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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 5,873

Journal Archives

here's some guitar




Got 4 to 1 in the regular season...put 1k on it...I just won 4K!!!!!!

Damn it feels good to win for once

so how to celebrate

I won a HUGE amount on Miami..was given 4 to 1 during regular season...put more than I should on it.


Think it's time to take mom to a 5 star evening.

Go HEAT!!!

my plant can slit some steel

At my plant we have two *stamko* slitter machines...they take 60k pound master coils of steel and slit them into coils of whatever width our customer needs.

If the orders call for a long run without changes we can run between the two machines over two MILLION pounds of steel in 8 hours.

It's amazing to watch

picture I took at the shop last night

Wonder how they tastes

wtf has happened to the DU I Loved?!?

we are entering the end run of a presidential campaign and what is the front page of GD covered with?..Porn threads.


DAMNIT lets get some focus people.The asshat rMoney is gonna make this a race and we have 50 fucking threads about porn?


WTF has happened to this place?

family of redheaded woodpeckers moved into our backyard

Please tell me these things don't get noisy

ok guitar people

I bought an Albert Lee Sig Musicman 6 or so weeks ago for $400..Just turned an $800 profit.

now I'm looking for my dream guitar...an early seventies gold lespaul doubleneck 6 an 12.

Keep eyes open for me....only have about 5k in the toy account after the mm sale and dont want to drain it on one guitar so let me know if you see anything good

ok bottom line country music fans

who is the overall BEST of the BEST in country music right now.
Take in musicianship,stage presence,crowd interaction,EVERYTHING
Who is the overall best of the best in country right now...and back it with a video

Here's mine...Vince Gill

the amazing growth of Billy Idol as an artist




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