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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 11,399

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Perhaps O'Reilly's biggest lie yet..2/20/15 ,, Just 2 days ago!!!

2/20/15...O'Reilly said...

"Here's the truth ... everything Iíve said about my reportorial career ... everything ... is true."

link to where he said the above...


If you hit the link above.. That line is the 8th paragraph down..(save you some time..)



that single word sounds like a very big lie....

Rachel Maddow: Jeb Bush, "Mistakes Were Made"..."I Am My Own Man"

A truly brilliant piece by Rachel on the Bush Legacy and Jeb's first voyage into a foreign policy speech. We see the usage by the Bushes of the term , "Mistakes Were Made" Further, she discusses Jeb's enormous fund raising accomplishment, and how the Republicans have ignored real foreign policy questions for years. She concludes with a plea for a real discussion on important international issues instead of a name calling and saying Obama doesn't love his country.
Rachel also shows how Jeb's foreign policy team is similar, actually, almost exactly the same as the team his brother and his father used.. This was aired on Thursday, Feb 19, 2015

Mother Jones Editors Demand O'Reilly Apologize For 'Kill Zone' Comment

Source: Talking Points Memo

By Brendan James
Published February 20, 2015, 3:45 PM EST

The editors-in-chief of Mother Jones magazine on Friday demanded that Fox News host Bill O'Reilly apologize for saying one of their journalists "deserves to be" in "the kill zone."

After the liberal magazine published a report accusing O'Reilly of inflating his record while covering the Falklands War, O'Reilly slammed one of the article's authors, David Corn, in an interview with AdWeek's TVNewser.

"Iíve talked to about eight or nine reporters, and when they verify what Iím saying, because itís easily verifiable, then I expect David Corn to be in the kill zone. Where he deserves to be," O'Reilly told the website.

Clara Jeffery and Monika Bauerlein, editors-in-chief of Mother Jones, wrote a letter to Fox News executive vice president Bill Shine and spokesperson Dana Klinghoffer demanding O'Reilly apologize, Politico reported on Friday.

Read more: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/bill-oreilly-mother-jones-kill-zone

Now, Bill watch your language....

Feb 10, 2007, Obama announcment, few thought he had a chance. 20 months ahead of the election

Give or take a month, depending on the count. Few thought he had a chance to get the nomination, yet alone the election. Events happen. Obama has been President for over 6 years going on 7. Some incredible good events have happened and some awful events have occurred. Who knew all of this would or could happen?

Therefore, it is still 19 months away from the 2016 election. Yes, Hillary looks very strong at this point. But a whole lot can happen in 19 months. Let us keep that in mind.

David Corn Hits Back at Bill O Reilly..Politico: Dylan Byers.


By DYLAN BYERS | 2/19/15 7:30 PM EST

David Corn, the lead author of a new report alleging that Bill O'Reilly lied about his Falklands War experience, says the Fox News anchor is hiding behind name calling and refusing to account for legitimate discrepancies in his statements.

"To me, the issue here is whether a media figure and journalist like Bill O'Reilly, who claims to be a truth teller, can get away without answering questions about specific statements he's made, and hide behind name calling," Corn told the On Media blog on Thursday. "I would encourage anyone else who covers this story to get Bill O'Reilly to answer those quesitons -- if not to me, than to anyone else."

Corn's remarks came immediately after O'Reilly called Corn "a liar" and a "despicable guttersnipe" during an interview with On Media. O'Reilly said that he "never claimed to have been on the Falkland Islands" and that Corn's report, for Mother Jones, was "a piece of garbage."

In the report, Corn alleges that O'Reilly repeatedly misled viewers by claiming to have been in a war zone during the conflict between England and Argentina in 1982. In his book, in public appearances and on his television program, O'Reilly has claimed to have been "in an active war zone" in the Falklands, despite the fact that no American correspondents are believed to have reached the combat zones on the islands.

So, Corn proved that O Reilly lied.... "in an active war zone in the Falklands" .... It is what it is...

Name a happy movie. And I mean one that is happy and enjoyable from start to finish.

Name more than one if you wish. Something that can and will lift the mood. It doesn't need to be a comedy, just a really happy movie that is totally enjoyable and uplifting.. Name more than one if you want,..

How about..."The Producers"..and "It Happened One Night"

Question about the little.. "x".... after each thread....Trashcan?

How long has that .."x" been there?...Something about a trashcan?.
.What is that?

I just noticed it. Does anyone know about it? I don't..
Explain if possible..
Thank You

Teaching the Holocaust in the public schools, an unforgettable incident.

I taught high school history in the Chicago Public Schools in a neighborhood with a mixed community of people from all over the world. This mixture just happened, it really wasn't designed or planned that way. When it came to WWII or sections where there was a lot of worthless, senseless, killing of civilians, , I showed a movie called "Night and Fog" about the Holocaust. Truly horrific, I warned the students, and they could get a pass to the library, out of class, if they didn't want to watch this. This tied in with "man's inhumanity to man" an idea which is still presented in high schools all over. This incident took place in the mid 80s, and I will never forget the moment I am about to describe.

After showing the film in one class, three students came up. They were 16 - 18 and wanted to talk about an incident that related to the film. Senseless killing of civilians. One young man was from Cambodia. The others knew him and his story. They wanted to tell it to me. He was reluctant to talk, and another student spoke. He explained that the young man had lived in Cambodia at the time of the Khmer Rouge. As they came into his home to kill his father, who was a teacher I think, which they did do... he and his mother escaped out the back window and got away. There wasn't much more to say. Eventually, they come here... I was stunned and greatly saddened. ..I had read about this. What was "Never To Happen Again" had happened and here was proof. We talked for a short while and the bell rang and the three went to the next class.

Arrested Teen Saves Life of Officer Who Arrested Him, Huff Post:


On the wrong side of the law, but a hero by almost any other measure.

That's the short story of Jamal Rutledge, a 17-year-old who saved the life of a Florida police officer in September, when he called for help after the officer clutched his chest and collapsed while booking Rutledge into jail. The teen, and several responding officers, will be publicly recognized at a ceremony Jan. 21.

Surveillance video of the incident shows Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Franklin Foulks clutch his chest and fall to the ground while doing paperwork in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department Booking Facility, as Rutledge -- who'd already been detained -- looks on.

Rutledge approached the officer, realized the severity of his condition and "immediately began to kick the security fence and yell to alert officers in the area," police said in a statement.

Sgt. Todd Bunin heard the commotion and responded to the scene, then radioed for help from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue. Meanwhile, two other officers, Robert Norvis and Raymond Ketchmark, began performing CPR and applied an AED to Foulks' chest.


There is a video here, but it takes a while to access it ...What a story, first saw this today..

Tom Hanks Says Community College Made Him Who He is Today

Source: Huff Post

Famed actor and director Tom Hanks penned an op-ed reflecting on his time in community college, crediting it as the "place made me what I am today."

Hanks writes in the New York Times on Wednesday that he applied to some prestigious schools knowing full-well they wouldn't accept a student like him with low SAT scores. He decided to go to Chabot College, a community college that accepted everyone and was free.

Hanks celebrated that Chabot had programs in nearly every discipline, "all free but for the effort and the cost of used textbooks," and his classmates "included veterans back from Vietnam, women of every marital and maternal status returning to school, middle-aged men wanting to improve their employment prospects and paychecks." The op-ed goes on to endorse President Barack Obama's plan to offer free community college nationwide.

The celebrated actor noted one public speaking class at Chabot "was unforgettable for a couple of reasons. First, the assignments forced us to get over our self-consciousness." The other reason was a flight attendant in the class he apparently had a crush on.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/14/tom-hanks-community-college_n_6470806.htmlLink to source
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