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Gender: Female
Member since: Mon May 14, 2007, 07:07 PM
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Jew Shmoo! Unlike secretive, ultra-rich Hillary who refuses to come clean about what she told her

donors behind closed doors; regular guy Bernie Sanders is an open book which is why he is seen as so trustworthy.

His marrying a Catholic and the fact that he doesn't embrace the religion of his forefathers makes him a complicated person just like 3/4 of the population.

Hillary tooting how she is such great friends with Israel, may endear her to some but a lot of people like the fact that Bernie, unlike Hillary, isn't in bed with AIPAC and Israel.

"In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer"

"And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.” Albert Camus


Under The Duvet Productions & Photojournalist Lisa Pacino Endorse Bernie Sanders

"Everyone loves the story of an underdog. I beg everyone not to regard Hillary as a comeback kid"

Hillary might be judged to have done well tonight if she comes within single figures of catching Sanders. There’s a tendency for the media to react against a projected winner and everyone loves the story of an underdog. If that happens, I beg everyone not to regard Hillary as a comeback kid. Someone who comes with all the advantages she has does not get to be considered an outsider candidate.


Clinton's politics are the politics of identity, narrowed down to a very specific constituency: she’s selling herself as the hope of everyday rich white women who want to be president.


Heavens, someone gave snagglepuss a heart.

thank you even.

If Bernie loses, what he has done won't be allowed to happen again.

New party "rules" are likely already being drawn up that will prevent another grassroots campaign not sanctioned by the establishment from ever happening again.

Another DUer posted this chilling comment in a thread several days ago but it ought to have been an OP as it's right on the mark.

Bernie's stint as a mayor who turned the fortunes of his city around trumps Hillary's stint as SoS

when it comes to the responsibility of creating and implementing an economic plan.

Having seen firsthand what sort of investments work best at the local level, Sanders knows where best to use investments in infrastructure and job creation.

IMHO an ad focused on his achievements as a mayor is imperative as it would lay to rest any myth that socialists like him are anti-business and would show him to be a pragmatic administrator who achieved what he set out to achieve by working with people across the political spectrum and that Burlington is a better place as a result of his vision and his tireless work to make his vision reality.

The following are just some things that Americans still unfamiliar with Sanders need to know -


Most of Burlington’s business leaders initially distrusted Sanders. They didn’t know what a socialist would do once he held the reins of power. But even many of Sanders’s early opponents came to respect and even admire his willingness to listen to their views and his efforts to adopt progressive municipal policies.


When Bernie first got elected, the local media said he was anti-business... But many business people saw that Sanders shared their interest in “development”—what he saw as “good development”—while opposing projects that would hurt middle- and working-class neighborhoods or victimize low-wage workers.


The Sanders administration provided new firms with seed funding, offered technical assistance, helped businesses form trade associations... focused attention on helping women become entrepreneurs, funded training programs to give women access to nontraditional jobs, and lobbied the state government to promote business growth.


Under Sanders, Burlington became a magnet for attracting and incubating locally owned businesses, many of which expanded into large enterprises. Burton, the nation’s largest snowboard company, has its headquarters (as well as a snowboard museum) in Burlington. The city assisted Seventh Generation, a green cleaning-products firm, when it started in 1988. Today, with its downtown waterfront headquarters in a LEED-certified building and over $300 million in annual sales, it is one of Burlington’s largest employers. With the city’s help, Gardeners Supply Company, which sells environmentally friendly gardening products, moved to Burlington in 1983. Four years later, its founder, Will Raap, began the process of selling the firm to its workers. It now has over 250 employee-owners.


Burlington is now widely heralded as an environmentally friendly, lively, and livable city with a thriving economy, including one of the lowest jobless rates in the country. Burlingtonians give Sanders credit for steering the city in a new direction that, despite early skepticism, proved to be broadly popular with voters.

These points are from the following article in The Nation. It's an inspiring read.


Make no mistake Bernie is not just debating Hillary but every corporation and person that

finances her and wants to keep it's grip on power. Bernie is speaking truth to the most powerful, greediest, destructive, heartless, narcissistic, brutal, war-mongering handful of a-holes alive in the world and the best thing about it is that those fucking a-holes never saw it coming.

"We (PoC) have always had one lion in the Senate, someone who we can count on & that's Bernie"

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MUST SEE: African American Sanders Supporter Fan Ad: WE CAN! WE WILL!

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