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Gender: Female
Hometown: Western NY
Home country: US
Current location: Central NJ
Member since: Sat Aug 25, 2007, 01:21 PM
Number of posts: 11,994

Journal Archives

This is it . . .

I need to blog about this at some point. But it's what I'm sensing in general from this very sadistic and almost 'evil' viewpoint in America.

They use their 'things' to make them feel like they have something in common with Donald Trump - but at the end of the day they are seeing more and more that they aren't like him - and they are taking out their self hatred on the wrong people.

I've never been poor - never experienced that . . . but I've never been an evil human being and do not understand why it's necessary to beat someone up over a 'thing'.

Posted by JustAnotherGen | Tue Jun 17, 2014, 11:15 AM (0 replies)

I noticed that - that it was written by a white woman

You know where I stand on this - and you know what I'm seeing -

And what I am seeing has nothing to do with DU.

I just read that at Fort Carson in CO the soldiers there have found flyers to join the coming race war.

The idiot in Nevada that's been stealing from the American Tax Payers and has is own private army protecting him - what was his name again? Bundy something or another?

The Kochs coming for the young affluent black vote.

Uh - if not now - then when? There are a few topics that we better start discussing on the left and this is one of them. Along with nuts with guns. And dominionists. And soft money. And far reaching organizations.

The shell game is on and the fix is in and folks want to sit around and sing mighty peace and freedom songs and folks - it's not working anymore.

Now at DU - why can't folks see that they better understand precisely what is in the minds of those Fox news viewers. The more we know precisely how they think - the better chance we have to communicate their warped world view to those in the middle. And to present it just like that - warped world view.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Fri Jun 13, 2014, 08:10 AM (1 replies)

Making Fox the target

Has been done before and it doesn't work.

It would be better to go after the Networks and CNN.

The middle can be transformed. The far right cannot be. Their beliefs that lead them to accept the "reality" Fox news gives them were cultivated at a very young age.

These people are angry about takers and socialism - yet will howl at the moon at the idea of taking their Social Security away. At risk of going the way of Bravenak and getting people worked up - sing it.

Tiiiiiiime is on our side! Yes it is!

Their viewers are older, unhealthy, and when faced with life challenges that many older liberals faced at a young age - succumb. They don't have the grit of the left.

Time is on our side.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Fri Jun 13, 2014, 05:52 AM (0 replies)

I've read a little at Discussionist

I haven't registered for a reason. My reason is this analysis and - add in how the Far Right Conservative mind is formed.

Yes - Formed.

Abuse ranging from physical to spiritual. Fear. A strong desire to be lead by sadistic masochistic authoritarian figures is cultivated from a very young age.

Fear to question anything outside of that which you believe you know.

Deliberate isolation from "the other".

And my person deeply held belief that as a result - these people cannot be reasoned with.

I would rather do positive things in my own backyard to help other people and show up with my UU and Obama/Biden 2012 bumper sticker on my car. Those who sit in the middle or who are jaded or just simply don't care about the political climate in America can see for themselves who shows up and wants to connect with them.

And MrScorpio - remember this . . . Those people have been taught from day one that they can't use racial slurs but they should hate you inside for what you are. And their voting choices are ruled by that and have been since 1964.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Fri Jun 13, 2014, 05:33 AM (1 replies)

Welcome mudy waters

Glad to see you here!
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Thu Jun 12, 2014, 10:28 AM (0 replies)

Former NeoNazi on TEAParty

Putting this in 'my posts' to watch at home this evening. I think I'm going to download this man's book too!
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Thu Jun 12, 2014, 08:15 AM (0 replies)

Again-The GOP ramps up the hatred of gays and blacks and Latinos and Muslims and "takers" and . . .

The GOP ramps up the hatred of gays and blacks and Latinos and Muslims and "takers" and liberals and academics and teachers and journalists and scientists and urban-dwellers and secularists and...

Again, and again, and again.

You reap what you sow.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Wed Jun 11, 2014, 09:42 AM (1 replies)

I can only speak for family experience

Black men in the South that COULD vote - who lived in places where they could because no one dared tried to stop them -for example - my paternal Grandfather (born at the turn of the last century) . . .

Were staunch Republicans for a reason.

He detested the Democratic Party and knew they were out to get him. We still have some Harding memorabilia floating around in the old house in Alabama that my second oldest Aunt lives in today.

Black folks back then knew the Dems hated their guts. To not point that out - the descendents of these folks who know this about our FAMILY members - family members who bounced us on their knee and let us drive their old trucks on the farm -

Is to deny the history of the Democratic Party.

It's what make us unique. If we could transform affluent blacks that weren't being disenfranchised - then we can transform other groups.

And if you were the child/grandchildren of slaves that were defiant and snubbed their noses at TBT and got ahead - you knew where you got your bread buttered 90/100 years ago.

Why can't we tell this truth. It's what makes the Democratic Party fantastic that we transform people by INCLUSION of how they have experienced America.

ETA - a little from Hardings wiki page - notice the anti-lynching support

Domestically, Harding signed the first federal child welfare program, and dealt with striking mining and railroad workers in part by supporting an 8-hour work day. He created the Bureau of the Budget to prepare the first United States federal budget. Harding advocated an anti-lynching bill to curb violence against African Americans, but it failed to pass Congress. In foreign affairs, Harding spurned the League of Nations and negotiated peace treaties with Germany and Austria. His greatest foreign policy achievement came in the Washington Naval Conference of 1921-22, in which the world's major naval powers agreed on a naval limitations program that held sway for a decade.

And thanks for making such strong points on this sub thread.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Wed Jun 11, 2014, 08:34 AM (1 replies)

ahh! for my journal

Everything is illuminated.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Tue Jun 10, 2014, 01:05 PM (0 replies)

I want you to read Republican Gomorrah

They also threw the Mormons under the bus. Yeah - I know it's crazy but it is true. Black folks and Mormons were the target dujour for their targeting.

Connect the dots -

Rushdooney and the Koch Brothers Daddy.

These dots lead to a man by the name of Howard F. Ahmanson

Who is hooked in with James Dobson

And James Dobson's 'movement' had a huge influx of cash from Edgar and Elsa Prince.

And Elsa Remarried after Edgar died - and her name is now Elsa Prince Broekhuizen. She's still a member of what I understand folks in Western Michigan refer to as the 'Dutch Mafia'. In Holland MI - at one time they were the largest employer. She has four children.

Her oldest daughter goes by the name Betsy. She was born Elizabeth Prince and married into the Devos family prior to her father Edgar's death. Her husband is THE Devos of Amway fame.

Elsa's youngest goes by the name Erik - he actually testified in front of Congress about 7 years ago for his company's involvement in some of the horrors they were involved in Iraq.

Elsa - she gave a HUGE chunk to keep same sex couples from being married out of California in 2008.

The Devos Clan is giving heavily to causes to bring about the end of Public Education.

Erik Prince - in April was at a meeting of Hedgies in NYC to discuss/push Charter schools in Manhattan.

The Koch brothers are giving 25 Million to the UNCF - perhaps hoping to bring unaware young black collegiate level students at the Historically black Universities and colleges into their fold - as reported last week.

When you take EACH of these dots separately - they don't amount to much.

But when you lay it all out - when you connect the dots - it becomes crystal clear.

I'm stating it outside of the AA Group -we cannot afford for them to prevent the rights of the GLBT community. A strike against the GLBT community - after those 'dots' blamed that HUGE strike on us - it's a strike against us.

And I'm posting this to you because you ARE young hip and aware and will tell others.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Tue Jun 10, 2014, 11:05 AM (2 replies)
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