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wilt the stilt

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Member since: Mon Nov 6, 2006, 05:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,449

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Bernie and basketball

As i stated in a previous post that basketball has way to show you the true person. That Bernie through elbows and screamed for the ball. Dirty and all about himself. Funny how that came out on his slamming of Hilary. Funny thing about that game. It always shows you who you are.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Thu Apr 7, 2016, 12:00 AM (0 replies)

best looking Pol ever, eat your heart out sarah

Jennifer Granholm on the dating game and she speaks in complete sentences.

Posted by wilt the stilt | Mon Apr 4, 2016, 07:31 PM (0 replies)

Bernie and basketball

When Michelle was first dating Barack and brought him home to meet the family she had her brother Craig take him out to play basketball. it was not to find out if he could play it was to find out his character. Basketball exposes everything about your personality because you go into an unvarnished representation of yourself. The game's intricacies will expose everything about you. how you share, how you sacrifice, how competitive you are and how honest you are.

Pickup basketball is a game of honesty because there are no ref's. You call fouls (my foul) and violations on yourself. There are two things you never do one is use your elbows and the second is too submarine someone. Both are flagrant attempts to injure your opponent. Do it in a game and watch out a fight is brewing.

On defense you talk all the time (switch and slide are for picks, mine for rebounds and I've got him for fastbreaks). offense is quiet. No one really talks because talking alerts defenses to your position. you want to fly under the radar. there are 2 basic plays pick and roll and give and go.

Ask trumad and Joeybee. Over in sports I am the resident basketball guy.

I played thousands of games with some very good competition. Here is one of my regular people I played with.


She was rookie of the year in the first woman's basketball league. She shot 80% from 18 ft. and she never called for the ball. Bob Cemak and I walked over to her and asked if she wanted to play in 1983 at the Sporting club on sheridan in Atlanta. We played for years together. she was a better athlete than me.

This brings up Bernie. I saw his video. He is an old fifties player before jumpshots. Jumpshots weren't really a part of basketball until the sixties. two handed set shots before the sixties (look at old tapes)
here is a story on bernie


“He was crafty.”

“He had good elbows.”

“Give me da bawwwwwwl!”

Two of his quotes. He knew how to move without the ball which is "crafty"

However he used his elbows which is definitely dirty and he called for the ball( look at me).

No one with class uses his elbows and no one really calls for the ball unless it is about me.

Go ask anyone who played ball into their forties what they think about people who use their elbows and call for the ball. You will find a pretty universal condemnation of that player.

I guess to me this tells me everything I need to know about bernie.

Posted by wilt the stilt | Mon Apr 4, 2016, 03:51 PM (52 replies)

What if POC act like Bernie supporters

and say they won't vote for Bernie because of principles. Do you think Bernie can win in the GE without the POC's vote?
Posted by wilt the stilt | Mon Mar 28, 2016, 07:52 PM (264 replies)

people with upwards of 20,000 posts

Do you have anything else to do? I have been here 12 years and have about 4.000 posts and most of those are in sports.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Mon Mar 28, 2016, 03:32 PM (21 replies)

Bernie is not racist and neither are his followers

I don't support bernie for a number of reasons but one thing I am sure of he and his followers are not racist.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Mon Mar 28, 2016, 02:51 PM (29 replies)

new deal and Reaganism

All movements die. I constantly hear this pining for FDR. The FDR coalition had run its course. It was dying in 1976 and the only reason why Carter won was because of Watergate. By 1980 it was DOA. We got slaughtered in 80,84 and 88.

Reaganism is dying and may be DOA right now. The republicans are trying one last time but I think Trump is drowning it in a bathtub.

Is is possible that democratic socialism is the next movement. It may be but Bernie will not lead it. Someone young has too. Someone who can speak to youth and is not 75 years old. Bernie may be the start but someone new and youthful must emerge to take it over.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Thu Mar 24, 2016, 08:04 AM (1 replies)

Free College- really

This is a joke and doesn't even really deal with our economic issues. Public Universities are a state issue. each state has different tuition's and different fees. It also has no bearing on the economic issue
same with the $15.00 minimum wage

The real issue is we don't make anything. Our manufacturing jobs are gone. If you really wanted to impact our economy then you would lay out an incentive plan to bring jobs back. Germany out produces us with finished goods with 81 million people an they are not paying skinflint wages.
How come i hear nothing from bernie about this. He sells anger.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Tue Feb 16, 2016, 05:28 PM (65 replies)

Lifetime appt. is antiquated

Rehnquist and Scalia both died in office. It is time to change yhis antiquated term. Perhaps 20 years. 75 is just too old.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Mon Feb 15, 2016, 09:28 PM (42 replies)

can someone explain to me free public universities

since each public university is a state university system how would Bernie implement a system to fund free universities.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Mon Feb 15, 2016, 06:00 PM (69 replies)
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