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Gender: Male
Current location: Potlandia
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2007, 04:39 PM
Number of posts: 9,382

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I was told to post this here

"You shouldn't be seeing this, but if you are, please report it in the Help & Meta-discussion forum."

and have absolutely NO idea why .. or what this is about.

Please enlighten me.

I just figured out why the 1% should LOVE the Occupy Movement.

Because it gives the police, FBI, et. al. something to do besides go after the real criminals, who are stealing the Middle Class blind. Duh!

At what point will Prez Obama send in the Federal Marshalls and FBI to OccupyUSA?

You know, like Prez. John Kennedy did to protect peaceful civil rights protesters in the deep South.

To protect peaceful citizens from police brutality & harassment ... being literally terrorized by local police departments?

I realize my question verges on being rhetorical, but then that in itself is quite interesting, don't you think?


How dare Glen Greenwald have a contrary opinion about Obama's policies! Off with his head!

Just who does Mr Greenwald think he is, anyway? A US Citizen or something?

Mr. Greenwald definitely shows signs of being deluded into believing he lives in a free
country, a beacon of democracy and freedom, where dissent is valued, and where telling
the truth is valued, no matter how the chips fall?

How dare him!!!

Occupy The Vote!!! What does this mean to you?

No, this is not a poll.

It is just an honest question.

I care about your answer very much,
because I've been here at DU for nearly a decade,
waiting for it.

Waiting for this moment,
for this particularly unique niche in Time,
where everything really is possible.

And so here we are.

So tell me true, if you dare.

What does "OCCUPY THE VOTE" mean, or look like, to you?

White House issues statement saying it will not veto defense bill


Bye bye Ms American Pie

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