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Hometown: Leon County, Florida
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2008, 10:18 PM
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Fresh installation of Windows 7 on an Acer laptop

Restoring the computer to the factory conditions failed - I got a copy of the Windows 7 DVD from a friend to match the Windows key on the computer. So my plan was to install a completely fresh, unencumbered copy of Windows.

But I didn't wipe out the hidden recovery partition where the system restore is supposed to be. I don't see that I need to keep that partition - the recovery files were corrupted or damaged so they wouldn't either repair or restore the OS. And now that I have Windows on DVD to use for this system, I don't see that I would need to recover the system using a recovery partition in the future.

Plus, when I boot the computer, it seems to see two copies of Windows 7 and wants me to select between them on every boot. At this point, I think I need to start over, reformat the hard drive completely and reinstall Windows from scratch. I've only installed a few drivers so far, so there wouldn't be much lost by starting over.

Does this sound like a good plan?

TRIPLE CROWN WINNER - American Pharoh wins the Belmont!

Just now!

"Labor Minute" - short recordings about labor on WFSU-FM

A friend has recorded some of these segments and I thought they might be of interest here.

Labor Minute broadcast each Wednesday at 3:04pm on 88.9 WFSU-FM. Sponsored by the United Faculty of Florida, Labor Minute shares stories of the American Labor movement, including the challenges and success of American workers. Labor Minute is also sponsored in part by the Florida AFL-CIO and the Big Bend Labor Chapter.

External harddrives not interchangeable between Windows & Mac?

I'm going to be scanning slides for my sister and had planned to save the images to an external hard drive. I just starting shopping for them and I think I've found a problem. She uses a Mac; I use Windows 7.

Her husband has a Windows (7 or 8, not sure which) laptop but I don't think they have any way to network the two computers or transfer stuff directly from one to the other.

Does this mean that if I get a hard drive that works on my computer she cannot access it on her Mac?

If it will not work, I'll have to figure out how to transfer several thousand images some other way.

Trying to decide between two Epson Photo scanners

After a discussion a while back about various photos scanners I evaluated what I might need if I could upgrade. Well, my sister wants several thousand slides scanned so I told her if she bought me a better scanner I'd do the job for her.

Currently I have an Epson Perfection V500. It works fine but I have a number of old negatives that are too large for the Epson film holders and software. I bought VueScan to overcome the software limitations and devised a method of holding the negatives in the scanner (acetate transparency sheets work very nicely to hold slightly curled negatives flat) but for the larger negatives I still have to stitch multiple scans together and that takes a lot of time that could be spent scanning.

One member here recommended wet mounting which would require purchasing a pro level scanner. I've looked at the technique and with the limited number of negatives that might benefit and with my setup (which lacks good ventilation) I don't want to hassle with it.

This leaves me with the choice between an Epson Perfection V700 Photo - Refurbished - for $415 from the Epson store with free shipping or the new model Epson Perfection V800 Photo currently on Amazon for $666.99 from Epson with free shipping. For $150 difference I can get the newest version - it's very tempting! Both come with LaserSoft Silverfast. The V700 comes with Adobe PhotoShop Elements, but I own a copy of that and I have the full PhotoShop CS6 so I don't need it.

The V750 is still available - for more money. And the V850 is out, again for much more money and the only advantage it seems to have is two of each of the film holders - not worth the big increase in price in my opinion.

Any comments or suggestions from anyone?

We cut down and thinned out dozens of trees

But turned around and planted a few thousand pines, oaks, dogwoods and cedars.

When we bought our farm, there were areas with scrubby oaks growing so close together you couldn't see through them. We thinned out those areas, and also cut down some trees that were unhealthy or in places where they were in the way. Back then, the Forestry Department sold bare root seedlings in bunches for about $10 a bunch - 1000 pines, 500 dogwoods, 1000 red cedars got planted in the first few years. A couple of years later a neighbor split a bunch of hybrid oaks. We also bought some small sycamore trees, hollies, and a green ash. Each year we'd buy a live tree for the holidays and planted it after the first of the year.

Now 35 years later there are more trees on this ridge than there were when we bought the place and they are healthier than those original trees we took out. With 60 acres we have lots of room for trees. In fact the 30 acres at the bottom of the ridge that is lowland is completely forested and has a native stand of American beech trees that is unusual in Florida - one was the Champion American beech of Florida for a while, but they found a specimen tree that is larger.

Yesterday while I was in the middle of replying in a thread our power went out

Later when it came back on, I went back to that thread to say nothing major happened. Well we missed the major thing:

Confirmed Tornado Touched Down in Leon County Sunday
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado touched down in Leon County late Sunday morning, north of Tallahassee.

An EF1 tornado with estimated peak winds of 95 MPH left a path of nearly 4.7 miles about 5 miles North of Tallahassee ending about a mile North of Maclay Gardens.

The tornado lasted about 8 minutes from 11: 51 a.m. until 11:59 a.m.

Surveyors say that sporadic tree damage was found along a path that was as wide as 350 yards in some areas.

MacClay Gardens is about 10 miles southwest of us. Just before the power went out the local TV station said a possible tornado was moving northeast. Good thing it fell apart before it got here!

We had another line of bad storms come through this morning. When my husband went for groceries this afternoon, there was a tree down in our drive and one down across the street.

We did have a casualty - in the pine tree that fell down there had been a woodpecker nest. The tree broke at that point and one baby was dead in the remains of the nest.

Donít let lack of records stop your search

Every so often Sharon Tate Moody writes a column for the Tampa Tribune. Her columns are available without subscription on TBO.com:
Sharon Tate Moody is a board-certified genealogist. Send your genealogical methodology questions and event announcements to her at stmoody0720@mac.com. She regrets she is unable to assist with personal research and cannot respond to requests for locating or researching individuals. Past Heritage Hunting columns are available online at tbo.com, search words ďSharon Tate Moody.Ē

This column is one I clipped from the paper last month when I was visiting down state. I'd forgotten about it and thought people here would be interested.
Donít let lack of records stop your search
Tribune correspondent
Published: March 22, 2015

Do you have an ancestor who seems, to you, a one-dimensional cardboard figure? Heís the guy who left few records and you feel lucky just to have approximated his dates of birth, marriage and death. Maybe the courthouses where he lived always burned. Or he may have been unable to read or write, eliminating the possibility of letters and diaries.


You donít want to fictionalize your ancestors, but with some imagination, steeped in local history and cultural awareness, you can learn and write about what life probably was like for them.

With what few records you have, build a place and time frame for a family. If you have nothing but censuses, look closely at questions asked in the various years. For example, the 1900 census actually asks the month and year of birth. The 1910 census asked for the number of years in the current marriage. The 1920 census asked questions about immigration and naturalization. Beginning in 1880, a relationship between the head of the household and each person in the household was stated. By using the censuses alone you can find much to build a timeline.

Once you have your ancestor in specific places at specific times ó and with luck youíve learned his occupation ó itís time to explore what was happening around this one-dimensional man, your ancestor.

More: http://tbo.com/lifestyle/dont-let-lack-of-records-stop-your-search-20150322/

I really like her approach in this column - I like to know the stories around my ancestors and she gives some great suggestions for building a life story even on people you know little about. She also gives wonderful links to help in your research in nearly ever column.

A bluebird wants inside my house!

We have a bluebird nest about 50 feet below the house and normally they are happy living there. But this morning there has been one male bluebird flying at the windows and hanging off the screen in the library where I spend most of my time.

One window, the one he started flying at first, doesn't have a screen on it. I took it out last summer when our house air conditioner was out of service so we could put a window unit in. Since the mesh needs to be replaced, we didn't put the screen back in. At first I thought the bluebird was trying to eat the spiders that live on that window, but he doesn't seem to be doing that.

He keeps flying back and forth between various windows and the trees near the house. Now he's brought a buddy - I can't tell if it's another male or a female.

Obamacare saves the day again!

A couple my husband and I have known since their college days just ran into a major problem. Both have significant health issues and just recently were approved for full disability. They were both on Medicaid and have been trying to catch up with their checkups. One pressing need is for the husband to have his eyes checked - he's been having trouble seeing clearly enough to read. He had an appointment this week for that checkup and my husband was going to give him a ride to the eye doctor.

We got a call this morning - they had gotten a notice that their Medicare was cancelled. BOOM! No coverage at all. They were in complete panic. Their medical bills would run in the tens of thousands of dollars a year if they didn't have coverage. They had no idea what to do on such short notice and they have no computer connected to the internet.

I spent a few minutes looking up contact information for them. Gave my husband the toll free numbers for HealthCare.gov and for the Florida managed care system. They called the first number and got coverage set up. Even though they only get about $1800 a month in disability - and I believe that is their only income - they will have to pay $115 a month for a silver package. They went for the higher quality plan to reduce their out of pocket expenses.

I'm sure part of the problem with their Medicaid coverage is Rick Scott's refusal to use the Medicaid expansion in the ACA. Since they vote Republican, I won't discuss health coverage with them but I told my husband he should mention it to them so they can think it over.

I'm really happy they can get healthcare. Without the ACA they would be completely uninsurable due to their health histories. I hope they appreciate that - and I hope the SCOTUS doesn't take away the help they are getting to pay their premiums. Without a subsidy, they would not be able to afford insurance at all!
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