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Gender: Male
Current location: Potlandia
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2007, 04:39 PM
Number of posts: 11,949

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ZOMBIE Apocalypse "Trade" deal TPP: Back from The Dead.

What the Zombie Apocalypse really looks like.

House GOP Eyes Clean Fast-Track Trade Bill Without TAA Funding
06/16/2015 * by Laura Barron-Lopez & Jennifer Bendery * HuffPo

WASHINGTON -- After the House of Representatives dealt a setback to President Barack Obama’s trade agenda last week, GOP leadership is considering stand-alone legislation to give the president expedited authority to shepherd trade deals through Congress.

The bill, also known as Trade Promotion Authority, would allow Obama to "fast-track" major trade deals, like the one he is currently negotiating with 11 Pacific nations, through Congress without filibuster threats or amendments. House Republican leaders could take up the stand-alone bill as early as this week, two House GOP aides told The Huffington Post, after which it would be sent to the Senate.

On Friday, the same fast-track bill passed the House 219-211, with 28 Democrats voting in favor, but it was attached to legislation providing funding for Trade Adjustment Assistance, a worker aid program. An overwhelming majority of Democrats voted TAA down in an effort to kill Obama’s trade agenda, rendering the fast-track vote essentially irrelevant.


Ready for Round Two? GOP and Obama Scrambling to Revive TPP Fast Track

Obama's not only NOT "listening to Nancy Pelosi" on TPP, he's aggressively collaborating
with McConnell and Boehner.

Get Ready for Round Two: GOP and White House Work to Revive Fast Track
"Let's be clear, we do not need a 'do over' vote for Fast Track, we need an entire 'redo' of U.S. trade policy," says green group Friends of the Earth

by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer * 6/15/2015 * Common Dreams

Even as they celebrated last week's quasi-victory against clandestine, corporate trade deals, civil society groups warned the fight over Fast Track was not over.

They were right.

Indeed, Friday's defeat of Fast Track, or trade promotion authority, could be reversed as early as this week, with the U.S. House of Representatives reportedly considering a number of options for reviving the legislation. As Bill Moyers and Bernard Weisberger wrote in an op-ed published Monday at Common Dreams, Friday's vote was "only Round One."

"The unholy trio of Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (who has vowed to keep any of Obama’s nominees from being confirmed), Speaker of the House John Boehner (who has thwarted just about every Democratic legislative proposal of the past several years), and President Obama (a Democrat, in case you are having trouble remembering) are as one in a desperate effort to rescue their Frankenstein-like creation," Moyers and Weisberger wrote.

Congressional rules required that the House approve both Fast Track and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) in order for the overall trade package to move forward as it did in the Senate. Thus, Friday's overwhelming "No" vote on TAA—which went down 126-302—meant defeat for those angling to hand over trade negotiating power from Congress to President Barack Obama.

Many Democrats, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), voted against TAA in an express effort to derail Fast Track.

Hillary Clinton team denies Daily Mail reporter access to campaign coverage

Hillary Clinton team denies Daily Mail reporter access to campaign coverage
Clinton camp says they’ve been getting blowback from foreign outlets that want to be part of the pool but reporter says reasons are ‘varied and contradictory’

6/15/2015 * The Guardian * by Sabrina Siddiqui

The feud between Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the news media escalated on Monday, when the reporter designated by the traveling press to cover Clinton’s events here was denied access.

David Martosko, the US political editor at The Daily Mail, was scheduled as the so-called “pool” reporter for Clinton’s visit through New Hampshire. But when he arrived at the gathering spot for the traveling press corps on Monday morning, Martosko was turned away by a Clinton staffer who said the reporter was no longer the approved pooler for the day’s events.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill later offered what Martosko called “varied and contradictory” reasons for not allowing him to join the pool – a rotating group of news outlets that represent the entire press corps and put together reports on the president and presidential candidates that are then distributed to members of the media.

“We’ve been getting a lot of blowback from foreign outlets that want to be part of the pool and we need to rethink it all, maybe for a day, and just cool things off until we can have a discussion,” Merrill said, according to Martosko’s pool report.

Hillary Clinton: Obama Should "Listen To Nancy Pelosi" On Trade

Does that mean that if Pelosi caves on TPP (like she has all-too-often on other issues) that Hillary is A-OK with that?

Apparently so.

So I'm still in the dark on what Hillary really supports or doesn't support.

Hillary has a position on TPP, but we won't know what it is until it's "finalized"

Hillary Clinton Will Take Clear Position On Trade When Deal Is Done, Her Campaign Says
06/14/2015 * HuffPo * BY Laura Bassett

Hillary Clinton has said very little so far on the sweeping trade deal that House Democrats derailed on Friday, but her campaign said Sunday that she will take a clear position on the legislation as soon as the details are finalized.

"What we've seen at the last couple of days is skirmishes around the process for considering that agreement," John Podesta, chair of Clinton's presidential campaign, told Chuck Todd on NBC's "Meet the Press." "But the agreement's not final. So when it is final, she'll render a judgment about that. And she's stated her concerns. ... She has a clear standard that it's got to be good for American workers, or she thinks the United States will walk away from it."

Two of Clinton's 2016 primary competitors, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I), have been urging her to clarify her stance on the controversial trade deal, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, in the past few weeks. House Democrats, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), rebelled on Friday against legislation that would have granted President Barack Obama the authority to fast-track the trade deal though Congress. Pelosi said the deal did not contain enough protections for labor rights and the environment.


Did Blumenauer really vote FOR the TPP?

Looks like Wyden did vote FOR it. And I saw that Blumenauer was one
of the 'hold outs' or some such, could have gone either way.

How did he finally vote?

CAN Congress pass law to restrict "Trade" Bills to be ONLY about TRADE

... and not suing government for "lost profits" re environmental & other regulations, not about outsourcing US jobs, not about protecting big Pharma's monopolistic over-reach and certainly not about ceding national sovereignty to secret corporate-driven tribunals.

Would this be theoretically possible to do?

It's ok to chew gum and ride a bike at the same time

This whole "economic justice v. social justice" kerfuffle is just stupid imho. This
is not an 'either/or', it's a 'both/and' situation; and until we fully embrace both,
we're basically going to lose ground on both fronts.

These 2 issues are BOTH incredible important and inextricably intertwined,
and to pretend otherwise, by insisting on exclusively focusing on one while ignoring
the other or giving it a back seat, in my view is just plain silly, not to mention being
hugely divisive, and therefore counter-productive.

For the record, I haven't even posted ANYthing to the OP, rather I
was replying to cali's post here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=6783892
with this: http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=6788043
saying essentially that i appreciate bringing some a both/and perspective to the discussion.

I NEVER even said I even disagreed with the OP, as I do NOT disagree with the OP. The OP
has every right to express their views imo, and I welcome those views and agree
with them as valid and important to the discussion.

So far on this string, you have accused me of:
1) "performing privilege and telling people of color their experiences don't matter."
2) having "reactionary views on race and gender"
3) "assuming you know what is best for others",
4) "pretending to be on the left"


Although I think it would be fitting, I don't expect you to apologize for these false and vile accusations;
because you appear to be so fixed in your views that you're not willing to consider any other perspective
as valid or worth considering at all. Which only illustrates my point, which is that pretending these
two issues are unrelated or that one is SUPER important while dismissing the other as "reactionary"
or "racist" is playing into the 'divide and conquer" agenda of the 1% and I refuse to do that, just
because someone with a different view insults me unjustly.

ON EDIT: It seems relevant that 91% of DU Peeps appear to agree that it's both/and:

WIKI-BOMB "*WANTED* Dead or Alive: $100,000 for Full Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership"

Hey all you DU Lefties, let's help get the word out on this!!!

*Wanted* Dead or Alive: $100,000 for Full Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership
WikiLeaks issues bounty for secret treaty which has been negotiated by corporate executives and government officials while the global public remains in the dark
by Jon Queally, staff writer * Tuesday, June 02, 2015 * Common Dreams

There is now a bounty on the head of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the "monster" (TPP) international treaty negotiated behind closed doors by government officials and corporate executives but kept secret from the global public.

The media outlet Wikileaks on Tuesday announced a campaign to raise a $100,000 cash reward for the complete text of the agreement in order to end the mystery surrounding the actual contents of the deal that involves the U.S. and eleven Pacific Rim nations.

"The transparency clock has run out on the TPP," said WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. "No more secrecy. No more excuses. Let’s open the TPP once and for all."

Despite unprecedented efforts by negotiating governments to keep it under wraps, WikiLeaks has been able to obtain and publish three leaked chapters of this super-secret global deal over the last two years. However, there are believed to be 26 other chapters of the deal to which only appointed negotiators, trade officials, and chosen representatives from big corporations have been given access.

"Today, WikiLeaks is taking steps to bring about the public’s rightful access to the missing chapters of this monster trade pact," the group said in a statement. "The TPP is the largest agreement of its kind in history: a multi-trillion dollar international treaty being negotiated in secret by the US, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia and 7 other countries. The treaty aims to create a new international legal regime that will allow transnational corporations to bypass domestic courts, evade environmental protections, police the internet on behalf of the content industry, limit the availability of affordable generic medicines, and drastically curtail each country’s legislative sovereignty."


How To Talk To Your Kids About Bernie Sanders

How To Talk To Your Kids About Bernie Sanders
May 30, 2015 * by Kimberly Harrington * Reverb Press

Sometimes it can be scary and confusing for kids when they’re faced with an unknown, like a politician who actually represents the regular people who voted for him. As you tuck them into bed, don’t be surprised if you hear questions like, “But what about the billionaires? Who’s going to speak for them?” or “Why is he so angry all the time?” or “Mom, why did you hit him?” We’ll get to that last one in a minute.

I find that the best way to address kids’ valid concerns about politicians is to ease them into it.

The last time we tried to explain a government shutdown to my 10-year-old he said, “Wow, sounds like they don’t know how to do their jobs. They should all be fired.”

There’s no telling what sort of blood lust this whole Bernie situation could unleash in our household and I’m betting your family is struggling with the same sense of unease. I’ve put together some answers to use when fielding common questions from your kids. You’ve probably been asking yourself some of these questions too, so don’t feel shy about talking to yourself about Bernie Sanders. We all do. It’s completely natural.

Well, this means that he or she is telling “the truth.” This is the type of behavior that one might expect from, say, your teacher or a librarian. I understand it can be confusing, trust me, it’s definitely confusing to most adults. What we’re used to is a sort of non-truth-jargon-bite and we nod and think, “Thank you, politician, for the nonsense that just came out of your face hole” and we get right back to eating our burrito(s) because that’s life, man.

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