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"American Hustle" w/Jennifer Lawrence and the Church Committee

It's worth noting that the newly released movie "American Hustle" is loosely based on Abscam. The late '70s FBI sting operation known as Abscam was ostensibly political payback for the work of the Church Committee.

@AndrewKroll: Movie director David O. Russell: Political corruption in "American Hustle" is nothing compared to Citizens United http://www.motherjones.com/mixed-media/2013/12/david-o-russell-american-hustle-abscam-citizens-united-chris-matthews

Sahl set up the Johnny Carson - Jim Garrison interview

Johnny Carson took a public relations hit for the way he came off in that interview and Mort Sahl was never invited back to the Tonight Show. Which, given Carson's clout, also goes a long way to explain the backlash Sahl received.

Steve Allen, the original host of the Tonight Show, had another talk show at this time and invited both Jim Garrison and Mort Sahl on. Unfortunately, and most likely conveniently, Steve Allen also invited wingnut 'B-1' Bob Dornan on that panel. Dornan effectively derailed that interview and Mort Sahl's career had been pretty well derailed too.

Here's an excellent piece on Sahl from 9 years ago in January...
"Heeeere's Justice!" 37 years ago this month, Johnny Carson spent 50 minutes with New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison

Sahl is one of my favourite undersung heroes of the Sixties, for having spent the capital of a successful career in the Quixotic pursuit of justice for the murderers of America.

From the cover of Time

to "conspiracy monger"

That strikes me as the trajectory of an honourable man.

There's an interview with Sahl a couple of months later in 1968, before the epochal one-two of Dr King and Robert Kennedy, that is as prophetic as anything I've read from that time:

ARGO: Why is the truth behind the assassination of President Kennedy the last chance of America for its survival?

SAHL: Because the evidence developed by District Attorney Garrison indicates that certain people had to take President Kennedy's life in order to control ours...


Queue the Disney-Mattel marketeers

Disney® is for Kidz


Book about Lee Harvey Oswald ©1962

A book about Oswald written BEFORE the JFK assasination!

By "rodney23" on May 3, 2000

Kerry Thornley was stationed in Japan with Lee Harvey Oswald at one of only two US bases where LSD experiments took place. It's Thornley's contention that the purpose of these experiments was to create "Manchurian Candidates" - assassins on autopilot. This could be dismissed as a paranoid rant, but this book was written before Nov. 22, 1963. Hmmm, maybe that's why it's no longer in print. If you do manage to get your hands on a copy, count yourself among the lucky.


They need to reinforce the spin...

So you'll ignore the information disseminated before the narrative was agreed upon...

@TimothyS: AP story linking Lee Harvey Oswald with Jack Ruby, from a Tokyo newspaper, Nov. 24, 1963:

AP story linking Lee Harvey Oswald with Jack Ruby

@TimothyS: AP story linking Lee Harvey Oswald with Jack Ruby, from a Tokyo newspaper, Nov. 24, 1963:

Lincoln Group

Everyone wants to know: Why did CBS correspondent Lara Logan trust Dylan Davies, the now-discredited security contractor, and the story he told 60 Minutes about the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya? It’s truly mystifying—unless, that is, you know about her last significant lapse in professional judgement involving a security contractor.

Many people know that in 2008 Logan married Joseph W. Burkett, a defense contractor she met while stationed in Baghdad to cover the Iraq War for CBS News. Logan and Burkett were both married to other people when they became involved, and the story of their war-zone love affair—complete with reports of a brawl between Burkett and CNN’s Michael Ware, another rival for Logan’s affections—lit up the tabloids at the time.

What most people don’t know, however, is the nature of Burkett’s work in Iraq. He was an employee of the Lincoln Group, a now-shuttered “strategic communications and public relations firm” hired by the Department of Defense in 2005 to plant positive stories written by American soldiers in Baghdad newspapers during the Iraq War.

“He did information operations,” one former colleague of Burkett's told Gawker. “It was really spooky stuff. We worked with one of those special spooky IO outfits that didn’t even have a unit patch.”
It’s the kind of work for which a close relationship with an American network correspondent might come in handy...


I highlighted the area from the story I posted yesterday in Good Reads.

It's interesting that wikipedia makes no mention of the Lincoln Group being "Shuttered" ..


Alex Cox with a nice Richard Case Nagell summary (video)


BTW Alex Cox is an interesting character in his own right...
the 1987 movie, Walker - earned Cox spot on US blacklist

Walker is a 1987 Acid Western film directed by Alex Cox. The film based on the life story of William Walker (played by Ed Harris), the American filibuster who invaded Mexico in the 1850s and made himself President of Nicaragua shortly thereafter. It was written by Rudy Wurlitzer and scored by Joe Strummer, who also plays a small role as a member of Walker's army. The film, released in 1987 and which by the end is intentionally full of anachronisms such as helicopters, Zippo lighters, automatic rifles, and a car passing a horse carriage, was made in Nicaragua during the American-sponsored Contra War.

< ... >

Director Alex Cox was never employed again by a major Hollywood studio, and his subsequent films have received only limited distribution in the United States. In a 2008 interview with The A.V. Club, Cox said, "Distribution is controlled by the studios, and I've been on the blacklist of the studios for the last 20 years... The last movie I was asked to direct was The Running Man… which was actually quite a good film, I thought. I would have liked to have done The Running Man. It was just that Walker happened at the same time."


Albert Schweitzer College & the L'Abri Fellowship

4. Oswald got a hardship discharge from the USMC, allegedly to care for his mother, but then he went to the USSR instead. His mother was in good health and lived until 1981, age 74...

Of course on his way to the USSR, instead of visiting his 'ailing' mother, Lee Harvey Oswald made a quick stop in Switzerland (Albert Schweitzer College)...

Unlike the Albert Schweitzer College, L'Abri seems to have grown

PBS is running God in America where they skim the surface on the roots of the Religious Right. Roots that began in Switzerland with the Albert Schweitzer College, and the L'Abri Fellowship. Of course they neglected to mention, as George Michael Evica's A Certain Arrogance details, that these roots were planted by The CIA (specifically the Dulles Brothers)...



Donald Sutherland wanted it subtitled "Conspiracy In America"

Executive Action:


Another great movie that is very informative about the contentious relationship JFK had with the Military Industrial Complex...
...Curtis Lemay -- who wanted to wage nuclear war on the Soviet Union. In 2000, when the film Thirteen Days accurately depicted Lemay's billigerence during the Cuban missile crisis, Phil Strub -- the Pentagon-Hollywood liaison -- tried to get the movie deep-sixed for its "revisionism." This, despite the fact that Lemay's dialogue in that movie derives from things which the real man provably said...

During the missile crisis, Robert Kennedy told Soviet ambassador Dobrynin that the American military might soon stage a coup and launch a war.

Here's another important fact they don't tell you in school. JFK did not merely propose sending a man to the moon -- he issued NSAM 271, calling for a joint US-USSR lunar mission. (See here and here.) Such a joint mission would inevitably have led to the sharing of information about American ICBM technology.

For some reason, most people don't understand that the rockets that put monkeys and men into space were close kin to the rockets designed to plant a nuke in a Soviet military facility. For example, the Saturn I rockets (which sent American satellites into orbit) was a modified version of the Jupiter missiles we had placed in Turkey. (The Jupiters -- a terrible, instantly obsolete weapon system -- were removed after the missile crisis as part of a secret agreement with the Russians.)

So we know that in the fall of 1963, American hawks wanted to launch a first strike against they USSR. They knew that they would never again have such an opportunity. Of course, they needed a plausible casus belli.

Need I say the rest...?



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