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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 5,873

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not a bad work leauge draft


so I am officially a someone in my company

I had to travel back to Virginia this week to line out an injection molding machine the guys couldn't get running.They had made a grand total of 67 bolts in 4 weeks......I ran 7,200 bolts in 2 and a half days

This is a hot job and I'm now the rock star of my company.

Here's the thing.They are setting up a second machine running these bolts in Penn at the corporate headquarter plant and I will be going there to set it up.This is a BIG BIG BIG product for my company...many millions hang on this and I am the man who can make it work...I'm the ONLY one in the company who can make this work.The entire product line rides on me and I can deliver the goods.I'm not good at this..I'm real good at this.There only choice is me or go outside the company and hire someone at a big salary.

How hard should I push the *I'm the man* angle while at corporate? This could be a cushy office job with much money for life if I do this right

my next door neighbor just bought a Lambo

I think I'm in over my head in this neighborhood

the best singers ever at there best


hoyt..I have a challenge for you

you claim you can spot carriers at 100 yards...and you claim all these ninja like powers to disarm people.

I have two tests.

FIRST test:spend an afternoon with me in Summerville in the historic district...we will eat at the Eclectric...do some shops...and while we do it I will have friends go by us within 75 yards carrying my ruger.If you can pick 8 out of my ten carriers you get my antique porsche...if not i get $1,000.These porsches go for 8k to 10k on ebay.

Second testisarm my friend John with a can of beans or a staff or a bicycle wheel..Again...Porsche vs $1,000

On edit:This isn't a joke.If you can do either test I will hand you the title and keys to my porsche.you claim you can do it...back it

umm..RMoney/Ryan on 60 minutes

they are hitting a home run.Ryan sounds good...he is scary good.

This is going to be a tough fight.

Lets get out there and fight guys..Ryan isn't a joke.We are going to have to fight now.

a little more wax on the baby before i head to Virginia

My peeps in Virginia said I would never get the body on this car right.I'm getting there
My peeps in Virginia said this car would never run right.I'm THERE


I'm about to pull into Virginia tomorrow in a 300+ horse pocketrocket that corners like it is on rails.I'm PROUD of what I have done with this porsche...she was a dogpile when I bought her and now she is a screaming roadrunner.A new cpu and a better turbo without the wastegate problems has turned her into a rocket on wheels.Better header piping for the turbo helps too

This time if I meet that 911 on interstate 77 I may have a word for him instead of getting blown away

I LOVE my little porsche

a wonderful PGA championship here

my Beloved Charleston area has represented herself like the champ she is this weekend with an amazing PGA championship.

Grats to all who helped put on our first major pga event and to all who are visiting...hope you had as much fun as we have

FINALLY hooked up with my local PAWS group

good people...good organization.Help your local no kill rescues guys


my poor little porsche has been in the shop for a week :(

good news is it was for upgrades got my baby back this morning
Better cpu..rejetted...more modern turbo with tons more boost ...5500 rpm tuned header

I almost shit myself when I saw the difference...probably gained 90 horses.I went from a fun little corner turner to a serious 0 to 60 screamer for under 2,000

I LOVE my porsche.

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