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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 5,636

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it isn't the legalities...it's the betrayal that's pissing people off

We can argue the legalities of FISA or secret courts or whatever until doomsday but that isn't what's pissing people off...it's the betrayal of all the things we voted for in 2008

We voted for *the most transparent presidency in history*...ROFL
we all know how that worked out.

We voted for the guy who mocked Hillary Clinton in debates for calling for an insurance mandate...and then enacted one

We voted for the guy who wanted more transparency in government...who is negotiating a trade agreement behind closed doors who refuses to let even elected reps become involved

We voted for the guy who promised that the most vulnerable amongst us would be taken care of....who is now pushing for chained CPI and isn't fighting lowered food stamps while allowing the richest amongst us to get ever richer

We voted for the guy who said he would never sign a health care reform bill without *a robust public option* and then he threw that under the bus without a fight.

This NSA and spying stuff is just the tipping point that made a lot of us say WTF happened to the guy we were working for in 2008?

What happened to hope and change?What happened to government of the people?

The betrayal is what has us so pissed off.


6 weeks ago my rescue terrier Bengie wouldn't let you touch her

she would hide under the bed and refuse to allow you to touch her.She was scared of her own shadow.She was horribly abused and was a tough nut to crack


She's laying on the couch with me waiting on the onion rings to come out of the oven so we can watch tv and munch some crispy onion rings.

She's my new baby.Junior and Katie are on the floor..Bengie is on the couch.There has been a seismic shift in dog pecking order in the house...Bengie is the new alpha..Katie is two...poor ole Junior brings up the rear if he even notices.he may be too busy eating to notice...and Charles just needs to stay out of the way for now.

LOVE having a social order of dogs again

Damnit I missed the talking point of the day lottery

I guessed it would involve the British and instead they are recycling and saying Bush did it too again.DAMNIT!I'm 0 for one.

Ok,time to regroup and guess Fridays talking point.

Since they are recycling now I guess it will be FISA and the secret court declared this stuff legal so we should STFU and quit giving the Repukes talking points.

As always all guesses are welcome.

I hope the south does break away

Just so I can quit seeing the whiny posts about how the south is responsible for every problem in the nation.

I'm so sick of seeing whinyass Californians and New Englanders whining and crying about the south..FINE...LETS GO OUR SEPERATE WAYS

I don't give a shit how bad it could be...it can't be worse than the constant whining here about us and how fucked up we are.


You want us to divorce?...SOUNDS GOOD TO ME..I'm tired of listening to our whiny ass northern half constantly bitching and whining and telling everyone how great the world would be if they could just get rid of us southerners.

If you don't like us I have a clue..YOU can leave...you don't need us to leave..you can and I hope to God will leave

BeeGee's Vs the Beatles..Overall influence on music

I think the BeeGee's are the single most influential band of the last 60 years

the Bee Gee's last ever concert as a threesome

what a band...should be ranked up there with zep and the stones

so the talking point for Wednesday was you're racist if you disagree with the NSA

can't wait to see what Thursdays talking point will be.

Shall we take a pool?

I say it will be it's the British and they started it all and we were just helping an ally and if you disagree you hate our freedoms

so I WILL breed

Sir Charles Bailey

Never had a dog I had as a paid breed dog but whatever...he is a rare pup.He is among the smallest ever poodles and if I can get some money for the shelter breeding him so be it...I'm gonna breed him..

never bred a dog for money before....he is worth a fortune.

I feel like a pimp but gonna do it

hey Jude

do you believe?
Do you Believe this is what our parents wanted for us?24/7 surveillance? Is this what we our parents and in some cases us what we fought for?
Did we go through all this so some right wingers could tell us 24/7 surveillance is ok ?
Did our parents go through all they went through so we could have the government spy on us 24/7?


Sir Charles Bailey is SO SMALL it scares me

Poor old Charles is a midget in a land of giants in his eyes but he is a trip.He is ten weeks old and has that Look at me I figured out how to run thing going on.He chases the other dogs relentlessly and they all have patience I could never have.I think Junior could swallow him whole if he got mad enough but he just lays still and lets the pup chew his feet and tail without a word...just the occasional look at me saying*really*?
All the dogs have adopted him well.They think he's a toy.He's ten weeks and MIGHT weigh two pounds.He's so small I'm scared I'll not see him and step on him When my shepperd princess had pups back in the day her pups were born as big as this thing is at ten weeks.

Alls well in Bob world.Back to being surrounded by dogs and loving it.

How's everyone elses day going
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