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trusty elf

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Member since: Fri Dec 15, 2006, 02:51 AM
Number of posts: 4,046

Journal Archives

Why I'd like to see Donald Trump become president...


Some cringeworthy visual puns

Haydn Sikh

Gorgon Zola

Cattle Laxative

I know it's still a bit early, but this is my take on the repub clown car of pretzeldential hopefuls.


"Most Americans hold their own umbrellas."

Portrait of Dubya as an Artist

I haven't been able to use photobucket for quite a while, so I signed up on another photo hosting site, and wanted to try it out with this bit of shrubbery. Hope you don't mind.


Mutt Romney

A Photoshop Bushbashing Retrospective

Most of these I have already posted on DU in one place or another. I wanted to put up a little collection of my past efforts here in the Lounge. If you care to see any more, please look in my journal. Thanks!

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