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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 07:28 PM
Number of posts: 6,074

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Another sign the election is over

It didn't happen in 2012 and it was a bit later in 2008.

Watch the commentators on MSNBC and CNN. They are done with the Trump pundits.

The CNN panel especially King, let Conway drone on. He became almost uninterested.

That look you get when you could care less what the other person was saying. At that point you have zero interest in what the other person is saying thus no ability to influence.

Nicole Wallace is the biggest HRC defender

I think HRC has her vote. Nicole also said if they, her included, gave Pence style points for looking more Presidential then HRC should get the same benefit.

In football a sometime effective strategy is to blitz

Downside to doing is that it leaves you vulnerable to a counter attack. To be effective a blitz needs to be well disguised, and performed by an outstanding performer. It also works better against an unexperienced quarterback

Trump just telegraphed his blitz, mistake one, he is a poor performer, mistake two, and he tried it against an experienced politician, mistake three.

Hillary is going to expose him, and repeatedly score easy points.

How many truly believe that Republican Reps would be bailing on Trump if this was a close race?

They can try all they want to pretend they have morals, they will fool their own supporters.

But I have a hard time believing the majority of Americans will fall for the B.S.

Now many will be forced to cut the losses and rely on the base for reelection which will work well for most House Seats, (Chaffetz- Asshat Utah) but this will have a lose/lose impact on Reps in close Senate races. They will either take heat for not pulling the endorsement or take heat from the Tea Baggers.

Enjoy the steaming sack of shit pubbies.

Yo! Republicans - someone tried to help you and make you do the right thing.

Once again, you ignored logic and what was best for the Country.


We are missing another career crashing

Billy Bush is screwed, he comes across as a wimpy frat boy enabler!

A nice twofer!

Remember the long game - Kaine and Obama strategy

Kaine during the debate and Obama a few months ago directly tied Trump to Pence and Republican leadership. In both cases the Republicans refused to condemn or disavow Trump.

It is a great plan, not short term style points, the objective is to make every Republican, in every race, carry the stench of Trump.

Hillary just clinched one vote!


You know what I find deplorable?

John McCain nominating Palin as his VP.

McCain saying he knew how to get Bin Laden, but he wouldn't tell until his election and the media never calling him out on his unpatriotic behavior.

The majority of Republican leaders getting together on Obama's inauguration night and vowing to make him a one term President. Deplorable at any time in history, completely unacceptable when the Country was in its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and the media let it slide.

Questioning Obama's place of birth, fringe at first, but then the vast majority of Republicans jumped on the band wagon. An immoral position that should have been left to the fringe nuts, when seventy percent of Republicans support it, then I am fine with 50% of them being labeled deplorable. Seems like Hillary gave 20% of them a pass.

Republicans blocking funding of the Government based upon the debt. A debt they ran up, thus causing more harm.

Republicans blocking confirmation hearings, across the board, and then finally a SC Justice.

A Republican nominee that is racist, ignorant, and completely unqualified to hold the office of the President of the United States. The Republican voters could have stopped him, and didn't, the elected Republicans could have stopped him, and didn't.

Republicans making comments that Obama is the worst President ever, when in fact the worst President ever to be elected to two terms was his predecessor. There is no logical person who could look at the state of the Country in September 2016 as compared to 2008 and say things were better in 2008.

So, if they are offended by Hillary's comments, good! Their hatred and ignorance has and continues to offend me.

From the posts today it appears the media turned

From the 24x7 Trump infomercial to occasionally fact checking and calling out the B.S.

Look, they are people, they take their kids to school, have to shop, only so much insulation they have in the bubble. To add, they are gutless corporate whores.

So, they need to mix with the non politicians on occasion, and I think they know they collectively went too far last night. Matt is left twisting in the wind. Tough, the collective outrage should continue to rain down upon them for the creation of Trump.

A one hour study of MSNBC starts now.

All times Pacific

Running Score

Negative Story on Dems - 2

Negative Story on Reps

Positive Story on Dems - 1

Positive Story on Reps - 1

Neither or Neutral - 1

11:45 - Does HRC have a problem with African American Vote

Play a P Diddy quote that Obama has short changed blacks.

Pastor on defending Obama

Host asks " does Donald Trump have a point, African American unemployment is 2x the national average.

11:50 Break

11:53 - Story on family of child lost in alligator attack

12:00 - Ari takes over - Story on Sanders stumping for Hillary, first minute positive.
Played a clip of Bernie stating "work hard to make sure HRC is elected President.

Cut to Tim Kaine speaking, no audio, talking over a video shot

Trump correspondent on to discuss Trump campaign - discusses Ground Game Gap.

Cut to Trump/Pence walking though State Fair.

Bernie speaking with no sound in lower box- Immediately cut to Trump when he picks up a bull horn.

first five minutes positive for Dems, next thirteen minutes are devoted to all things Trump. Bernie continues to speak with no sound as the replay Trump/Pence shaking hands. Was going to make this a neutral story but they are trying to make Trump look Presidential by looping the same 20 seconds of footage, OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

12:18 Break

12:21 - HRC on Stage - She is having a coughing fit and having trouble speaking. Three minutes to get her voice.

12:26 - Cut back to Ari/Studio - first question about the coughing fit.

12:27 - Pence clip stating HRC is most dishonest politician since Nixon.

12:28 - Trump surrogate says HRC dishonest

12:29 - Decent pushback from Ari and Clinton surrogate - Clinton surrogate pivots to Florida donation.

12:31 - Play Diddy Combs clip requesting HRC reach out to black community

12:33 - Break - Tough to categorize this segment. They gave HRC the video AND sound, three minutes of coughing, thirty seconds of speaking.

12:36 - Open with Campaign Plane

12:37 - Cut to correspondent at campaign event who gives a summary of Clinton's comments, while Clinton speaks - CLASSIC

Hitting on the point she hasn't been accessible to the Press.

12:38 - Ari points out the path to a Trump victory are narrow.

12:39 - Back to Studio and questions about ground operations

12:40 - Play Nancy Pelosi and the email "scandal" The case is closed.

12:41 - Bob Franken states Clinton was careless - and that the press gets to ask the questions.

12:42 - Second commentator agrees and states HRC needs to hold press conference

12:43 - Bob Franken states she needs to honestly answer sessions

12:44 - Basically agrees with both.

ONE HOUR COMPLETED! Time to go outside, quick review. I think equal time was given to each candidate, the time devoted to HRC seemed to be mostly negative.

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