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Member since: Sat Jan 5, 2008, 07:45 PM
Number of posts: 41,799

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Romney's backstory is disassembling. Friend says Romney was like "Lord of the Flies".

Romney's classmates from Cranbook are not rushing to his defense.

The guy who introduced Mitt and Ann is passing on rushing to Romney's defense.
White, in an interview with ABC News, said that he is “still debating” whether he will help the campaign, remarking, “It’s been a long time since we’ve been pals.”


According to White, he knows of several other classmates that have also been approached by the campaign to counter the article. White declined to name the fellow classmates.

Romney often mentions White on the campaign trail as the friend who threw the party where Romney met his wife Ann, whom he has now been married to for more than 43 years.

One former classmate and old friend of Romney’s – who refused to be identified by name – said there are “a lot of guys” who went to Cranbrook who have “really negative memories” of Romney’s behavior in the dorms, behavior this classmate describes as “like Lord of the Flies.”

The classmate believes Romney is lying when he claims to not remember it.

“It makes these fellows very remorseful. For not to remember it? It doesn’t ring true. How could the fellow with the scissors forget it?” the former classmate said.

One of the things that I pointed out at the beginning of Romney's campaign that he didn't really have a lot of close friends, either from the past or in the Republican Party. Alot of Republicans are going to enjoy letting him strangle in the wind because he while he has been writing big checks to the Mormon Church he hasn't been writing checks to help get Congressman and Senators elected, and he hasn't been running around the past 4 years getting people elected.

Dogs, Esteemed Blind Teacher, Vulnerable Gay Student

The Romney Trifecta.

Letterman and the rest of them will be hammering the shit out of Romney all the way to November.

What does Romney have?

Obama is a Superstar Celebrity.

Prediction: in the next 72 hours Romney will make a scripted courageous statement at a town hall mtg

Romney is the guy who never stood up an challenged anything. Not his Church, his country, his party.

Now a two bit radio jockey and addle brained Republican nutjob have exposed Romney for the truly shallow gutless ass he really is.

McCain didn't just stand up to a few nutjobs at a town hall meeting he refused to leave the Hanoi Hilton ahead of the others even though his health was ebbing and he might not have meant it. When Cindy came home with a Bangladeshi daughter McCain adopted her sight unseen.

You cannot imagine Romney doing anything like that. The unremarked strange part of the Seamus story actually was the mentality of a father that would plan only 2 pit stops for 5 boys for a 12 hour drive.

So as the country is beginning to see that Romney may be Nominee in modern history most unsuited to be Commander in Chief because he is completely and totally gutless I predict that the campaign will:

Within the next three days expect to see somebody at a town hall event say something not just beyond the pale but completely insane. Ideally it won't even mention the President's name but be an assault on Democrats in general. Something along the lines of "Don't you agree that all Democrats are Communists?"

Then by script Romney will put his palms up and do his best Ronald Reagen impression "Whoa there, let's just hold up there for a minute. We may disagree with them and their policies may be 100% wrong for this great American but not ALL Democrats are communists."

Then cue the idiot squad of Romney surrogates praising the brave courage of Romney, his 'Sister Souljah' movement and a wave of nauseous contrived bullshit about how Romney defends Democrats and will bring this country together.

The MSM will slap him on the back, David Gregory will pronounce him vetted and ready to command the United States Armed Forces.

You know they are writing the script and finding a patsy for the town hall. There will be a few run thrus and then it will be coming to a town hall meeting in the next few days.

Well time finally ran out.

She had an iron constitution and entered her last year of life 10 years ago at the age of 86.

She was one of those strong willed women from the depression that wasn't going to let her body tell her when she was going to come or go.

A few years ago when she agonized about her condition (blind and bed ridden and in constant pain) her conscious mind joined her body in wanting to end the ordeal.

Her iron constitution wasn't going to let either her body or her mind tell her when she was going to come or go either and she continued on eating a few bites of ice cream a day and a couple of months ago she entered into her last "24 hours".

The doctors however never knew her like we did. When she stopped eating a week ago and they told us to start making final arrangements we knew that we still had plenty of time.

A month ago we took our Golden Retriever and put him to sleep. It took 2 minutes and it was so gentle.

I can still hear my mother coming home from visiting a cousin who lingered the same way she did. This was 40 years ago.

She made us all promise to never let her linger like that.

She hated it. We all agreed and we all promised but there was nothing we could do.

If there was it was doubtful that anyone would have done anything, we learned in childhood that you never argued with her constitution.

She was a stern and distant mother and yet to her friends was a great and supportive friend. We could never understand the dichotomy and all of her friends thought she was the model mother. She proved it by ouliving all of her friends. Even her care giver grew old and needed a care giver.

It was a different time and they just don't make them like that anymore.

Is Karl Rove (and the Bush Establishment) cutting Mitt Romney loose?

You may have seen Karl Rove's latest electoral map. It is non partisan (and maybe even a little generous with South Carolina as a toss up) and pretty accurate.


Obama starts with 220 solid (double digit or much much more) and Romney with 92. Leaning Obama 64 and Romney 79.

Basically Romney has to run the table with his leans and toss ups and has to turn atleast one Obama lean..

Obama takes his solids and leans and wins. if he wins AZ, FL or VA there is virtually no way for Romney to get close with all of the rest of the leans without turning a couple of leans from Obama to Romeny.

So what is the twice divorced college drop out Machievellian political hackmeister up to?

Some at DU have speculated that he is trying to scare Republicans to start donating real money.

If that was his agenda then he wouldn't have used this map, this one makes it look like a lost cause. This is the map you use if your trying to convince people not to waste good money after bad on Romney and spend the money on Senate and Congressional states/districts.

So here is an alternate theory. The Bush/Republican establishment are leaving Romney to his own devices. Team Romney isn't hiring a bunch of traditional Republican campaign staffers but his own gang. In the meantime Rove and the rest of them use their PAC funds to help Republicans run Congressional candidates in key Republican districts and States where the President is thought to have a possible impact.

Romney goes down to a historic landslide and cannot run again in 2016.

In the meantime the Bush machine has quietly been working hard to get people elected.

Over the next 4 years Obama is saddled with fixing the deficit, fixing the entitlement funding problems and getting the economy back on track. In 2016 the Jeb Bush comes back to reunite the Republican Party and they run on a whole list of social agenda items and cutting back the size of the government and reducing taxes.

With a whole fistful of IOUs in his pocket Jeb is able to lock up Iowa, NH and S. Carolina and a grateful party is reunited behind Jeb Bush and the Bushes finally get to run the 'smart son' who makes the Republicans giddy at the possibility that Jeb's Mexican born wife will be able to undo the damage of the Republican anti-Hispanic campaign.

So is Karl Rove trying to undermine support to Romney?

Don't know but this map sure isn't going to help Romney raise money?

21,090,766 and a couple of other numbers you really need to have on the tip of your tongue.

Briefly surfacing from an extended road trip and bracing for another long one I normally don't have but a few minutes to check in with the Greatest, LBN but wanted to offer a couple of big picture numbers that are useful to remind other Democrats, persuade uncommitteds and shut down right wing talkers:

1) Four out of the last five US Presidential Elections have been won by Democrats.

Without getting into the contentious questions of 2000 and 2004 it is a simple fact that over the past 20 years the US people have voted for Democratic Nominees in all elections except 2004 which was the middle of a hot war and no American electorate has ever switched administrations in the middle of a hot war. If somebody refers to 2000 you can remind them that the election was won by a Democrat but the electoral college was won by Bush, these facts are not in dispute.

The whole meme that this is a conservative leaning country is not sustained by electoral facts.

2) The combined total of votes for Democratic nominees over Republican nominees in the last 20 years is 271,837,637 versus 250,746,871 for a difference of 21,090,766, not a small number.

So when the Republicans try and frame the discussion by stating they are going to "take back the country" or that the Democratic Party is somehow outside of the mainstream of America, simply say "21,090,766". They will ask what you are talking about and you can tell them that in the last 20 years the Democrats have 21,090,766 votes than Republicans and that there point is nonsense.

3) The polls are showing a close election. They are only if you think that 2 + 2 is closer to 22 than 4.

We have two sets of widely reported facts;

Set One;

1) Obama has a 70+ solid lead among non white (African Americans/Hispanics) which account for roughly 20% of the population.

Obama has a 20 point lead among women.

Obama has a 20 point lead among young.

Obama is slightly behind Romney in angry white males that don't fit the above categories.

If you take the first two (1. 70% of 20 is `14+)(2. 20% of the remaining 80% is 16+) then all of the relevent polls show that Obama has a 30 point advantage and Romney would have to be ahead of all white males 65-35 for the total polling to be even close.

And yet while national tracking polls all show a tight race individual state polls don't.

Set Two

Obama is showing big leads in Blue states, leads in Purple and closer than you would think in some Red States.

A sampling from Real Clear Politics http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/

NH Obama 51- 42 (UNH) Remember this is Romney's 'home state'

AZ Romney 42-40 (AZSt.)

OH Obama 45-38 (FOX)

NY Obama 57-35 (Marist) 60-35 (Siena 60-35)

NJ Obama 49-40 (Quinnipiac)

NC Obama 49-44 (PPP)

NM Obama 52-46 (Ras)

CO Obama 53-40 (PPP)

VA Romney 46-41 (Roanoke)

I didn't cherry pick these polls but included all of the polls from the last 2 weeks including blatant Republican pollsters like FOX and Rasmussen.

What accounts for the discrepancy between two radical sets of numbers, one from national polls and the other from combining the aggregate of states or various groups?

You could talk about how minorities, Democrats and the young are more under reported in landline national polls and local polls take greater care to be more representative.

Or you could point out that there is an entire industry of pollsters and broadcasters who have a great deal to make if the election is a close horse race. If it is basically seen as a done deal contributions to both sides will be done and that will mean as much as a billion dollars of lost advertising. Only a fraction of the polls will be done. So a close national race generates hundreds of millions of dollars in broadcast advertising and millions of dollars in additional polling revenues.

4) Finally a number with teeth in it 60-38

Intrade the political futures market where people put money up the President has been absolutely steady at 58-61 and Romney has been stuck on 38 for months.


Best wishes to all DU Christians on Good Friday.

If being a Christian in an age where the right dominates much of the Church wasn't enough of a challenge, being insulted on a fairly regular basis here really does test your ability to share the "Grace" of your faith.

The word "Church" comes from the Greek ekklesia and means "those that are called out".

As you celebrate the Sacred day of Good Friday I share your feelings of profound pain that humanity experiences that is captured fully in the cruxifiction of the Rabbi Jesus and as you approach experiencing the joy of the Resurrection of that spirit I wish you and your family a happy holiday.

More idiotic cartoons from the Romney people

Site was first discussed here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/125125166


Now this is just so stupid you have to wonder why the hell they would be wasting money on crap like this but they are.

There are so many things wrong with this but let's just look at the basics:

1) The Dow Jones Industrial was founded in 1890 and took 119 years to get to 6626 on March 2nd, 2009 roughly 6 weeks after the President was sworn in. In just three years the DJI has increased another 6586 points to close at 13252 on March 12th. The facts are that this is the greatest three year increase in capital in the history of the world, so why would the President be aligned with communists by any thinking person?

2) The phone is tied to the CCCP which ceased to exist in 1991.

3) Why Nikita Krushchev? Just seems strange to pick out THAT particular dead communist. Why wouldn't you pick out Marx, Engels, or Lenin. Nikita? Really?

4) The shoes show double possessive apostrophe's "Nikita's Krushchev's" which is like a Junior High level grammatical mistake.

Lame, uninformed, illiterate, and without anything actually funny.

Does the Romney campaign disavow this shit?

It is clearly tied to the Romney campaign and all donations to the site go to the campaign.

Only 35% of the Republican Party actually believes what Romney is saying:


Romney Camp gives a preview of "National Etch A Sketch Day"

As previously noted September 1st, 2012 will mark the first day of the Post Republican Primary campaign and we, along with the Republicans will find out exactly what the Republican Party has purchased in its nominee.

Kind of like a Surprise Party in reverse.

Here Romney surrogate Ehrlich is giving us a teaser:

After the convention Romney will begin to tell us his "real" opinions on women's issues.


Hey conservative cavers/freepers/and other lurkers on the right - what do you think Romney's 'real' views are and why would the 'gender gap' "dissipate rather quickly".

Man you guys have fallen for one of the greatest political con jobs in history and I am loving every second of it.

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