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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 5,541

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Who is to blame for the rise of Trump? One guess who MSNBC is pushing

Damn dog woke me up at 5:00 AM on a day off work, go downstairs and turn on morning joe and am educated on who is to blame for the support of Trump. Yup, Obama's fault! You see he was petty and snarky on foreign soil last week. And as per Joe, Obama responded to some candidate who is polling less than 2%. (I can't figure that one out, iirc, Obama insinuated all Repiggies as chicken shit wusses). So the electorate is responding to the President being weak and petty by turning to the strong decisive bully. Now how that explains the previous few months, I have no damn clue.

Later it was brought up by another talking head on Jose's show, so obviously it is the talking point for today.

Yesterday there was a thread stating the repubs need to take ownership of the Donald, IT WON'T HAPPEN. This is a party that never takes responsibility, it is always someone else's fault. And that someone had a D following his or her name.

Democrats are friggen Wimps and it adds to our losses.

It is flat out disgusting how MSNBC can roll out multiple Dems not supporting bringing in refugees.
No solutions, just he standard wait and see/pause approach.

It is 10k refugees, highly vetted. So rather than saying we need to take precautions, which are in place, and educating the American public on global warming drought and a failed Iraq policy from the previous administration causing the situation, the play right into the republican pause approach.

Chicken shit fucking wimps.

Major Disaster set to hit Continent - U.S. Ambassador is....

Not in place, because the Repubs won't confirm Obama nominee. Specifically held up by Rubio because he is throwing a tantrum on Cuba.

As a non HRC supporter I must say

She likely won the GE today. That was a complete fucking beat down of the Repiggies. In a football game there is five minutes left in the 4th qtr, and the piggies should be clearing the bench, run straight up the middle and kill the clock. They won't and will throw up a few Hail Mary's that will be picked off.

She beat them silly without any snark, without coming off condescending, without getting angry and without ever calling them out on the Bush/911 hypocrisy. She is now in a position where, with a 35 point lead, she can take back an interception, spike it in the end zone, gyrate towards their bench, and flip them the bird and not be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

One potential positive from the latest Trump incident....

I bet the guy with the goatee sitting behind Trump is no longer a supporter. He can be seen shaking his head and saying WOW. Probably woke up this morning and realized he is hanging with a bunch of idiots.

I am tired of people defending Republicans/Trump/Bush

Watching MSNBC and some commentator on with Lawrence said that Trumps inexperience caused him not to correct the crazy dude who claimed Obama is is Muslim, blah, blah, blah, then went on to say no one else on the stage last night would have let that happen.


Cruz and the Huckster would have done nothing.

Bush, Fiorina, Rubio, Paul, not likely.

Christie maybe.

The only one I think would certainly condemn a comment like that is Kasich.

Look 50 plus percent of Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim, 70 plus percent of the Republicans believe he was not born in the U.S. or aren't sure.

These are ignorant, hate filled, racist assholes and should not be given any slack until the educate themselves or become too embarrassed to spew their ignorance and hate.

Rant over.

As per CNN - Cop shooting in Las Vegas

Guy walks up to a cruiser and opens fire.
One Officer wounded in hand
Officers show restraint and arrest perp as he is walking away

A couple of things, CNN set this segment up as another shooting in the War on Police, and the Vegas Police Department is not providing any detail on the perp until tomorrow.

Strange, the dude walks up to the cruiser, opens fire, walks away, no shots fired at him, then info is held, makes you wonder.

How long until the media uses the term "flip flopper"

If a dem said he/she wouldn't sign a pledge, then flipped a month later, that would be the opening comment.

Watching Puke Russert, up to 10 minutes in, not even close to being brought up. Instead comments are, "he is the winner," "magnanimous," "trend setter."

Friggen joke. My bet is a MSNBC host will not utter the words for at least 24 hours.

Thom Hartman had a Trump theory today,....

I have been pondering the purpose of Trump, someone here proposed the theory that he is in the race to make Bush look sane. The issue I have with that is Trump is slamming Bush, weakening the Bush brand.

Thom came up with one I hadn't considered, Trump is serving a purpose to make a candidate look sane, but it isn't JEB, it is Scott Walker. That makes much more sense, I can't recall Trump taking any shots at Walker. The Koch Bros., are behind Walker so Trump can be getting his beloved money for his moron act, clear out JEB, and let Walker sneak by without alienating any in camp Bush.

Interesting theory that can be tested over the next month.

World Cup. Spoiler Alert

USA score 3 minutes in Rapinoe to Lloyd, corner kick.

Edit for piss poor spelling

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