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Gender: Male
Current location: Potlandia
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2007, 04:39 PM
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Vicious Conservative Bashing of Black Lives Matter Is a Dangerous Proposition

Vicious Conservative Bashing of Black Lives Matter Is a Dangerous Proposition
Police brutality is real. It happens. When it happens, it's wrong.
By Shaun King * Daily Kos * September 12, 2015

Over the past few weeks, conservative opinion toward the Black Lives Matter movement has taken a harsh and ugly turn. It has never been supportive, but now it has taken a decidedly strong bent toward dehumanization, dishonesty, and dangerous accusations that run the risk of getting one of us killed.

By defaming, discrediting, and dehumanizing us with lies, memes, and false accusations, it makes us out to be something more akin to an enemy—when we aren't. We fight for what we fight for because we want to see a fair and just America. We fight because we care for this country and our people. We fight because we've seen seismic changes happen in this nation before and we believe they can happen again.

Police brutality is real. It happens. When it happens, it's wrong.

This is not a partisan idea. This is not liberal or conservative idea. This is a human rights issue. In fact, if a Muslim country somewhere else in the world had thousands of people killed by police, and the officers regularly called the people they killed the ugliest, most inhumane names imaginable, the United States would call that place a repressive regime.

Yet those of us who are calling for serious reforms on the issue of police brutality are being treated like we are a real physical threat to police. Not only that, but the issue has jumped the fence from conservative media outlets calling us a threat to actual police departments and prosecutors calling us a threat.

This is extremely dangerous and reckless. Keep reading to examine the reasons why.

MORE: http://www.alternet.org/civil-liberties/vicious-conservative-bashing-black-lives-matter-dangerous-proposition

TruthOut: Clinton Pitches Campaign Finance Reform While Raking in Million$ From Wall St Since 2008

Clinton Proposes Campaign Finance Reform While Raking in Millions From Wall Street Since 2008
Friday, 11 September 2015 * By Candice Bernd * Truthout

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced a campaign finance reform plan Tuesday, in a post-Labor Day effort to boost her support after her closest competitor, Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, took a nine-point lead over her in New Hampshire polls, and continues to gain ground in Iowa among Democratic voters.

Clinton called for overturning the infamous 2010 Citizens United decision that paved the way for dark money groups to mete out millions from corporate donors into federal elections. In addition, the plan proposes using executive authority to require government contractors to disclose their campaign contributions. She would also press for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to mandate that publicly traded companies disclose their political spending. Lastly, Clinton's plan would create a publicly funded pool that would match small donations to presidential and congressional campaigns.


The timing shows she's keeping a cautious eye on Sanders, who has eschewed support from super PACs (outside spending groups that are allowed to take unlimited contributions from donors, but cannot explicitly coordinate their activities with candidates), and has drawn tens of thousands of people at his campaign stops across the nation.

Sanders has made campaign finance reform central to his campaign, and was the first member of Congress to introduce a constitutional amendment that would reverse the Citizens United decision in 2011. Clinton has also previously supported such an amendment.

But unlike Sanders, Clinton has accepted support from super PACs and outside spending groups - the types of groups that she now says she wants to rein in with her new plan.~snip~

The July FEC filing showed big banks and investment firms continue to be among Clinton's top donors this year, with Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase reappearing on her FEC filing this cycle. According to a MapLight analysis the FEC data, employees of Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch have already contributed about $290,000 to her campaign committee through June 30.


Bernie's up next on Chris Hayes msnbc -nt-

LOL - O'Malley is trying to "make an honest buck" on Wall Street.

O'Malley plays for tips on Wall Street
September 10, 2015 * By Jesse Byrnes * The Hill

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley is seen in a new video wearing pedestrian clothes and playing acoustic guitar for tips on Wall Street.

"Excuse me," says O'Malley in the IJReview video, navigating a crowd this week in New York while clad in jeans and a black shirt from the Baltimore-based Under Armour.

The former Maryland governor unpacks his guitar case, adorned with "#WeNeedDebate" stickers, and strums Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land."

Charles Blow: Hillary Is Hobbling, for Now

Hillary Is Hobbling, for Now
Sept. 10, 2015 * Charles Blow * New York Times

I must say that I’m starting to feel bad for Hillary Clinton. There is a sense surrounding her candidacy of building doom and imminent disaster. She just can’t seem to shake the email controversy and the idea that the issue raises — or raises again — some kind of character flaw.

In an interview on Tuesday with ABC News’ David Muir, Clinton finally apologized for her handling of the controversy saying, “I’m sorry about that.” She continued, “I take responsibility and I’m trying to be as transparent as I possibly can.” But every month, every week, every news cycle that the media focus is on the way Clinton is addressing the issue is a bad day for her, regardless of what she says or does about it.


I don’t find the controversy to be the scandal others have made it out to be, but that doesn’t seem to matter now. It is an issue with a life of its own. ~snip~

Furthermore, it is hard to know what the unifying message of the Clinton campaign is. Is there a bumper sticker message? If there is, I don’t know it.

A close primary rival in the polls, Bernie Sanders, who is gaining on Clinton in Iowa and has overtaken her in New Hampshire, has such a message: He’s saying to the über rich, “You can’t have it all.” (It should be noted that many of Sanders’s supporters are also complaining about media coverage, suggesting that Sanders hasn’t received his fair share.)


Pelosi praises Bernie Sanders

Pelosi praises Bernie Sanders
By Mike Lillis * 9/09/15 * The Hill

Eyeing another Democratic wave in the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Wednesday she’s hoping the energy surrounding Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) presidential run will pay dividends for down-ticket Democrats at the polls next year.

Sanders, a liberal icon who has made economic justice the focal point of his long political career, has performed surprisingly well on the campaign trail this summer, inspiring a young grassroots following and drawing the largest crowds of any candidate in either party.

Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, said she had followed Sanders down the West Coast during her travels around the country amid the August recess. The enthusiasm for the Democratic candidate’s message was remarkable, she said, especially among young people.

“I was going right down that trail and it was just amazing to see,” Pelosi told reporters from her office in the Capitol. “Parents would come to me and say, ‘I’m for Hillary, I’m for this one, I’m for that one, my kids are all for Bernie Sanders.’

“It’s a younger demographic, and I think that it’s really good for the country certainly for the Democratic Party for him to attract people to the polls,” she added. “Hopefully he can keep them there in the general election for our Democratic candidates.”


I'm for Bernie, but here's how much I don't care about Hillary's emails.

I would much rather that REAL ISSUES are discussed, issues that effect voters' lives, and
that they actually CARE about.

I would have K&Red this post in Hillary's group, but I've been banned there. So I'm doing it here\.

So Hillary has started lobbing digs at Bernie.

Hillary Clinton on Bernie Sanders: Waving Your Arms Doesn’t Mean a Lot
“You can wave your arms and give a speech but at the end of the day are you connecting with and really hearing what people are either saying to you or wishing that you would say to them?” Mrs. Clinton told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Friday, without directly naming Mr. Sanders.

ON EDIT: I'm adding the portion of the transcript of the Hillary interview that includes Andrea Mitchell's question, and Hillary's answer, up to and including the "waving arms around" bit. Now people can decide for them selves, if Hillary's comment was aimed at Bernie, at least partially, or not.

Interview Transcript

AM: Looking at the campaign now you see huge crowds for Bernie Sanders and for Donald Trump, and people talking about Joe Biden having an opening if he decides to make a difficult choice on an emotional level. They talk about how authentic these campaigns are. (Hillary laughs)
Does it hurt you when people say you’re too lawyerly, you parse your words, you’re not authentic, you’re not connecting.

HRC: Well, that’s just not my experience, out campaigning. I feel very, very good about where we are.

We’ve built a terrific organization in the early States, and we’re expanding into those States that will be after Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada.

The level of support, the intensity of support that I’m experiencing as I speak with people, and talking about issues that I, I know are on their minds.

I want to be the President who deals with all those big problems that are in the headlines, but also those problems that keep families up at night, and that’s why I started out listening.

Because I think you can come with your own ideas, and you can, you know, wave your arms and give a speech, but at the end of the day are you connecting with and really hearing what people are either really saying to you of wishing that you would say to them.

apparently Team Bernie got the message and responded, here:

I still think this is laughable, because Bernie IS listening to voters REAL concerns, and staking
out the Progressive high-ground on real issues effecting their lives, rather than attacking Hillary,
like every reporter has tried to get him to do.


Bernie Sanders' revolutionary message resonating in conservative Iowa

Bernie Sanders finds his revolutionary rhetoric resonating in conservative Iowa
by Dan Roberts * The Guardian via RawStory * Sept. 4, 2015

Bernie Sanders is on his third speech of the day, drenched in sweat, and losing his voice from calling for the overthrow of America’s “billionaire class”.

“Brothers and sisters, you are not living in a democracy; you are living in an oligarchy,” the leftwing Democratic presidential candidate tells an audience of Iowa supporters enthralled by his stinging attack on campaign finance and corporate lobbying. “People fought and died to defend American democracy and I will be damned if I am going to let them take that away from us.”

In theory, Sanders’s campaign for the presidential nomination in 2016 breaks all the rules of modern politics. He is angry, dishevelled and making no attempt to soften his message for the tiny handful of TV cameras that have shown up.

This unabashed “democratic socialist” from Brooklyn via Vermont, which he represents as an independent US senator, talks about class, corruption and the pathological greed of the rich. Yet the middle-aged, midwestern audience greeting him here in one of the most conservative states in the country cannot get enough of it. “Welcome to the political revolution,” Sanders says to another loud cheer.

The large, adoring crowds are not new. Sanders first captured national attention this summer by filling venues with up to 20,000 supporters in liberal bastions like Portland, Oregon.

A succession of opinion polls showed him catching and then overtaking the establishment frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the early primary state of New Hampshire – injecting sudden drama into a race that most pundits had initially decided was barely worth following compared with the excitement of the enormous Republican field, currently dominated by businessman and TV personality Donald Trump.

But what is new is the sight of Sanders challenging Clinton in Iowa, the first state to choose a candidate – in caucuses held on 1 February – and the scene of her humiliating defeat by Barack Obama in 2008.


Robert Reich: 3 Steps To Restore Balance Of Political & Economic Power In The US (VIDEO)

Robert Reich: Three Steps To Restore The Balance Of Political And Economic Power In The US (VIDEO)
by Randa Morris * Sept. 3, 2015 * Addicting Info

Concentrated wealth equals concentrated political and economic power. That’s bad for the 99 percent of Americans who don’t have billions of dollars sitting in off shore bank accounts. Logically speaking, what’s bad for 99 percent of Americans is bad for America as a nation.

In 2008 we saw what happens when Wall Street and the big banks are allowed to run wild. Americans paid the price for Wall Street’s reckless gambling and millions of hard working people lost their homes, their jobs and their bank accounts because of the fraud perpetrated by the big banks.


In spite of the fact that the US economy has stabilized under the leadership of President Barack Obama, income inequality continues to climb. Nearly all of the economic gains that have occurred during the recovery have gone to the already too rich and powerful. None of it is accidental. It’s the predicted outcome of unregulated capitalism. Which is why the United States has laws designed to protect both the consumer and the market.


It’s up to the government to ensure that free market remains truly free. That’s why we have anti-trust laws, and it’s why we have used them many times in the past to restore balance to economic and political systems. Clearly, Americans have never been as stupid as Republicans seem to think we are.

A new video from Robert Reich, posted to Facebook on August 30, lays out the three most important steps to restoring balance to the US political and economic systems. In just under three minutes, Reich explains what has to be done to avoid another economic crash like the Great Depression and 2008 global financial crisis.

1. Restore Glass Steagall legislation, which separated commercial and investment banking from 1933 to 1999, when parts of the Banking Act were repealed.

2. Tax Wall Street trades to discourage speculation.

3. Break up the big banks. No bank should be so large and so powerful that its failure could destroy national economic systems.

VIDEO HERE: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/09/03/robert-reich-three-steps-to-restore-the-balance-of-political-and-economic-power-in-the-us-video/
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