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wilt the stilt

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Member since: Mon Nov 6, 2006, 04:20 PM
Number of posts: 3,786

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The Fat Lady is warming up

Posted by wilt the stilt | Tue Nov 6, 2012, 09:51 PM (1 replies)

If there is an Obama landslide he will not declare a mandate

Obama is trying to kill the Reagan evil values. Reagan's values were racism, selfishness, hate the poor and dividing the nation. It finally went full bore with Bush with his questioning of patriotism.
Obama wants to bring back caring, acceptance of everyone and one nation who works together.

As he said he wants to be a transformational president and bring us to a better place and kill the Reagan evil values.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Tue Nov 6, 2012, 07:56 AM (13 replies)

Nov. 7 at 8:00AM Romney files

an amended 2011 return taking his entire deduction.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Mon Nov 5, 2012, 05:41 PM (2 replies)

MSM- The crowds aren't as large-

Obama in 2008 was a once in a lifetime phenomena. I wish just one person would ask how does Obama's crowds compare against any other candidate historically. I bet they are still the largest ever.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Sun Nov 4, 2012, 03:43 PM (7 replies)

We are back to Obama's base isn't as motivated

even though all the polls are likely voters we are hearing it again. Likely voters means they are voting MSM
Posted by wilt the stilt | Sun Nov 4, 2012, 02:54 PM (16 replies)

The death of Reagan-The evil one

Thirty two years ago the most evil vile person was elected to the presidency of our country. He brought with him greed,lying,hate and racism and it was all disguised as a genial old man. This evil one smiled and told stories and many worshiped him but he left a stink that has lasted many years and it all came out in full force with the election of Barack Obama.
Four years ago we elected a man who loves and cares for all Americans regardless of their means or their religion or the sexual orientation. Even when all the hate is directed at him he rises above it. He truly wants everyone to succeed and live a happy life. We may never have seen a man like this before in the white house. I am hoping he changes this country for the better.

I think Chris Christie saw it upfront. I actually think he made Christie a believer and Christie is now questioning his allegiance to Romney.

Mr. Obama please kill the evil one and may that horrible stain that has washed over America be gone forever.

Reelect the president.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Thu Nov 1, 2012, 08:50 AM (8 replies)

When Government works- Dem's in charge

What a contrast. People who understand how to make an efficient, resourceful and responsive government work needs to be in charge. People who hate government need to be put out to pasture. Put the grownups in charge and for you Ann(Romney) Obama is a grownup as opposed to your pathetic husband.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Wed Oct 31, 2012, 08:48 AM (1 replies)

Hey you cheap 1%'s

They don't need canned goods. The metro NY are needs money. Cough it up Koch, Trump, Romney etc.. Put your money up not your mouth.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Wed Oct 31, 2012, 08:43 AM (1 replies)

What took so long for another mass killing

it took almost 3 months. We should start averaging one a month. Go USA go USA were number one.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Sun Oct 21, 2012, 05:42 PM (10 replies)


Source: Huffington Post

Recent polls from Gallup and Pew have been pretty hard on President Obama. So given a recent blast of support from the tech community, perhaps the administration should start relying on SurveyMonkey instead to get the electorate's pulse.

Left-leaning tech luminaries and execs have come out to back President Obama with a new website and a series of online videos. The initiative, called "Tech4Obama" or T4O, mainly consists of interviews with tech personalities like LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Dropbox founder Drew Houston, and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark giving their reasons why they endorse the Obama presidency and explaining how the president encourages innovation, especially in Silicon Valley and other tech hotspots.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/19/tech4obama-tech-execs-president-video_n_1987750.html

This is really no surprise. I am in high tech and we work hard, have vision, MAKE SOMETHING, and like people with vision. We are not like the Romney's and the Wall St. crooks who make nothing and are just leeches. Meg Whitman is not high tech. She is from retail and I bet she fails in high tech.
Posted by wilt the stilt | Fri Oct 19, 2012, 03:03 PM (0 replies)
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