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Member since: Sun Sep 9, 2007, 02:02 PM
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-Veteran -Egalitarian -Martial Artist -Aspiring Buddhist -Human Being

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"Some people take advantage of others who have romantic feelings for them" - Very true!

This is disturbingly common. This can also lead to some of those instances of violence or other bad behavior.
It is NEVER EVER good to lead someone on in that fashion.

Just hit 1k posts!

Been here since 2007 (could have sworn its been longer than that )... over the last year, I've been a lot more active in posting ...which is to say I actually started. I've had a few disagreements (who hasn't?), found one or two people I consistently disagree with (again, who hasn't?)... and now, I've hit the big 1k. Yay me.

Here's to many more discussions!

Time for cake!


Trigger warning!
(This^^^should be used more IMHO)

There is violence present in this video

In light of Ray Rice assaulting on his wife, and the victim blaming going around:

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