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Member since: Tue Sep 4, 2007, 07:36 AM
Number of posts: 5,751

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I edited one of my polls and it made it look like the results changed!

Do the votes stick with the option number or the poll question? Hmmmm. Feel guilty now...

Will he release his taxes?

If Mitt loses (and it IS an if), how will the liars spin it?

The RW will now move as one to portray themselves as all innocent and polite.

Big blinking blue eyes in the headlights.

"Wahhhh? But, we're such LOVELY LOVELY people and you're all so MEAN-SPIRITED."

Guaranteed, IMO.

Could you live under Romney?

Would you stay in the US if Romney was elected?

(I am not from the US...)

Politics everywhere seems to have descended into a farcical instrospective fog.

Image and perception used to play a part, but so did fact.

There doesn't seem to be any interest in reality any more, anywhere, on any side.

It's all a little bit disturbing.

The original ideological spine of Christianity was altruism.

As is the ideological spine of liberalism.

Abandoning a supporting structure for the principles of altruism on the rather trivial grounds that it's key tenets are based in the supernatural, thence to throw ones arms in the air at the hypocrisy of the abandonded ideology's very pragmatic usurpers looks very much like shooting oneself in the foot. It's doesn't matter whether or not God exists, what matters is that people believe that human beings deserve better from one another. If common cause cannot be made towards this goal between its adherent factions otherwise seperated by essentially irrelevant differences in the philosophical underpinnings of their value-systems then one can only assume that their value-systems aren't as important to them as one might be led to believe.

Next ridiculous Chic Fil A controversy?

What happens if her stupid horse doesn't win?

Should there be more of a "special relationship" between the British and American Left?

Just a thought. I speak as a Brit.

I think that in fact most of the really meaningful left wing thinking comes from the States these days. It's not mainstream, but analysis is typically far deeper and more observant than similar thinking in the UK.

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