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State Judges pushing back against Stingray.

Stingray, those devices designed to mimic cell phone towers so that the law enforcement types can track people are in the news again. This time, an article showing how the Courts are pushing back against them. The reason is that the FBI and Homeland Security have made nondisclosure agreements with the police departments about the devices. These agreements appear to the Judges, not to mention little old me who hasn't driven within a mile of a law school to violate the 6th Amendment's confrontation clause.

The Washington Post reports and links to other news stories about the same subject.

In short, the Defense attorneys ask the police how they tracked the suspect using his cell phone. The Police give a vague answer. The Defense attorney asks questions for specific information and the police say they can't answer because of nondisclosure agreements, or some vague reference to national security and how it will be harmed if the answer is given. The Prosecutors so far are withdrawing the evidence rather than allow it into open court, which brings up a good question. Why are the police using techniques and technology that are obviously inadmissible in court?

Let's put it another way. You get arrested for suspicion of a crime, say murder. The police beat a confession out of you, and during the beating you expose the location of the murder weapon. It has your finger prints and DNA on it. During the trial, the prosecutor withdraws the confession, but is allowed to use the gun with fingerprints and DNA which was obtained during the torture. That would be wrong to me. Anything that resulted from the Cell Phone data should be suppressed until the Police are left with nothing but swearing they know this is the bad guy and you'll just have to take his word for it because nothing else is available to prove the guilt. A search warrant would be problematic because the probable cause for the warrant was itself inadmissible in court.

But that's my opinion. I post this so you can see what is going on, and if you feel as strongly as I do, toss out a fuck you to the law enforcement types that are abusing this technology every day.

Hillary the inevitable.

We are told that Hillary is inevitable. The supporters tell us we have no other choice. No one else is running, although Hillary hasn't announced yet either, and even if they did, they can't win against insert Republican candidate here. I've mentioned lately that it's a shame that we have to settle for Hillary, and that got me to thinking. When they tell us how inevitable Hillary is, or how unbeatable she is, there is no long list of accomplishments. There isn't a vision for America that will inspire. The most that the supporters tell us is that she's better than any Republican.

That's like saying a broken leg is better than a heart attack. Sure it is, but nobody wants a broken leg either. We aren't hearing how inspiring Hillary is. We aren't hearing how this is the culmination of a life of political activism. When we look at her record, it's at best mediocre if we're honest. Being one of the Democratic Senators who voted for George W. Bush's war in Iraq is not exactly a plus point to many here.

So I thought I'd toss a poll out. I'll give you the results now. More people would prefer Hillary as President over a sharp stick in the eye. This isn't saying that she's a great candidate who is able to unify people to vote for her. It's just given two pretty lousy choices, she is slightly less objectionable than the alternative. However, that is not a way to get the voters to turn out and vote for you.

Let's be honest. It's a bit of a hassle to go and vote. In my case I have to get the car, drive five miles to the "community center" and then find a parking place somewhere in a grassy field. Then I have to make my way it, present ID to the first desk. Fill out a card that says what is on my ID. Then I go to the second table where they compare the card I filled out with the voter registration rolls. If the card I filled out matches my voter registration information I'm good to go. Then they give me a smart card and I can now wait for a machine to open up. Once a machine is available, then I can go and use the touch screen computer to cast my ballots for whomever I choose. Quite the effort if you can imagine.

So what is going to motivate people to go through this. Is it a chance to vote against Republicans? For most people, no. They don't show up to vote against a party, or a candidate. They prefer to have someone to vote for. If Hillary is the candidate, I don't think we're going to get a whole lot of people waiting in the three lines to cast a ballot against the Republicans. Early voting is even worse.

So we have to inspire people. We have to give them something to vote for. So here is your chance today my friend. Would you prefer Hillary as the Democratic Nominee? Or would you prefer a sharp stick in the eye. Ok, we have the results. Sharp stick in the eye is a distant second. I guess Hillary is inevitable when you put the question that way.

John Geer had his hands up according to four police witnesses.

Now I know the defenders of the Thin Blue Li(n)e are always quick to point out how the police have to believe that any movement could be a threatening move to grab a weapon or something like that. Yet in the case of John Geer who was shot and killed by a police officer in 2013 and the investigation has been going on for 17 months. The Family petitioned the court and won an order to get the documents being held by the District Attorney.

Here is what we know. Adam Torres shot and killed Geer claiming that Geer who was standing behind his screen door with his hands up suddenly reached towards his waistband as if reaching for a weapon. Torres was the only officer to shoot and killed Geer.

Four other police officers including a Lieutenant who were present all said they saw Geer make no motions, his hands never went below his shoulders, and he never reached for his waistband.

Torres had been arguing with his wife, presumably by cell phone, on the way to the domestic disturbance report.

Now, four cops say the victim did not reach for anything, but one cop does. So what does the DA do? For seventeen month they have been investigating. Seriously? If someone had shot a cop in front of four witnesses the trial would have been over and the sentence would be in progress in less than seventeen months.

Here are two links, I know some people detest the Washington Post, or is it the Times? I never can remember. But anyway, here are two links so you know I'm not single sourcing the information.



Seventeen months, four police officers who saw the assassination, and no charges have been filed. What does it take to charge a cop who murders someone? Apparently it is going to take an act of God, because nobody else seems willing to take action on this painfully obvious crime.
Posted by Savannahmann | Wed Feb 4, 2015, 01:19 PM (8 replies)

Look, it's no big deal. So the police were shooting black teen mugshots.

Seriously. I could pretend this was being made up. But it isn't. It's really happening. But no policy was violated.

Look, the Chief was interviewed, and he said that there was no policy violation, and nothing wrong with the police officers shooting mugshots of black teens. They even talked to the Major Kathy Katerman, who said the police often shoot at mugshots of latinos, whites, and even women. Now, she's a white woman, so if anyone would have the right to shoot at some pictures of white women....... Or something.

Major Kathy Katerman told HuffPost that the department has multiple lineups for target practice. Some feature only white men, others are all Latino and one features photos of only women.

"The public thinks there should be one woman and one white man and one black, but that's not really what test is about," Katerman said. "We have targets of all races."

Police Chief Scott Dennis told NBC South Florida that officers used poor judgment. No one would be punished, however, Dennis said.

In other news, Congress isn't moving nearly fast enough on the killing cops is a hate crime thing. Damn it, the cops have a tough job, or something.

Adoption, the conventional wisdom is it's bad. I have a little experience, and I say Pfui.

Now, that means I was adopted. But wait, there is more to the story. My brother was also adopted. Now, I don't know if he's my real biological brother and I don't care. My Father was adopted by his parents.

There has been a growing trend in the media, that children who are adopted are always missing something because they don't have access to their genetic roots. I say this is nonsense. A family is about love. I mean unconventional love, understanding, and support. I have come to the aid of my brother, and he's come to mine. My Father supported me and loved me until the day he died. http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/please-dont-tell-me-i-was-lucky-to-be-adopted/2014/12/31/9e9e9472-6f48-11e4-ad12-3734c461eab6_story.html

I've never searched for my biological mother, father, or siblings. I have no intention of doing so. Part of my outlook on life is that People make the best choices for themselves and their families. So whoever my biological mother was, it doesn't matter. She made her choice, and I don't need to understand the why, the why doesn't matter. I was loved like any child. When I was a boy and I got hurt I saw the terror in the faces of my parents. I saw the horror that I had been injured. They paid for clothing, toys, school, braces, dental work, and all the other associated costs.

I don't care what my genetic tree looks like. I don't care where my ancestors came from. Nothing they did is my fault, nor my problem. I don't care if my ancestors were pirates in the Caribbean, or peasant workers in Lithuania. I am speaking of my biological family.

A Father is more than the guy who injected the semen that combined with the egg to start you. A Father teaches you right, and wrong. A Father tells you when you've done well, and when you haven't. He shows you the strength it takes to work a long career, day in and out, through good times and bad. A Father stands up beside you when you've done well, and when you've done something wrong and are about to have punishment handed out. I was fortunate to have one that loved me, and stood by me in good, and bad. When I had earned accolades and chastisement, he was there.

A Mother is more than the woman who carries you in her womb. She tends to your injuries, comforts you when you're sick, smiles when you're happy. She watches you and works with your Father to teach you those lessons you need so desperately. She teaches you that there is more than you, and then more than the family. They teach you your duties, and responsibilities to the family, the community, the society, the nation, and the people of the world. Decades of effort go into being a Mother, and I can't imagine having a better one than I had.

Decades go into being a parent.

Now, neither my Brother, nor I have ever had any desire to seek out our Birth Parents. When I called to talk to my folks about my decision to marry. My mother blurted out that she thought I had called to say I was searching out my Birth Parents. I know she could hear my frown over the phone. Why I asked her. She explained that those stories were all on the news, and she just figured I would want to. I told her then the one truth I have known since my earliest memory. I have parents, and I love them, and they have never shown me anything but love. Even when they punished me to teach me a lesson, I knew love.

Robert Frost said that Home was the place when you have to go there, they have to take you in. I had a home, and I put that to the test. During my life I have experienced some setbacks, as we all have. I had to go home. I moved into the basement, and I was welcomed. No questions other than how they could help me.

So to all of those who think that you are supposed to feel lost, adrift, or somehow incomplete if you aren't part of your biological family. I can tell you this. You are supposed to feel how you feel. I don't know why my Biological mother gave me up. I believe that she did it because she thought it was best for her, and me. I am in no position decades later to question her decision. I have no right to judge her now, decades later, for her choices. Those choices do not make me what I am.

While it is true we have genetic predispositions. Cancer, heart disease, and all of that and then some. What makes us who we are is our environment. The lessons we learn, from our parents, our schools, literature, and life make us who we are. I was not born a Democrat. I was not born Liberal. I was born. I learned the rest as time went by. I was not born to respect the ideals of right and wrong. I was taught that.

I have no idea who my Biological mother or Father was. I don't know why they gave me up. I don't know what happened to them afterwards. I don't care. While I obviously hope they lived long and fulfilling lives, I don't care about them more than anyone else alive at that time. My Family raised me, stood me on my feet, and gently nudged me out into the world. When I had to circle back to the nest, they welcomed me home. When they passed from this world, I wept at the loss, and thanked them for making me a good person, a good man.

I am grateful I had good parents. That they did not bring me into this world is irrelevant. I am grateful because I appreciate their sacrifice and effort. Because I was adopted, I know this truth. They would have done the same for any child that had been blessed to arrived in their hearts and called family. That's why I feel lucky. Because that child was me and my Brother.

Oh, and my Brother married a woman who had a child. That child did not understand why our family loved her without reservation. She did not understand for a couple years why we cared for her, and why we welcomed her so much.

She finally understood. You don't get born into our family. You get loved in.

The good cop conundrum.

There has been an argument going on for a while not just here, but all over. One side says that there are plenty of good cops you just don't hear about. The other side argues that they can't be that good if they lie, and assist others in lying. So in another thread I asked a what if. I wanted to start another thread with this.

Scenario, and let me make absolutely clear that this is a scenario, not a real event in my life.

In this scenario, I'm a Deacon in my church, a well respected member of the congregation, and of the community. My neighbor is also a member of the church, and attends every Sunday. He's generous with his time, helping people who need things fixed, an accomplished handy man sort of guy. He helped Mrs. Smith when her heater broke last winter. We'll call my notional neighbor Bob. Bob has a wife and kids, and I know them.

Bob was out on Thursday night. Bob was out and I know it because I saw him drive off in his truck. Friday morning Bob asks me to do him a little favor. If anyone asks, he was with me last night, and we watched the ball game. I agree. Later, I find that Bob is accused of raping a girl. She's in intensive care. I know Bob, and know that just isn't like him. I tell the police Bob was with me, and they put the case on hold. Because the word of a man like me is enough to stop the prosecution. Nobody is going to say that I, a man active in all those things is a liar on the record in court. The jury just wouldn't believe it.

I'm a deacon in the church. Active in charities. I help the homeless, and I donate to the animal shelter. Am I a bad guy in this scenario? I justify the lie this way. I know Bob, he's a great guy. Dependable, and if he's convicted, his wife will never be able to make it without him. His kids will grow up without a Daddy. It's just one lie. I'm a good guy, an eagle scout back in the day. One lie doesn't change all of that does it? Not one little lie and I don't know that woman, and she's nobody to me. Bob is a friend, and a neighbor, and this woman isn't in my church, and doesn't live here. She's a stranger and thus one of them. Bob is one of us. He stayed with me when my Dad died, and helped me through it. He was a pallbearer when old Pastor Hayes passed away. Who is this woman compared to that?

Does the lie change it? I have long argued that yes, the lie changes it. All your good works, all your good deeds have just gone up in smoke in my opinion. But I am anxious to hear your opinions. Does the lie make you a bad guy? Or is it understandable that you would lie, expected really in that situation.

If your word isn't good all the time, not just a vast majority of the time, then it isn't good ever in my experience or opinion.

Question, what if we treated police shootings like aircraft accidents?

If anyone has ever watched television documentaries, or docudrama's about aircraft accidents you know how extensive the investigation to find out what happened, and why is. No stone is left unturned. The investigators seek to understand the effects of everything. Design of the aircraft, weather, procedures, crew behavior, training. The questions they ask about every piece of information is what, and why.

The author of this article points out how the aircraft crash investigations are run, and how we could apply that model to our police force.

I'll summarize it, probably too much. Partly because aircraft accident investigation is one of the documentaries that I like to watch, and I love learning about how things work, and how a little mistake can lead to a catastrophic result. Perhaps it's taught me to think ahead somewhat.

The accident happens, and the "go team" from the NTSB is sent. These are experts in specific subfields of aircraft investigations. Pilot training experts, materials experts, weather experts. All of them start out trying to figure out what happened. One tool that has made it much easier to determine the cause of the accident is the recording devices. The Flight Data recorder shows what the plane was doing. The inputs to the controls, the behavior of the engines, as much data as they can get. The other half of that data is the cockpit voice recorder. This records all the sounds in the cockpit giving the investigators a history of every alarm, every spoken word, the wind rushing, the bangs and groans the plane may make.

This information is vital in finding out as exactly as possible, what happened. But they don't stop there. If there are recordings at Air Traffic Control, they want them. If there are tapes of Radar, they want them. If a guy took a picture with his camera, they want it. They want every piece of information they can get, and they want pilot information especially. Was the pilot drinking or taking drugs before the accident? A drug and alcohol check will tell us that. What was the health of the pilot? When did he sleep last? What did he eat and when?

By the way, I work in an industrial setting. Heavy equipment, and lots of weight being moved about. If there is an accident at work, we have to provide a sample to rule out drug and alcohol playing a part. If you go to the Hospital, you will provide a sample there. It's part of the insurance regulations, and it's part of the workmen's' comp regulations. I've done that, had an accident and been cleared of the presence of drugs or alcohol that may have impaired my ability to perform my job.

Now, for aircraft, the airline gets to offer whatever information they have to the investigators, they don't get to hide anything, or claim that a single document is classified or restricted. They provide everything to the investigators. The same with the manufacturer.

Imagine if American Airlines plane crashed outside your town. American shows up with representatives from Boeing (not suggesting either Boeing or American are doing this, just picked their names out of the air as an example) and say they will be investigating it and you all can go away. They'll tell you what happened later. They announce that the plane is the safest thing in the air, and the pilot was great. It must have been an act of God. Then a second plane crashes, and a third, and so on and all that. Then video surfaces of pilots finishing their drinks and popping a bunch of pills before they board the plane to fly. The airline says that is an isolated incident, and one bad apple shouldn't prejudge the rest of the fine pilots. Video surfaces of people putting wings on the plane with duct tape. The manufacturer says it was a one off mistake, no reason to suggest all the other planes are less than safe.

You would picket and demand that no airplanes fly over your neighborhood. You wouldn't accept the word of either group ever again. No amount of internal reforms would be enough.

Yet, for Police, we do just that. No drug or alcohol checks. No suggestion that the officer did anything wrong. No one outside of the police agency can investigate the incidents.

The end result of the aircraft investigation is a narrative of what happened, and the mistakes that were made. The suggestions to prevent another accident are also included. A change in the design of the plane. Different training. A policy change, or procedure change. New regulations about what can or can't be done.

As an example, did you know it was a violation of regulations to have the pilots discussing anything but the plane during take off or landing? Checklist errors have led to crashes, and the pilots were usually, but not always, discussing something else besides the plane. Just normal people having a normal conversation. But it was dangerous enough that the pilots are now prohibited from doing that during preparations for take off or landing.

That regulation was made to make sure that future accidents were prevented. Because we don't want a world in which our weather report includes sheet metal showers and intermittent bodies.

We should have an incident investigation team that examines the use of deadly force every time. Not from inside the department, or even the city. But hand picked people who have one goal, to make sure that each incident was absolutely necessary. Does this incident provide a glimpse into poor training or a bad policy?

But we need information to conduct those investigations. We need recordings, video and audio to show what the officer saw, and heard. We need to look at those to see if there is a training change that can be made to reduce mistakes. Perhaps the officer could stand a little further away, further from the danger. Perhaps he can be taught that the weapon is his last resort, not a routine response. Perhaps it's anger management training and the effort to make the police set aside emotional response instead of ramping up the me cop you obey mentality.

We need a police incident investigation board. We need to know exactly what happened, but more, we need to know what went wrong and what we can do to prevent it from happening again if at all possible. We aren't going to get that with the current system. But we need to get there as soon as possible.

Once again, I stand with President Obama on the Budget.

Yesterday, I angered a lot of people when I stood with President Obama. Today, I'm certain to do much of the same.

So what's in the so called Cromnibus bill? Some things we don't like. Some things the Republicans don't like. We get fully funded ACA, more money for early childhood development. EPA money got cut, but was still more than the Administration asked for. We got the Immigration funding for six months.

Does anyone realistically think we'll get a better deal next month when the Republicans take over the Senate? Does anyone think that the Republicans will be more willing to deal then?

We get almost a year of the ACA. We get six months of Immigration funded. We get a lot of things, a whole lot of things, and if we balk at this, the Republicans are just going to pass whatever they want and it will be ten times, a hundred times worse than we have it now.

I'm not happy about the things we don't want. I think it's risky to relax the rules on Wall Street. I think it's asinine to let more political funding go to the parties. But I think that as bad as those things are, losing the funding for the ACA would be way worse.

We lost the midterm election. We lost and next month the Republicans take over the Senate. We need to take what we can get and just swallow the things we don't like. Because if we don't take it now, we'll get it next month, and we definitely won't like it then.

There is a thing called Realpolitik. It means being practical, and it means being willing to accept that sometimes you don't get everything you want.

Because make no mistake, if the Government shuts down, it won't be the Republicans who get the blame, it will be us. We will get the blame, and we will be the ones who shut down the Government during the Holidays because we were poor losers in last months election. Believe me, the Republicans have their bullet points ready, talking about all the things in there that were just what the Democrats wanted.

We need to support the President, and get this done. Because I do not want to write off the next election already. I want us to fight, and win. But we can't do that if we have given the impression that we are nothing more than petulant children.


We're getting immigration and full funding for the ACA. We're not losing as much as we would next month. It gives us until September to increase public pressure to maintain those funding needs.

It's not great, it's not even very good, but understanding Realpolitik, it's probably the best we can get.

Why I agree with President Obama that the Bush Co cabal should not be prosecuted.

I knew the Torture Report just released would be disturbing. I also knew that there would be many calls for vengeance, for justice, and I would probably be part of those calls. I've been thinking long and hard however.

One of the oddities of our nation compared to others is the smooth transition of power from one, to the next. 43 times power has passed from one to another. One would hope that this tradition will continue well pass one hundred times. Yet, there are many nations in which a change of leader results in jail, prosecutions, and persecutions for the previous holders of power. It is almost inevitable with each election. Someone new takes over as President, Prime Minister, or whatever title the job has. The first thing they do is lock up the previous office holders and often their supporters. We've all seen news stories of second and third world countries doing that. We've also seen the corrupt become dictators, knowing that if they lose power they'll end up in prison, or dead. When those Dictators fall they inevitably run to some other nation, usually with all the money they can steal, to a nation with no extradition to hide and live out the rest of their lives.

In the title, I said I agree with President Obama. I do, because I can see the sense of vengeance bouncing back and forth. President Obama sees the Bush Cabal prosecuted. Then the Republicans take over, and in revenge they prosecute President Obama when he leaves office. Then the Democrats take over, and we're right back to prosecuting the party not currently in power. I'm afraid that we would quickly devolve into a third world nation with a political system written in pencil for all intents and purposes.

Does this satisfy my desire for justice? No. I'd love to see those torturing bastards and the ones who gave the orders put on trial. But I know that in just about twenty five months, the ones put on trial could well be those like President Obama. The charges would be that they harmed National Security by releasing the information or some such thing. A process crime, even if they didn't commit a real crime.

We would be outraged, as we were when the Republicans impeached President Clinton. We would wait until our side was in power, and we would get even.

What is important here? First, we must tell the truth about what happened to make sure it never happens again. Second, we must put safeguards in place to make sure it never happens again.

You may remember that I have written about Robert Lady and how he was convicted of Kidnapping and Torture in Italy. The why we won't allow him to be extradited to Italy is pretty obvious. He would have to implicate his superiors, he was only following orders, and while that would not get him out of trouble, it would spread the blame out. Those superiors would present documentation that would implicate others. I think he should be in prison. But I know that if he was, he would point the finger and drag down others.

No, I don't know where this stops. But I don't want to see President Obama and the administration persecuted next. That's what I'm saying. We need to change the way we look at things. We need to change the principle we embraced during the Truman Era that doing bad things for good reasons would be acceptable. That was when we enabled the CIA to engage in covert operations, supposedly with plausible deniability. The idea was we had to do bad things to stop the Communists, which was a good thing in our minds.

We've got to stop that, that principle that has become core in our Government. Sometimes Presidents and people have to do bad things for good reasons. It argues that the ends justify the means.

I will be more than satisfied, I'd be happy if we eliminated that mistaken ideal from Government service. We could, we should, pass a law that from this date forward, no more will we tolerate illegal actions in the name of National Security. Everything from before that point is forgiven. But from here on, no more.

No more.

What are the Democratic Party leaders thinking?

I have no idea who decided that our party is going to speak for the two thirds who don't vote, but whoever it was should be smacked in the head with a cricket bat.

Political power is derived from the consent of the Governed. If the Governed don't speak, that doesn't mean that they approve, it might be that they don't care. Showing up to be heard is the defining definition of the consent of the Governed. In other words, taking the time to vote. Now, if you don't show up, you don't get heard, and your voice is silent. The rules of the game have been the same since Democracy took hold. If you lose the election, you learn from the loss, and you improve. You don't decide that the election does not matter because most of the people didn't participate. That is their loss, not your gain.

This is among the most stupid arguments I've ever heard, and I'm honestly not surprised that people here are running with it. The people here are loyal and dedicated liberals who are outraged that the Republicans won. Tough. They won. They refused to roll over and give us a quote like Real Rape to bludgeon them with, and we lost because that was our entire campaign strategy. But this tactics, this strategy is incredibly stupid. To win elections, we have to win the voters, and to do that we have to show the voters that we listen to what they say. Ignoring what they say, or worse taking the position that those who spoke don't matter because most didn't is a sure fire way to lose the next couple elections too.

We will go into 2016 with an electorate that is extremely hostile towards Democrats, and we won't take the Senate back, we won't take the House back, and we will lose the White House.

The economy is the single biggest issue. We ignored it. To protect the President we point to wall street and the bogus unemployment numbers and swear that these prove that the economy is doing well. The people don't feel it, they don't see it, and they don't believe it. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-did-the-issue-of-immigration-play-this-election/

Immigration, the Republicans are going to have to deal with the issue. Something akin to the Senate Bill that was approved before will be taken up soon, it will have to be. But if the President goes with executive action, the party is going to suffer badly.



In the polling company report, only 20% support the President going it alone. Do we really want to piss off eighty percent of the voters? Is that a way to get them on our side on the other issues?

So why are we doing everything we can to alienate as many voters as possible? I've heard nonsensical RW CT that President Obama was going to destroy America. It looks like he's working overtime to destroy the Democratic Party to me.

What it really means is that Hillary is going to have to run against Obama, and Rand Paul. While Rand is only going to have to run against Democrats, Hillary will have to distance herself from Obama, and all his supporters to hope to win. She won't be able to win unless she repudiates his policies that are tremendously unpopular, like unilateral action on immigration. That will alienate the Hispanic voters, which will severely cut the voting blocks power in the election.

The nation doesn't want an imperial President. They want Washington to work it out, and compromise a bit. At least those who vote want that. But too many here, and in Washington are backing the Titanic up and ready to ram the iceberg again. We can save the ship, save the party, and give ourselves a damned good chance in 2016. But we have to be smart, and honest with ourselves first. The plans that are out there, and the meme that we are going to represent the majority who didn't vote is a sure fire path to defeat in 2016.

Come on gang, we are better than this. President Obama can't have it both ways. He can't announce more than once that his policies are on the ballots even if he isn't, and then decide that the voters weren't going for him by electing Republicans because he wasn't on the ballot. We got convincingly and seriously stomped. If we want that trend to continue, the path we're taking is a sure fire way to guarantee that we are the minority party for the next decade. Do we want to win or not? That's the only question that matters, that's the heart of the matter for us. If the answer is yes, we have to care about the voters, because they are the ones who decide who is in what office. If the answer is no, then we're on a perfect path to make sure nobody takes us seriously for quite some time.
Posted by Savannahmann | Sat Nov 8, 2014, 07:40 AM (0 replies)
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