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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 5,636

Journal Archives

another Avery the 6 year old drummer video

this kid just flat out rocks

on edit..an even better video for the metal fans...MASTER OF PUPPETS drummed by a 6 year old

so I had a bet with 4 du'ers

If z was found guilty I would leave Du forever...if he was found not guilty they would leave DU forever.

I expect them to say their goodbyes in this thread and leave..forever.

I tried to tell you guys

so justice was served

I tried to tell you guys this was an impossible fight.Everyone was so emotionally wrapped up they wouldn't listen.

The DA had NO CHANCE in this fight.If anyone had set their emotions aside and looked at the case it was clear

Black Crowes...what could have been

They could have been the next Led Zeppelin...the next beatles...and they pissed it all away

it's amazing the difference in fish in a few hundred miles distance

we have a large pond/small lake in front of my shop and I finally decided to fish it.

In Virginia where the water is colder I always had success with some loud colors on my baits because the bass there in the colder water are less aggressive.

I tried some of my neon type poppers yesterday at our pond and popper after popper I couldn't get a bite.

This morning I grabbed some much more subdued colored poppers and tried again...caught 8 bass in 90 minutes before work.....then ran out and tried again at lunch and caught 4 more in 15 minutes as the sun was going down.

Caught averaged 2ish pounds and caught 2 that went over 5.All released.

It amazes me how animals can change behavior so much do to what is really not a big change in environment

for those in the Charleston SC area

the Duck and Dog in Summerville has THE BOMB wings.

Order boneless doubledipped medium with ranch

dip in the hot sauce then into the ranch...manna from heaven
Posted by backwoodsbob | Sun Jul 7, 2013, 04:09 PM (1 replies)

Junior won't be as big as the Budster....but he will be big :)

He's getting close to full height now and it is just a matter of how much he will fill out at this point.

The Budster was 218 when he died...I don't think Junior will hit 200.He will likely settle in at 170'ish...still one hell of a dog.

Junior stole my heart
Posted by backwoodsbob | Sun Jul 7, 2013, 03:22 PM (4 replies)

met the new neighbors...awesome awesome people

they have two pit bulls...they met JUNIOR...one WOOF set them straight

Both pits are big babies...was playing with them.Junior made the boss of the playground known and all is well.He didn't blink.he made one WOOF at them and they both layed down.Was funny

LOVE me some Junior
Posted by backwoodsbob | Sun Jul 7, 2013, 03:02 PM (1 replies)

lets get this out in the open about the dog I shot

Lets let everyone pile on before i explain.

Pile it on guys...let's here how I'm a dog murderer...let's have at it.and yeah I shot a dog

after z is found not guilty

I hope he starts filing lawsuits .

it's gonna be interesting
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