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Gender: Male
Current location: Potlandia
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2007, 04:39 PM
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NYSE goes down, China Stocks tank, Greece burns, but it's all about The Donald? Really?

This is one of the weirdest news days I can remember. While all this incredible
stuff is happening regarding the financial world, ALL the M$M has on the air
tonight (Both CNN and MSNBC so far) is Donald fucking Trump, complete with
"exclusive interviews", tons of free air time, breathless fawning over this creepy
bloviating hateful sorry excuse for a man.

PS: did anyone else hear about that Anonymous tweet last night, just hours
before the NYSE "technical glitch?

Wait!! Rachael IS talking about real news now .. never mind.

What? "New York Stock Exchange suspends trading"

Wondering if this "technical issue" is called "Greece"?
On Edit: CNN in their coverage went out of their way to say this NYSE issue was NOT related
to the crisis in Greece. hmm.

The New York Stock Exchange suspended trading 11:32 a.m ET Wednesday.
In a brief announcement, the exchange said it was experiencing a "technical issue."

BREAKING: DOJ: No change in stance on Snowden despite Holder remarks

DOJ: No change in stance on Snowden despite Holder remarks
By Jim Sciutto, Athena Jones, Wesley Bruer and Sophia Tatum * CNN * 7/7/15

Washington (CNN)The Justice Department continues to insist that Edward Snowden would face criminal prosecution were he to return to the U.S., even as former Attorney General Eric Holder said the former National Security Agency contractor "spurred a necessary debate" over government spying techniques, Obama administration officials said Tuesday.

On Monday, Holder generated headlines when he told Yahoo News that the "possibility exists" for the DOJ to cut a deal that would allow Snowden to return to the United States, although U.S. authorities have long said they would be open to a plea deal with him.

Holder also said Snowden's disclosures "spurred a necessary debate" about the program to collect in bulk phone records on tens of millions of Americans, which was curtailed last month when Congress passed a law requiring the U.S. government to obtain a warrant in order to get phone metadata from telecommunications companies.

Snowden remains in exile in Moscow. Last year, Holder said at an event at the University of Virginia's Miller Center that "clemency isn't something that we (are) willing to consider" in the case. In March, Anatoly Kucherena, an attorney for Snowden, said the former contractor had received a guarantee from Holder that he will not face the death penalty, and added that Snowden also wanted a guarantee of a "legal and impartial trial."

Holder said Monday that "I certainly think there could be a basis for a resolution that everybody could ultimately be satisfied with."


Is Hillary claiming to be more Liberal than Bernie Sanders?

I don't know how else to interpret her words here:

Clinton assured a crowd at a Dartmouth College cookout this weekend, including some Sanders supporters donning campaign gear, that she is the most progressive candidate in the 2016 race. “I take a backseat to no one when you look at my record in standing up and fighting for progressive values,” Clinton said. Although the prohibitive favorite never mentioned Sanders by name, it’s clear her campaign has taken notice of Sanders’ recent surge.


Rachel NOW on msnbc announces Bernie's Portland Maine crowd to be 9,000

I was wondering cuz that crowd looked HUGE on livestream.

almost as big as historic Madison crowd.

Holy Moly! Holder "sees striking a deal" with Snowden to return to USA. This is huge.

Holder sees possible DOJ deal with Snowden
By Julian Hattem * 07/06/15 04:39 PM EDT * The Hill

Government leaker Edward Snowden may some day be able to strike a deal to return to the U.S. without jail time, according to former Attorney General Eric Holder. ~snip~

“I certainly think there could be a basis for a resolution that everybody could ultimately be satisfied with,” Holder said. “I think the possibility exists.” During the interview, Holder also appeared to go further toward praising Snowden’s actions than other members of the Obama administration have been willing to do.

“His actions spurred a necessary debate,” Holder told Yahoo News. “We are in a different place as a result of the Snowden disclosures.”

Snowden has been charged with multiple crimes for his 2013 leak of classified federal documents, including Espionage Act violations that could land him in jail for decades. Because of the nature of the charges, Snowden’s supporters say that he would not be able to fairly give his side of the story in court.

Snowden’s legal team has long been in discussions with Obama administration officials to potentially reduce those charges in exchange for Snowden’s return home, but those talks have so far failed to yield any progress.


ON EDIT: Another more recent OP of mine - DoJ says "no deal" in the works re: Snowden

It's Official: Team Clinton "is worried" about Bernie Sanders

Team Clinton ‘worried’ about Bernie Sanders campaign
By Ben Kamisar * The Hill * 7/6/2015

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is “worried” about Bernie Sanders, whom a top Clinton aide described as a “serious force” in the 2016 battle.

“We are worried about him, sure. He will be a serious force for the campaign, and I don’t think that will diminish,” Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri said Monday in an interview with MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

“It's to be expected that Sanders would do well in a Democratic primary, and he’s going to do well in Iowa in the Democratic caucus.” Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, has emerged as Clinton's main foil in the Democratic primary.


Shout out to Bernie Sanders supporters: Please don't attack Hillary

I'm a strong & enthusiastic Sanders supporter, I've donated twice and plan
to probably donate more, and am volunteering. I absolutely love this guy,
and am very impressed so far in how he's been conducting his campaign.

I watched and listened carefully to his electrifying speech to 10,000 adoring
supporters in Madison the other day, where HE DID NOT EVEN MENTION HILLARY'S
NAME, much less attack or criticize her.

That got my attention, and my respect for Bernie grew even greater, as I
realized that Bernie's not even running against Hillary, he's running against Wall St.,
the MIC, Big Pharma, Big Oil, et. al. and he's running on the issues, not to gin up
hostility towards other Democrats.

I think this is why Bernie has long resisted being "part of the problem" in Wash DC.

This is nearly unheard of in American politics, to refuse to sling mud at "opponents",
while staying focused on the issues facing America; but that's exactly what Bernie
has done, and I believe will continue to do, throughout his 2016 campaigns.

Bernie is actually "schooling America" on how to run a respectful yet successful
campaign for public office. It does NOT help Bernie's campaign to ignore Bernie's
own good example on this point, not one whit.
So please stop doing that.

The USA Is the Greatest Country in the World?

This link has an amazing set of graphs showing how much USA sucks, compared to most
any other country. This I think is what is compelling Bernie to "go for it", because we've
become an international embarrassment and it needs to change.

7 Indisputable Reasons the United States of America Is the Greatest Country in the World

CNN: re: Madison Blow-out "Bernie's sweet-talking populism" and "wild-haired" at that.

FUCK you CNN, with your slimy innuendoes ...

now "the panel" is dissecting Bernie's Madison 10,000 showing ..

Now Bernie's "playing to left part of the left wing" too

But admitting "Clinton camp is worrying" .. while also noting that "Bernie never attacks Clinton",

On the whole, not too bad for CNN, but those lead-in adjectives were a bit much.

Actually Sanders doesn't even mention Hillary most of the time, except to say he'd rather talk about
issues, Wall St.because THAT is who Bernie is REALLY running against.
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