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Member since: Fri Sep 7, 2007, 02:15 AM
Number of posts: 3,769

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Mad, I really admire you, how do you get the energy to post on here!

and be so eloquent! I try so hard to keep up! I love your posts but sometimes I feel like an outsider, I live in Canada!

We come on here, we agree and sometimes we disagree but all in all DU is my favourite site.

And I have to tell you all it is World Cup and am backing Brazil.

Sometimes, I think the dislike towards President Obama is overreaching but I understand, we vote people in who protect our interests. Here in Canada, we have this asshole Harper, and we have to live with him being our PM, if he could, he would get rid of unions. He reminds me of Reagan and I have no idea why this fool got elected for a second term. And unlike the US, Harper can be re-elected again!

Anyone looking at the Soccer Games? Brazil won over Croatia. Am a Soccer fan, just asking if any

Soccer fans out there!

Have any of you ever heard about the Bachelor?

That show is crazy. I cannot believe a man will go on tv to find a wife and 25 women are willing to go on too!

I tuned in tonight as nothing was on and he sent away a girl who really liked him! She was really broken hearted, now am hooked, have to see what happens next week!

Any thoughts, I know this is frivolous, hence putting it here!

I cannot believe that I forgot this important day.

It's late, I know, but just wanted to wish you all a happy valentines day.

I read in the 24 hours news this morning that the Westboro degenerates

are planning to come to Vancouver to protest at Cory Monteith's funeral just because he was supportive of gays! I just hope the Canadian Border Service Agents can send these effing degenerates back to where they belong.

A young guy died, no matter the circumstances and these fools are coming to BC to protest! Who are they and I hope their Church is not supported with tax payers dollars.

That is how I feel about these Westboro Church people, are they really Christians or just Christians with a different agenda?

Thanks for reading.

Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy July 4. We too celebrated on July 1, Canada Day.

Have a wonderful day with family and friends and leave politics out if you all do not see eye to eye, just celebrate a wonderful day.

Best regards
Posted by akbacchus_BC | Thu Jul 4, 2013, 02:51 AM (2 replies)

I was trying to post a thread on here that our former PM gave

an interview why he did not want to join the US and the Brits to invade Iraq, somehow, it did not get through. That PM is Chretien and by so doing, he saved Canada and our economy!

Thank you to the DU Admins

I want to thank the DU Admins for this place - Skinner, EarlG and Elad for this wonderful site, you guys are the best!

I feel so nostalgic with the upcoming inauguration of President Obama for his second term. The last four years have been a roller coaster of what the President could or could not accomplish. To me, he tried his best, sometimes, I too thought he was a bit naive, hoping he could work with the republicans. Do not know if he learnt that they are not willing to work with him!

All am trying to say is that America is still a land of opportunity and am looking forward to President Obama being inaugurated for a second term. Goodluck Mister President, You did well!

I really think President Obama did well, he did not cave but

tried his best to negotiate. Never ever forget my fellow DUers what he inherited. The Pugs never wanted him to get a second term, they tried their best to block him every which way but he prevailed, for that, as a Canadian, am happy.

I really wish I could tell you all how I really feel about President Obama, but then you might think I am adulating him. Best President ever!

With that, happy New Year everyone.
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