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Gender: Male
Current location: Potlandia
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2007, 03:39 PM
Number of posts: 17,562

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Ask that Hillary Clinton release transcripts of her "speeches" to Goldman Sachs, et. al.

According to public disclosures, by giving just 12 speeches to Wall Street banks, private equity firms, and other financial corporations, Clinton made $2,935,000 from 2013 to 2015:

Ameriprise - $225,000
Apollo Mgmt. Holdings - $225,000
Bank of America - $225,000
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - $150,000
Deutsche Bank - $485,000
Fidelity Investments - $225,000
Gold Tree Asset Management - $275,000
Goldman Sachs - $675,000
Morgan Stanley - $225,000
UBS - $225,000

So these "speeches" that Hillary gave to Wall St. firms were closed to the public and to the media. Which begs the question: what exactly is Hillary telling these huge banks that is so "valuable" to them? Why can't voters know what Hillary is telling the big banks?

Hillary claims she told them to "Cut it out!". Is that what she REALLY said to them in her speeches? If so, why are the transcripts secret, and why are the banks greasing Hillary's palms with millions of dollars to tell them that?

I think the voting public has a right to know what the fuck Hillary is saying to these "too big to fail, to big to jail" banks.

Don't you?

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows: The Demonization of Bernie Sanders

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows: The Demonization of Bernie Sanders
by TomP * Thursday Jan 21, 2016 * Daily Kos

It’s coming folks. Bernie’s gotten too close.

The entire apparatus of the Democratic Party, including surrogates and organizations, has been given the word to destroy Bernie because Hillary has trouble getting votes with her positive message.

It’s going to happen. This is just the beginning. You’ve seen it here, just with kossaks copying conduct and arguments by the campaign and surrogates. (no conspiracy theory). The pundits are jumping on board.

I have no doubt that they can run up his negatives, although whether they run the negatives as high as Hillary has now is unknown. The senator from Vermont has struck fear into the heart of the entire establishment of a party that has long acquiesced to gross economic inequality.

Every vote he gets is a rejection of the Old Politics. People have to learn what this battle is really about, what this Party currently is. Learn from this. Hillary may well win this nomination, but the damage she creates will last for a long time.

So bring it on, demonize the socialist messenger. This will open eyes. They only way we lose is to quit. Even if Bernie does not get nominated, we are not going away.

Instead of “No, We Can’t,” we follow this:

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”
― Robert F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy in His Own Words: The Unpublished Recollections of the Kennedy Years

And I will close with another RFK quote:

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”
― Robert F. Kennedy


Reminder: We're not alone. List of Bernie's endorsements makes me smile.

State legislators
Terry Alexander, SC Rep.
Robert Alley, ME Rep.
Tim Ashe, VT Sen. (VPP)
Jane Beaulieu, NH Rep.
Roberta Beavers, ME Rep.
Travis Bennett, NH Rep.
Steven Berry, VT Rep.
Peter Bixby, NH Rep.
Lydia Blume, ME Rep.
Reginald Bolding, AZ Rep.
Heidi Brooks, ME Rep.
Mollie Burke, VT Rep. (VPP)
Wayne Burton, NH Rep.
James J. Campbell, ME Rep. (Ind.)
Mark Cardenas, AZ Rep.
Ralph Chapman, ME Rep.
Cynthia Chase, NH Rep
Robin Chestnut-Tangerman, VT Rep. (VPP)
Ben Chipman, ME Rep.
Karen Clark, MN Rep.
Renny Cushing, NH Rep.
Susan Davis, VT Rep. (VPP)
Michael Devin, ME Rep.
Mark Dion, ME Rep.
Donna Doore, ME Rep.
Michelle Dunphy, ME Rep.
David Dutremble, ME Sen.
Jamie Eldridge, MA Sen.
Jeffrey Evangelos, ME Rep. (Ind.)
Richard Farnsworth, ME Rep.
Gail Finney, KS Rep.
William Frank, VT Rep.
Patsy French, VT Rep.
Paul Gilbert, ME Rep.
Wendell Gilliard SC Rep.
Diana Gonzalez, VT Rep. (VPP)
Adam Goode, ME Rep.
Geoffrey Gratwick, ME Sen.
Will Guzzardi, IL Rep.
Sandy Haas, VT Rep. (VPP)
Scott Hamann, ME Rep.
Denise Harlow, ME Rep.
Helen Head, VT Rep.
John Hennessy, CT Rep.
Geoffrey Hirsch, NH Rep.
George Hogan, ME Rep.
Mary S. Hooper, VT Rep.
Brian Hubbell, ME Rep.
Marty Jack, NH Rep.
Troy Jackson, ME Sen.
Pramila Jayapal, WA Sen.
Pat Jehlen, MA Sen.
Mary Keefe, MA Rep.
Warren Kitzmiller, VT Rep.
Michel Lajoie, ME Rep.
Patrick Long, NH Rep.
Linda Martin, VT Rep.
Jeff McCabe, ME House Maj. Leader
James McCullough, VT Rep.
Richard McNamara, NH Rep.
Gina Melaragno, ME Rep.
Juan Mendez, AZ Rep.
David Miramant, ME Sen.
Kim Monaghan-Derrig, ME Rep.
Marcia Moody, NH Rep.
Luis Moscoso, WA Rep.
Jean O'Sullivan, VT Rep.
Lee Oxenham, NH Rep.
John Patrick, ME Sen.
Avram Patt, VT Rep.
Chris Pearson, VT Rep. (VPP)
Charles F. Pelkey, WY Rep.
Bill Perkins, NY Sen.
Anthony Pollina, VT Sen. (VPP)
Robyn Porter, CT Rep.
Christine Powers, ME Rep.
Martín Quezada, AZ Sen.
Russell Ruderman, HI Sen.
Diane Russell, ME Rep.
Marjorie Ryerson, VT Rep.
Deane Rykerson, ME Rep.
James Sanders, Jr., NY Sen.
Robert Saucier, ME Rep.
Andy Schmidt, NH Rep.
Tick Segerblom, NV Sen.
David Sharpe, VT Rep.
Gilman Shattuck, NH Rep.
Amy Sheldon, VT Rep.
Stanley Short, ME Rep.
Michael J. Skindell, OH Sen.
Timothy Smith, NH Rep.
Stephen Stanley, ME Rep.
Thomas Stevens, VT Rep.
Peter Stuckey, ME Rep.
Mary Sullivan, VT Rep.
George Sykes, NH Rep.
Peter Tercyak, CT House Dep. Maj. Leader
Robert Theberge, NH Rep.
Ryan Tipping-Spitz, ME Rep.
Maida Townsend, VT Rep.
Joseph "Chip" Troiano, VT Rep.
Ivy Vann, NH Rep
Edwin Vargas, CT Rep.
Andy White, NH Rep.
Robert Q. Williams, SC Rep.
Gary Holder-Winfield, CT Sen.
John Wisniewski, NJ Rep.
Dan Wolf, MA Sen.
Mark Woodward, VT Rep.
Michael Yantachka, VT Rep.
Teo Žagar, VT Rep.
David Zuckerman, VT Sen. (VPP)

Mo Baxley, NH Rep. (2007–2008)
Daryl Beall, IA Sen. (2003–2014)
Gloria Bromell Tinubu, GA Rep. (2011)
Bruce Bryant, ME Sen. (2002-2010)
Burt Cohen, NH Sen. (1990–2004)
Amanda Curtis, MT Rep. (2013–2015)
Thomas Duane, NY Sen. (1999–2012)
Matt Dunne, VT Sen. (2002–2006)
Robert W. Duplessie, ME Rep. (1998–2006)
Bill Edley, IL Rep. (1989-1995)
Eileen Ehlers, NH Rep. (2007–2008)
Tom Fiegen, IA Rep. (2000–2003)
Lucy Flores, NV Rep. (2011–2015)
Michael Foley, OH Rep. (2006–2014)
Sylvia Gale, NH Rep. (2012–2014)
Bev Hannon, IA Sen. (1985–1992)
Tom Hayden, CA Sen. (1992–2000)
John Moran, VT Rep. (2006–2015)
Bob Perry, NH Rep. (2011–2014)
C. J. Prentiss, OH Sen. (1999–2006)
Charles Priest, ME Rep. (2006-2014)
John G. Richardson, 97th ME House Speaker (2004-2006)
Nina Turner, OH Sen. (2008–2014)
Tom Turnipseed, SC Sen. (1976–1980)
Brian Wazlaw, NH Rep. (2012–2014)
Chuck Weed, NH Rep. (2000–2014)
John Wittneben, IA Rep. (2011–2013)

John Fetterman, Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania
Daryl Justin Finizio, Mayor of New London, Connecticut

Rocky Anderson, 33rd Mayor of Salt Lake City (2000–2008); founder of the American Justice Party
Michael F. Brennan, 87th Mayor of Portland, Maine (2011-2015)

Municipal officials
Rafael Espinal, New York City Councilor
Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, Cook County, IL Commissioner
Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Councilor

Tim Hagan, Cuyahoga County, OH Commissioner (1982–1998, 2004–2011)

Democratic National Committee Members
Erin Bilbray, NV
Richard Cassidy, VT
Larry Cohen, DC/CWA
Chad Nodland, ND
Keelan Sanders, MS

Bill Press, former CA Dem. Party Chair
Severin Beliveau, former ME Dem. Party Chair

International politicians
Walden Bello, former Member of the House of Representatives of the Philippines (2007–2015) (Akbayan)
Sevim Dağdelen, Member of the German Parliament (The Left)
Uffe Elbæk, Member of the Danish Parliament (Leader of The Alternative)
Neil Findlay, Member of the Scottish Parliament (Labour)
Colin Fox, former Member of the Scottish Parliament (2003–2007) (Socialist Party)
Norm Kelly, Toronto City Councillor (Liberal Party)
Niema Movassat, Member of the German Parliament (The Left)
Jonas Sjöstedt, Member of the Swedish Parliament (Leader of the Left Party)

Notable individuals
Activists, humanitarians, and labor leaders
Patch Adams, physician, comedian, social activist, clown, and author
Charles R. Chamberlain, Democracy for America Executive Director
Wade Davis, activist and former American football player
Jodie Evans, co-founder of CODEPINK
Zack Exley, political and technology consultant
Jim Gerritsen, Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association President
Shaun King, writer and civil rights activist
Bill McKibben, founder of climate change group 350.org
David McReynolds, former Socialist Party USA presidential nominee and former chair of the War Resisters League
Bruce Perens, free software advocate
Sal Rosselli, National Union of Healthcare Workers President
Yosi Sergant, publicist of the Barack Obama "Hope" poster
Stanley Sheinbaum, peace and human rights activist
Daniel Sieradski, writer and Occupy activist
Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation
Marianne Williamson, founder of Project Angel Food
Rand Wilson, labor activist
Erin Brockovich, whistle-blower and activist.

Democratic Party figures
Tad Devine, political consultant
Gary Kroeger, 2016 U.S. House candidate (IA) and actor

Journalists and commentators
Brent Budowsky, journalist
Dan Carlin, historian, journalist, and host of Common Sense and Hardcore History
Alan Colmes, host of The Alan Colmes Show, former co-host of Hannity and Colmes, political commentator for Fox News Channel and blogger
Jamal Dajani, journalist and news producer
Liza Featherstone, journalist and author
John Fugelsang, comedian, actor, and host of radio talkshow Tell Me Everything
Thom Hartmann, host of The Thom Hartmann Program and The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann
Doug Henwood, journalist and editor of Left Business Observer
John Iadarola, creator of ThinkTank
Ana Kasparian, co-host and producer of The Young Turks
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., environmentalist, co-host of Ring of Fire, and nephew of John F. Kennedy
Jamie Kilstein, writer, political comic, and host of Citizen Radio
Bill Maher, host of Real Time with Bill Maher and comedian
Mike Malloy, host of The Mike Malloy Show
Hasan Minhaj, The Daily Show correspondent, actor, and comedian
Bill Moyers, journalist and former White House Press Secretary
John Nichols, journalist
David Pakman, host of The David Pakman Show
Mike Papantonio, attorney and co-host of Ring of Fire
Ron Reagan, journalist, former host of The Ron Reagan Show and Connected: Coast to Coast, and son of Ronald Reagan
Sam Seder, comedian, actor, and co-host of Ring of Fire
David Shuster, journalist
Ed Schultz, former host of The Ed Show and The Ed Schultz Show
Matt Taibbi, journalist
Jonathan Tasini, strategist, organizer, activist, and writer
Cenk Uygur, activist, co-founder of The Young Turks, and founder of Wolf PAC
Lizz Winstead, commentator and co-creator of The Daily Show

Leaders in business
Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's
Kim Dotcom, entrepreneur and political activist
Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's
Bhaskar Sunkara, founder of Jacobin magazine
Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation magazine
Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc.

Scholars and critics
Linda Martín Alcoff, philosopher and activist
Dean Baker, Center for Economic and Policy Research co-founder
Lourdes Benería, economist
William K. Black, legal scholar and economist
Wendy Brown, political scientist, author, and activist
Victoria Chick, economist
Noam Chomsky, linguist, philosopher, and activist
William A. Darity, Jr., economist
Anthony Fantano, music blogger/vlogger behind The Needle Drop
Thomas Ferguson, political scientist
Leon Fink, historian
Nancy Folbre, economist
Nancy Fraser, critical theorist and author
James K. Galbraith, economist
Jeffrey Guterman, psychologist
Steven Hahn, social and political historian
Gerald S. Handel, sociologist
Michael Hardt, philosopher and literary theorist
Carl Hart, psychologist
Robert C. Hockett, legal scholar
James M. Jasper, sociologist
Barbara Katz Rothman, sociologist
Steve Keen, economist
Stephanie Kelton, economist
David Korten, business scholar
David Laibman, economist
Robert W. McChesney, media scholar
Michael Meeropol, economist
Walter Benn Michaels, literary theorist
Ruth Milkman, sociologist
Anne Norton, political scientist
Camille Paglia, social critic
Ann Pettifor, economist
Massimo Pigliucci, philosopher
Frances Fox Piven, sociologist and activist
Steven Pressman, economist
Adolph L. Reed, Jr., political scientist and activist
Joel Selvin, music critic
Anwar Shaikh, economist
Sylvie Simmons, rock historian
Rogers Smith, political scientist and author
Lester Spence, political scientist and social commentator
Pavlina R. Tcherneva, economist
Zephyr Teachout, legal scholar and CEO of Mayday PAC
John Weeks, economist
Cornel West, philosopher and activist
Jeffrey A. Winters, political scientist
Richard D. Wolff, economist
L. Randall Wray, economist

Writers, filmmakers, and visual artists
Pat Bagley, editorial cartoonist
Frank Darabont, screenwriter, film director and producer
Mike Drucker, comedy writer and stand-up comic
Emek, designer, illustrator, and fine art painter
Lydia Emily, street artist, muralist, and oil painter
Ron English, contemporary artist
Shepard Fairey, contemporary street artist, activist, and founder of OBEY
David Holden, screenwriter
Lloyd Kaufman, filmmaker and co-founder of Troma Entertainment
Daniel Kellison, television and film producer
Howie Klein, record producer and activist
Matt Koff, comedian and The Daily Show writer
Krystine Kryttre, alternative comics artist
Malcolm D. Lee, director, screenwriter, and producer
Marie Lee, author and essayist
Jonathan Lethem, novelist
Spencer Madsen, writer, poet, and founding editor of Sorry House
Adam McKay, screenwriter, director, comedian, and actor
Brad Neely, comic book artist and television writer
Annabel Park, documentary filmmaker and activist
Oren Peli, director, producer, and screenwriter
Shira Piven, director
Anne Rice, novelist
Stuart Schuffman, travel writer and blogger
Todd Tobias, record producer and musician
Haskell Wexler, cinematographer, film producer and director

Actors and comedians
James Adomian, stand-up comic and actor
Ted Alexandro, stand-up comic
Joanna Angel, actress
Richmond Arquette, actor
Roseanne Barr, actress, comedian, and producer
Justin Bartha, actor
Kristin Bauer, actress
Stephen Bishop, actor
Lewis Black, comedian
Michael Ian Black, comedian, actor, and writer
Rowan Blanchard, actress
Madeline Brewer, actress
Mehcad Brooks, actor
Reg E. Cathey, actor
Margaret Cho, comedian and actress
Tommy Chong, comedian, actor, and activist
Daniel Craig, actor
John Cusack, actor
William Daniels, actor
Danny DeVito, actor
Jimmy Dore, comedian
Eliza Dushku, actress
Mia Farrow, actress, activist, and former fashion model
Will Ferrell, actor and comedian
Frances Fisher, actress
Ben Foster, actor
Jon Foster, actor and musician
Janeane Garofalo, actress and stand-up comic
Nicholas Gonzalez, actor
Deidre Hall, actress and activist
Brian Hamilton, actor
Daryl Hannah, actress and activist
Torri Higginson, actress
Brendan Hines, actor
Vincent Kartheiser, actor
Mimi Kennedy, actress and activist
Laura Kightlinger, actress and comedian
David Koechner, actor and comedian
Zoe Kravitz, actress
Rachelle Lefevre, actress and activist
Donovan Leitch, actor
Juliette Lewis, actress and singer
Justin Long, actor
George Lopez, actor and comedian
Seth MacFarlane, voice actor and producer
Holt McCallany, actor
Breckin Meyer, actor
Alyssa Milano, actress
Ezra Miller, actor
D.W. Moffett, actor
Alfred Molina, actor
James Morrison, actor
Viggo Mortensen, actor
Patton Oswalt, comedian and actor
Rhea Perlman, actress
Jeremy Piven, actor
Emily Ratajkowski, model and actress
Nikki Reed, actress
John C. Reilly, actor
Carl Reiner, actor and comedian
Tim Roth, actor
Mark Ruffalo, actor
Jonathan Sadowski, actor
Susan Sarandon, actress and activist
Reid Scott, actor
Sarah Silverman, comedian and actress
Bill Smitrovich, actor
Cole Sprouse, actor
Maura Tierney, actress
Dick Van Dyke, actor and producer
Milana Vayntrub, actress and comedian
George Wendt, actor
Wil Wheaton, actor and writer
Sasheer Zamata, actress and comedian
Athletes and sports figures
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA Hall of Famer
Michael Bennett, NFL player
Jon Fitch, mixed martial artist
Ronda Rousey, UFC fighter
Wanderlei Silva, retired UFC fighter

Media personalities and socialites
Courtney Act, television personality
Lady Bunny, television personality
Charlamagne Tha God, radio and television personality
Sal Masekela, television personality
Daniel Negreanu, professional poker player
Tyler Oakley, internet personality

Voice artists and musicians
All Shall Perish, band
Moses Archuleta, Deerhunter co-founder
Bassnectar, DJ and record producer
Bun B, rapper
Brian Baker, Bad Religion guitarist
Cat Power, singer-songwriter and musician
Chris Ballew, The Presidents of the United States of America lead singer
Lou Barlow, Sebadoh guitarist and singer
Gerry Beckley, America guitarist and singer
Bhi Bhiman, singer-songwriter
Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys singer
Big Boi, Outkast rapper
Elvin Bishop, musician
Cedric Bixler-Zavala, musician
Billy Bragg, musician
Olga Breeskin, violinist
Nicholas Britell, pianist
Jackson Browne, singer-songwriter
Dewey Bunnell, America guitarist and singer
Butterscotch, singer and beatboxer
Richard Campbell, musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer
Belinda Carlisle, The Go-Go's lead singer
Julian Casablancas, The Strokes lead singer
Tommy Castro, musician
Matthew Caws, Nada Surf lead
Chapin Sisters, duo
Best Coast, duo
Joanna Connor, singer‑songwriter and guitarist
Frankie Cosmos, musician
Tyler, the Creator, Odd Future co-founder
Marshall Crenshaw, musician
David Crosby, musician
Bob D'Amico, Sebadoh drummer
Dead Heavens, band
John Densmore, The Doors drummer
Kevin Devine, songwriter and musician
Ani DiFranco, musician and songwriter
Diplo, DJ and producer
Johnny Dowd, musician
David Draiman, Disturbed lead singer
Joe Driscoll, rapper
Greg Dulli, Afghan Whigs singer
William DuVall, Alice in Chains singer and guitarist
Steve Earle, singer-songwriter
Alex Ebert, Ima Robot lead singer
EL-P, half of Run the Jewels
Alejandro Escovedo, singer-songwriter
FDA Music, rapper
Jon Fishman, Phish drummer
Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist
Mark Foster, Foster the People lead singer
Kinky Friedman, singer-songwriter
Bill Frisell, guitarist
Gang Gang Dance, band
G-Eazy, rapper
Mike Gordon, Phish bassist and singer
Billy Gould, Faith No More bassist
Kristen Gundred, Dum Dum Girls singer
Halsey, singer-songwriter
Kay Hanley, Letters to Cleo singer
Maureen Herman, Babes in Toyland bassist
Jana Hunter, Lower Dens lead singer
Scott Ian, Anthrax guitarist
Brad Jones, producer and singer-songwriter
Lisa Kekaula, The Bellrays lead singer
Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot Chili Peppers singer
Killer Mike, half of Run the Jewels
Nate Kinsella, musician
Tim Kinsella, Joan of Arc and Owls lead
Josh Klinghoffer, Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist
Wayne Kramer, MC5 guitarist
Lil B, rapper
Jason Loewenstein, Sebadoh multi-instrumentalist
Consuelo Luz, singer
Jesse Malin, singer-songwriter
Jonathan Mann, singer-songwriter
Jono Manson, singer-songwriter and musician
Dave Matthews, Dave Matthews Band lead
Cass McCombs, singer-songwriter
Justin Meldal-Johnsen, musician
Ryan Miller, Guster lead
Anaïs Mitchell, singer-songwriter
Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth singer and guitarist
Charlie Musselwhite, musician
Graham Nash, singer-songwriter
Meshell Ndegeocello, singer-songwriter
Will Noon, Straylight Run drummer
Styles P, The Lox rapper
Amanda Palmer, singer-songwriter
Holly Palmer, singer-songwriter
Pants Velour, musical group
Joel Rafael, singer-songwriter
Bonnie Raitt, singer-songwriter
Nathaniel Rateliff, singer-songwriter
Duke Robillard, musician
Henry Rollins, musician and activist
Matthew Ryan, musician
Gabe Saporta, Cobra Starship lead singer
Joe Satriani, musician
Scarface, rapper
Chris Schlarb, musician
Walter Schreifels, musician
Peggy Seeger, singer and musician
Will Sheff, Okkervil River lead singer
Chris Shiflett, Foo Fighters guitarist
Corky Siegel, singer-songwriter
Chad Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer
Jill Sobule, musician
Sam Sparro, singer-songwriter
Spirit Family Reunion, band
Spose, rapper
STNNNG, band
Tommie Sunshine, DJ and producer
Serj Tankian, System of a Down singer
Corey Taylor, Slipknot lead
Donnette Thayer, Game Theory guitarist
Tennessee Thomas, musician and actress
Fat Tony, rapper
Jeff Tweedy, Wilco lead
Loudon Wainwright III, singer-songwriter
Roger Waters, Pink Floyd co-founder
Mike Watt, Minutemen co-founder
Reggie Watts, musician
Dusty Watson, The Sonics drummer
Lucinda Williams, singer-songwriter
Saul Williams, rapper and actor
Yoni Wolf, Anticon co-founder
Neil Young, singer-songwriter
Mas Ysa, composer and visual artist
Yung Skeeter, DJ and producer
Hans Zimmer, composer
Z-Trip, DJ and producer
Buckwheat Zydeco, musician

Newspapers and other media
Addison County Independent, Middlebury, Vermont
Ring of Fire, radio program
The Nation, magazine
Ahora Latino Journal
El Reportero
Tú Revista Latina

Labor organizations
APWU - American Postal Workers Union, representing 250,000
CWA - Communication Workers of America, representing 700,000
NNU - National Nurses United, representing 185,000
NUHW - National Union of Healthcare Workers, representing 11,000
UE - United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, representing 35,900
State, regional, and local divisions
AFL-CIO - American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations: VT, SC
AFSCME - American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees: WA
IAIW - International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers: Local 7 (MA)
IBEW - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: Locals 2222, 2313, 2321, 2322, 2323, 2324, 2325, 159, 440, 490 and 1837 (MA, RI, CA, ME, NH, WI)
ILWU - International Longshore and Warehouse Union: Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific
NEA - National Education Association: VT
SEIU - Service Employees International Union: Locals 560 and 1984 (NH)

Democracy for America
Democratic Socialists of America (member of the Socialist International)
Friends of the Earth, environmentalist group
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund
Justice Party
Progressive Democrats of America
Social Democrats, USA (lapsed member of the Socialist International)
Socialist Alternative (member of the Committee for a Workers' International)
USAction, NY Chapter
Vermont Progressive Party
Working Families Party

Bundys Tell Oregon Ranchers To Tear Up Grazing Contracts & Tell Fed. Gov't to fuck-off.

Heard this on Oregon's public radio today, and posting to illustrate just how fucked-up this thing
in Oregon is becoming. Here we have armed-to-the-teeth land-grabbers inciting an expanded
armed insurgency to take over Federal land at the point of a gun. The FBI? Meh. who cares.

How can any sane human being look at this as anything other than domestic terrorism? How can
our so-called law enforcement agents -- responsible for the safety and security of Federal lands and
buildings -- just sit-by and watch these guys carry-on this way?


~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~

Bundys Urge Oregon Ranchers To Tear Up Grazing Contracts
by Conrad Wilson and Amelia Templeton * OPB * Jan. 18, 201

The militants occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge asked Harney County ranchers at a meeting Monday night to cancel their leases with the federal government.
The three-hour meeting took place just outside Crane, Oregon, at a hot springs resort.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy, the leaders of the occupation, said they wanted to make Harney County an example of a place free from the federal government. “The opportunity is now, and the place is Harney County,and you are the people,” said Ammon Bundy. “They’ll never be an opportunity like this again.”

The start of the meeting was not unlike a pitch for a timeshare. The lights dimmed and on came a short film with dramatic music. But rather than white sandy beaches, the projected images depicted dramatic landscapes of the American West.

In the nearly three hours that followed, the Bundys and a few of their core supporters led a room of largely Harney County ranchers through a presentation. At times it took on the tone of a civics lesson — one that included readings from pocket Constitutions distributed beforehand. At other times, speakers seemed to invoke the fiery passions of a preacher delivering a sermon from the pulpit.

MORE (including audio clip of this radio broadcast):

Why This Feminist (Kimberley A. Johnson) Is Voting for Bernie Sanders

Why This Feminist Is Voting for Bernie Sanders
by Kimberley A. Johnson * Jan. 19, 2016 * HuffPost

Last July, I had the opportunity to attend Netroots Nation,(NN) and while having lunch with a group of colleagues, Bernie Sanders walked into the restaurant. The group I was with started cheering and Bernie waved to us. As an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) activist and the spokesperson for the women's advocacy group We Are Woman, I wanted to ask Sanders if he would endorse the ERA on the campaign trail.

The president of We Are Woman, Wendy Cartwright, and I quickly made our way to Sanders as he was leaving and I asked him my question: "Will you endorse the ratification of the ERA?"

He replied, "Okay!"

Wendy asked if his answer was enough of an endorsement to create a graphic to post on Facebook. I told her I didn't think it was. He'd been gracious enough to give us an answer, but I felt we really had to nail it down.

Sanders spoke to an enormous crowd later that night. Tenacious Wendy managed to get into the front row and she once again had the opportunity to ask Sanders if he would endorse the ERA. He shook her hand, looked directly into her eyes and said, "Yes, I will." A few weeks later, this quote appeared on his website:

"Not only are we going to expand policies that advance gender equality, we are going to fight to pass the long-overdue Equal Rights Amendment and vigorously defend the critical laws and programs which protect all working people in our country."


Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations Overlook His Critiques of Capitalism and Militarism Zaid Jilani

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations Overlook His Critiques of Capitalism and Militarism
by Zaid Milani * Jan. 18 2016 * The Intercept

America’s celebrations of Martin Luther King, Jr. typically focus on his civil rights activism: the nonviolent actions that led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The last few years of King’s life, by contrast, are generally overlooked. When he was assassinated in 1968, King was in the midst of waging a radical campaign against economic inequality and poverty, while protesting vigorously against the Vietnam War.

This was a campaign whose intellectual roots were found in a younger King, who grew uneasy with the excesses of capitalism around him even as he focused on civil rights issues. In the summer of 1952, he wrote a letter detailing these concerns to Coretta Scott, whom he began dating earlier in the spring. In that letter, he concluded that “capitalism has outlived its usefulness”:

I imagine you already know that I am much more socialistic in my economic theory than capitalistic. And yet I am not so opposed to capitalism that I have failed to see its relative merits. It started out with a noble and high motive, viz, to block the trade monopolies of nobles, but like most human systems, it falls victim to the very thing it was revolting against. So today capitalism has outlived its usefulness. It has brought about a system that takes necessities from the masses to give luxuries to the classes.


Plz Sign Petition to WH Asking for Domestic Terrorists in Oregon to be arrested asap

Arrest Ammon Bundy and the armed occupiers of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

President Obama,

We respectfully request that you end the armed occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge immediately. At the very least, you owe the American people an explanation as to why the area has not been isolated. Members of their organization can come and go as they please, members of the community can visit the occupied facility, and other right-wing extremist groups such as the Idaho III% can show their support.

Law enforcement inaction up to this point is an egregious violation of public safety and emboldens their erroneous assertions that the US Government has no Constitutional Authority.

Please end the siege of the refuge and arraign Ammon Bundy as soon as possible.

Hillary: The "No We Can't!" Candidate

Hillary: No We Can't!
By TomP * Monday Jan 18, 2016 * Kos

In 2008, Barack Obama campaigned on the theme of “Yes, We Can!” And while Barack Obama did not accomplish everything we and he wanted to, on many things he tried. When Rahm told him not to even try to reform healthcare because it was not practical, he tried anyway. The ACA is far from perfect. It left almost 30 million Americans behind. But it has helped millions and that’s good.

I’m not going to talk about Hillary’s misleading claims about Bernie, the ACA, and single payer. I want to talk about “No we can’t!”

Hillary talking about Barack Obama in February 2008:
“Maybe I’ve just lived a little long, but I have no illusions about how hard
this is going to be. You are not going to wave a magic wand and have the
special interests disappear!”


“No, We Can’t!”
Hillary in 2016 taking about Bernie Sanders:
I wish that we could elect a Democratic president who could wave a magic
wand and say, ‘We shall do this, and we shall do that.’ That ain’t the
real world we’re living in!


“No, We Can’t!”
Hillary learned from the debacle in 1994 when her health care plan lost.

“No, We Can’t!”
When it comes to breaking up big banks:

“No, We Can’t!”
When it comes to a $15 an hour minimum wage:


FBI/ATF apparently doesn't give a rat's ass about Domestic Terrorism in our face

Now they are using the Malheur Refuge as a national stage for white supremacists to promulgate hate, armed insurrection, and land-grabbing Federal property at the point of a gun.

"KrisAnne Hall, a prominent national face of the so-called patriot movement, will visit Burns on Monday to conduct public workshops supporting the point-of-view of those occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Hall, a Florida attorney and radio talk show host, is scheduled to lecture from 5-7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday at the Harney County Fairgrounds. Her assistant said she will cover two topics: sovereignty of the state and the constitutional limits of the federal government's control.

Hall is an outspoken critic of the federal government who supports privatization of federal lands.

In a YouTube video posted Jan. 5, she defended the tactics of Ammon Bundy and his group of armed protesters, who seized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge 15 days ago and say they will not leave until the land is turned over to local landowners."


Eugene Robinson: Bernie Sanders’ Run Is No Fairy Tale

Bernie Sanders’ Run Is No Fairy Tale
By Eugene Robinson * Jan 15, 2016 * TruthDig.com

If you thought the political landscape couldn’t be more unsettled, think again. In the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders is surging. Hillary Clinton now faces not a coronation, not a cakewalk, but a contest—one she could lose.

Has there ever been a worse election to be an establishment candidate? Certainly not in my lifetime. When a pitchfork-populist billionaire is leading one party’s race and a self-described socialist is rapidly gaining ground in the other, I think it’s safe to say we’re somewhere we haven’t been before.

For much of the past year, Clinton led Sanders in national polls by more than 20 points. Now, according to the Real Clear Politics average, her lead has shrunk to less than nine points—and the most recent survey, a CBS/New York Times poll released this week, showed just a seven-point gap.

State polls should make Clinton even more nervous. Her once-comfortable lead over Sanders in Iowa is now just four points, pretty much a toss-up. And in New Hampshire, Sanders—a longtime senator from next-door Vermont—leads Clinton by six points. It is within the realm of possibility that the presumptive Democratic nominee could lose both of the first two states. Then what?

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