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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 5,719

Journal Archives

hopehoops..my hero


I got it all done in 24 hours for my move...ask me anything

wife did final interview for job...got job...BIG raise. I already have job waiting.

Found a home...signed lease...payed a few months ahead so money pressure off.


that isnt our exact unit but identical and only identical I could find online.

got new checking account.

got electric set up.

got water set up

got cable set up

ALL between 12 P.M. Thursday and 12 P.M. Friday

NOW we are back in Virginia drinking adult beverages and relaxing.


lord I just made a bet on this years FF league

shop league.

If our defending league champ wins again I have to drive to Virginia from SC and serve him breakfast and wait on him...including serving him coffee.

If I win this year he has to get on the PA system and announce that I am the greatest football mind he has ever met and he has to sing the Michigan fight song.

Funny bet

ok so serious question

who wants the budster?

I will deliver him anywhere on the eastern side of the usa that I know he will be well taken care of.

meatloaf in love :)

28 people in my pool..at 100 per

I am the ONLY one who didnt have Duke or Mizzu in the f4.

Gonna win

Suck it...this pays most of my SC move

Billy Idol has the hots for his backup singer :)

ok who is your favorite musician or band

not most talented...not who can shred the best..not who can do the most 1/64 notes in a row without missing.I'm not looking for some esoteric bullshit no one ever heard of either

At the end of the day while sitting on the back veranda drinking a sam adams who do you unwind to that people actually have heard of? What is your *that's just fucking cool* stuff?Any genre...dont care.50's doop to metal to pop to whatever.

Lets see the bottom line that when you need to unwind what you play

I want to talk frankly about the south hate here

and let people understand what pisses people like me off about DU and other left leaning web sites.

I live in Virginia..I am about to move to SC..and it is ASSUMED by many here that I am some racist uneducated POS simply because of where I live.I'm tired of it.I don't judge individuals based on what state they live in and I'm sick of people judging EVERY southerner based on some BULLSHIT ELITIST attitude about the south

I am PRO CHOICE..I am about as PRO gay rights as it gets on this site.I AM the one who has fed THOUSANDS of abandoned animals over the years at our local non kill shelter.I have literally spent thousands taking care of our local critters who were abandoned...in many cases by people outside our area who think there little kitty or dog will be fine if dropped off where it is warm(hint...they starve to death).I AM FOR more regulation of the scumbags who are destroying our environment.I am FOR more oversight and less loopholes for companies like exxon and the megabanks

I am possibly the most animal rights activist on this sight..I'm not PETA..I dont Kill animals..I save them.I built a kennel system to take animals the system had scheduled for euthanasia...I had people at the shelter send me animals who could be saved even though they were scheduled for euthanasia.I have had up to 20 animals at a time here that would otherwise have been euthanized.I have found a home for or adopted myself every animal who ever entered my property.

I'm not a bad guy

I AM THE SOUTH...just like I am the north or the Midwest..or Cali or anywhere else.We aren't the enemy.

If people would get off the backs of the good ones in the south and work to turn the mods/indies we can take the south from them.

Lets get off the south hate and work to make the south part of OUR country.There are more of us like me than many here give us credit for.HELP US

looks like I'm gonna be looking for a home for the budster

Any east coasters looking for a midget st bernard who hates the outdoors
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