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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,444

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

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Madness??People are addicted to this junk food.

Yes, in my opinion, it is an addiction. ....Here is a book that proves this:

Kessler, David A. The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite (2009) ISBN 1-60529-785-2

He went in the middle of the night, long after the last employee had locked up the Chili's Grill and Bar. He'd steer his car around the back, check to make sure no one was around and then quietly approach the dumpster.

If anyone noticed the man foraging through the trash, they would have assumed he was a vagrant. Except he was wearing black dress slacks and padded gardening gloves. "I'm surprised he didn't wear a tie," his wife said dryly.

The high-octane career path of David A. Kessler, the Harvard-trained doctor, lawyer, medical school dean and former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration had come to this: nocturnal dumpster diving. Sometimes, he would just reach in. Other times, he would climb in.

It took many of these forays until Kessler emerged with his prize: ingredient labels affixed to empty cardboard boxes that spelled out the fats, salt and sugar used to make the Southwestern Eggrolls, Boneless Shanghai Wings and other dishes served by the nation's second-largest restaurant chain.

Kessler was on a mission to understand a problem that has vexed him since childhood: why he can't resist certain foo



"His 2009 book The End of Overeating (a New York Times best seller) highlights for the consumer the amount of fat, salt and sugar in their food intake. He asserts that this trio of elements in restaurant and processed foods conditions us to eat more in a manner that changes our brain circuitry and that children may develop a pattern of overeating and obesity that they might retain for life. He stresses that this outcome of lifelong obesity is not genetic but environmental and avoidable."


"Grocery Store Wars"....Parody on Star Wars..Organic Foods vs Dark Side


Lots of Fun...about 5 min, it's Cuke Skywaker vs Darth Tater..enjoy

Too Much Sitting Raises risk of Death Even if You Exercize CBS News/ Annals of Internal Medicine

Last Updated Jan 20, 2015 10:14 AM EST

CBS Link:

Beware, couch potatoes: The evidence is piling up that too much sitting can take a serious toll on your health.

A new study links sitting for prolonged periods of time to increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and early death -- even in people who get regular exercise.

"Even if you do a half an hour or an hour or of exercise every day doesn't give us the reassurance that sitting for the other 23 hours is ok. In fact, it's not," said Dr. David Alter of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, one of the authors of the study.

The study, published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine, is based on a review and analysis of previous research. It found that the health hazards seem to be greatest for people who sit 8 or 9 hours a day. The impact was even more pronounced in people who did not exercise regularly.

The study found sitting for prolonged periods raised the risk of cardiovascular disease by 14 percent, cancer by 13 percent, and diabetes by a whopping 91 percent. Those who sat for long stretches and got no regular exercise had a 40 percent higher risk of early death. With regular exercise, the risk was smaller but still significant: about 10 percent.

Link from Annals of Internal Medicine:

20 January 2015

Sedentary Time and Its Association With Risk for Disease Incidence, Mortality, and Hospitalization in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Aviroop Biswas, BSc; Paul I. Oh, MD, MSc; Guy E. Faulkner, PhD; Ravi R. Bajaj, MD; Michael A. Silver, BSc; Marc S. Mitchell, MSc; and David A. Alter, MD, PhD

Data Synthesis: Forty-seven articles met our eligibility criteria. Meta-analyses were performed on outcomes for cardiovascular disease and diabetes (14 studies), cancer (14 studies), and all-cause mortality (13 studies). Prospective cohort designs were used in all but 3 studies; sedentary times were quantified using self-report in all but 1 study. Significant hazard ratio (HR) associations were found with all-cause mortality (HR, 1.240 ), cardiovascular disease mortality (HR, 1.179 ), cardiovascular disease incidence (HR, 1.143 ), cancer mortality (HR, 1.173 ), cancer incidence (HR, 1.130 ), and type 2 diabetes incidence (HR, 1.910 ). Hazard ratios associated with sedentary time and outcomes were generally more pronounced at lower levels of physical activity than at higher levels.

Limitation: There was marked heterogeneity in research designs and the assessment of sedentary time and physical activity.

Conclusion: Prolonged sedentary time was independently associated with deleterious health outcomes regardless of physical activity.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I guess this means for me, that I will sit at the computer less. Perhaps I will rearrange it, so I got to stand and use it. The CBS short clip shows the lady standing...but, I sit to damn much..and that is the truth.

Homeless Man Reunited With Long-Lost Bank Account..South Tampa-Hyde Park Patch:


The man lived on downtown Tampa’s streets for about three years until a cop and a case worker stepped in to help.
by Sherri Lonon (Patch Staff) updated April 16, 2015

John Helinski, 62, was once a member of Tampa’s “invisible” population.

Homeless for about three years, his address was a cardboard box placed near a downtown Tampa bus stop. “(I was) sleeping underneath the benches there and no one would see me,” he explained to ABC news.

Life was hard, but he managed to scrape by.

Those scraping by days came to an end recently when Helinski met DACCO case manager Charles Inman and Tampa Police Officer Dan McDonald. The two pooled their resources to help get Helinski the proper identification needed to secure services on his behalf – a birth certificate, Social Security card, driver’s license. His identification had been stolen from him at some point, McDonald said.

As they began navigating the system to restore the Polish-born American citizen’s identification papers, they came across a bank account in his name. That bank account was opened by Helinski long before at the former Landmark Bank. By the time the branch became a Bank of America location, Helinski had forgotten about the account and the Social Security benefits that had been stacking up in his name.

A really nice story about a homeless man, and two nice people who helped him get out of living in that cardboard box that he had been in for three years. This one brightened up my day.. worth linking to

On Dec 4, 1969..I saw the results of police murder..murder of Fred Hampton, Mark Clark in Chicago.

The link below, explains that the apartment where the police shooting took place, "was left open" and people went through to take a look at what had happened. Tours were being given. Hampton was the leader of the Black Panther Party in Chicago. He was killed that morning, and I was teaching in a high school not far from the location of the shooting. I played the devils advocate in class and said basically, that the news this morning said that Hampton and Clark were firing at police and the police were protecting themselves. Two students mentioned during class that the apartment was still open, and I could see for myself. I was kinda scared to walk over there on my lunch break, but these students said they would walk with me, and I had nothing to be scared of. So, I walked with them to take the tour..(keep in mind, these 17 year olds are now 62 years old).
....So they were correct, it looked like the cops killed them while they were sleeping.. If you read the links, you will find that eventually it was proven, the two were murdered, and a settlement was made to the family. I was a young white history teacher in a all black high school.. Yet, it is a clear memory walking through the apartment and seeing the blood in the bed and splattered against the walls. No policeman was ever charged, even though much later it was proven to be a pre-planned murder... Several Links Below:. Oh, it is pretty ugly reading. ....from the 1st link below..about the 15th paragraph:

"After the murder, the apartment was left open for two weeks, and many people went through there--not only Blacks but suburban whites--and saw how it had to be murder. The Congressional Black Caucus, at that time led by Adam Clayton Powell, came here and examined the apartment and called it murder themselves."


from Democracy Now:



O'Reilly Declares Himself Vindicated over Accusations of Fabrications Because of Ratings.

Crooks and Liars


3/25/15...8:28 pm..
posted by ..News Hound Ellen...at Crooks and Liars
Bill O’Reilly visited The Late Show with David Letterman last night where he argued that “folks decided” he was not guilty of any of the many fabrications he has been accused of – because his ratings went up. But have they stayed up?

Letterman asked O’Reilly if there’s a similarity between his situation and Brian Williams (currently on suspension from NBC News because he was caught exaggerating his Iraq war experiences).

“Only if I did something that wasn’t true,” O’Reilly said. “What I said was accurate.”

He continued, “We had a controversy, and we put forth what my side was, and they put forth what their side was, and folks decided. And it worked out OK for me. I got even more viewers …20% up.”

“Twenty percent up, when people thought you were making stuff up?” Letterman questioned.

“But they didn’t think that because I hit it immediately hard,” O’Reilly claimed, “and I said, ‘Look, this is the facts, this is what happened.’”

In reality, O’Reilly has not settled the controversy. He responded to some degree (without answering many of the questions) to allegations about his coverage of the Falklands war. His response to having claimed to see nuns murdered during the civil war in El Salavador was especially flimsy and he was even criticized by the orders of the victims. His claims about a JFK assassination figure seem conclusively disproven, and O’Reilly refused to respond to the contentions of six of his former news colleagues that an attack by protesters during the Los Angeles riots was vastly overstated.

You decide, which is better??

DECIDE.......WHICH IS BETTER??? ............................................................................................................
Being grateful that you prevented an auto accident because you were alert and totally aware of what was going on while you were driving.......or..................Having doubt, grief, guilt, sadness and remorse about killing someone while you were driving, because you were texting and not paying complete attention. .................................................................. ..
CHOOSE...IT IS UP TO YOU..YOU HAVE A CHOICE.....................................................................................................................

Ideas to prevent people from falling and injuring themselves.

I think these ideas can help prevent falls..

1. In walking around your home... never walk in socks. . Socks by nature are very slippery.
2. Although your feet may be cold, it is safer to walk with bare feet than socks..The lines and grooves under your soles, are natural grabbers. They stabilize the body and prevent falls. So do good shoes..
3. As we walk down the stairs, always grab the handrails. Always. Both hands. If there is a slip or stumble, then by holding on, you are immediately protected, and will probably prevent any possible fall. I have had stumbles, and the holding on, totally prevented any falls..
4. Also, walking down stairs, slow down...what is the rush?.by slowing down when walking down steps, some falls might be prevented.
5. Buy shoes with grooves and indentions on soles.. Walking shoes in sports stores, have those which grab on to the surface one walks on... But any kind of stable shoe would probably be better than slippers, because some slippers have no grooves to protect from falls. I would probably put slippers in the same category as socks.
6. There are some socks with bumps on them. The kind given to people in hospitals and rehab facilities. Some of those might help.. they are the only exception to rule number one..but still be very careful even with these kind of socks. The grabber bumps often have dirt and dust on them, and those bumps are not that effective if that happens.
7. Grab handrails walking up..(can't hurt, can it?]
8. Be especially careful of wet surfaces of any kind. slow down even more..
9. Look where you are walking..Why? because if we don't look, (say we are distracted by our obsession to text or talk on the cell phone) then we may miss a imperfection or crack in the sidewalk or surface we are walking on. If we hit a misplaced bump in surface, or an irregularity, that can cause a fall. If we watch where we are walking, and see it coming, we can walk around it or over it. Lots of sidewalks are older and have those kind of imperfections. Now that sounds kind of simple, but so many of us are distracted, and in a rush to get somewhere, that we do not look where we are walking. If we see something coming, prevention is much easier than catching ourselves while falling....

Good luck to all, and add what may have been left out..Of course most of these are just common sense, but listing them here and discussing these ideas, might prevent someone from falling.

This is the reason to support the democratic candidate, whoever it is

The next President could appoint members to the Supreme Court.

Nichols " Mr. Spock was a McGovernite"- Daily Kos


John Nichols at The Nation writes Mr. Spock Was a McGovernite: Remembering Leonard Nimoy’s ‘Live Long and Prosper’ Politics:
George McGovern’s anti-war candidacy for the presidency in 1972 attracted a good deal of celebrity support. But few Hollywood figures worked as hard as Nimoy to advance the cause of the Democratic presidential contender.

Beginning in January of 1972, when he trekked to New Hampshire on behalf of what was then considered to be McGovern’s uphill battle for the nomination, Nimoy traveled to thirty-five states on the South Dakota senator’s behalf. Grainy photos and news reports from more than four decades ago tell the story of a young Nimoy campaigning in the southwest with Latinos, in urban centers with African-Americans, in rural Oregon and even in Alaska.

Nimoy did not mind trading on his Star Trek celebrity to appeal for McGovern. He even joked at campaign stops that “I’m at a disadvantage. I’ve spent most of my previous life on Vulcan, so I don’t know too much about the people in this country.”
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