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Member since: Tue Sep 4, 2007, 07:36 AM
Number of posts: 6,887

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I often dream of trains when I'm alone...

Is there anything besides a point that can be moot?


Is there any point in making comments in a jury decision?

Who will see them?

I don't understand.

Why is nobody disagreeing with me?

A silent thread for Meta refugees...

In which we may all sit in silence and stare at each other in confused suspicion.



You've taken away my fun.

I'm not at all surprised, it really was bringing out the absolute worse in me. And everyone else...

I will not miss the "So X is OKAY NOW????" threads.


Capacity for drama now restricted, what have we learned about the posters of Democratic Underground and the way the internet is used by people who have no interest in the opinions of others?

What is the point of discussion among a group of people who view antagonism as a method of bring about consensus?

What is Democratic Underground for?

If anything, corporations should be treated like NATIONS, not people.

Give them embassies. Get their representatives into the public eye.

Invade them. Kick over their dictatorships and install democracy!


Do you the thing makes me most furious about the Iraq War? It's a selfish thing...

It's a private admission I'll make here. It's a strange thing to admit.

I saw it coming, all the lies and hypocrisy, I live outside the United States so all the noise before the war started was seen by me as just noise.

I was among the huddled few on 9/11 that thought "Oh my god what are the stupid evil bastards going to bring in on the back of this" when the planes hit. 2000+ dead Americans.... what will that buy them? Well, it bought them quite a lot.

I remember staring out through new eyes, my previously loud liberal voice suddenly silenced. Occasionally in the staff room at my workplace I was able to be talk down a few staff members who wanted to nuke Palestine. That was it.

Every single lie they told was transparent to me. And my ability to see through them made NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL.

So my ability to analyse politically turned me into Cassandra. It was worthless. It didn't change anything.

Any analytical qualities of mine that could have been used by the world, sharred with the world for its benefit, were completely ignored so that everyone could get their blood-soaked boots on and feel grunty and emotional. They made my instinct for seeking the truth WORTHLESS.

I have to say it was probably the most alienating thing that ever happened to me. When I was younger I was (unconsciously) very keen on myself for my ability to feel the psychological structures underlying political propaganda machines. I'm not so keen on myself anymore.

Hello General Discussion, I bring you a proposal. ANNUAL PIE FIGHT!

This might be kicked off back into Meta, in which case I apologise in advance, mods.

Hearts are nice, aren't they? And they raise money.

Well, how about PIES? Hm? I wonder how difficult it could be to change the heart gif to a pie gif? Not THAT difficult, I suggest!

And raising money sure is good!

So, I propose an annual pie fight. YES. A great big silly pie fight where instead of buying hearts we buy PIES to THROW!

"But why would we throw pies, sibelian? Surely this would be HORRID BULLYING."

Well. I don't think so. If someone splatted me with a pie I would be thinking "YAY! more money for a worthy cause!" I would just think it was funny.

"But... but but but what would CAUSE the pie-throwing, sibelian? How could we JUSTIFY IT? We give hearts because of, ya know, nice reasons. Pies make me think of BAD reasons."

Wellll. I think it would be up to you. You could splat someone with a pie in a spirit of "ner, ner, I hate you so I splatted you with a pie" but nobody would know unless you told them as much and then you'd just look like a jerky moron. Anyway, IF someone got totally, ridiculously splatted it would be a proper badge of honour, I say. I don't know about you but in real life I only throw pies at people I respect.

"oooooh, sibelian. It's all fun and games until someone LOSES an EYE."

Well, you're unpersuadable, then, imaginary concerned person.

But what about you non-imaginary people of DU? What do YOU think?

Scary concept time. Maybe bad things can happen to bad people...

... and it's still bad.

"But where will we TURN if this is SO? Bad people DESERVE bad things. If we aren't allowed to use law to express our emotions then what is law FOR? The good guys can do whatever bad things they like so long as they feel strongly enough about it... because they're GOOD. It's only the BAD GUYS that aren't allowed to do bad things!!!"
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