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Voice for Peace

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Member since: Mon Jul 16, 2007, 10:08 AM
Number of posts: 12,922

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It's definitely an interesting read, thought-provoking.

Can't quite process it because it causes nausea. Trigger
warning good idea. I'm one of the most compassionate
and forgiving people I know. I'm also a survivor of early
childhood sexual abuse by an older teenage relative.
Looking with compassion at such people doesn't come
naturally, whether it is their fault or just the way they
were born, they fucked me up in so many ways.

Posted by Voice for Peace | Mon Oct 13, 2014, 03:11 PM (0 replies)

truly. although I don't entirely agree with the dire perspective of the author

I agree it's an extremely important piece to look at here in the USA.

Even if it isn't ebola there are other possibilities, homegrown ones.

Parents often need to be reminded by their kids' schools to keep the
kids at home if they are sick. I got sick last winter because of somebody's
visiting grandmother coughing in a classroom.

We are probably due for a major health education program in this
nation. World. Not that we have gone backward, educationally speaking
but I bet there are many today who have no idea how a virus spreads,
or the many ways bacteria like to travel.


Posted by Voice for Peace | Mon Oct 13, 2014, 02:14 PM (2 replies)

Citizen Koch trailer


This has probably been posted before but really ought to get
more visibility everywhere. Citizens United, Koch money,
tea party creation, and more.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Sun Oct 12, 2014, 04:03 PM (3 replies)

"Do you want four more years of this governor?" (LTTE re Susana Martinez)


PUBLISHED: Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 5:56 pm


As a moderate political activist and observer, I am writing to the citizens of the Sandoval County and the citizens of New Mexico to point out the erroneous statements being made in the race for New Mexico governor by the Republican candidate.

As a student in grade school, I learned to never take a statement at face value but to look beyond the statement to supporting information supporting that statement.

Topics in the Republican candidates’ messages not only distort the truth, but have no basis when analyzed using available information.

I ask all New Mexican citizens to look beyond the lies and innuendos and seek the truth behind items being discussed in the current race for governor of New Mexico.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Sun Oct 12, 2014, 12:15 AM (11 replies)

Nowadays, those gullible fools get elected into office as Republicans.

I think many of the religious politicians actually do believe that
they DO believe in their religion -- which they have of course
twisted in the name of JC to suit their ambitions. Believing that
they believe that Jesus wants it this way. Fear of Hell is in
the mix too.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Wed Oct 8, 2014, 01:00 PM (0 replies)

hmm.. that could be a problem. unless the immune system is already primed to

spot bad intruders before they make themselves at home.

I've always believed in those spontaneously-generating little
armies -- vast but little -- inside our bodies. Keeping the
homeland safe from illness.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Mon Oct 6, 2014, 02:29 PM (0 replies)

Maybe a mix of both: an automatic assumption about the man, made at an unconscious level,

leads to paying him less attention, spending less time, listening
less closely, and this is not at all a leap. This is systemic
racism/classism, not overtly discriminatory but built in.

Poor, black, probably uninsured, maybe poor English, person
is unimportant in the big greedy scheme, and that's the way
it is. Somebody who doesn't matter very much, by habit
of society.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Mon Oct 6, 2014, 01:59 PM (1 replies)

The day after we euthanized him, two ladies showed up with a poster.

They were babysitting the cat long term for someone else.
They said he had been fine just a week ago.
That's nonsense. He was coming to my house for weeks
clearly sick and starving.
They live almost directly across the street from me.

This kitty would show up only every few days, so I assumed
he was eating and/or living elsewhere. After a while, I
believed he was a stray. Because each time he showed up
at my house he was thinner and sicker than before. At
the end he weighed under a pound. Little furry bones, r.i.p.

I ask, how could you not know he was sick and starving,
such that he collapsed in my house?

A day later, one of my own kitties did not come home. Now
it's been a week. I have been crying almost non stop for
two weeks, exhausting. Thanks for listening
Posted by Voice for Peace | Sun Oct 5, 2014, 03:30 PM (1 replies)

Update starving kitten, needs love and good vibes through the ethers

I haven't read anyone's comments yet but Sylvester has
moved on from that broken sick starving body to a
sweeter place.

Little boy stray, probably 8 months old.

I took him to the emergency vet last night and they turned
us away because I couldn't pay the whole amount up front.

He weighs about two pounds, if that. He is all bones. Until
a couple of days ago he was coming and going .. he would
show up inside the house, eat and drink a little, and be
gone. He was very hissy and growly despite being so small
that all the other cats were afraid of him, and he didn't
want to be touched or picked up by me.

The people from PACA picked him up and checked for a
chip, because he was already neutered, and they gave
him a few shots but that's all they can do. A couple of
days ago I decided I would keep him in the house if he
showed up again and he did. He is getting progressively
weaker and almost completely stopped eating and
drinking. I am force feeding with a dropper for now.
I will be very surprised if he makes it, even if he gets
to a vet. There is probably more than starvation going
on but he is only skin and bones, and scruffy fur, he is
a long hair tuxedo with a tiny little white hitler moustache.
Please send your good wishes or prayers or whatever
works. I don't have a picture

EDIT I DO have a picture but seem unable
to post it here. From when he was still eating and walking.
Thanks everyone
Posted by Voice for Peace | Thu Sep 25, 2014, 12:23 PM (28 replies)

I think it's fear-based, and starts in childhood.

This is a vast generalization, but kids of authoritarian
parents never learn to think for themselves. From a
young age they are taught to obey, not to explore.

They are taught to trust authority figures, but not
their own feelings.

They are taught that if they disobey, they will be
punished, and they will suffer. Nobody wants that.

Now they're all grown up, and don't know what to
do, what to think, whom to believe.. and it is too
darn scary to figure it out for themselves.

So they gravitate to what is most familiar: someone
or something to obey.
Authoritarians. People who tell them what to believe,
what to think, and so on. Politics, religion, you name

And at home with the kids, they mimic those same
authorities. They pretend to know the stuff they have
been told. They teach their kids to be like them, and
to obey. Authorities know best.

It is all pretense, based on fear.

A lot of those authorities were/are nasty cruel people.
I knew a bunch when I was a kid and they left bad
scars in my psyche.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Tue Sep 23, 2014, 10:49 PM (0 replies)
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