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Member since: Sun Dec 31, 2006, 02:25 PM
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Every word out of Inhoffe's mouth was a lie.Lies which have been debunked

The man is a con pure and simple...ignoring statistics he doesn't like. We do not have nationalized health care system, Obama got us the Consumer Protection Agency, and did not make it so we would have to bail out the banks from now on...lie lie lie. He thinks if he talks fast enough and throws study results at us which he makes up that we will be overwhelmed and unable to see through his crap when just the opposite is true. You can hear the lies cause truth has it's own sound to it. We can see right through this puke. It's just too costly and too much trouble my ass...what he really is saying is they pay me to say this stuff cause they stand to lose a lot of money if we regulate the fossil fuel industry or switch to renewables. When you can see such selfish deceit drip from the likes of Inhoffe it's hard not to hate him...at a survivor level anyway. He definitely does not stand for the people.

Democratic Socialism is the only form of government that both

Ensures our freedom and our survival. We are free to vote our minds and start and run our businesses etc while coming together to protect our environment and ensure everyone we all share in the necessities of life like clean air and water, food and housing, education and health care. Freedom and Survival = Democratic Socialism.

I am not that voice in my head.I am the obseerver of that voice

Consciousness awareness is the secret. Being always precedes doing.
Awareness means not labeling or judging or talking...just observing. When you just take it in...just observe the observer has no age or sex or identity...it just is. That is presence. Like a dreamer who suddenly becomes aware he is dreaming is no longer just the dreamer. He is now awake and aware. Just be aware of your thinking and the rest will follow.consciousness awareness. -the Zen Diaper

Wheeler wants you to think it's still up for discussion. It's not.

He knows it too. he sold out net neutrality. It will be lilke a phone company that can bill you $1 dollar to talk to your cousin about the weather and $25 to talk to the same cousin about making $50. Pay more and get primo unless your local cable company carries their own version of netflix in a bundle for less. Then if you refuse it suddenly your primo netflix starts running real slow. Poor folks will get screwed the most like they do now with smart phones.
It will come to pass that we will tell our grand kids how we all used to get all the internet sites for one price...remember net neutrality.

How would we act if it were Capone?

How much more blatant can these modern mob bought republicons be about fleecing the country. "Us? Hide our money...oh, you found it, well we don't gotta tell youse whose it belongs to do we and we sure don't gotta pay no taxes on it even if it is drug money it wasn't our drugs...I mean we don't do that do we Mr. Speaker? See, so that's the new law. No exposure, No taxes...just let the interest rest in US banks ok".

It is no longer the "republican party"... it is the "Tea-Money Party". Operation Mockingbird worked...we own the media...and now we own the republican party too.

These gods are dangerous and must battle them where you find them

I didn't need religion to be a moral person but had to battle it over tolerance and acceptance and freedom. I believe atheists just don't believe in the gods being sold them. Most lead to ignorance and prejudice in a unified form of self justification and condescending elitism with a church on every corner screaming we want your children. That is your community of like minded people...maybe tolerant and helpful or intolerant, judgmental and condemning because they are delusional believing in supernatural myths and bronze age morality. It's still a fantasy no matter how many like minded people get to together to celebrate it ( and get sued twice and losing like Republic, MO. for pushing it off on non believers)

Indoctrination to religion before a child develops critical thinking skills is child molesting fear

It's not the religion it is those who insist and indoctrinate people to it to the point of it becomes socially unacceptable not to have one and involve it in all that is done.
"When the last King is strangled with the entrails of the last priest there will be peace and freedom"(may have messed that quote up but you get the point)

Religion: being told by others what you are, where you come from and where you will go and what you must do to get there by people who have never been and are only telling you what they were told by someone else.

Why should God "do" anything or "need" anything...He's God. He's complete and did not forget to do anything. 2 fish swimming in the ocean when another fish swims up and says "Ok...where's all this water you guys keep telling me about...how it both contains and sustains us huh...huh...I don't see anything...where is it. See, it doesn't exist does it? It certainly doesn't do anything does it. Idiots"-Jbacon@2013

After all, if you were God couldn't you come up with a better plan than this

Never heard of a God I could believe in but I only use 10% of my brain...maybe if I used 100% I wouldn't be so "God-tarded" . I might discover that all that is is God cause I wouldn't need a God to do anything that wasn't already done...if I could use 100% of my brain that is...maybe in 90 more centuries huh.-Jbacon@2013.

Watched my nephew from birth and knew he was gay

My brother's family was 2 boys and 1 girl and as they grew the youngest boy displayed strong feminine behavior from birth. Would have worn dresses to school if it were allowed. Rest of family not gay.
Heard this once but it involves reincarnation. The reason for existence is "desire" and since sex is the strongest desire, souls are attracted to couples making love and oft times female souls get caught in male fetuses and vice versa when they are pulled into the "valley of forgetfulness" or the womb. Who knows...certainly not those of us using only 10% of our brains better known as "God-tarded", when if we could access the full 100% we'd have all the answers (but would we have any questions?) Anyway, I observed first hand that some people are born gay...and it can be seen long before their sexual nature develops. It's not a choice to be born gay...but it is a choice to have sex of any kind.

Labeled as "Anti-Science Fiction"

Christian mythology is on the same level as Greek Mythology when it undergoes scrutiny. Maybe the Jewish tribes people of the Bronze age regarded it as historic in some manner but talking snakes, burning bushes and parting seas is no different than tales in Greek and Eygptian mythology. j People of the Bronze age and before regarded their mythological Gods with just as much devotion as "Christians" do today.

I love that scene in the movie "Troy" where king Priam is praying to the God Apollo all night so intently before the great battle was to commence. It shows how deeply [people prayed to their Gods just as is done today. People in America have been indoctrinated from birth to believe in the Christian myth long before they developed critical thinking skills. A simple question to ask is ..."if you were God couldn't you come up with a better plan than the ones your religions are telling you?". What kind of a God could it be who is so needy and emotional except one created by needy and emotional men.
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