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Gender: Male
Current location: Potlandia
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2007, 04:39 PM
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Hillary Clinton viewed unfavorably by nearly half of country, poll finds

Hillary Clinton viewed unfavorably by nearly half of country, poll finds
July 16, 2015, 12:09 pm * The Hill * By Jesse Byrnes

The percentage of people who view Hillary Clinton unfavorably has jumped 8 points since she announced her 2016 Democratic presidential campaign in April, according to a new poll.

Clinton is viewed unfavorably by 49 percent of people in the United States, the Associated Press-GfK poll released Thursday found, up from 41 percent who expressed that view in late April.

The percentage of people who view the former secretary of State favorably has fallen 7 points since the April poll to 39 percent, according to the poll. Among Democrats, that rating has fallen 11 points to 70 percent.
Meanwhile, President Obama's approval rating in the poll, 46 percent, has stayed constant during the same period, with more than eight in 10 Democrats holding a favorable view of him.

Clinton's receives poor marks on honesty, compassion, inspiration and likability in the poll, though she is more positively viewed on metrics such as competence and decisiveness.

Her campaign has sought to reintroduce the former first lady and New York senator in recent months, but has faced a barrage of attacks from Republicans over her email and family foundation.

Entire Article: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/polls/248183-hillary-clinton-viewed-unfavorably-by-nearly-half-of-country-poll

President Obama made me proud to be an American today, at WH Presser on Iran deal.

That's a feeling I don't get nearly enough these daze, but today I was flooded
with joy and a sense of relief, seeing, finally, the US leading the world towards
peace, not war.

Obama's speech delivery & fielding press' questions was both forceful & graceful, compellingly
clear in detailing the treaty's air-tight mechanisms for verifying Iran's compliance, and reminding
us all that this agreement is to accomplish the one thing everyone agrees is a top priority for achieving
relative peace, not war, both with Iran and in the ME in general.

And that top priority is this: that Iran will not have a nuclear weapon capability with which to
threaten Israel & other ME neighbors, and world peace in general. BAM! Done.

It was SO damned refreshing to see my president stand strong for peace, while out-flanking
the Congressional war-heads' saber-rattling & hawkish posturing with regard to Iran.

Bravo Mr. President. Well fucking done!

Good on Obama: Calls for 'justice and redemption' prison reform

Thank you Mr. President

Obama cites 'justice and redemption' in call for comprehensive prison reform
Speaking at NAACP convention in Philadelphia, president urges shorter sentences for some drug crimes and says felons should have right to vote
July 14, 2015 * The Guardian * by Alan Yuhas in New York

Barack Obama called for comprehensive reform of the US criminal justice system on Tuesday, including shorter sentences for certain drug offenses and the right to vote for convicted felons.

“Justice and redemption go hand in hand,” Obama said in a speech to the NAACP’s annual convention in downtown Philadelphia.

“I see those young men on street corners and eventually in prisons, and I think to myself: ‘They could be me,’” he said. “The main difference between me and them is I had a more forgiving environment so that when I slipped up, when I made a mistake, I had a second chance.”

Obama announced no new executive orders but tied together several of his administration’s campaigns from the last few years. He called for cities to embrace the recommendations of his task force on policing, cited the need for early education as a means to use opportunity to prevent crime, and highlighted the stark inequalities in incarceration, employment and education between white people and minorities.

He also voiced support for several proposals circulating in Congress, going so far as to commend Republican senators Rand Paul and John Cornyn for their support of reform. He also noted the “unlikely” bedfellows of the movement, which is supported by a cast that includes polar opposite senators Ted Cruz and Cory Booker and organizations as ideologically varied as the ACLU, Koch Industries and Americans for Tax Reform.

MORE: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jul/14/obama-prison-reform-speech-naacp-philadelphia

Bernie & Hillary: What are their policy differences?

Bernie Sanders criticizes Clinton's policy stances – but don't call them enemies
The Vermont senator has carefully avoided negativity, but on Tuesday he offered a slew of issues upon which he differed from his main Democratic rival
July 14, 2015 * The Guardian * by Paul Lewis and Sabrina Siddiqui

Bernie Sanders has scrupulously avoided throwing punches at political rivals during a career that has lasted close to half a century. The independent Vermont senator is not about to take off his gloves, even in the midst of a race for the Democratic nomination for president.

But on Tuesday, with the frontrunner for the Democratic 2016 ticket, Hillary Clinton, walking the corridors of the Capitol building, Sanders did attempt a few delicate jabs.

He emerged from a lunch of Democratic senators (also attended by Clinton) to give reporters a slew of issues upon which he said he differed from the former secretary of state. It was not a short list, and included issues as varied as trade, war, surveillance, climate change and the minimum wage.

It was hardly hand-to-hand political combat, but Sanders, who famously ducks requests from reporters to put the boot into rivals, looked a little reluctant.

“I don’t like negative campaigns – I’ve never run a negative ad in my life,” Sanders told reporters at the start of his remarks.

He ended up concluding like this: “I’ve known the secretary for 25 years. I knew her as first lady, obviously I knew her when we were together here in the Senate. I like her, I respect her, I hope we can run a campaign where we can express the differences of opinion that we have do it in a way that is straightforward.”

MORE on the issues: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jul/14/bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-differences

Awesome 4:40 Bernie Sanders video

Very inspiring video that was shown at the Portland OR Bernie Sanders meet-up last night,
especially for people who were just learning about Bernie. Enjoy.

Feeling the Bern in Portland OR - First Organizing Meet-up For Bernie Sanders

It was awesome to be there, feeling the Bern with Oregon Bernistas of all stripes who came out of the woodwork on short-notice to start organizing for Sanders 2016. Local KGW tv news reported that about 750 enthusiastic people showed up to volunteer and get acquainted. Clearly, Portland is so happy to have a truly progressive candidate for POTUS. This was the very first meet-up, as far as I know.

Here's a very brief video clip (I took on my iPhone) of the crowd, shouting "Bernie! Bernie!,

FYI: If you're in Oregon, future campaign organizing events will be posted here:

Anyone here know about a Bernie Sanders meet-up in Portland Oregon TONITE at 7pm PDT?

I just heard a vague oblique reference to it, on local KGW news report, but
they cut to a commercial, glossing over exactly WHERE it's being held. It
sounded like a pub 'beer for Bernie' thing, but there are hundreds of pubs
in Portland, and we didn't catch the name.

My gf and I would love to go, but don't know where.

Anyone here know about a Bernie Sanders meet-up in Portland Oregon tonight?

I just heard a vague oblique reference to it, on local KGW news report, but
they cut to a commercial, glossing over exactly WHERE it's being held. It
sounded like a pub 'beer for Bernie' thing, but there are hundreds of pubs
in Portland, and we didn't catch the name.

My gf and I would love to go, but don't know which pub to go to.

Obama's TPP coddles Big Pharma, strips the poor of Generics they need to live

This is so sad, so unnecessary, and so cruel. Why in the fuck is Obama doing this? He's got
no re-election to worry about. Is he being offered some sort of Post-Potus sweetheart deal,
or what? I like Obama, but this just pisses me off.

Latest TPP Draft Benefits Big Pharma By Slashing Access to Generics
In secret talks, the Obama administration is seeking to foist corporate-friendly policies on other countries that he has opposed in the United States, new reporting reveals

by Sarah Lazare, staff writer * Common Dreams * July 10, 2015

With another round of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations slated for the end of this month, the administration of President Barack Obama is aiming to force developing nations to adopt Big Pharma-friendly policies that are so bad for public health Obama himself has opposed them in the United States.

Citing leaked drafts of the agreement, as well as officials "familiar with the latest May 11 version," Bloomberg journalist Peter Gosselin reported Friday that the deal is likely to include provisions that are almost certain to hike medicine costs while slashing access to generic drugs around the world: "At stake: hundreds of billions of dollars or more in extra costs that consumers may have to pay if the proposals make it harder for cheaper generics to win approval."

In the negotiations, Obama is pursuing corporate-friendly policies he has rejected at home.

For example, "U.S. negotiators want to win makers of advanced drugs 12 years of exclusivity for data that might otherwise help competitors produce similar, cheaper versions," wrote Gosselin. However, the Obama administration has sought, within the United States, to reduce that period to seven years.

But it doesn't stop there. "Negotiators are also seeking language to make it easier for the big drugmakers to win 'secondary' patents to strengthen their control over products," Gosselin continued. But domestically, the administration "has proposed changing U.S. law to make it harder to get such add-ons," Gosselin explained.

Obama is poised to not only foist these policies on other countries, but to trap the U.S. in them as well.

MORE: http://www.commondreams.org/news/2015/07/10/latest-tpp-draft-benefits-big-pharma-slashing-access-generics

HSBC is being outed NOW on CBS "60 Minutes" for aiding felonious US tax evasion

Just for the record. It's quite an extensive expose, showing exactly how
the bank assisted tax payers -- many of them criminals -- to shield their
millions from the IRS.

HSBC "declined" to be interviewed.

ON EDIT: The full 60 Minute report is now on CBS's website, for those who missed it.
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