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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 5,762

Journal Archives

Blake Shelton...everyone...FOOTLOOSE

a GREAT musician near his end...still pickin and grinnin...Roy Clark

I think this video...near the end of his life...says more about the man and his love for music than anything.One of the greatest musicians to ever live was a shell of what he once was but his love for music kept him playing.HE SO enjoyed his music

A HUGE SALOOOT to a great musician...Roy Clark


did I ever explain why we really call her the wonder terrier?

One day the wife went to the pound in Virginia where we lived after work just to look at the dogs they had and fell in LOVE with a little terrier ball of energy named Katie.Poor little Katie was 8 weeks at the time and weighed like 4 pounds...she was WAY undernourished.She looked like hell and from the pic the wife sent me I questioned if she would live.

The wife called me and we adopted the poor little monster

we were told after the fact that she was on that nights list of dogs to be put down.She was...at best...less than an hour from being put down when the wife found her.....the people at the pound said it was a wonder she found someone to take her so close to closing the night she was going to be put down.....thus she became the wonder terrier.

The Wonder Terrier has become the bedrock of my home.She knows me and knows when and how to let me know that no matter how bad the day at work...she is there to make it better and...more interesting .

All hail the wonder terrier

FINALLY getting Bengie cleaned up...she looks like someone I know :P

Bengie looks different now that she is clean and trimmed up.


I believe we have an identity crises or hell on paws....Lord they are a handful.The wonder terrier has Bengie in full crazy terrier mode now.

ONE DAY...I will have enough money to retire and put all my effort into my love...dog rescue.

this kid can flat out sing country

does garth better than Garth

I've went full redneck...my new favorite song

Junior is still my baby bear dog

He doesn't replace The Budster but he fills a void there.He is becoming special in his own way.
Newfies are the most layed back dogs I have ever seen.Junior doesn't get phased by anything...you could let off a bomb and he would just sit and watch unphased

Bengie update number two

for anyone who hasn't followed the story we adopted a rescue who was ...ummm...what's the words...put through hell her whole life at a puppy mill...who lived in a cage her whole life in a dudes backyard along with 50 odd other dogs.

The transformation in Bengie is AMAZING.We got her cleaned up and trimmed all the matting in her hair first thing and have given her about 5 bath's to get her smelling right

She was real skittish for about two days until it clicked in her that she is considered family just like the rest of the dogs.The transformation is nothing short of a miracle.She is becoming every bit as much of a pain in the ass attention hog as the Wonder Terrier.

We were really worried about how the Wonder terrier would react to another female terrier about her size but they are best friends.Katie is teaching her the fine art of being the crazy Wonder Terrier.They play ALL DAY.Poor Junior just watches the crazy like the rest of us.One pure Parson and now Bengie the Parson/Aussie sheepdog mix is something to behold.

HELL ON PAWS is the best way to describe the situation.We are having a blast watching them.They have developed a game where they run wide open up the stairs and jump on the bed and then run wide open back to the couch...over and over...until they are exhausted.

All in all it is going better than I ever hoped.Bengie and Katie are hell unleashed upon the world.If they start the Apocalypse I guess I can be blamed....they are like a nuclear bomb going off in my house.

how's your weekend going?

Pic of the new baby

so IF you had won..what is your dream car you would buy?

me?...no question...a Hennesey Venom

update on Bengie

Bengie is a SHE...oopsie...she seems to like the name so Bengie it is.Props to The Wiley Boy Cat Named Ginger

Starting to get the back story on her.She was one of over 50 dogs rescued from a farm where a guy just had them all in cages in the back yard where they had to be forcibly removed due to neglect.She is matted up pretty bad on the back and backside but nothing a grooming can't take care of.Wife has given her a bath but she still doesn't exactly smell like a rose

Tonight after work was my first chance to really interact with her.She seems amazingly well adjusted under the circumstances.She was in bed with the wife when I got home with Katie and Junior the CowGod so I introduced myself for a few then took her for a walk.She doesn't fight the leash but tries to walk me.Under the circumstances I wasn't going to argue the point with her and let her lead.Besides..I just did ten hours of hard labor so I aint arguing with her.

She blended right in with the other two food disposals and seems to have already figured out that outside only for bathroom is the rule.She seems to have self housetrained simply by walking with the other two for one evening.She seems smart as hell.

She is definitely a momma's girl.Junior is here with me as I'm typing,Katie is doing the whole wonder terrier thing acting crazy wherever....but Bengie made a beeline for the bed and Momma when I brought her in and has been there ever since.

Under the circumstances she seems like a pretty calm,well adjusted dog.
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