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Hometown: Leon County, Florida
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2008, 09:18 PM
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Journal Archives

Dangerous group claims responsibility for Swedish attack!

Rep. Gerrold Nadler files resolution that could be first legislative step towards impeachment

Headline on banner right now on MSNBC. Katy Tur interviewing Nadler (D-NY) - resolution of inquiry relating to intelligence about emoluments clause, business interests & violations of 18 different laws.

Must be taken up by committee in 14 days.

Women can ignore law on 24-hour abortion waiting period, Floridas Supreme Court rules

Women can ignore law on 24-hour abortion waiting period, Florida’s Supreme Court rules
February 16, 2017
Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau

Women do not have to follow a state law requiring them to see a doctor 24 hours before having an abortion, the state Supreme Court made clear Thursday in a ruling that upholds a lower-court decision blocking the law from going into effect.

The 4-2 decision says the 24-hour-delay law, which was signed by Gov. Rick Scott in 2015, has a “substantial likelihood” of being ruled unconstitutional under broad privacy protections in the state Constitution.

“Because the right of privacy is a fundamental right within Florida’s constitution, this Court consistently has required that any law intruding on this right is presumptively unconstitutional and must be justified by a ‘compelling state interest’ which the law serves or protects through the ‘least restrictive means,’ ” Justice Barbara Pariente wrote in the decision.

The law has been effectively blocked for most of the 20 months since it went into effect.

The law has not been overturned in the courts, this just keeps the stay that prevents it from being enforced. But it looks very likely that it WILL be overturned!

Now Spicer seems like an adult: Internet reels at Trumps rambling, incoherent press conference

‘Now Spicer seems like an adult’: Internet reels at Trump’s rambling, incoherent press conference
David Ferguson
16 Feb 2017 at 15:07 ET

Pres. Donald Trump’s press conference on Thursday was combative, rambling, hostile and at times incoherent. Some web users wondered if they were watching a Saturday Night Live sketch. Others — like CNN’s Jake Tapper — said it seemed like “the airing of the grievances” from Seinfeld’s made-up holiday Festivus.

Others said it made Sean Spicer’s hot-faced, argumentative press conferences look professional by comparison.

Some of the best reactions are embedded below: {Follows various GREAT Twitter responses. The only one I will post is in my opinion the winner of the internet today.}


Katy Tur ‏@KatyTurNBC 9h9 hours ago

When are the feats of strength?


Way to go Katy!

Trump's last year of presidency...

Found on Facebook - feel free to share!

Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Be sure to watch to the end for examples of the commercials that will be running to educate the so called president.

Keith Olbermann commentary on December 21, 2010 Citizens United vs FEC

I wish I'd had a camera handy earlier tonight!

But it wouldn't have done much good, I was laughing so hard.

My cat had made a racket in another room, but I recognized the noises. Yesterday he got into a paper bag that was filled with other bags too "good" to just throw out. I'd chased him off, but cats & bags...

Anyway, a while later I was walking through the kitchen and he came out of the shadows making an odd noise. It took me a minute to realize why he looked funny - he had a paper bag skirt on! The bag he'd been playing him had handles and he'd managed to get his body through one handle and catch it around his waist, then tear off a piece of the bag that was just the right size to be a cat skirt.

He was rather distressed about the situation, then indignant that I was laughing at him - so indignant that he attacked my ankle. The attack and the laughter made it take that much longer to get the bag handle off him.

No physical damage was done to the cat - the handle wasn't even tight around his waist, just snug enough he couldn't get it off on his own. The bag of course was destroyed as was my cat's dignity. He has been snubbing me since.

Oh, I wish I had gotten out the camera!

Just found on Facebook - when Trump visited the Lincoln Memorial

Hmmm - PBS News Hour just put a graphic about Bannon ownership of Seinfeld

I froze the screen to get this right:

Steve Bannon owns an unknown share of the profits of the TV series, "Seinfeld." If it were just 1%, he would have made about $32.6 million since 1998.

I will never watch the "Seinfeld" series again!

No link - live on the air just now following a segment about Bannon's documentary film career. I think one of the guests has written an article about it but I turned over well into the segment.

As I said, this was on PBS New Hour tonight.
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