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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 5,873

Journal Archives

NY getting destroyed by Miami

they wont win a game

talk about an all star lineup...hell yeah


omg my $1400 porsche is RARE

I like this.

I found out my 83 is a *transitional* porsche.

turbo 4
924 front bumper.
924 back wind0w
911 engine
one of VERY FEW that carried no back end badge and only had the porsche name on the spoiler with no other marks...they couldn't decide to call it a 924 or a 944 so they just didnt badge it at all.

Think I have a car worth restoring

Ron Artest needs to be thrown out of the NBA

Today is the last straw.....throw his ASS out of the league

so I'm going to get a second job

the money is going into a second account...to start the porsche fund


ok you birders..gonna drive you crazy with questions in my new area

my new feeder has attracted some birds i cant identify.Coastal SC here.

It looks like a common wren...grey head and body,but it has white wingtips and a white belly.

What is it?

ok birders help me identify some birds

I've put out my first ever feeder here in coastal SC and have one bird that's throwing me off.

It looks like a common wren..grey head and body,but it has white wingtips and a white belly.

What is it?

for all the pm's and enquires...the Budster is fine

The Budster is living it up.He was adopted by a three generation family who wanted to baby him.He is in a home of 5 females who I trust who likely have been made servents by him.

He is likely right now on a bed with bows in his hair being spoiled.


I HATED giving him up but he is at a GREAT home and when I get my own place I get him back.

woohoo..have some new pets here

put a birdfeeder out today.The feeder has a main feed spot and a suet slot on each end and a hummingbird oil feeder on each side.

All loaded...The word was go.

I have a feeding frenzy in my backyard.I get the cardinals and wrens...but...we have a half size bluebird family coming to the feeder.

What are these small bluebirds?

lets kick the twang level up :)

Obviously I'm loving SC

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