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Member since: Tue Sep 4, 2007, 07:36 AM
Number of posts: 5,933

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So... no troops, no war. Can someone tell me what the London Blitz was?

I'd really like to know what the right word for it is because she grew up in it in a bomb shelter and she's always called it war, but obviously she's wrong and I'd like to point this out to her and tell her to use the appropriate terminology.


What a sickly, neurotic game this all is.

All image and flummery.


It's IDIOTIC. The United States has a military presence that utterly dwarfs that of any other nation and they want CREDIBILITY.

Launching missiles at tiny nations isn't going to make you look big and tough. It's going to make you look like someone who wants to look big and tough. In particular it is very VERY much going to make you look like someone who wants to look big and tough when you can't keep your mouth shut for long enough to avoid SAYING that you're doing it because you want to look big and tough.

Blair the Enabler speaks.


So there you go. Make of that what you will.

It's not just Syria that doesn't have a solution. Warfare itself doesn't have a solution.

Only a cursory look at history will reveal this. WWII was a fluke.

It's clear that the Iraq debacle had no particular goal other than the acquisition of other people's property - i.e. oil. Apparently there's a pipeline problem in Syria. No other goal is apparent other than nebulous "message sending" or other such idiocy.

The only "solution" to this "problem" is very simple - destroy anyone with the power to wage war of any kind.

Not a very nice idea, is it?

All the garbage being spouted about bullies and school playgrounds and so on are distortions of reality. They are the narratives necessary for the US to feel good about itself. They bear no relation to reality. They are earnestly felt, but they have no meaning beyond the desire for such emotional patterns to be true to valiate action. The action itself is ultimately purposeless.

Have you noticed that the arguments keep shifting? First we must bomb for this reason... then that.... then another.... then a different one...

As a gay man, I recognise this phenomenon. It's exactly the same thing that happens when I try to get fundamentalist Christians to explain to me what their actual beef with me really is. First it's because I don't make kids... exept that's dumb because loads of people don't, sometimes they can't... then it's because the Bible says so... except it doesn't particularly (nobody is at all clear onewhat the sin of Sodom actually was...)... then it's because I've been abused as a child, apparently... then it's because I'm seeking attention.... on and on and on and on...

There's nothing to it. There's no reason. It's just a feeling, nothing more. Do you see that their arguments are all these big, simple twists, riffs on emotional processes? None of them have anything to do with me. It's all about THEM. They are simply disturbed and thrashing about hopelessly.

And none of the arguments coming out about bombing Syria have anything to do with Syria. It's about the US and it's identity.

War isn't a "problem". It's a process that starts.... and then stops. It's an emotional disturbance on a colossal scale, nothing more.

Emotions aren't amenable to "solutions".


Your gut's for DIGESTING THINGS, you conservative loons, not making decisions! God gave you a different organ for that purpose!

Mysterious non-sequitur rant over.

Empires... thanks Eddie

Hands up everyone who thinks Syria will end up worse than Iraq.

I made another picture... Owl and Moon

Wise DU members...

Does anyone know anywhere I can submit these things for iPad covers and phone covers and things? I found a couple of sites but I'm not sure how well they work in actually getting things sold...

So... there's a subject here I'm not really clear on yet. This Snowden fellow...

Is he a hero?

Or NOT a hero?

I mean, he must be one or the other.

Surely we can reach consensus?!


I'm fed up.

Say nice things to me?
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