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Hometown: Leon County, Florida
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2008, 09:18 PM
Number of posts: 16,629

Journal Archives

Is your county going to allow 12 days of early voting?

I just got off the phone from calling both my local Supervisor of Elections office (Leon County) and the Florida Division of Elections. My question for both was, "With yesterday's federal court decision that five Florida counties will not be allowed to restrict early voting days to only eight days, will ALL Florida counties also extend their early voting days?"

Neither office has an answer - it's as if they never considered that point. After getting referred to the Division of Election's General Counsel's office, the person who might possibly have an opinion was on another line, so I am waiting for a call back.

I urge EVERY Floridian here to call their local Supervisor of Election office and ask. The federal court ruling only applies to Collier, Hardee, Hendry, Hillsborough and Monroe counties, which are covered by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This leaves the other 62 Florida counties with fewer days to vote which I believe is inherently unfair.

As I told the woman at the Florida Division of Elections General Counsel's office, if I have fewer days available to vote, I will be talking to the ACLU.

Let's push our Supervisors of Election to get an opinion from the state office and to offer the 12 days of early voting that we had in 2008 and 2010.

Links to Genealogy Books online

My Dad just sent my this link so I haven't checked it out very much but it looks useful. It tries to link to various genealogy and family history books that are available online:


Bird Joins Blue Grass Singer

Bird lands on singer's guitar at a Bluegrass concert. Watch the reaction of the guitarist...

This is fun to watch. About half way through in this song a little wild bird lands on the lead singer's guitar and watches the singer. The singer is then able to pet the wild bird.

Put the video on "full screen" to better to see the bird. The bird really looks straight at the singer.


Question about USB charging for batteries

I've got a wall wart charger that connects by USB cable to my tablet to charge its battery. I've also got a pair of speakers for the tablet that charge by connecting via USB to the computer. Would it be safe to use the tablet wall wart to charge the speakers?

I know the USB standard should be the same but this method of charging built in batteries is new to me.


George Zimmerman Relaunches Personal Website

Source: NBC New York

By Edward B. Colby
| Thursday, Jul 19, 2012 | Updated 5:55 PM EDT

George Zimmerman relaunched his personal website on the same day that he gave his first media interview about his shooting of Trayvon Martin.

On the site, therealgeorgezimmerman.com, the second-degree murder defendant wrote a letter to his supporters and asked them to donate to his defense fund, which he said is nearly depleted.

“This has been the most difficult time of my life. I have been charged and arrested for murder, I have been accused of being a racist, and my family and I have to live in hiding because of threats against my life. I am not a murderer, and I am not a racist,” Zimmerman wrote.


“This is not my website, this is our website,” he told supporters. “I am going to use this as a chance to communicate with you and listen to you, and as an opportunity to share important things about the case.”

Read more: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/national-international/George-Zimmerman-Relaunches-Personal-Website-163089366.html

My second knee replacement is July 25!

Originally the surgeon said the soonest he'd do it was three months after the first surgery, which was May 15. But at my checkup after getting out of the rehab hospital he said I was healing ahead of schedule and we talked about when to do it. I wanted either the beginning of August so I'd be healed before my husband goes off to DragonCon or right after he got back from Atlanta.

The surgeon's office called today and the dates available were July 17 or July 25. The 17th is the day after our 35th anniversary so I told the nurse to schedule it on the 25. I should be completely self sufficient by the time my husband goes off!

I'm still doing physical therapy and they were talking about throwing me out after next week but I'm going to keep going at least once or twice a week through the next surgery to keep the legs strong. With the right knee hurting from all the walking I'm doing to get the left leg fit, I think having access to the machines will help me stay in better shape for the other operation.

I'm excited - soon all these surgeries will be over and I will be able to walk without pain!

The physical therapists took away my walker!

Well, not really, but they gave me a hard time today since I really don't need the walker anymore for the new knee. I keep walking off and leaving it various places around the house and even left it when I was out doing things Saturday. I might need it for the bad knee, though before we get around to replacing it. They recommend using a cane if I feel as though I need support for the new knee for now.

Progress is great - tomorrow is four weeks since they replaced the left knee. On days I have physical therapy I get a little swelling and heat but otherwise it does not hurt me at all. The only limitation I'm having is that the remaining bad knee is hurting more and more as I walk more with the new knee. Nothing new - both knees used to hurt like that.

The big improvement is that now I actually have one good leg to stand on!

I saw my surgeon Friday and he said I'm ahead of schedule for healing. I'm doing good enough that he and I discussed scheduling the replacement of the other knee. That may be as soon as the beginning of August but will more likely be the week of Labor Day.

A new Simon's Cat! 'Tongue Tied'

Anybody Got a Bottle Opener?

These guys need a few!

Home from the rehab hospital!

I actually got home Tuesday afternoon, but was too exhausted to post. They were planning for me to leave Wednesday morning, but my insurance company refused to pay for one more night, so with five minutes notice, I was out the door.

The rehab facility was great and the physical therapy was awesome. Although the nursing staff was also awesome, there were various problems mostly because they are chronically understaffed. By the time I left, I was cruising the halls of the facility with my Rollator (fancy four wheeled walker that my BIL got cheap). I'm doing as much walking as I can and doing all the exercises the therapists recommended. The new knee actually feels better if I get up and walk every 15-30 minutes. The bad knee hates that.

The only major problem I have now is that my bad knee is hurting as much or more than the new knee. I see the surgeon next week and will try to get him to schedule replacing the bad knee the week after Labor Day.

My husband has requested that for his birthday at the end of January we go on a hike together. I think I will be able to for the first time in a decade!

Edited to add - I wasn't able to post or read all last weekend because the internet was down at the facility and the one guy who knew how to reboot the router was on vacation.
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