?” U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Walton Pratt asked Fogle on Thursday at the federal courthouse in Indianapolis, according to the Indianapolis Star.

“Guilty,” Fogle replied.

Pratt sentenced him to 15 years and eight months behind bars, according to the Associated Press.

The news service reported that prosecutors had recommended a 12½-year sentence.

“The level of perversion and lawlessness exhibited by Mr. Fogle is extreme,” the judge said, according to the Star.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/11/19/jared-fogle-ex-subway-spokesman-pleads-guilty-to-child-porn-sex-crimes-against-minors/

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