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rufus dog

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Foothill Ranch, CA
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 5,474

Journal Archives

Thom Hartman had a Trump theory today,....

I have been pondering the purpose of Trump, someone here proposed the theory that he is in the race to make Bush look sane. The issue I have with that is Trump is slamming Bush, weakening the Bush brand.

Thom came up with one I hadn't considered, Trump is serving a purpose to make a candidate look sane, but it isn't JEB, it is Scott Walker. That makes much more sense, I can't recall Trump taking any shots at Walker. The Koch Bros., are behind Walker so Trump can be getting his beloved money for his moron act, clear out JEB, and let Walker sneak by without alienating any in camp Bush.

Interesting theory that can be tested over the next month.

World Cup. Spoiler Alert

USA score 3 minutes in Rapinoe to Lloyd, corner kick.

Edit for piss poor spelling

Telling it like it is

Chris, you are an obnoxious, over bearing, lying asshole with low approval ratings. You have a better chance of being the next featured Speedo model compared to being the next President. Give it up, you have been Trumped.

Spin Andrea, spin!

The Supreme Court "rescued" ObamaCare. The law was incorrectly written, they messed up.

Two minutes in, spin it a a negative against Obama and not one mention that the Republicans just got their collective dicks hit with a sledgehammer.

Serious question, why don't we just take the thing down?

Why go through all the bullshit. This has been an issue for at least 30 years. Why are we waiting for these ignorant assholes to come around?

Why do I even turn the TV on - Andrea Mitchell starts her show

With "Allegations of abuse, the sister on the alleged victim names the former Speaker as her brothers abuser."

The video running in the background.....Barney Frank giving a speech.

Check in if you were placed on ignore - add the offense

Called Brady a Douchebag

You know how you feel when something good happens and Fox tries to make it a negative?

They just are generally dickish when Obama or a Democrat is part of a major event that is a positive. Most recently working on a deal with Iran, that any logical Democrat would see as a positive step. Just friggen dickish to be dickish.

Bunch of unhappy people just wanting to make others unhappy. Can't understand it, can't comprehend it, don't want to be a part of it.

To the Hillary supporters, try to enjoy your week, congrats.


These calls are a joke.

I didn't hate Duke before, but I do now.

A funny thing happened this Sunday morning during my review of GD

I have been noticing a trend of fewer and fewer posts regarding which asshole regurgitated which RW talking point in the Sunday morning programs.

Today there was one discussion topic referring to the Sunday AM programs.
And it was to highlight Gov. Brown being on MTP.

Point being, those shows are circling the drain, they have become irrelevant.

Sad in a way, because the had the potential to remain relevant by honestly addressing issues and providing legitimate debate. But they all refused, so I say good riddance.
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