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Gender: Female
Hometown: queens, new york
Home country: USA
Current location: phoenix, az
Member since: Sat Sep 29, 2007, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 11,488

Journal Archives

re: hillary's speeches. my

late husband worked for IBM for 43 years. high performing employees were rewarded with trips, etc. of course part of it had to be business for tax reasons. they would hire famous people to speak at these events. i remember one year it was doris kearns goodwin.

could that be what goldman sachs does?

some of these bernie supporters love

to argue. i never used "ignore" until about 2 weeks ago. now i'm thankful for it. i just had one who i told i would not argue with kept coming back at me.

his name is berniepdx420. be prepared if you come in contact with him.

bernie speaking now. same old thing.

i haven't heard anything new from him since he started the campaign except how much his numbers have gone up.

anyone watching rachel? very

interesting history.

before i read a thread in GD primaries i look

at who the poster is supporting. if it's bernie i will not read it. i've had enough of hillary bashing to last me a lifetime.

that being said if bernie is the nominee he will get my vote.

is there anyway to keep bernie supporters

from posting here? we need a safe place to get away from them. so many just want to argue or trash hillary.

don't want to argue -- just want to ask a question.

what happens if bernie becomes president and he can't fulfill his promises? how will his supporters feel?

does anyone think congress will work with him after all he's said about them -- "they're all taking money", etc. (which is true).

remember what obama went through trying to get ACA passed and he's a likable guy.

that being said. i'd rather have a president who gets nothing done than a republican who will push through their agenda.

thank you chris matthews -- the best

interrupter. you left donald trump without an answer.

great work.

some of sanders supporters will not vote for hillary.

no surprise but still upsetting. if you're a democrat you vote for the nominee.


there's an article from 6 hours ago but i can't link it. talks about the conditions bernie expects from hillary if she wants his support.

of course the repubs are ready to

go to war.

i think obama did the right thing by staying in cuba. if he came home it would give ISIS more power. they would have said "look how powerful we are -- we made the american president cut his important trip short".
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