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Poll: 65% of Americans Back Iran Deal, Don't Want Congress To Crush It

Are you listening Sen. Schumer? Aparently not.

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Poll: Americans Back Iran Deal, Don't Want Congress To Crush It
The Huffington Post * by Michael McAuliff * 4/10/2015

WASHINGTON -- Americans mostly approve of the outline of the Iran nuclear deal and don't want Congress to block it, according to a poll released Friday.

The survey by Hart Research on behalf of the Democratically aligned Americans United for Change found that 61 percent of the country favor the deal, while 34 percent oppose it.

And perhaps more importantly, 65 percent of voters don't want Congress to block the deal, compared with 30 percent who do. The poll, done this week of 806 voters, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

It also reveals a partisan divide on the issue, with Republican voters being the only ones who oppose the deal -- 52 to 41 percent -- and who are split on whether Congress should interfere, with 48 percent saying to block it and 47 percent wanting the lawmakers to let it advance.


Graphic New Video Backs Up Witnesses, Police Allow K-9 to Tear Apart Unconscious Man

Argh How many more of these, before we do something, whatever it takes, to
stop the public executions of unarmed citizens in our streets by sadistic cops ??

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Graphic New Video Backs Up Witness Accounts, Police Allow K-9 to Tear Apart Unconscious Man
By Josie Wales * Free Thought Project * April 8, 201

Vineland, NJ — Early this morning, yet another video has emerged showing the heinous murder of Phillip White by Vineland Police.

As we reported last week, 32-year-old Phillip White died in police custody last Tuesday morning after being beaten by police and viciously mauled by a K-9.

The video released on Facebook shows more clearly that White was limp and unresponsive when officers yelled at the K-9 to “Get him!” One cop continued to inflict blows to White’s body as the dog mauled his face, chest and arms.

The cops roll the unconscious man onto his back, then scream at him to roll back over, the entire time letting the K-9 continue to maul White, who was, again, completely unresponsive.

At no point in the video does Phillip White show any sign of consciousness, let alone resisting arrest.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/graphic-video-emerges-showing-brutal-final-moments-vineland-man-mauled-k-9/#qP09xBHflZl5TIyu.99

Politico: Chuck Schumer bucks White House on Iran!!! WTF. With Democrats like Schumer ...

Who needs a seditious GOP to undermine peace negotiations in the ME?

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Chuck Schumer bucks White House on Iran
The top Democrat throws his weight behind legislation to give Congress power to reject a deal.
By Burgess Everett
4/6/15 6:10 PM EDT

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, one of Capitol Hill’s most influential voices in the Iran nuclear debate, is strongly endorsing passage of a law opposed by President Barack Obama that would give Congress an avenue to reject the White House-brokered framework unveiled last week.

The comments Monday by the Democratic leader-in-waiting illustrate the enormity of the task ahead for President Barack Obama and his team: While there’s no guarantee that Congress would ultimately reject an agreement with Iran, there’s an increasingly bipartisan consensus that Congress should at least have the ability to do so.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/04/chuck-schumer-bucks-white-house-on-iran-116713.html#ixzz3WZwgERDp

The RW GOP Chicken-Hawks & Greed-heads have been spewing their nonsense for decades

Draining the US Treasury with bloody unwinable counter-productive military quagmires in ME,
and now -- judging from most RWers responses to the Iran deal -- they apparently just don't
know when to stop.

The American public is decidedly opposed to more pointless wars, yet the RW/GOP continues
to incessantly beat their chests and pound on their war-drums ever louder, so loud that it's
deafened them to public opinion.

A perfect run-up to an epic Democratic landslide in 2016.

Calls to mind Obama's response to Romney's over-reaching during the Presidential debates,
"Please proceed Governor "

Wiccans say Indiana religious freedom law opens the door to polygamy, nude rituals at the Capitol

Not the Onion.

Wiccans say Indiana religious freedom law opens the door to polygamy, nude rituals at the Capitol
by Scott Kaufman * 02 APR 2015 * RawStory

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed into law by Indiana Governor Mike Pence last week has found support from a most unusual source — practicing Wiccans.

The Daily Beast‘s David Freedlander spoke to Dusty Dionne, a High Priest and High Summoner of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, who confessed that while he believes “these bills are horrible,” they do provide a unique opportunity for practitioners of his faith.

“If they are going to up this can of worms,” he said, “we are going to shove it right in their face.” For example, he explained, many Wiccans believe “that love is the law,” so while polygamous marriages are not a tenet of Wiccan theology, “whatever we want to do with marriage we can do. Carte blanche. If I want to marry a horse, I can marry a horse.”

Wiccans would also legally be able to refuse drug tests in states with religious freedom laws, because “natural” substances like marijuana and hallucinogens are “herbs” used to enhance experience at officially sanctioned religious ceremonies. Moreover, Dionne explained, giving the blood or urine samples required for such tests would run contrary to their belief that the “body is a temple,” and “if you come for a piece of my temple, I can say no.”

They would also be free to dance naked on state Capitol steps so long as the moon was full, as a Wiccan holy text — “The Charge of the Goddess” — sanctions the practice.


WTF. Did someone slip some LSD in Billo's martini?

Bill O’Reilly Shocks Fox News Anchor By Expressing Support For Iran Deal
BY IGOR VOLSKY * APRIL 2, 2015 * ThinkProgress.com

A slew of Democratic lawmakers endorsed the tentative deal the United States and its international partners reached on Thursday to contain Iran’s nuclear program. But support for the agreement also came from an unusual source: Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

Appearing on the conservative network just minutes after President Barack Obama held a news conference in the White House Rose Garden laying out the broad outlines for how the United States hopes to limit Tehran’s nuclear capabilities, O’Reilly — a harsh critic of Obama’s foreign policy — argued that conservatives should give diplomacy a chance.

“You don’t want a war with Iran,” he explained. “You don’t want to bomb that country because the unintended consequences will set the world aflame. So if you can get something that’s decent, you give it a shot. I think that’s a legitimate point,” O’Reilly said to a surprised Gretchen Carlson, host of the network’s daytime show, The Real Story.

O’Reilly also warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against immediately rejecting the compromise, counseling the long-time opponent of talks to wait and see “specifically what the Iranians are going to agree to.”

Occupy the Democratic Party?

I was not aware of this group or it's website until today, but it's been around for 3-4 years apparently.

Here's their "About Us" statement:
Founded in late 2012, Occupy Democrats is the new counterbalance to the Republican Tea Party. The Occupy Movement changed the national conversation around the issue of class and inequality, but unlike the Tea Party, it failed to achieve legislative victories. Our aim is to create a more equal society for all by working with progressives, President Obama & the Democratic Party! Our mission is to Occupy Democrats on Nov.4th, 2014 AND BEYOND by voting in a LANDSLIDE of progressive Democratic candidates! While the right–wing Tea Party has an entire caucus in Congress ruthlessly pursuing its extreme agenda, the Occupy movement has yet to produce even a single congressperson. Occupy Democrats is a new and growing MOVEMENT dedicated to changing that! Let’s give the Tea Party the boot — for good! — by electing a slate of newly-energized progressives to Congress. Working through the democratic process, We The People will rise up to give President Obama and other progressive Democrats a Congress that will work with them to grow the economy, create jobs, promote fairness and fight inequality, and get money OUT of politics!

Is anyone else on DU aware of this group? Is this authentically an OWS-based group, or a brainchild of 3rd Wayers to avoid progressive third-party organizing? The reason I ask this is that it also says this on their "About Us" page:

I'd love to hear from all you DU Progressives if you know anything about this Occupy Democrats effort.

American police killed more people in March (111) than the entire UK police have killed since 1900

American police killed more people in March (111) than the entire UK police have killed since 1900
Apr 01, 2015 * by Shaun King * Daily Kos

Yeah. Those numbers are real.
A total of 111 people were killed by police in the United States in March of 2015. Since 1900, in the entire United Kingdom, 52 people have been killed by police.

Don't bother adjusting for population differences, or poverty, or mental illness, or anything else. The sheer fact that American police kill TWICE as many people per month as police have killed in the modern history of the United Kingdom is sick, preposterous, and alarming.

In March:

Police beat Phillip White to death in New Jersey. He was unarmed.

Police shot and killed Meagan Hockaday, a 26-year-old mother of three.

Police shot and killed Nicholas Thomas, an unarmed man on his job at Goodyear in metro Atlanta.

Police shot and killed Anthony Hill, an unarmed war veteran fighting through mental illness, in metro Atlanta.

I could tell 107 more of those stories.

This has to end.


University removes Common (a hip-hop artist) as graduation speaker amid police whining

So Academy Award-winning hip-hop artists in NJ must choose: 1) gag yourself for fear you'll be, you know, "not invited into polite company". OR 2) remain authentic, and suffer the indignity of not getting invited to stuff?

University removes Common as graduation speaker amid police outcry
Kean University spokeswoman said school will ‘pursue other options’ after state police complaint over hip-hop artists’s song about woman convincted of killing officer
AP via The Guardian * Wednesday 1 April 2015

New Jersey’s Kean University has cancelled hip-hop artist Common as commencement speaker after police voiced concerns over a song about a woman convicted of killing a police officer who fled to Cuba.

The school announced the Academy Award winner’s selection on Monday, but said on its social media sites on Tuesday night that he would not be the speaker.

A university spokeswoman, Susan Kayne, told the Record newspaper the announcement was made prematurely.

Common won an Academy Award for composing the song Glory for the 2014 film Selma.

The film’s director, Ava DuVernay, tweeted #Assata in support of the rapper.

“The students expressed interest in Common because he composed the Oscar-winning song Glory with our prior commencement speaker John Legend,” Kayne said. “While we respect his talent, Kean is pursuing other speaker options.”

New Jersey state police were troubled by the choice because of lyrics in Common’s 2000 recording A Song for Assata. The song is about Joanne Chesimard, who goes by the name Assata Shakur, and was convicted in 1977 of killing trooper Werner Foerster in 1973. She escaped from prison and has been living in Cuba as a fugitive.

The song describes the shootout and the treatment meted out to Shakur in prison: “A call, one cot, no window, facing hell/Put in the basement of a prison with all males” and concludes “Assata had been convicted of a murder she couldn’t have done/Medical evidence shown she couldn’t have shot the gun.”


Oligarchy & the War on Individualism

All the social systems controlled by the figurative 1% and opposed by the 99%, all the institutions that any compassionate person would liken to fascist or feudal, all have been instigated, implemented and reinforced by people. I know that I alone cannot change such systems; this is guaranteed by the combined oligarchical complex of government, corporate, financial and military, all formed in a steep pyramid system with “the 1%” (those in control) atop and “the 99%” (those under control) below.

But it is perfectly obvious that if a system is simply the creation of people, then people can change that system – with serenity, courage and wisdom. And since the systems in question operate at the progressive expense of our physical environment and personal freedoms, it is no longer a question of whether people can force such change, but when.

Anyone who says that people cannot change things, that we are powerless to the control systems that already exists, does not realize they are in a system that began as imagination, an idea, which came about through influence. With new, better ideas, people can change those outdated systems that other people once created; even those that have become long-standing traditions, or pose as such.

War On Individualism
The best business strategies utilize knowledge of trends, if a stock is going up and has been going up, chances are it will continue to go up for a time. In the same way trends can be used to gain an understanding of history and current events. If something has occurred and is occurring and nothing is being done to change it, chances are it will continue to occur, perhaps more frequently so.

One such growing trend is the investment into a police state. Increasingly the United States is becoming a police state where institutions are allowed to figuratively and literally put the boot down. The aim of the game is social control, not governance. The police in the United States support the institutional ties between the state, corporate and military collective and are often used as cogs in a system of enforcement for revenue, rather than enforcement for the purposes of upholding human rights – as they were intended.

Great Read: http://wakeup-world.com/2015/01/28/oligarchy-and-the-war-on-individualism/
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